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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the star power the presidential candidates are recruiting to make their final push for the white house. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus... keeping perfectly good food out of the trash. the "anti- supermarket" that's taking a stand to cut down on food waste around the world. ((brian loftus)) >> and... the valley is facing a warm weekend .. sheery breaks down just how high those temps will get. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// news now good day.)) ((kirsten joyce)) four days to election day...hillary clinton and donald trump are using surrogates and star-power to help get voters to the polls in key battleground states. ((brian loftus)) >> a cbs news/ new york times poll out thursday shows clinton leading trump nationally by just three points. hena daniels has the latest from new york. (raleigh, north carolina) (clinton) "we are standing against the possibility of returning and normalizing
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courted voters in the crucial state of north carolina last night alongside former rival bernie sanders: (sanders) we're voting for the most powerful leader in the entire world singer-producer pharrell williams provided star-poweras the race between clinton and donald trump tightens. (pharrell williams) this election is just too important. i just couldn't sit on the sidelines and just be quiet. the democratic nominee used her most powerful surroga state of florida: (obama) all of the progress we've made the last 8 years goes out the window if we don't win this election." trump got a rare boost from wife melania in pennsylvania yesterday...who sought to appeal to suburban women with an anti-bullying message: (melania trump) we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children especially in social media while trump's daughter, ivanka, hit the ground in new
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nominee held several events in north carolina...once again bashing his opponent's email practices: (trump) "hillary thought nothing of putting classified information on her illegal server, which our enemies have now hacked." despite the push by both candidatesa cbs news/new york times poll finds 92 percent of voters have already made up their minds. hena daniels cbs news./// ((brian loftus)) trump and clinton both states of pennsylvania and ohio today...where the races are tight. an anonymous source tells cbs news beyonc0 will join husband jay z at a get-out-the-vote concert in cleveland support of the democratic nominee./// ((kirsten joyce)) a las vegas judge is shooting down allegations of voter intimidation by donald trump's campaign here in nevada. democrats had been calling for a restraining order for some gop
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anything wrong... but another hearing on the issue is scheduled for today./// ((brian loftus)) here's a story that only vegas can produce. the south point casino's oddsmaker jimmy vaccaro put together odds for the presidential race... as we enter the home stretch. he's giving clinton the edge.. but not by much. of course... the numbers are for fun... and not something you can actually bet on. ((brian loftus)) don't forget today is the last day for early voting in nevada. for a complete list of polling hours and locations head to our website at las vegas now dot com./// s weather today?
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not cold. winds have mostly calmed down and will stay that way into the weekend. .............. a nice weekend to be outdoors... but warm. today we should get right back to those low 80s which are closer to record highs instead of normal low 70s. .............
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sunny while rain falls in arizona. ((demetria obilor))
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owens at the monroe intersection. use alternates like lamb to get around this. expect to see lane restrictions sunday through thursday on i-15 between craig and speedway through november 10. back to you!/// ((kirsten joyce)) the fight against food ((kirsten joyce))
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((kirsten joyce)) the fight against food waste . the fight against food waste . ((brian loftus)) >> up next on the valley's news leader how some activists are making a push to keep food out of the dumpster and on to the plates for the people who need it the most./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten joyce, sherri swensk and demetria obilor.
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narrator: the target... seniors. danny tarkanian set up thirteen fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be responsible with your tax dollars.
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((brian loftus)) the u-s department of agriculture says more than 130-"billion" pounds of food are tossed out each year. in britain, it's about 34-billion. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the numbers are so
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putting food destined for the dumpster onto supermarket shelves. they tell teri okita - food waste is an environmental crisis. this is the third time in two weeks that sarah glover has shopped at what's being called the "anti"-supermarket. (clerk opening package) "anti" because many of these items have expired "sell-by" or "best-by" dates. (super: sara glover/customer) "we're all really disgusted with the way the world is going and that we're exploiting it as much as we are and not appreciating what the earth gives us." each week, as much as 20-thousand pounds of groceries arrive at this warehouse in england. junk food project" showcases just how much edible food is being discarded from supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and cafes ... places that donate these items to the store. (teri) "do you think a concept like this would work in the united states?" (keith) "yeah, i think this concept could work anywhere, wherever food is wasted." keith annal helps run the market and notes britain is the biggest food waste offender in the european union. (super: keith annal/the real junk food project) "what we want to do is get the food out of those bins
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they test for safety by smelling, sampling, and visually inspecting the food. if it's bad, they throw it away. ("and, put my money in the thing ... " since all the items are donated, customers pay whatever they want. (super: charlotte hanson/customer) "it's brilliant, isn't it? absolutely brilliant. to think that all of this stuff has been saved from going into landfill. the real junk food proect hopes this is the start of a global movement getting consumers think to twice before tossing. teri okita, cbs news, west yorkshire, england./// ((kirsten joyce)) project" also donates groceries to schools and runs more than 125 food waste "cafes" around the world. project managers say they've had calls from people living in new york and indiana about opening cafes in the u-s./// ((brian loftus)) baseball fans around the u-s are still in shock as the cubbie curse is broken. ((kirsten joyce)) >> up next on the valley's news leader. chris maathuis sits down with a group of local fans ...still in shock of the epic win, 108 years in the making./// you're watching 8 news now good day.
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"she's a slob." "she ate like a pig." "i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers..." donald trump calls women "bimbos", "dogs", and "fat pigs." but congressman crescent hardy said he'd support donald trump 100%. nevada, there's a better choice: ruben kihuen. kihuen pushed to crack down on employers who pay women less than men. and kihuen will always protect a woman's right to choose. ruben kihuen for nevada.
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night... snapping a century old dry spell by beating the indians in
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it was a series and outcome that was watched by cubs fans from sea to shinning sea. chris maathuis talked with some fans who are still in shock of the historical outcome. nats: "here's the o-1 this is going to be a tough play, bryant the cubs win the world series." and with that the curse was over... the goat gave up the ghost. headlines screamed of chicago's win... words rang out destiny, at last, it happened, worth the wait, won for the ages, in ohio the headlines were much different... curses, heartbreak by the lake, duke sims/former indian: "wanted the indians to win, happy for the cubs." ron kantowski/writer: "it was just an exhausting game." we caught up with a group of fans, talking baseball. ron kantowski has been a cubs fan his entire life.. same with his father and his father. so last night was more then just a win. ron kantowski/writer: "i remember this team the first time they made me cry was at 12 years old.. 1969 wearing the santo jersey.. lost to mets got taken over at the end. i was 12 and cried again last time i'm 59 years old
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sims played with the indians... the former big leaguer is disappointed, but today, the pain eases he sees a bigger picture. duke sims/former indian: "i think it probably will bring some people back to the game that may have gotten turned off over the years." herb jaffe/writer: "i think this has been a great series, it's done major league baseball a favor." they'll spend two hours talking years every week. the group has dwindled because age takes no prisoners. but as they gather today... they'll talk about the last time... 1908.... when the headlines reported on a series that was played in front of 61-hundred fans and gate receipts totaled 95-hundred dollars. the last time the cubs won the series. ron kantowski/writer: "i got up this morning i said you know what the cubs haven't won anything in like 12 hours, this is what it's like to be a yankees fan, now we're finally getting to experience a little bit of that." sherry how's the
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((sherry swensk)) clear skies and a milder
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around the valley. we hit the low 80s yesterday and it was a beautiful day. ............ plenty of sunshine again today... and that will last into the we fall back to standard time this weekend and that means the sun will be up closer to 6 am again, but it will sink behind the mountains by 4:30 in the afternoon. days will feel super short. ....................... high pressure set up over the west while rain moves across the southern plains and parts of the east coast behind a cold front. ............. that will cool highs across the plains. ...... a great day for hiking in the mountains but jackets or long sleeves will be a good idea. ................. winds will be lighter along the
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normal near 80 degrees. back to you!/// ((demetria obilor)) back to you!///
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airport connector will close down overnight. use alternates. there are restrictions up on lee canyon road right now for the ragnar race. they will last through 4pm. traffic will be detoured onto kyle canyon and deer creek.
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we're continuing to monitor the situation over at the paris hotel.. after a black out caused thousands to evacuate. ((kirsten joyce)) >> we'll have a live report outside of the hotel.. with the very latest... coming up on 8 news now good day, the valley's news
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narrator: the target... seniors. danny tarkanian set up thirteen vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen
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ask yourself: if joe heck was on your side, why did he threaten to shut down the government to defund planned parenthood? side with the wall street banks when he called nevada's foreclosure crisis a "blip"? and why did joe heck put payday lenders and their shameful interest rates first when he took their money? nevada, it's time to put people before the corporate special interests. it's time to vote no on joe heck. senate majority pac is responsible
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trailer of the upcoming wonder woman movie is released. the new trailer features the amazonian super-hero, played by gal gidot going head to head with word war i era bad guys. this is the first stand-alone movie to feature the d-c hero, who stole the show in batman vs. the film also stars chris pine and robin wright and was directed by patty jenkins. it hits theater's june 2 of next year./// ((brian loftus)) the dead comes alive this weekend at the springs preserve for dia de muertos. starting today families will celebrate the day of the dead with dancing, mariachi music, sugar skull decorating and a whole lot more. dia de muertos honors the spirits of the departed and
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tedd flourendo will be live at the springs persevere to check in on all the festivities. the events goes from 4 to 9 starting today through tuesday. admission is 8 bucks for adults and five bucks for kids under 12./// ((kirsten joyce)) we want you to be part of our 8 news now good day.. just head to our 8 news now facebook page.. and upload a pic of you sipping a cup of joe! 8 lucky viewers will be chosen each week to win an 8 news now mug! the winners will be announced ev we'll be right back.///
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth.
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endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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crews are working to bring the power back on to the paris hotel and casino. what officials say happened that caused a blackout. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus -- re-zoning the clark county school district. the notice some parents will receive.. if their child's school is affected. ((brian loftus)) >> and, take advantage of the weather this weekend.. because sherry says the valley is expecting a warm up! ((kirsten joyce)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) br >> thanks for waking up with us, i'm brian loftus. kirsten joyce >> i'm kirsten joyce. it's been nearly 20-hours since the paris hotel and casino blacked out. ((brian loftus)) >> a contractor working in the hotel's basement accidentally cut into the main power line... shutting off the power... and leaving guests without a place to stay: (("this could be one of the most bizarre things i've ever seen in my life."))


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