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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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mortensen gets the truth about refinancing. tedd florendo ((( a breezy wednesday for souther nevada. now unseasonably warm temps begin. we have a detailed look at your weather now forecast coming up.
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after ingesting a combination of pain pills and anti-freeze, it was ruled a suicide after a cursory investigation. but susan's parents didn't believe it, so they hired investigators and a local law firm to take a closer look. what they uncovered was a pattern of suspicious behavior and illicit drug use. the family attorney says the husband reaped a financial bonanza after susan winters' death. ((anthony sgro/attorney for winters family: "we have reason to believe that when susan passed away, brent didn't have a lot of money. after susan passed away, he stood to gain real estat dollars in cash and his financial picture adjusted quite nicely." )) ((george knapp)) >>documents submitted to a distirct court today are seeking a freeze on bank acocunts and other assets. the papers outline that brent dennis received a million dollars from susan's life insurance policy, plus cash and assets, including her interest
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the family thinks there is a risk that he will liquidate the assets and possily flee. ((george knapp)) >>again, dr. dennis has not been charged with a crime. the state board which licenses psychologists is reviewing a complaint about his use of illicit drugs. his attorney told us this is the result of susan's parents being unable to accept that their daughter took her own life. tonight at 11, we will hear from dr. dennis himself,..exclusi ve excerpts from his sworn deposition. the new documents will be posted on our websi ((dave courvoisier)) the last-second blitz of candidates and dignitaries stumping for votes in nevada continues this evening... showing just how close this presidential race is shaping up to be. hillary clinton is in town right now. politics now co-host patrick walker is live from the plumbers and pipefitters training center on lamb with more. patrick? ((patrick walker)) >> we are six days out from election day. and in nevada...
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our klas/jmc analytics poll has this a tie at 45-45. two and a half weeks ago... we had the race at 43-41 for clinton. secretary clinton's theme today was what would life be like with trump as president. she said he's insulted more than 50 percent of americans. that's anyone from latinos... to african americans... to veterans and women. she wanred the union crowd that he wouldn't be friendly to unions... because he has refused to negotiate after workers t hotel voted to unionize. then... she said trump's next attack would be on democracy. (( hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate: "we were on the debate stage right here in las vegas, we were asked if we would respect outcome of election. i will, he refused to say he will." )) ((patrick walker)) >> catherine cortez masto
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and vote early. after the rally... union members hit the streets to canvass for the two candidates. ((patrick walker)) >> if you had any doubt as to how important nevada is... the candidates' time becomes exponentially more valuable leading up to election day. trump and clinton have now both visited in the final 10 days leading up to november 8th. dave... ((dave courvoisier)) campaigns planning any further visits before the election? ((patrick walker)) >> yes. bill clinton will be in town during a concert at u-n-l-v by steve aoki tomorrow night. and the trump campaign is sending donald junior and newt gingrich tomorrow afternoon for a get out the vote rally at ahern manufacturing. back to you./// ((denise valdez)) >> a new exclusive poll by
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here in nevada... anchor christianne klein has been looking at the data and gives us a look at the numbers ahead of election day. ((christianne klein)) >> these results show just how close this election is.. both hillary clinton and donald trump are tied at 45 percent of likely voters here in this poll was conducted october 28 through november 1.. pollsters interviewed 600 people on land line phones and cell phones.. it also included people who have already voted in the state.. 42 percent of voters said they'd already cast their ballots.. and among that group- clinton has a 52 to 42 percent lead... among those likely to vote on election day- trump takes the ten point spread- leading 48 to 38 percent... in our senate race-democrat catherine cortez masto is
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to 43 percent.. she also fared very well in those who have already cast ballots.. 50 to 42 percent... while heck leads 44 to 40 percent over masto for those likely to vote on election day.. to further underscore just how close these races are.. all of the overall poll results fall within the margin of error of 4 percent.. ((denise valdez)) 8 news now is your local the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) major changes could be in store for agassi prep academy... with their governing board expected to cast a vote this evening concerning the school's future. shakala alvaranga joins us live near lake mead and m-l-k with a look ahead. shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> dave, the governing board is expected to make a decision on a takeover or partnership with democracy prep. according to the school's website,
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a practice called "no excuses." students go to school for ten hour days. they don't have religious holidays off ... and they must stay silent in the hallways and during lunch. it's unclear what would be implemented at agassi prep. some parents and teachers are petitioning the partnership ... and have collected at least 600 signatures so far. ((shakala alvaranga)) >> agassi prep's board will meet here in just under half an hour... parents tomorrow at 6 pm. we'll have the latest developments tonight at 11. reporting live, shakala alvaranga... 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) the clark county school district's struggles to fill vacant teaching positions are well- documented... and ongoing. now, a campaign is aimed at recruiting and retaining talented teachers for your kids. karen castro joins us live with the details of this strategy. karen? ((karen castro)) >> state education
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national movement nevada has been a part of for the last year to address the teacher shortage. the campaign has 9 principles focused on a teacher's professional life-cycle starting from preparation... all the way through their years as educators. according to teach strong, getting college students excited about majoring in education has been challenging. they say, since 2009 there has been a 33-percent decline in teacher preparation across the state. the campaign's strategy is "modernizing and elevating the teaching professio dir., center for american progress: we think in order to, to be holding teachers to these high expectations we also need to be providing them with the support and the training and the compensation that they deserve to meet these new, more challenging expectations.)) ((karen castro)) >> a number of incentives have been created -- both at the state and local level. the nevada department of education launched the alternate route to licensure program... for college graduates who want to teach but don't have a degree in education. starting salaries for teachers also went up a few thousand
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website, there are more than 4-hundred vacant teaching positions. that is more than the number of openings at the beginning of the school year... but it's about half compared to the same time last year. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now.
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winds stay light thankfully after those bigger breezes yesterday and today. humidity still remains higher than what we typically get in the desert. low 50's by late tonight.
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tina calls the case "heartbreaking"... and tim wants to know why the boy's mother isn't also being charged. you can join the conversation right now at facebook dot com slash 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) police are on heightened alert after two des moines, iowa officers were shot dead early this morning in ambush-style attacks. the suspect, scott michael greene has been arrested. iowa police say he was removed from a high school football game for displaying a confederate flag during the national anthem... after he waved it in front of constitutional rights were being violated, but police told him he was on private property and he needed to leave. this morning, officer justin martin and sergeant tony beminio were killed while sitting in their patrol cars: (( sgt. paul parizek/des moines police: "these were our friends. they were our co-workers. we've discussed at length at times, you know, the family of law enforcement i mean, we're heart broken. i don't know how else to put it." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the suspect has a lengthy
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he has been taken to a hospital for evaluation before he is formally charged./// ((denise valdez)) well, if you listen to the banks and lenders... they'll tell you know is the time to refinance if you own a home. ((dave courvoisier)) >> but... is that good advice? 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen set out for answers. she has them in our debt destroyer segment... next on 8 news now at 5, the valley's news leader.///
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with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes, losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, e shenanigans tarkanian would pull in washington. it's why we can't afford tarkanian in congress, ever.
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ask yourself: if joe heck was on your side, why did he threaten to shut down the government on his crusade to defund planned parenthood? side with the wall street banks when he called nevada's foreclosure crisis a "blip"? and why did joe heck put payday lenders and their shameful interest rates first when he took their money? nevada, it's time to put people before the corporate special interests. it's time to vote no on joe heck. senate majority pac is responsible
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"she's a slob." "she ate like a pig." "i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers..." donald trump calls women "bimbos", "dogs", and "fat pigs." he'd support donald trump 100%. nevada, there's a better choice: ruben kihuen. kihuen pushed to crack down on employers who pay women less than men. and kihuen will always protect a woman's right to choose. ruben kihuen for nevada.
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this is 8 news now at five.")) ((dave courvoisier)) now is the time to refinance your home if you own. at least -- that's probably what you're hearing from bankers and lenders these days. ((denise valdez)) >> but is it really? consumer advocate michelle mortensen joins us now with the truth about refinacing in this debt destroyer report. ((michelle mortensen)) so you want to refinace your home? why? are you in interest rate or reduce the terms of your mortgage? do you have a second mortgage or home equity you're looking to combine? has your financial situation changed ... or have you recently married or divorced? if you answered yes to those questions .. a refi might be right for you. but remember ... refinacing means a whole new mortgage and a lot of extra costs... as michele johnson with the finacial guidance center explains. ((michele johnson / financial guidance center: "refi isn't free.. you are going to pay closing costs and have to get an
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recoup this cost whether you are wrapping it up in the new loan or not -- it is still costing you." )) ((michelle mortensen)) here's an example. say your current intrest rate is 5%. your refi will bring it down to 3.25% lowering your payment by $200. but the refi itself is gonna set you back 3 grand .. thanks to an apprasal and closing costs. so how long will it take you to pay that 3 grand off if you roll itin as a result ... many experts say refi's are only worthwhile if you have a very high interest rate. ((rule of thumb ... if you are not dropping at least 1.5 to 2 % the value may not be there )) ((michelle mortensen)) lowering your interest rate with a refi can also cost you more in taxes .. depending on your tax bracket. and you could face a huge fine ... if your current mortgage has a prepayement penalty. now if you think this is a lot
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michele and the folks at the financail guidance center will walk you through any refi you're considering for free. they'll even help you cut costs. ((we can help you understand which ocsts are negotiable and which are fixed because sometimes there are a lot of junk fees// 17:05 so go in educated go in representing yourself and look for the best deal you can get )) ((michelle mortensen)) >> and if you would like help learning more about whether refinancing contact our debt destroyer partner the finacial guidance center ... for a free one-on-one appointment.
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afternoon, but not as windy as earlier today as forecasted. temps climbed higher than yesterday and near average again with comfortble 70's outside this afternoon. gusts did peak up to 30 or more in some spots down the colorado river valley. ................................ ... ................ through many parts of the valley, with mildest temps over to the eastside where we're lower in elevation and typically warmer. west side not as mild and cooler than the rest of the valley with temps only in th 50's for the mountain this afternoon after a chilly morning start near the freezing mark. .. .............................
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especially down the colorado river down to laughlin and bullhead city. warmer in death valley with high near 80 today. chilly temps exist up in the central great basin and far north portions of the state. ................................ ... ................ cool here to the pacific northwest, but warmer weather continues in the southern plains ove they're breaking records for heat for early november. ....... ............................ ...................... satellite and radar shows clearer skies than yesterday and no chance for showers as they stay down towards mexico and arizona. we'll begin to see that low wrap around moisture tomorrow towards northern arizona but we should remain on the dry side with some cloud cover. could sneak in slight chances in east county but otherwise mostly sunny with breezes still continuing down the colorado river. ............ ....................... ................. tonight expect lows in the mid to high 50's and chilly again under mostly clear skies. evening breezes will be isolated and decrease through the evening but still remain breezy down the colorado river. tomorrow milder near 80 tomorrow and should remain that way for
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but could be breezy still for those northern sections of the valley. ................................ ... ...................... neighborhood by neighborhood temps will be mild tomorrow with many neighborhoods int he 80's and close to 85 for the east part of the valley and closer to the high 70's for the west side of town and coolest. ........... ........................ ................. tended foreca head into your weekend.eezes rd mild and pleasant. plus... making our roads safer. tonight at six...
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for committing a specific traffic violation. the valley's news leader will be right back./// ((coming up... the push to win the key battleground states. why it's so crucial to win these voters. plus, we hear from millenials and the issues that matter to them in our 'closing arguments' series. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ))
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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves!
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you can choose somebody with a proven track record. for standing up for nevada families. catherine cortez masto. think about what happened after the housing crisis... one of the first attorneys general in america to stand up for families facing foreclosure. catherine's been a national leader in the fight against sex trafficking of teenage girls. on issue after issue, nevada, you've got a clear choice.
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ez masto
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according to keepers at the "bearizona" wildlife park in arizona... the cubs are going to maul the indians. ((dave courvoisier)) >> the park's cubs named "cubby" and "rizzo" have been rooting for chicago ever since they met the team in march of this year. they've had a scorecard in their yard after each game... and this morning the cubs ripped up a cleveland-themed pinata. we won't know for sure until tonight... chris maathuis will have all your world series news at 11./// ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for watching 8 news leader. don't forget you can always find us on facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) the cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. we'll see you at six. /// news music ((dave courvoisier)) we're in the final
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as you make up your mind, remember -- congressman heck voted 10 times to defund planned parenthood. he even threatened to shut down the government over it. heck took all that money from wall street and predatory payday lenders and voted their way. he even wanted to privatize social security, risking it on the stock market. congressman heck just doesn't care about people like us. narrator: the target... seniors. danny tarkanian set up thirteen fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: in cold blood. >> these officers were ambushed. >> pelley: two iowa cops are shot to death as they sat in patrol cars. a suspect is in custody. two police forces are grief stricken. also tonight, as trump andig clinton make their closing arguments, we hear the concerns of millennl >> neither party deserves the black vote. >> i think we do need law and order in this country. >> i have never been more afraif in my life than i have been throughout this election. >> pelley: hard times in the oil patch. schools go to a four-day week. >> let's go cubs! >> pelley: and we double team our world series coverage with dean 'n' don. >> as the front page of thege "chicago tribune" says today,


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