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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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neighbors blame nearby construction: (( "the whole house just shook, from right to left" )) ((denise valdez)) >> how bad the damage is... and when residents will brace for another round of blasts. ((dave courvoisier)) >> a father facing an attempted murder charge... of his own baby girl. the part of his story investigators say doesn't add up... and what's next for this family. ((tedd florendo)) >>a hot start to the school week. but more wind and 90's are on the way. we got your weather covered. on the valley's news leader. "now, live...this is breakine ((dave courvoisier)) happening right now... district four congressman cresent hardy has suffered a heart attack and is in the hospital tonight. thanks for joining us live at 11... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) >> and i'm denise valdez. the congressman's team released a statement this evening... calling the medical episode a "minor heart attack" and stated that hardy underwent a "routine medical procedure" he remains under doctors' observation tonight. ((dave courvoisier))
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return to a full schedule later this week. he's expected to be in washington next week. hardy is up for re-election in november. he's in a tightly contested race against the democratic nominee, state senator ruben kihuen./// ((denise valdez)) cracked walls and broken tiles... that's just some of the interior and exterior damage some southern highlands homeowners are experiencing. ((dave courvoisier)) >> and they're blaming recent construction for the damage: (( explosion )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> they think these blasts have something to do with it... residents who are filing a lawsuits against the company. she joins us live with their stories. katie? ((katie boer)) >>dave and denise... that company behind the blasting is called wesco..first though let me show you where we are right now... we're in the toscana vineyards in the southern highlands neighborhood. however homeowners have also been reporting damage from these two neighborhoods as well.... the cause? the say blasting from construction underway for a new
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behind this street. (( quick nat pop 06:31:51 tina: the cracks in the ceiling are really bad :53 )) (( quick nat pop 51:46 liz: this way here and see it? its all the way to the end :52)) (( quick nat pop 56:44 nicholas: i looked up and i saw in the bedroom the wall starting the separate from the ceiling :47 )) that's the just the beginning of a laundry list of damage homeowners in the southern highlands are experiencing (( 06:01:44 liz: the whole house just shook, from right to left :4747 like a shaking motion :49 )) liz cowan travis has lived with her husand in this house for twelve years... started noticing the cracks in their ceiling and tile back in june... neighbors say they started noticing the damage after richmond american homes started excavating the property .... this video showing the blasts just behind their development. and the ted...talking---ea ch one slowly noticing damage to their own homes---many of them say they're reached out to the construction company... (( 06:02:55 liz: they said in a very long convoluted email
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weather conditions...causing all of these damages all down this street :10 )) local attorney matthery callister represents several homeowners along this street. he told us they filed a lawsuit about a week and a half ago after the company denied responsibility and said they had no plans to stop the construction. that's bad news for nicholas purple heart recipient with p-t-s-d (( 57:23 nicholas: they set a charge off...i was in the bathroom. i hit the floor. i grabbed my service dog and hit he floor. i thought it was a 175 shell 57:31 )) he says he just wish they would have warned him the blasts were coming... ((56:21 nicholas: my floors inside...the title floors...every one of them is cracked 56:25 56:53 nicholas:it actually moved my hot tub in the backyard :55 )) just down the street renter tina stattman's titles are falling off their backyard pool (( 06:24:03 tina: when we moved in you barely could see
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getting deeper and deeper and longer...see how they're all jagged here now? :12 and it happened when the blast started :15 )) ((katie boer)) >>several neighbors have already filed this 10 page class action complaint. they said they only did this because the construction company said they weren't responsible. we've called several times this afternoon and left messages with wesco-- who is based out of salt lake city -- so far we've have not heard back. katie boer 8 news now./// >> so katie is there blasting scheduled? ((katie boer)) >> well dave ... before residents told us they didn't know when the blast were coming... today they actually received this first notice for the next blast -- which will be this coming wednesday. back to you./// ((denise valdez)) taking a live look
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hot night for the valley. but we're staying dry for now. tedd's here with a first check of your weather at 11./// ((tedd florendo)) ( hotter today than yesteray with clear skies. picked up a little as well around the region up to 20 mainly. not anticipating any alert for wind today and the rest of the week. we are going to warm up through the week however with temps peaking on thursday and friday. humidity remains very dry as well. ................................ ... .................. evening planner calling for warm temperatures through the night with light breezes again. plenty of 90's this evening with 11pm temps nice and comfortable. commute temps should be in the 80's again and hotter tomorrow. but your morning should be nice with light winds increasing by afternoon. we''ll have more on the rest of
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((dave courvoisier)) at long last, the new air traffic control tower at mccarran international airport is operational. it opened yesterday after delays due to a needed redesign of equipment that electronically tracks planes. the f-a-a tells us the taller better airfield views... and much-needed space inside the workspace. the new tower is one of the tallest in the country at 352 feet tall -- about one-and-a half times as tall as the old tower. controllers also have an unobstructed airfield view because the tower's 14 foot-tall windows aren't held in place by support beams. instead, the glass panes butt up against the adjacent panes./// ((denise valdez)) a bullhead city man is
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bullhead city police arrested 29-year-old jeremy cowan. on august 14-th, the little girl was transported to las vegas for a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage. according to police, her parents initially claimed she fell off the couch -- but they learned that cowan threw the girl head first on a hardwood floor because she was crying. the long term outlook for the baby is unknown at this time. she and two other young children are in the care of the department of child safety./// ((dave courvoisier)) on the campaign trail presidential nominee hillary clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton, attended three fundraisers... in the upscale hamptons, new york. attendees contributed between 10-thousand and 33-thousand dollars to attend the events. hosts contributed 50-thousand to more than 100-thousand dollars for the right to host. clinton campaign aide huma abedin was not at any of today's events. her family was thrust into the national spotlight once again
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reportedly sent lewd images of himself to another woman. abedin says their marriage is over./// ((dave courvoisier)) donald trump is disavowing a new political robo-call by former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke. the trump campaign says the g-o-p presidential nominee denounces the prominent white nationalist organization, and anyone else associated with hate. duke, who is running for senate in louisiana, recorded an automated call pitching his campaign and in it duke says both campaigns will slow down immigration and cure what he calls "racial aggression."/// ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the political news that matters to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) as kids return to the classroom -- there is a chronic problem for one of the country's largest school districts... overcrowding. for ccsd -- overcrowded classrooms is a matter of
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diamond road. it should have 800 students. instead it has about 1,300. many of them inside 28 portable buildings -- that's more than any other school. ((ccsd supt. pat skorkowsky we know that a portable is not the ideal situation the goal is to get rid of every portable, we have new campuses at the elementary level that are springing up all over town, we have additions on some of our older schools where we don't have enough land to build a new school and rezone )) de >> this school and a handful of others will find relief in 2019. but there is no current plan to relieve the dozens of middle and high schools huddled into portables. ((dave courvoisier)) if you build it.. the raiders may come. we're talking about the proposed stadium here in the valley... and there's big promise to local taxpayers.. your money is safe! here's how it would work.. 750-million by raising the room tax. that'll be paid by visitors to
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and finally 650-million or more if there are cost over-runs - from billionaire sheldon adelson. the question is, why would adelson spend so much of his own money to build a stadium nowhere near his properties?: (( andy abboud/lvs vp: 'this is not about sheldon adelson being a raiders fan, this is about sheldon adelson being a las vegas fan." 12:15:05 "he wants to take the city to the next level have a legacy for himself for the years to come and be able to see that the city can grow in a way that we never thought would be possible.")) ((dave courvoisier)) >> new renderings show t locations. on the south strip at the bali high golf course - and just west of i-15 on the russell road site. we're told... negotiations are underway with the land owners./// ((dave courvoisier)) las vegas welcoming home its olympians... two time medal winner cody miller is back in vegas. the palo verde grad and gold medal winner is sharing thoughts from his shinning run in rio. coming up in sports. and is the cost of airfare holding you back from your dream vacation? the new way to pay... that could help you reach your
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saying goodbye to one of the greatest entertainers of our generation... gene wilder, the frizzy-haired actor who brought his deft comedic touch to unforgettable roles in classics such as "the producers" ... "young frankenstein" and "blazing saddles" passed away late last at his home in stamford, connecticut. his family says he died from complications from alzheimer's disease... a condition which was kept private. wilder brought laughs and smiles to millions... with his imaginative characters... including the original willy wonka: (( "and you' take a look and you'll see into your imagination..." )) ((denise valdez)) >> wilder was 83 years-old. we're back right after this.///
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i'm catherine cortez masto sions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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this is 8 news now at eleven."
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quarterback colin kaepernick has kicked off a swirl of controversy... over his continued protest of racial issues in the united states... by refusing to stand for our national anthem before football games. kaepernick says he'll remain seated until he sees progress in race relations in america... even if it costs him his job. listen to his explanation of his protest from friday... which is still at the center of heated debates today: (( colin kaepernick/49ers qb: "there are a lot of things that e is police brutality.//cops are getting paid leave for killing people" )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> today, the san francisco police union demanded that the nfl and the 49ers denounce what they call kaepernick's attack on police. the team has previously said they won't stop him from exercising his right as a citizen to protest. the nfl says players are encouraged to stand... but not required to do so. reaction has been mixed. we want to know if you agree or
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you can join the conversation right now at facebook dot com slash 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) has the price of a flight ever kept your from booking your dream vacation? a new proposal could make your travel goals a reality. cheapair-dot-com is teaming up with a finance company to offer installment payment plans for airfare. the method is aimed at travelers who don't have a credit card or can't manage the cost all at once. buying a ticket involves a credit check, which determines an interest rate between ten to thirty percent a-p-r. tickets with bitcoin and western union./// ((denise valdez)) the department of trasportation is warning drivers of the congestion to expect this labor day weekend. an added 315-thousand people are expected to come into town.. nearly 200-thousand of them by car. that means you should expect delays along the strip and the i-15... so plan to leave a little earlier if you need to get through there this weekend. that said... the rtc says less people will be riding the bus... so the transit system will run on a weekend schedule on
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the lvcva has released a new "what happens here, stays here" commercial... they call "postcard": (( wife: "i just got a postcard." husband: "oh yeah? neat." wife: "from you." husband: "oh, uhhh 'work trip canceled, headed to vegas for the weekend, love me.' huh, that's nice right? oh, p.s. phone dead. sad face emoji." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the ad is the second in a series of three new ads. youtube dot com slash las vegas. if you can believe it... the highly successful "what happens here stays here" campaign is now in its 14-th year!/// ((tedd florendo))
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yesterday with triple-digits around the region. winds increased as forecasted as well but still remain below windy criteria. we still are dry with single digit humidity readings. and we're a few degrees warmer than yesterday. ................................ .. afternoon highs hot around the valley with temps hottest over to the east side of town where we're lower in elevation. especially for the east and southeast neigbhorhoods. not-as-hot for the locales on the foothills and certainly the mountains where it appears to be coolest. ................................ .... regional temps also stayed hot with hottest temps in laughlin and death valley. although we definitely got hotter for the colorado river valley from mesquite all the way down to the searchlight. more tolerable temps in the 90's for the central great basin where they also had some wind develop too. ................................ ... ..... u.s. temps show get stay hot only in the desert southwest but the southern plains with feels like temps in the 100's.
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states with muggy conditions there down to the deep south. .. ............................. .... .......... doppler radar looking clear again across the region with most of the precip up in the pacific northwest. looking at the high mexico/texas to continue to progress northward and bring hotter weather this week; specifically late week. looking at the next system to roll through the north part of the state to increase wind this weekend and especially next week. .......................... ......... ................ here's the forecast. 80's by morning with clear skies and winds finally calming down overnight. should be comfortable andl the 80's again. tomorrow expect a high of 106 again and hotter. we could see some light breezes returning again tomorrow. ................................ ... .................... extended temps show hotter temps as we head through the week. expecting those temps to peak near 110 by the end of the workweek. staying dry as no monsoon has been seen. wind could be breezy at times through the week, but it's next week and late weekend when we do anticipate stronger winds. monsoon could return late next week or the week after according to long range models but that could change as well.
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with las vegas ties brought home gold medals. ((denise valdez)) >> one brought home gold and bronze. cody miller today. ((chris maathuis)) >> the olympic swimmer started his career here in las vegas. at the very pool where he showed off his hardware... two medals and a ton of fans to get a picture with the olympic winner. plus... now that johnny stanton was named starting quarterback... what's next for the rebels? more coming up here on channel 8.///
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vegas olympian to show off his medals.
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miller is a two time medal winner and today met with other swimmers and fans near the same pool where he once trained. miller signed autographs with adoring young fans, others took priceless pictures from their new favorite swimmer. he was given a key to the strip and had today named after him by the county. the palo verde grad won bronze in the 100 meter breast stroke and then won gold in the 4x100 medley relay. he won the gold with michael phelps anchoring the team. cody miller/olympic medal winner: "i grew up watching micha so to be on that relay and esp. with murphy leading off with a world record, we set an olympic record, it was astounding, it was something i'll never forget." ((chris maathuis)) i asked cody if he's going to starting training for the 2020 summer games in japan. he said he'll make that decision later. ((chris maathuis)) another local olympian will be celebrated by the community. henderson city leaders will honor connor fields with a key to the city tomorrow at the whitney mesa bmx track... near russell and whitney ranch.
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rio.. making him the first u-s gold medalist in sport's history. the 23-year-old graduated from green valley high school in henderson.. and is currently pursuing a degree at unlv./// ((chris maathuis)) unlv opens its season thursday night against jackson state. it's been 41 years since the two schools last met. unlv will be looking to win its first game of the season in 7 years. much of unlv's success could ride on the shoulders of newly named quarterback johnny stanton, who beat out kurt palendech fot stanton's a big tough kid who will be throwing the ball to devonte boyd. the two have hooked up in practice many times and boyd hopes that's a sign of things to come. devonte boyd/receiver: "he has a strong arm really strong. he had good ball placement, there are times when the db was on me tough and he threw the ball back shoulder and i was like ok he helped me out a lot. tony sanchez/coach: "i don't want to get into a qb controversy, but we feel like we have an able body guy who can come in and proved last year he
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reno last year and he's older and more mature. it's not a knock on kurt, but we feel now that johnny gives us the best chance to go out and be explosive on offense." one thing you will not want to miss... trust me on this. if you've never seen those marching bands from the south... you're in for a treat. the jackson state band is known as the "sonic boom of the u las vegas wednesday. call unlv to get information. but it's worth your time. we're already into our second week of what we're debuting this week... our fan's choice game of the week./ last week you picked arbor view and liberty. who do you like this week? vote on our 8 news now facebook page. here's a look at the three games you can vote on. cocoa high school of florida at bishop gorman cocoa high is ranked 6th in florida's power ratings. chaparral at basic and rancho at desert pines just
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your vote. then our very own high school guru jon tritsch will be live at the game of the week this friday at 6 p.m. and a complete wrap up of the game with all the highlights at 11. ((denise valdez)) our strange stories for monday right after this.///
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december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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((denise valdez)) some people are dressing up as frightening clowns and they're scaring children in the woods of greenville, south carolina. at first, some parents were skeptical of the stories... but there have been so many reports they say they can't ignore them anymore. at least 30 kids have reported the clowns.
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chains banging on their doors. the sheriff's office is stepping up patrols./// ((dave courvoisier)) a single storm is being blamed for 323 reindeer deaths in norway. hundreds of lightning strikes were recorded in the area and the animals were discovered afterwards. most of the reindeer were bundled together, which may explain why so many could be killed by lightning./// ((tedd florendo)) a cloud formation gave thousands of russians the fear over siberia. emergency services were residents worried it was a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. others thought there may have been an explosion at a nearby coal mine. good news... it was a completely harmless anvil cumulo-nimbus cloud./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((denise valdez)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next with "the night of's" riz amhed. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.///
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cracked walls and broken tiles,
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>> i tried to make a home out of you. >> i was the floor boards and the sheetrock. >> but doors lead to trap doors, a stairwayd >> i had to climb up the window just to get to work this morning. it's ridiculous. (cheers and applause) ?


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