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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  September 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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weekend will get. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus.. parents and residents want answers after wednesday's mercury scare at johnson junior high school. ((brian loftus)) >> and... a shake-up at wells fargo leaves thousands unemployed and many more checking their bank balances. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) "we all want to know the answer!!!!" >> "if it happened on tuesday or maybe even friday we heard about it. why were the kids sent to school on wednesday morning?" (( >> "as a team were giving the info we have as best we can. we have no reason to lie.")) ((brian loftus)) >> parents demand answers after a rough 20-hour ordeal due to a mercury scare at walter johnson junior high school. /// ((brian loftus)) thank you for joining us on good day i'm brian loftus.
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several parents voiced their concerns at an open house thursday night at walter jacobson elementary school. after wednesday's hazmat scare at johnson junior high. emotions ran high as many parents want to know the extent of the mercury contamination the mother of the teen who touched the substance that set off the quarantine says she wants to know what to do next. tanja babajan, parent: ((>> "i don't know what to do, where to go, whom to ask, whose gonna help us, whose gonna clean my house, whose gonna check my little kids." "he told me he gets headaches, he's naseaus, he has diarrhea. now.")) ((kirsten joyce)) >> police say they are working to figure out how the mercury got into the school and who brought it. if you have items that may be contaminated, police urge you to bring them to johnson junior high this morning at 8. /// ((kirsten joyce)) during last night's school board meeting school district superintendent pat skorkowsky said he will meet with the officials involved with the incident. residents asked where district
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((>> david gomez, concerned resident "the fire department did their job, the teachers held on and the principal did his job, but where was everybody else at? safely tucked in their bed." ((kirsten joyce)) >> the school district temporaily closed walter johnson junior high yesterday and today. one of the days will be excused as an emergency, but the district plans to make up the second day november 8th./// ((brian loftus)) las vegas fire and rescue called the mercury sweep incident in the history of the department. emergency responders screened more than 12-hundred students and staff. the school district has not said if the school will be ready to open by monday./// sherry how's the weather today? let's take a look at
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((sherry swensk)) it's clear and mild this morning... after another fairly hot day. temps will reach for those 100s today. . right now in the upper 70s around the valley and won't dip to the let's take a look at
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((demetria obilor)) blvd. at the westbound 215 entry ramp. stay left to get around it. there's a hit and run that's been reported on flamingo and lv blvd. debris has been reported on westbound
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((kirsten joyce)) ryan lochte and three other olympic swimmers-- olympic swimmers-- involved in a fake armed robbery story-- are suspended.
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olympic committee and u-s-a swimming say the athletes violated conduct codes at the rio 2016 olympics. lochte caused a scandal when he said he and the other swimmers had been robbed at gunpoint. it was discovered that the swimmers got into a confrontation with a gas station security guard and they vandalized the bathroom. lochte later admitted that he had embellished the story. because of this-- lochte has been suspended for ten months and must forfeit his gold medal. and the other three swimmmers have been suspended for four months./// ((kire the country's biggest bank. thousands of wells fargo employees caught opening fake bank and credit card accounts. and then charging real money to customers for the phony accounts. now -- thousands of employees are out of a job -- as wells fargo is hit with a historic punishment. mary moloney explains. "staying on top of your money is important." for some wells fargo customers -- staying on top of money became almost impossible -- because of fraud. federal regulators say wells fargo employees created
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million credit card accounts. without the customer's knowledge or consent. to do that -- employees in some cases made up fake email address and pin numbers. in turn -- the bank took money from customers in the form of fees on accounts customers didn't even know they had. (richard quest/cnn money, editor-at-large): "this wasn't a little bit of schilly schalling on the side or a few odd shenanigans, this was miscreant behavior on an industrial scale the scheme in place for the past in a statement -- the director of the consumer financial protection bureau says "wells fargo employees secretly opened unauthorized accounts to hit sales targets and receive bonuses." the consumer financial protection bureau slapped wells fargo with it's largest penalty to date. 185 million dollars in fines. wells fargo will also pay 5 million dollars in refunds to customers. wells fargo says "when we make mistakes, we are open about it, we take responsibility, and we take action." now -- more
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years and the federal regulator says the bank will pay full restitutions to all people affected. i'm mary moloney reporting. ((brian loftus)) this morning a nasa spacecraft is on the way to bennu -- a small asteroid orbiting the sun... spacecraft osiris rex is on a seven year mission hoping to bring back a handful of dust that could hold clues to the beginning of our solar system. if the mission is a success the largest cosmic bounty of space samples since the apollo moon rocks. the spacecraft will reach earth in september 2023./// ((kirsten joyce)) brian's cool at school is back. ((brian loftus)) >> that's right i'll show you how high school are relieving stress through a new class./// brian loftus i'm catherine cortez masto and i come from a big family.
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e. and a whole lot of food. my dad's family was from mexico. my mom's was from italy. 60 years ago they met here in nevada and we grew as a family really grew as a family. dad got his start parking cars at the dunes hotel. but he went on to be the head of tourism for las vegas and helped build the city we know today. dad lived his life following three principles, work hard, be honest and respect everyone, that's what i tried to do as attorney general. ay one point nine billion dollars to nevadans. she became a national leader in protecting children from sex traffickers. and passed laws to keep seniors safe from crooked scams. i'm catherine cortez masto, i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems, isn't that something
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a new yoga class at western high school is leaving students feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, in today's "what's cool at school." ((brian loftus)) high school can overwhelm anyone, and western high school is addressing those student stressors with a new yoga program.... sharelle moore senior "i think it means everybody is going to be happy, because everybody gets stressed. you know, we're teenagers, we worry about grades, school, and school activities.....and how we're going to fit all this in our lives and yoga is just something to relax and forget everything for a minute, and let
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studios; so western high school stepped in, with community partners "create a change now," and "lululemon," to create this special space for students melissa blynn executive director, create a change now "when they spoke about bringing a yoga room potentially to one of our schools i said i have their perfect match for you - let's build a yoga room at western high school, and let's launch it, and do yoga twice a week for the kids as well as the staff!" ((brian loftus)) after school, students and staff can take advantage of free classes taught by professional yoga instructors.... joyce sportsman founder, try (trauma recovery yoga) "everybody that came together to make this happen, it's a beautiful project, and everyone's heart is really in it, and you can feel that." ((brian loftus)) the great need for this healthful, holistic practice is evident in the popularity among students..... sharelle moore senior "i'm going to be here every day - i need to work on these muscles." alejandra alvarez senior "being able to come here and just be able to be
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wanting to relax, just puts a good vibe in you." dana crowley dean of students, western hs "give them an hour of time for themselves to unwind, decompress, and hopefully go the rest of their day feeling a little bit better about themselves." ((brian loftus)) most to yoga, say they welcome the benefits, and the challenge sharelle moore senior "oh, it's a workout it's not just stretching i wish it was because my stomach wouldn't be hurting right now." ((brian loftus)) these teens say this yoga program shows that leaders at western high so about what is best for their students ana aguayo senior "because it's definitely something new, and it's a change to bring everybody together, and feel welcomed. i just think it's a great idea." alejandra alvarez senior "yoga is one of the best things we can have because now we're bringing on all this positive energy, positive things, and all these positive people. we are turning this school around.....even if it's just yoga. alejandra alvarez senior "i'm excited for this program, i just, i just can't believe that it's here." ((brian loftus)) and that's what's cool at
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or if you know something that's cool at school just head to las vegas now dot com.. click on "sections" in the upper left corner .. and cool at school will be under the "community" tab. or send us an email... cool at school at las vegas now dot com. the winner will receive 250 bucks for their program./// sherry how's the weather today?
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neighborhoods still around 80 ..... we hit that 100 yesterday - as i was thinking we might. and we will do that again today and through the weekend. ........... high pressure strengthening over
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little more through saturday and sunday tropical moisture still lifting into the middle of the country and causing heavy rain and severe weather today. ............. a cooler system drops in from the northwest drops into our area at the beginning of next week and stirs up the wind and brings cooler air. .......... temps take a big drop to the low 90s and even upper 80s by
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cooler air moving in consistently and the longer nights will break down the hotter days./// ((demetria obilor)) a crash has been reported on dean martin ande which is the road that you use to get over to the harmon overpass. there's a crash on westbound blue diamond and jones. the mlk on-ramp to northbound 95
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let us know! we're asking sheriff joe lombardo questions from the viewers every wednesday... during our new segment, morning cup of joe. to submit a question... just go to las vegas now dot com... and look for the "don't miss" section. you can find out if your question was chosen.. every wednesday between 6:30 and 7 a-m./// ((kirsten joyce)) a 70-year-old kansas man found a way to get out of his marriage permanently. police say he robbed a bank on purpose so he could go to jail -- because he doesn't want to be around his wife! the fbi says he stole 3-grand then sat in the bank lobby and told security he was the guy they had an argument over the dryer. he faces 20 years in jail./// ((brian loftus)) you can't simulate childbirth, but the university of virginia is trying. with this robot that gives birth. it has a kind-of creepy appearance... but the robot is helping to train nursing school students. her name is victoria and she can complain of pain, she has a variable heartbeat -- and yes, the delivery is done the
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the tallest building in the west coast is now officially finished. the wilshire grand tower in los angeles got its 294-foot high spire over the weekend. that makes the building almost 11-hundred feet. to celebrate...the iron workers who put up the spire posed on top of it. you can only gain access using an internal maintenance ladder. the tower is expected to open to the public in march 20-17./// ((brian lt imagine this flying burritos over a college campus. it may sound like a college student's dream but it will be reality for some later this month at virginia tech. google is set to begin testing drone delivery at the school. students and employees will be able to order chipotle burritos on a special kiosk. they will be made at a chipotle food truck on site before they're delivered the self-navigating drones will lower the burritos using a tether./// we'll be right
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respect for the late thalia dondero this weekend. we'll tell you how you can pay tribute to the clark former county commisioner. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus...triple digit weather is making a comeback this weekend. sherry will let's us know when the heat is coming. ((brian loftus)) >> and... the nfl season is underway. we'll take a look at last night's superbowl rematch. and take a look at the stadium proposal to move the oakland raiders to las vegas. ((kirsten joyce)) valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((brian loftus)) las vegas officials are working non-stop to make sure las vegas has an nfl team. thanks for joingin us i'm brian loftus ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. officials met to go over the budget for the proposed nfl stadium that would be built right off the strip. 750 million dollars or 39 percent of the total cost will have to be raised through a


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