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tv   Politics Now  CBS  August 14, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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background checks on the back burner. the money and campaigns piling up in nevada. >> jobs in the economy. i sit down with clinton's surrogate kathleen said billy a. >> about . face the nation talks to us about this week in presidential politics. >> from 8 news this is politics now with steve sibelius and patrick walker.>> the debate
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joining us i'm patrick water spiegelman the national rifle association opened an office to fight against question one. background fees will increase and they claim it will limit their freedoms. >> we won't be silenced even though michael bloomberg has plenty of money. we will stay offices where nevadans can come in and call of the voters in educate them on this initiative i ofthink is very important. >> the nra is not hurting for money itself is putting up some cash too. they are launching a $3 million campaign here. the theme is pretty clear. >> and now a hypocrite she would leave you defense looks. >> the nra said it will keep the field office through
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office open in reno. >> the rally happened. survivors of domestic violence voice their support ,for the initiative. the safe house support some measure. >> i'm a registered gun over. we don't want people that shouldn't have guns to have guns. >> the brady campaign was also in town this week. both sides are well-fun michael bloomberg's has always bent millions of dollars to get the initiative on the ballot. >> nevada's republican governor weighed into the issue this week. his spokesperson said he won't keep guns out of the hands out of criminals. he is concerned that it will restrict gun owning nevadans. >> every town spending a bunch
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ballot. the most recent polls have showed it does have a good chance of passing now that the nra is dumping millions of its own into it. >> i hthink the poll numbers will move. it remains overwhelmingly positive. as a former federal judge he knows .3background checks have been passed by congreo rights. as far as keeping it out of the hands of criminals, the fbi $1.3 people getting a gun. so some people quibble with wthose numbers. but it good number of people are being stopped. so it's also effective. both the governor's objections i think are belied by the facts. >> new polling by cbs news
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in nevada. a two-point overall lead for clinton in nevada. 43 percent as you can see 241 percent. trump leads among white voters here. clinton leads among latinos by 54 paints. that shows a tight senate race as well. joe heck leads catherine cortez-masto by a three point bump. now there's still a lot of undecided voters in that race. >> now we follow the money. this week looking at the campaign dollars in the presidential race. republican candidate trump says his campaign took an $80 million. 64 million was from donations and he matched. he is $74 million cash on hand. hillary
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july. she has $54 million in the bank which suggests she will expand her financial lead over trump. not to be forgotten libertarian candidate carrie johnson has raised $1 million in last two weeks. he's trying to raise 1.5 million by august 15. he is calling it a 15 for 15. he's trying to reach 15 percent in the polls in an attempt to break into the debates. >> both candidates deg plants. steve had a chance to talk to face the nation john dixon. >> the issue of donald trump's tax returns traditionally release their tax returns when they're reluctant to do so it becomes an issue. it became an issue for mitt romney in the 2012 race. trump's steadfastly refused to do that. is that one
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campaign? >> it depends. this is something we been over a few times. i think the clinton campaign is trying to make it an issue. it is a tradition of candidates to release the returns. certainly if the shoe was on the other foot trump would be making a lot of it. it's a question how stories are going to bounce. the reason clinton's campaign want to prosecute this is they want there something to hide. the trump is not all he says he is. that's an economic message. that's what he sings about his economic proposals that people may think he's on his side but they're not. i don't think people really care that much. i think they care more about their salaries in the future. i am sure we will end up talking about something else. >> speaking about on the other side speaking of things to hide and potential coverups, the new york times story this week
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link between the state department and the clinton foundation. is that going to be a problem for helical hillary clinton? >> that might be a problem although the specifics of it whether people latch onto it or not, but it adds another pebble on the scale of the central concern people have about hillary clinton which is she is not honest, that she has her own set of rules, that there's always something going on behind the scenes. even though nobody is alleged that anything illegal happened private and private is something that gets at her big weakness. it might be something that sees a little more than something that is in the news cycle or something that re-animates this challenge that she has to work in pain. >> you can watch face the
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am reading whistle stop. if you're interested in that subject, you should check it out. you can watch our full interview. >> always an interesting conversation with john nickerso or not. >> i don't care who you are. i don't care what part you are supporting. those comments have no place in this day and age. >> our face-off palettepanel. i think she definitely needs to change the rules. so corporations are not rewarded for shipping their jobs overseas. >> i sit down with clinton's surrogate kathleen sibelius to
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ga >> welcome back to politics now. yes or perceived guests around the topic of both presidential candidates. there was some policy reveal. in detroit obama
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overhauling the tax code in tearing up trade agreements. >> under my plan no american company will pay more than 50 percent of their business income in taxes. in other words, we are reducing your taxes from 35 percent to 15 percent. >> clinton is also pitching her jobs plan. that is right here. she and former health human terry in town. i sat down with the former secretary to learn more. >> you are here to talk about clinton's job plan.which he is calling the largest investment in terms of job creation since world war ii . tell us a little bit about what she is talking about. >> steve, i think secretary
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15 million new jobs that have been created over the last eight years with pres. obama coming out of the worst recession since the great depression. and have month in and month out there has been strong job growth. she really has a couple of areas that she thinks are critical to make sure that that growth continues. infrastructure. i think it's really shameful that the republicans in congress have not come together and passed a bill to build roads and bridges, to update airports. it would meet a lot in nevada, it would mean a lot in seats across the country. she has had massive infrastructure investment plan which would be as large as anything since
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>> she is also talked about cutting taxes. as part of an effort to cut the red tape and make it start to run a small business. donald trump we saw his tax plan revealed this week. it is much friendlier to corporations. ed calls to cut the tax break from 35 to 50 percent . does she believe to repatriate some of the money that's offshore? >> i think she feels that we have to change the rules so corporations are not rewarded for overseas. they can't take the benefits of that. i live in a state of kansas. it is a majority republican state. our governor has implemented the tax plan that republicans find and hammering including donald trump who is now embrace the traditional tax plan. our state has been devastated by a tax plan that
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cuts corporate tax rate, that gets rid of taxes on businesses. we have the lowest job growth of any surrounding states. we have cut higher education, k-12 education. we don't longer invest in science and technology at the state level. we've had to cancel highway projects and plans because been so miserable coming in . the state has been downgraded three times in bond rating. if anybody wants to see what the republican tax plan would look like up up close and personal, look at kansas. every economist, every ranalyst who works at the kansas plan says it's a major disaster. >> of course, we wouldn't have the former secretary on without asking her about obamacare. you can watch that on our website at now.
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does that detract from his argument all? >>steve: i think what his tax plan was have forgotten. i was struck as they went through it about how conventional it was. trump is supposed to be this out-of-the-box guy who was no slave to convention, but his tax plan was so similar to the republican plans en that there wasn't a lot new there and it was pretty much any traditional republican ronald reagan to the day would like. it's something that we've been hearing for decades. >> the comments that overshadowed that speech of the subject of this week's face-off. >> i think the people who think the that he was threatening her art delusional. >> art panel what he meant by
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with us.
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you are watching politics
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donald trump's comments about second amendment people stopping hillary clinton set off a firestorm this week. executive director annette magnus on the left debate what he meant >> week for trump is his second amendment comment essentially saying the second amendment people can take care of doubleday could do something if hillary clinton was elected. how do you take that comment? >> i was pretty horrified. i don't care who you are. i don't care what party you are supporting, those comments have no day place in this day and
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that. one of the secret service tweets came out that the now looking into it because those are the things that incite violence. those of the things that cause violence in our society and this hateful rhetoric that trump has been. >>steve: is unacceptable. we need to call that out. again, i don't care if you're a democrat or republican. if that were democrat doing that republican i would feel the exact same way. we have no place in our
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frankly it encourages people to do stupid things. >> the sarah palin treatment is the focus to just on donald trump. as a springboardblown out of proportion? >> there been threats made to the trump campaign as the result. >> that's not good too. >> we knew would be a raucous campaign. number one, he never suggested in any way shape or form that anyone pick up a gun and harm her at all. what he suggested was and what i have set for a long time and i stand by this, and so do his people we want the second people, the gun people, my people i belong to the nra i want these folks to come out and vote big time. i want them to vote for the senate people and for the president and anyone else. we want to make sure to get in it so we could get the supreme court justices in. >> that was not what he was talking about. >> our second amendment right.
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your second amendment is one thing. what he was saying was using the second amendment against hillary clinton. those were his words. it wasn't about protecting your rights. it was in the context of the supreme court and saying people were going to use their second amendment against hillary clinton. that is what he said. >> that is all he said. there was a woman there, 72-year-old woman by the name of sarah smith retiree. she attended trally and i watch that tape over and over again. regarding his remark she said this. in no way was he threatening hillary. anybody who thinks is delusional. and i think the people that think that he was threatening her art delusional. >> so everybody in the media and everyone who saying that thinks it is wrong is delusional. >> i would say yes. >> the people know doubleday. >> the democrat media is trying to re-skew this whole thing. you have people who are trump people and you have some people and fox and talk radio who understand that what he was
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articulate as he should've been a never threatened her in this nothing that can prove that he threatened her. >> as a responsible gun owner, both of us, you should be appalled by what he said. >> absolutely not. >> yes. >> what he said and i am repeat which you get all the second amendment people out. >> that's not what he said, alec. that is not what he said. >> his campaign clarified it. >> it is your is possible for you to even say that. >> 'scampaign clarified right afterwards what i am s run campaigns on hate and violence. what came out of his mouth is what came out of his mouth. >> clinton and the democrats. >> give me some examples. >> you can watch the rest of that debate along with a spirited argument about recreational marijuana initiative. it is on >> plenty of fireworks to
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>> nevada treasurer dan schwartz is setting his sights at the pelee payday loan industry. you want to see a statewide database from people borrowing too much at any one time. 25 percent of the annual income, interest gaps in cooling-off period between loads. the final details of that are being worked out. >> i would say almost with certainty you will see a bill from the state treasurer's office. what the legislature does with it is of course up to
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it is up to him. >> the final public town halls are done in a recolonization of the clark county school district is moving forward under the proposed plan will be led by a principal, teachers the parents.oposed plan will be they would budget that final plan is by legislative committee next week. we are still waiting for the education savings account. we are getting a clear picture of how much those lawsuits are costing us. nevada officials asked for another $125,000 to defend the program. the atty. gen.'s officeal outside law firm bancroft associates $425,000. that puts the tab over a half $1 million . the aclu criticized for not handling about lawsuit in house. that's a pretty penny. 1800 state -- >> i disagree with the atty. gen.'s position on this. but i think the state does deserve
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supreme court. i think there's really nothing wrong with the state doing that. although it does come at a high price. we note that the state will avail itself of every available argument. >> is going to come down on thursday. of course, we will keep an eye on it. stay with us.
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just a few weeks away, this is a back-to-school addition of
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the stories you need to watch next week. on tuesday a legislative committee will take a plan to reorganize the school district. they could also finalize the plans given to the committee that day. changes will not happen until the following school year. a last-minute supreme court decision savings account is expected. 8000 parents of already signed up and are in a state of limbo. many of them will be left unsure what to do if we don't get that decision before the start of school. >> thank you for watching "politics now". you can email us politics now
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test test test the off season is finally in the rear view and under new coach chip kelly, the niners ha can he get them back on the fast track to the playoffs? >> it's my job to get the guys on the defensive side and honestly, it's chip's job to put points on the board right now. >> touchdown, niners. >> throwing in the endzone. >> 49ers football live from


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