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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> hiring for the holidays: and we're hiring 15% more than we hired last year. in preparation for this huge boost : we tell you who is hiring for those looking for extra cash... tedd florendo ((( near record temperatures have returned, but will last all the way through veterans day? we'll shows you what to expect coming up in your weathernow forecast
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do not wear buttons or visable clothing supporting a canidate or measure. that's called electioneering - and it's illegal within 100 feet of a polling place. also, there's no photography or videography allowed inside polls. so don't take a selfie. now, this goes without saying, but it's also illegal to pass out flyers or post political signs within 100 feet of a polling place. as of this afternoon, metro has not picked up on any threats of intimidation or planned disturn just the same, they are beefing up their presence tomorrow, and will be ready to respond during the election process. (( 13:09:50 dep. chief charles hank/metro: "without an issue we likely may not even go into the site, we're gonna come by the sites, see how things are going, if things are okay we may pause for a moment and stick around, we may get out of the cars and go inside but it's not intended for us to have an officer posted up at every site- we don't feel it's necessary at this time." ))
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clark county. polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. ((paul joncich)) after 7pm, here's the rule, anyone who got in line before 7 will be allowed to cast their vote. also, attorneys for the aclu will repond to any issue of voter intimidation, and make sure every eliglble voter is allowed to vote. now, it's important to note - early voting in clark county went well. patrick walker is here with more on the large number of people who voted early. ((paic that's right.. more than 500 thousand registered voters in clark county have already cast their ballots. and nearly 73-thousand more of those voters were registered as democrats... than as republicans. all told... it was a record night for voter turnout ... and it favored democrats. in fact... polling places stayed open late to accomodate the heavy last-minute turnout. saturday in reno... the day after early voting ended... nevada g-o-p chair michael mcdonald blasted clark county election officials for the decision...
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trump also addressed the late surge at the polls.: ((donald trump: it's being reported that certain key democratic polling locations in clark county were kept open for hours and hours beyond closing time to bus and bring democratic voters in. folks, it's a rigged system. it's a rigged system and we're going to beat it. we're going to beat it. )) ((patrick walker)) referencing. friday night at the cardenas market on bonanza and lamb.. the line stretched around the building well after the polls were scheduled to close. it was estimated more than a thousand people in the largely hispanic neighborhood were still in line. it was one of several locations that stayed open late so everyone could vote. they county allowed voting even if people were getting into line after the posted closing time for early vote locations, which clark county says allowed under state law. ((patrick walker)) so now the question is... with so many people voting
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overcome the deficit? steve sebelius and i will tackle that question... coming up at 6:30. dave.../// ((dave courvoisier)) we have been hearing those accusations that the elction is "rigged" throughout the campaign. nevada officials say it would be nearly impossible to pull off. doctor brian calfano... a missouri state university professor and political analyst at our affiliate station in southwest missouri took a close look at what why it would be so hard to do: donald trump is telling supporters he's woi rigged to give hillary clinton the win. but the republican nominee and his supporters should take heart that rigging an electionmeaning secret forces conspiring to alter the vote countis almost impossible in a country where the elections are run by 51 separate entities. consider this: the president is elected by voters in all fifty states and washington, dc. each state has its own rules for when and how a person votes. the nation's 3200 county clerks are responsbile for maintaining accurate voter rolls.
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signatures in the voters rolls for their individual precincts. meanwhile, secretaries of state in each state must then certify the results. the point is not that efforts to cheat don't happen. its' that for trump's conspiracy theory to hold water, the "riggers" would have to enlist the help of either thousands of ordinary americans who help run state elections (many of whom are republicans), or predict which will be the "swing" states that puts clinton over the electoral college thr playing the odds. add to this that there have been only 31 possible examples of voter fraud out of the more than one billion us ballots cast in the last 14 years, and it seems trump's concern is misplaced. ((dave courvoisier)) that was brian calfano from our affiliate in the ozarks. we are your local election headquarters.. and be sure to tune into us tomorrow on air and online for election day. cbs news will be covering the national races... and we will have updates on the local races every 30 minutes...
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((denise valdez)) a las vegas mother charged in the death of her two-year-old daughter is being held without bail. we are learning child protective services made half a dozen visits to her house before the death. 23-year-old diana eldridge made her first court appearance today. her child died on october 18-th. prosecutors say the child suffered from medical and environmental neglect for an extended period. according to a police report released today... eldridge and her children lived and in that short amount of time the apartment became nearly unlivable. state records also list four reports to cps since may. eldridge has two other children.. and is also facing neglect charges for their treatment. her next court appearance is scheduled for january./// ((denise valdez)) people were very upset about this child's death on our 8 newsnow facebook page. christy said: absolutely disgusting. total failure all around and kelly added: awful. 6 times?
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((dave courvoisier)) a legislative committee's decision to spend more than a million dollars on a consultant is coming under question. the committee has the job of helping to overhaul the school district. their choice as a consultant was tom skancke.. former head of the las vegas global economic alliance. the total contract is worth 1.2 million dollars.. and was voted along party lines. democrats and some district officials said approval of the money happened quickly... before other options were consider. our beautiful fall weather is continuing. tedd florendo is in the weather center to tell us when we could break 80 degrees this week...
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skies and light winds. expecting 60's late night and by morning with more clear skies and unseasonably warm temps. ... ................................ ................... weather headlines say expect close to record highs and lows. temps stay nearly 10 degrees above average with no sign of rain in the extended. changes late week by veterans day and beyond. ((denise valdez)) well... you've probably already noticed christmas decorations in stores... thanksgiving is now just two and a half weeks away and we're only 48 days away christmas. many retailers have already been hosting job fairs for seasonal employement katie boer is in-studio with the holiday job outlook for us here in southern nevada. ((katie boer)) dave and denise... most major retailers have
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process... big box retailers here locally like dillards, nordstrom, and the like-- have already held their seasonal job fairs. but if you're a little late to the game and still looking for work... i have some great news for you. there are still a few local retailers accepting job applications... looking for good candidates! ((katie boer)) the christmas decor is already up inside gameworks at town square... and the holiday hires haven't even all been filled yet... (( quick nat pop of gameworks )) ((samantha: 00:24:04 we te t holidays right after halloween and then we hire through till thanksgiving :09)) ((katie boer)) but... if you're looking for a quick gig to score some holiday cash... job source centers say your timeline is getting down to the wire... ((ben: 01:41 job fairs are kind of probably done... but you can still go individually to the retailers. )) ((katie boer)) williams- sonoma.... ((josh 00:13:08 - ugh.... we're hiring like crazy right now :10 )) ((katie boer)) this williams sonoma call center has been hiring seasonal workers since august. but say the deadline to apply for holiday employment ends soon. ((josh: 13:13 just in vegas alone we're hiring 80
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((katie boer)) the national retail federation estimates holiday shopping for november and december to increase a whopping 3-point-6 percent..... expecting retailers to reels in an estimated 655.8-billion dollars in sales across the country. and for many local retailers that means.... more staff are necessary to meet the demand of shoppers this season. (( josh:14:04 i mean that's one of the big reasons we have such a seasonal push is because retail business is huge right now for us :11 and we're hiring 15% more than we hired last year. :14)) last year retailers brought on more than 673-thousand temporary positions.,.. this year... the national retail federation estimates between 640 to 690-thousand temporary workers will be hired... employers we spoke to said those seasonal jobs... don't always stay temporary. ((samantha: 24:32 if theyre an exceptional employee... seasonal...does not stay seasonal :36 we definitely make an effort to keep a lot of our team members :38 ))
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it's a good thing i love my job..,,and that my job keeps me busy...because otherwise i might be trying for some of these seasonal jobs. some of them come with great incentive-- like a 40% off discount at williams-sonoma!! we have more information on how to apply before the deadline on our website...lasveg /// dealing with lost luggage. one woman called 8 on your side for help when she didn't get a refund... and we learned an important lesson about dealing with lost airline luggage.. next.. plus... is the election stressing you out? some tips on how to handle it... next on 8 news now at 5, the valley's news leader.
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narrator: the target... seniors. danny tarkanian set up thirteen fake charities that preyed on
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seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen
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i'm catherine cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics they think their vote doesn't matter. but we can't just sit on the sidelines when so much needs to be done. i know that, working together, we can make progress. as attorney general, i brought democrats and republicans together to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers. and i took on the big banks who took advantage of nevada homeowners. i approve this message because in washington,
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over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. tedd florendo. this is 8 news now at five.")) ((dave courvoisier)) a 26-year old man was arrested after a shooting on the strip early this morning. it happened on the pedestrian bridge between the cosmopolitian and planet hollywood. police say there was an argument about drugs...
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shot.. which hit both victims. metro captain chris tomaino says he ran... but they were able to track him down: (( captain chris tomaino, convention center area command. in combination with our real time crime center cameras which are run out of our fusion center here at headquarters as well as planet hollywoods camera system,)) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the man who was arrested has not been named. the victims are both in stable condition and expected to survive./// ((denise valdez)) got a problem? ... tell michelle ... because she gets results. today she's heln that lost her luggage. lost luggage is every travelers nightmare. if the bag isn't found .. all you'll get is a reiumbursement .. and it never covers everything you had inside the bag. but juanita hargis says she needed me on her side ... because she claims after spirit airlines lost her bag they wouldn't reimburse her for anything. juanita says she filled out these forms about her lost luggage but
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lost luggage or giver her the refund she was entitled too, in her opinion. desperate for help she asked me to step in. i spoke to to spirit airlines on her behalf. turns out the delay was a result of them looking for her bag. after the investigation was complete though ... they agreed to refund her the $50 she was due. juanita says she got a check in a matter of days. here's what i learned in the pr pass on ot you. it turns out lost luggage claims can take a long time to complete. in fact some airlines take up to 30 days to try and find the bag and its contents. that means getting your reimbursement can take more than a month. but remember ... if you have a problem .. tell me about it because i'm on your side and always watching out for you. ((dave courvoisier)) a sharp earthquake struck central oklahoma sunday... causing walls and ceilings to collapse. the quake registered at 5 point 0... and mainly hit the town of cushing. there are no reports of any injuries... but it is estimated that 40 or
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key oil hubs. it was the third earthquake with a magnitude five or higher in oklahoma this year./// ((weather toss))
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locals in the high 70's today and coolest up in the kyle canyon again but comfortable. ................................ ... ............ regional temps also stayed extra mild today with temps from death valley to laughlin warmest. comfortable but above average for mesquite and over to moapa. coolest up in the central great basin and even cooler up in elko and the north part of the state. ................................ ... ............ u.s. temps shows nearly 170 million people experiencing unseasonab northwest through the midwest and over to the eastern seaboard. record numbers will be reached in seattle and boise for the next few days and even down to northern california. ................................ ... ............ satellite and radar show clear skies and a strong ridge of high pressure will keep the conditions dry and unseasonably warm. we do expect some occasional clouds but otherwise no rain for a while. wind are also expected to stay light in the long terms as well. ........ ........................... .................... tonight expect a low in the high 50's tonight and cool at times under clear skies. winds again not an issue overnight or tomorrow either.
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1950. tomorrow expect light winds also for tomorrow with sunny skies and some clouds at times as well. ................................ ... ................... neighborhood by neighborhood temps tomorrow in the 80's again for the eastside of town where they will be warmest in the valley. we'll be in the high 70's againy d coolest. ................... ............................... arly 10 degrees above normal r the first weekf november. ein ough approaching thwest coast.w at trouguortunately, but will knock our wa weather ttern back to the 70's..
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or fear of the outcome. so if politics are keeping you up at night.. you are not alone. the american psychological association found more than half of voters surveyed say the presidential election is a significant source of concern. and it affects members of both parties. psychiatrist asim shah says that can lead to heart palpitations, nightmares, and trouble sleeping: (( asim shah / baylor college of medicine cut down as needed.) a person may have uncontrollable anxiety, uncontrollable worry, uncontrollable fear ow loses.)) ((denise valdez)) >> so how should you cope with it? psychiatrists suggest you take frequent breaks from social media.. go for walks.. play with pets.. and avoid political debates with family and friends.. especially ones on the other side./// ((dave courvoisier)) a possible new way to lose weight. why japanese researchers say virtual reality goggles may be a new path to dropping pounds... ((denise valdez))
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of the century... but there wasn't much to be remembered in the last pacquiao- mayweather bout. coming up at six... we hear from manny himself... about the possibility of a rematch. the valley's news leader will be right back.///
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"she's a slob." "she ate like a pig." "i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers..."
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100%. nevada, there's a better choice: ruben kihuen. kihuen pushed to crack down on employers who pay women less than men. and kihuen will always protect a woman's right to choose. ruben kihuen for nevada.
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((dave courvoisier)) australian police made an unusual find when searching the bag of a woman who was being arrested. ((denise valdez))
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the koala on saturday night.. and had been caring for it since. she was being arrested for outstanding warrants. ((dave courvoisier)) the koala... which is believed to be about 6 months old... was taken to a hospital in good condition. it has been named alfred./// ((denise valdez)) a team of japanese scientists say they have come up with a new way to lose weight. ((dave courvoisier)) >> it is virtual reality diet goggles. researchers at the university of tokyo say that the v-r headsets can hack a person's senses. they say it reduces appetite and alters our perception of portioi interactive computer graphic techniques to virtually increase the size of a food item. the inventor of the system says it can reduce the amount of food a person eats by 10 percent./// ((dave courvoisier)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. don't forget you can always find us on facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. ///
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: monday before decision tuesday. >> get out and vote! we can do this! >> pelley: four candidates criss-cross eight states in a final election eve push for votes. >> tomorrow, we face the test of our time. >> this is it. good luck. get out there. i did my thing. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. 82 weeks after hillary clinton declared her candidacy and 72 weeks after donald trump did the same, the race is down to its final hours. clinton, trump and their running mates, tim kaine and mike pence, campaigned today in eight


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