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tv   Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien  CBS  November 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the rally. the bump up to minimum wage. across town. rudy jewel . >> the question is who is going to get out to vote. we've got volunteers that are more enthusiastic than theirs. theirs is a machine. >> reporter: giuliani told the crowd this election is more important than ever. told trump supporters crooked hillary can't be trusted with that. giuliani argued that the military will have key through strength. meaning every vote will count. nearly 770,000 people have already voted.
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casted. about 40 of those 42% were democrats. 36 were republicans. and the other 22% were listed as others. meaning they're registered as other party or as independent. it's going to come down to the wire to see who eventually becomes our next president. >> anchor: thank you. all eyes on this week. and with just two days left until voters head to the polls, the fbi made another announcement about hillary clinton'sil one of several critical states that could decide the election is philadelphia. >> reporter: fbi director james comey sent a letter sunday saying we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july. that's when we satisfied that hillary clinton should not face charges for her private use of an email server.
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device belonging to anthony wiener. the estranged husband of clinton's top aide, huma abedin. clinton did not bring it up. staying on message instead. >> it really is a choice between division or unity, between strong steady leadership or a loose cannon. >> reporter: but some damage may be done. since the latest round of clinton's emails donald trump has tightened the gap in the national polls. trump had a whirlwind day hitting seven states, including a handful he believes he can turn from typically democratic to republican. >> hillary clinton will be under investigation for a long, long time. for her many crimes against our nation, our people, our democracy.
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battleground tracker shows trump has a one point lead in ohio. and tied in florida. >> anchor: and as we zero in on election day, the candidates have been extra busy over the past few weeks making one last sweep in several crucial states, including here in our state. our team breaks down both clinton and trump's recent stop in nevada and how it impacted rl that's following this newscast on 8 news now. your local election headquarters. we'll take a moment now to talk about the forecast. a beautiful day across the valley. one thing we talked about yesterday that you would be seeing was a little bit of added cloud cover. a spectacular sunset. right now we're at 77 degrees.
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colors bouncing off the clouds. it's going to stay very nice and mild even in to the overnight hours. however, i do think we'll lose maybe a couple of degrees compared to twenty-four hours ago. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies in the overnight hours. 67 at 11:00. 64, a cooler start for us first thing tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about your election day and veteran's day coming up. >> anchor: see you then. our community knows that four people are brutally murdered. there's no wondering about it anymore. >> anchor: how family members are getting answers. the chaos that erupted after
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>> announcer: you're watching the valley's news leader. this is 8 news now. >> anchor: police say they have
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in spartanburg, south carolina. they found a missing woman changed. four people killed in 2003. wendy julette reports from new york. >> todd kohlhepp was back in court murder. the charges were connected to a case that has remained unsolved. >> our community can know that four people who were brutally murdered. there's no wondering about it anymore. >> reporter: the county sheriff says kohlhepp admitted to the crime.
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nobody ought to know. >> reporter: a missing woman was found alive on his property. kala brown and charlie carver were missing. police found brown chained inside a storage container. saturday the sheriff confirmed carver was found in a shallow grave. they say he people in the community absorb the shock that a serial killer lived among them. >> i know there's a lot of hurt. i remember when this happened. >> reporter: at least now family members finally have some answers.
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march is linked to the group anonymous. police say demonstrators blocked off major streets, then blocked off i-5 causing long delays. officers caught up with them along the seal bridge. >> everyone split up. there was a couple of guys. one guy taken down. another guy standing for his rights saying he has to be here. he's speaking his mind. he's standing up for his right. >> anchor: the six were arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing. history was made at the new york city marathon this weekend. mary katanni won her third straight marathon to become the
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consecutive marathons over on the men's side, jermay gerbalatsi won his first new york marathon title. he finished 2:07:51. and don't forget the rock 'n' roll marathon kicks off next weekend here on the las vegas strip. we >> reporter: 2:07? that's like my time for a 5k. >> anchor: i used to run back in high school and college. i don't even do it anymore. >> i might as well be walking fast. hey, there should be great weather conditions for the rock 'n' roll marathon. well i guess it's half marathon and marathon.
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time this time of the year. no fooling anyone. it is early november. but it hasn't felt like as of late. one thing this evening that we've been seeing as kind of a change is a little bit of that added cloud cover. something that we talked about yesterday evening that you might be seeing added to the forecast. played out exactly as expected. it did promote just a really spectacular sunset. just a couple of moments ago we had all off. now it's starting to get dark in the early evening hours. it will likely remain partly cloudy even through the overnight hours. notice that 24 hour temperature change pretty consistent to what we saw yesterday at this time. only a degree warmer than yesterday. looking at that time frame. we did hit that high a little bit warmer today.
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that is 10 degrees above seasonal normal. missed it by a shy of four degrees but still tracking way above seasonal average. so that trend likely will be continuing at least in to the next few days. tonight staying warm as well. normal temperatures overnight at 50. 60 degrees at our coolest point overnight and early morning hours. by tomorrow, ramping right back up. we continue this trend is very close to 80 degrees, if not actually reaching 80 degrees. i think we will tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. still trendy above average by almost 10 degrees. mild monday temperatures for us to kickstart the work week. sunny warm conditions for tuesday. really pleasant for veterans
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our friday. tuesday, election day, friday sunny skies for veteran's day. and a very pleasant next weekend, sherri. and sill above average. >> anchor: with all this going on, we cannot have planned for a better week. thanks, katie. there was a fusion of fun. how some high school students are getting some educational values out of their old halloween costumes. also tonight behaving badly. the 2001 housing crisis.
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out of their leftover pumpkins! . >> anchor: welcome back. a group of students in reno are getting some education out of their left over pumpkins. the pumpkin chunkin' was held this afternoon. the event is actually part of curriculum to learn about potential energy and kinetic energy. >> our kids get to see what engineering actually is about and get a real world hands on experience. the kids are going to be in one of our academies one day. >> anchor: students worked about two hours a day on these
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750-feet. finally tonight, hillary clinton came out on top in nickelodeon's kids pick the president pick. donald trump earned 36%. and libertarian gary johnson got 11%. this online poll is informal and not scientific. nickelodeon, however, says the goal behind it kids' voices and opinions and raise awareness of electoral process. it's been held each election since 1988. kids have correctly chose the correct president in six cases. >> chunkin' pumpkin. >> anchor: thanks for watching, everyone. politics now at 5:30. "captioning provided by u.s.
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. we now join the following program which is already in
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soledad: we are back with a fast fact in five states, the senate race is a statistical tie. missouri, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina and pennsylvania.
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senators, president, and other elected officials, but that's not all. voters in almost half the state and the district of columbia will say yay or nay to measures that could change the communities. marijuana on several state ballots this year: california, arizona, nevada, maine and massachusetts will vote to legalize marijuana. montana, florida using marijuana or medical use. it could put more pressure on congress to lift its outright ban on the drug. 60% of americans vote legalizing any use of marijuana. gun control advocates took their fight to the state level. maine and nevada could join the
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background check at the point of sale before someone can buy any type of firearm. california voters will decide whether to join new york, connecticut, and washington d.c. for a background check before anyone can buy ammunition. rising premiums under obamacare, colorado voters will vote on a state wide raise the state pay 10%. and provide healthcare with no premiums for everyone in the state. that plan has a long list of critics that say the numbers don't work. and point to vermont for the case. when we return, have you lost sleep over the election? we look at the science that
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over this election? we look at the science that could prove you are right. soledad:
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outside campaign spending. so far super packs on the right are outspending packs on the left. conservative groups $584 million so far this election cycle. liberal groups have spent 340.5 million. that's a lot of money. if all the swirling of the campaign has you feel like you're losing sleep, you could be right. users about five minutes less on the night of the first presidential debate than they usually do. the folks at the american psychological association are not surprised. stress directly impacts sleep. and according to their research, 52% of american adults say this election season has been a very significant or somewhat significant source of stress. so what to do? well there's exercise.
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binge watch something instead? the weather channel is betting on that. their election day shows a marathon of have a great week. don't forget to vote. "captioning provided by u.s. captioning company" [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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. i was in the situation room monitoring what our brave men were doing to make it clear that we don't let anybody attack us. tonight on politics now in a return trip to las vegas, hillary clinton attacks donald trump over national paints a bleak picture of a trump presidency. it's a rigged system and we're going to beat it. we're going to beat it. >> donald trump also makes a return trip to nevada ahead of election day. this time in reno. what he had to say about polls staying open for early voting in clark county. we'll break down the numbers. when it means for the down ticket races. >> announcer: from 8 news now,


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