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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  August 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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labor day weekend is coming up.. and metro has a message. the party tips to keep you safe while out having fun. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus -- remembering a nevada icon. the condolences lawmakers are sending out... after bonnie fairchild bryan's passing. ((brian loftus)) >> and, the valley just can't let go of the heat.. before temperatures start to dip. sherry explains just how cool we'll be for labor day weekend. ((kirsten joyce)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) briof nears, the rape crisis center has a warning for party-goers. thanks for waking up with us, i'm brian loftus. kirsten joyce >> and i'm kirsten joyce. a new campaign kicks off this morning ... called party smart... targeting both locals and tourists. 8 news now reporter shakala alvaranga is here with the details... ((shakala alvaranga)) >> brian and kirsten, metro police, along with other local
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10:30 this morning ... as thousands of tourists make their way to the valley for labor day. it brings awareness to the dangers of excessive drug and alcohol use. several celebrities have helped spread the message ... most recently, strip headliner britney spears ... (("when i'm with friends, we make this promise to eachother: arrive together, stick together and leave together. but remember have fun...but play it safe...and party smart." )) ((shakala alvaranga)) >> police say those three tips, arriving together, together, go a long way in thwarting common tactics used by sexual predators. the initiative was created to encourage people to keep an eye out for each other. police say the the most vulnerable population are people between the ages of 18 and 34. lt. dan mcgrath / metro sexual assault division (("we do have, especially in the summer time, that's a busy time of the year for sexual assaults, we see a rise in some of the sexual assaults because of the excessive partying.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) >> the rape crisis center has seen an increase in the number
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the month of june was one of the most active months on record.... the organization helped 32 percent more sexual assault victims that month compared to last year. ((shakala alvaranga)) the party smart initiative will also help train club staff on how to spot, intervene and prevent predatory behavior. in the studio shakala alvaranga 8 news now. ((kirsten joyce)) >> shakala, how do police plan to help out on the strip this weekend? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> kirsten, we're expected to hear a mo however, they will be working diligently with different properties and their private security staff on the strip ... in hopes that every one will have a safe labor day weekend. back to you. /// ((kirsten joyce)) right now.. we want to get a check on your forecast. ((brian loftus)) >> sherry swensk is here with that. ((sherry swensk)) trying to cool off this morning...
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.............. it was a hot tuesday... it to 106.
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....... staying dry today with some clouds moves up from the south. ............ highs in the 100s again.... finally 90s by the weekend. ((sherry swensk)) demetria, how are the roads doing? ((demetria obilor))
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((demetria obilor)) watch out for a crash at spring mountain and polaris, just west of i-15. use flamingo or no problems on i-15 and sahara. us 95 by tropicana is clear.
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back to you./// ((brian loftus)) friends, family, and lawmakers are paying their respects to bonnie fairchild bryan.. the 26th first lady of nevada. ((kirsten joyce)) >> she passed away yesterday due to leukemia complications. nevada governor richard bryan in the 1980's. the bryans were married for 54 years... she is survived by the former governor and their three children. funeral services have not yet been announced. /// ((kirsten joyce)) several lawmakers sent their condolences on her passing and to her family. governor sandoval writes "bonnie bryan served as nv's first lady with elegance, grace and an incredible strength of character." /// ((brian loftus)) representative dina titus issued a statement... saying "a light went out in the las vegas firmament with the
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charming wit, and generous heart will long be remembered. she set the gold standard." ((brian loftus)) and mayor carolyn goodman writes "she has always been the quintessential lady, friend and first lady in all she did and all whom she touched. this is an enormous loss for the community, and she will be missed beyond words can express."/// ((kirsten joyce)) meanwhile, congressman cresent hardy is already back to work.. after suffering a heart attack. yesterday, hardy attended an event in northern nevada just as planned. the 59- year- old is also expected to be in las vegas today for another event... before heading to wa the congressman says doctors repaired a collapsed artery in his heart.. and could have gotten worse if left untreated. hardy is up for re-election in november.. against the democratic nominee, state senator ruben kihuen. /// ((brian loftus)) this morning, deliberations will continue in the murder trial of michael solid. solid is accused of being behind the wheel.. and running over 15-year-old marcos arenas... all to get the teen's ipad. solid's attorneys say he didn't mean to run over the teen.
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solid should be convicted of first degree murder. jacob dismont was also with solid at the time... but plead guilty earlier this month. he'll be sentenced in october. the jury will resume at 9-am. /// ((kirsten joyce)) donald trump is making a big speech... and a big trip. who he's expected to speak with.. before his speech on immigration. ((brian loftus)) >> and, cone zones and school zones... work on south rainbow will be slowing you down through next year. demetria tells you how to get around it it, in "what's driving you crazy?" ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus -- getting the sister she never had. has given... coming up in acts of kindness... on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten
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i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times
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depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients, joe heck makes no sense.
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today, donald trump will travel to mexico.. to privately meet with the country's president.. ahead of delivering a major speech on immigration in arizona. ((kirsten joyce)) >> trump confirmed the meeting over a tweet. but last night in arizona, he gave little insight on what exactly he would be addressing on the topic. the speech comes amid speculation.. that the republican nominee is softening his stance on deporting millions of undocumented immigrants. on the democratic side, the f-b-i could release more documents server... despite the agency not recommending criminal charges. /// ((brian loftus)) president obama will be in northern nevada.. for the lake tahoe summit. he'll be addressing the topic of climate change.. and his efforts to combat it. lake tahoe's water clarity is actually getting worse. officials are expected to discuss what can be done to fix it... but keeping the lake blue could soon be out of our hands: (( brant allan/ uc davis researcher "if you look at the over all 15 years..climate change is having a greater and greater impact on the lake compared to human impact. they are starting to become equal." ))
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been studying the lake for 20- years. despite a normal winter... lake temperatures are rising at an unprecedented rate and the surface temperature is a record high. the water isn't mixing as deeply... and it lost almost five feet of clarity this year. the lake hasn't been this murky since before efforts to try and fix it in the 90's. after today's trip to nevada, president obama will head to hawaii. /// ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters throughout the campaign seaso. now dot com. /// ((sherry swensk)) speaking of hawaii... the state is bracing for back- to- back hurricanes.. with two poweful hurricanes churning in the pacific. hurricane madeline is the first one up... approaching the islands as a category three. and right behind her is hurricane lester. these are satellite images nasa collected yesterday of the hurricanes... with the third being from
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hawaii's governor has already signed an emergency proclamation. /// video from the international space station of hurricane lester and hurricane madeline in the pacific ocean and hurricane gaston in the atlantic ocean (gaston is not a threat to the u.s.) :00-:20 hurricane madeline :20-:40 hurricane lester :40-end hurricane gaston ry
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a hot day at 105 and staying above normal. ..... tropical systems affecting the
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....... hot temps in the 100s for us will trend down to the 90s by the holiday weekend. ((sherry swensk))
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((kirsten joyce)) parents and mentors are so importann but many families need a helping hand in that department, and find it through the big brothers.. big sisters of southern nevada mentorship program. our acts of kindness recipient this week.. is one of those outstanding mentors. " am i going to see it on snapchat.?. " ((kirsten joyce)) jennifer shydler and jala nickerson have a special relationship. jennifer i really see a beautiful spirit and a spark in her. jala i couldn't really open up to anybody before jennifer came into my life.
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the two met ten years ago,when jennifer signed up to become a big sister through big brothers, big sisters of southern nevada.. .... jala was only four at the time... jennifer at first it took time, for jala to trust me, that i was going to continue showing up.. me showing up consistently.. really helped develop that trust ((kirsten joyce)) she needed that one on one quality connection time with someone.. other than her older brothers. jala i was excited, finally get to have a sister, understand me... are just one of those girls problems.. i thought it would just bu my life is positive, and i feel like they care what i'm talking about : 38 ((kirsten joyce)) the relationship has blossomed over the ten years together.. jennfer definitely since becoming a teenager, she's really opened up to me, and asked for advice, probelms with friendship.. new relationship... forming with boys.. that i always caution her
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importance of giving back, they both volunteer together at the nevada partnership for homeless youth... , and jennifer co-launched a program for her female colleagues at bank of america... pairing them up with young women who need help increasing their professional exposure. > kirsten joyce >> aging out of the foster system.. with continued mentorships... moving them into apartment homes, and assisting with career paths through the non profit, "olive crest.". if you would like to nominate someone.. go to las vegas now dot com. click on "sections" in the upper left corner... and acts of kindness will be under the "community" tab. or send us an email... acts of kindness at las vegas now dot com./// let's get a check
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/// let's send it over to demetria for a check of traffic./// crews are working to improve flamingo on the east side. everything should finish up in october. new signals are going up along blue diamond at fort apache and el capitan. this fall, the county will install
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and fix obamacare. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and, google hopes you'll catch a ride with them. jill wagner joins us live from wall street. good morning jill. good morning brian and kirsten! it's the last trading day of the month-- yesterday the dow lost 48. the nasdaq fell 9.// the government wants to make some fixes to the affordable care act... or obamacare. one idea--- using some of the fees from the marketplace ... for marketing -- to reach young people and get them to sign up. recently said they're cutting back offerings because policy holders are older and sicker than expected and they're losing millions of dollars.// google is taking on uber with a ride-sharing service in san francisco. it uses google's waze navigation app to connect commuters. google, walmart and adobe employees in the bay area have been testing the program for the last three months.// ((brian loftus)) and jill -- restaurant chains compete for the best food... and also, these days, the best technology?
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your tv. papa john's is the first national restaurant chain with its own apple tv app. users can build a pizza... topping by topping. customers who order from their apple tv will get 25 percent off. /// demetria obilor
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russell intersection is part of the county's flamingo diversion rainbow branch project- and it's halfway done... the county says las vegas paving will continue working at the intersection through mid-september and then move southward. crews will be working on a storm drain pipeline in russell road through the end of september between 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. the county recommends using alternate routes whenever possible. crews are required to maintain all school walk routes when school zones are activated from 30 minutes before
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marion earl elementary are all nearby. what's driving you crazy? remember, you can write me at. traffic 8 at las vegas now dot back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) ((kirsten joyce)) now on good day...
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14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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weekend! that's the message metro is giving out.. so you don't have to face the consequences. ((brian loftus))
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heat for the holiday weekend. just how much lower temperatures are expected to be. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and, the pac-man is back with his reigning title! when tickets go on sale to see his return to the ring. ((brian loftus)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) >> arrive together, stick together, and leave together: three tips that police want you to keep in mind this labor day weekend. thanks for joining us, i'm ke >> and i'm brian loftus. a new campaign will kick off this morning ... called party smart. our 8 news now reporter shakala alvaranga joins us with a look at what you can do to stay safe... ((shakala alvaranga)) >> brian kirsten, as labor day weekend nears, the rape crisis center has a warning for party-goers. metro police, along with other local organizations.. are kicking off the party smart campaign at 10:30 this morning. thousands of tourists will make their way to the valley for labor day.
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awareness to the dangers of excessive drug and alcohol use. several celebrities have helped spread the message, strip headliner steve aoki.... (("just be responsible, you can till tuyrn up, you can still have fun, dance, you can still sweat, scream and shout adn have a good time, cus thats what i;m doing and that's what im here to do.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) >> the party smart initiative will also help train club staff on how to spot, intervene and prevent predatory diligently with different properties and their private security staff on the strip ... in hopes that every one will have a safe labor day weekend. ((shakala alvaranga)) meanwhile, the rape crisis center is seeing an increase in the number of victims helped at hospitals. the month of june was one of the most active months on record.... in the studio shakala alvaranga 8 news now. ((brian loftus)) >> shakala, are there any tips on what to look out for when it comes to sexual predators? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> brian, behavior is a big one ...
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and someone who tries to isolate another person. those are two popular ones that people tend to see... ((kirsten joyce)) right now.. we want to get a check on your forecast. ((brian loftus)) >> hi sherry, how's the weather looking today? ((sherry swensk)) trying to cool off this morning... with clear skies and dry air. .............. it was a hot tuesday...
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making it to 108 and above. ....... staying dry today with some clouds moving in tomorrow as moisture
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............ hot temps in the 100s for us today and lasting through friday.... will finally trend down to the 90s by the holiday weekend. demetria, how are the roads doing? ((demetria obilor)) traffic is getting busier at i-15 and sahara. southbound traffic is heading toward your screen.
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and valley view. the south rancho exit is closed, so you may want to get off the freeway here and use alta or washington to get to rancho.
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has agreed to let ryan bundy and another defendant in the oregon standoff case... to represent themselves at their upcoming trial. despite concerns, they will not follow court rulings in the presence of the jury. the men have repeatedly challenged the court's jurisdiction. u-s district court judge anna brown made the men promise they would not raise issues that have already been resolved -- bundy agreed. jury selection begins today./// ((kirsten joyce)) looks like our friends from outer space may be contacting us... got from 94- light years away. ((brian loftus)) >> plus -- a car pileup, caught on camera. the incredible rescue that had drivers trying to save a woman from her burning car. it's all coming up.. as 8 news now good day.. the valley's news leader..
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this is 8 news now good day)) ((brian loftus)) the full cast has been unveiled for the upcoming season of "dancing with the stars". we'll see former texas governor rick perry... olymc along with u-s olympic gymnast laurie hernandez... kenny edmonds, vanilla ice, and "brady brunch" star maureen mccormick, who played marcia. the season will also be welcoming back some veteran dancers. you can catch the competition on september 12th. /// ((demetria obilor)) trending now... could it be aliens? that's what everyone on social has been speculating.. after astronomers got a signal 94-light years away.
5:43 am
to a russian telescope. astronomers are training their telescopes on the star.. in the hopes of learning more. researchers say if its artificial... there could be an alien civilization out there. we may need to call up our george knapp to help figure this one out. /// sherry how's the weather today?
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about a half-hour away. temps in the 70s and low 80s now.
5:45 am
today... and the pacific northwest will have cooler rain with a system finally making some progress inland. .......
5:46 am
thunderstorms to the desert today... but that should change tomorrow and friday. ............ breezy winds will increase for the valley by friday. more rain and heavy rain with tropical force winds for florida this week and by the weekend. ........... hot across the desert today with plenty of 100s. ((sherry swensk)) back to you./// ((brian loftus)) this morning, singer chris brown is out of jail.. after posting his bail.. on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. pageant contestant baylee curran told t-m-z she and a friend were partying with brown at his home.. when he allegedly put a gun to her face.. while looking at a diamond necklace. she later called police..
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investigators spent hours searching the house... some wearing surgical masks. they are not saying what they found inside... brown will be in court on september 20th for this charge. /// ((kirsten joyce)) a crazy moment for drivers in new york.. after a 10- car pileup stopped traffic.. and left a woman trapped in her car. this is dashcam video of the crash... a tractor trailer's breaks failed while driving... and smashed into multiple cars... some of them catching on fire. some drivers got out to help a that was on fire. one person grabbed fire extinguisher's from the tractor ... while others tried to break open the car window. (( "we all agree we are not heroes in this we just did what we thought we needed to do." "i don't want any fame for this. this is not something i did for fame. it is just nature." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> some of the driver's say... it was all a rush.. and didn't realize the impact of the crash until it was all said and done.
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/// let's send it over to demetria for a check of traffic./// ((demetria obilor)) 215 around sahara is in t the developers of downtown summerlin will construct the fixes at 215 and charleston, but there's no estimate on when construction will begin. 215 around warm springs doesn't look so bad. if you're on your way to
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto.
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we're getting closer to see the pac-man back in the ring.. and out of retirement. ((kirsten joyce)) >> in just a few months, manny pacquaio and jessie vargas will go head- to- head. next week, the fighters will be attending a press conference in los angeles. pacquaio and vargas are competing for the world championship title... on november 5th at the thomas and mack. tickets for the fight go on sale septembet 8th. /// ((brian loftus)) and for the first time in
5:53 am
against duke. the basketball team announced the game will take place december 10th at the t-mobile arena... and be nationally broadcasted on e-s-p-n. tickets for the game can be bought through the t-mobile website. this will be u-n-l-v's first meeting with duke.. since the 1991 n-c-aa final four. /// ((kirsten joyce)) right now.. we want to get a check on your forecast. ((brian loftus)) >> sherry swensk is here with that. ((sherry swensk)) as we close out august... a hot day at 105 and staying above
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breezy winds by friday and then cooler for the holiday weekend. ................. hurricanes in the pacific heading for hawaii. ....... hot temps in the 100s for us will trend down to the 90s by the holiday weekend. ((sherry swensk))
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the right shoulder is blocked on southbound i-15 and tropicana. motorist assist is need. remember to slow down and/or move over. crews are working ont he strip in front of the cosmopolitan right now. the right lane is blocked.
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our 8 news now good day.. just head to our 8 news now facebook page.. and upload a picture of your kids getting ready for school. 8 lucky viewers will be chosen each week to win an 8 news now mug! the winners will be announced every friday during the 6am newscast./// ((brian loftus)) businesses in the valley are finding unique ways to use drones... after the f-a-a made commercial drone use legal in the u-s. one industry already taking advantage here in the valley is real estate. they can shoot their own video of properties they're selling.. property is listed. other businesses are using drones for videography and surveying land. for the full list of commercial drone rules from the f-a-a... head over to our website... las vegas now dot com. just look for "commercial drone rules" under the links we've mentioned. /// ((brian loftus)) the sheriff ... is answering your questions ... ((kirsten joyce)) >> we talk to him about the things you want to know more about .. in today's mornign cup of joe. ((brian loftus)) plus... selena gomez taking a time out ... the reason she's abruptly postponing upcoming tour dates. those stories and more.. coming up on 8 news now good
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leader./// ((brian loftus))
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thousands making their way to las vegas for labor day weekend .. the strip headliner urging people to "party smart." ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus... congressman cresent hardy says he feels better than ever .. how he's doing after having a heart attack. ((brian loftus)) >> and... triple digit temps won't stick around for long.. when we'll drop down to the 90's in sherry's weather now forecast. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 ((brian loftus)) thanks for waking up with us on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader. i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. as labor day weekend nears, the rape crisis center has a warning for party-goers. ((brian loftus)) a new campaign kicks off this morning ... called party smart... targeting both locals and tourists. 8 news now reporter shakala alvaranga is here with the details... ((shakala alvaranga))


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