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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement made up of millions )) ((dave courvoisier)) that's president- elect donald trump... during his acceptance speech after a long and contentious campaign season. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) >> and i'm denise valdez. come january 20-th... trump will become the 45-th president of the united states... and as weijia jiang reports he's already preparing for his administration. for a long time." hillary clinton delivered her concession speech before supporters and campaign workers. while the former secretary of state appears to have won more votes, she lost in the electoral college to donald trump. (sot - pipe 3, 11:43:25) "donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead." trump thanked
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cooperation. (sot - pipe 8, 02:51:08) "to all republicans democrats independents i say it is time for us to come together as one united people." president obama will host trump at the white house tomorrow to discuss the peaceful transfer of power. (sot - pipe 2, 12:21:10) "it is no secret that the president-elect and i have some pretty significant differences//(11: 21:50) we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country," (standup bridge:) tr transition team today to go over potential cabinet appointments. he will take office in january with republican majorities in both houses of congress. house speaker paul ryan said with his party in control, political logjams are a thing of the past. (sot - pipe 2,11:23:33) "think about the laid off coal workers now who see relief coming. think about the farmers who are being harassed by the epa and the waters of the usa.//"this is good for our country." trump will take the oath of office ten weeks from friday.
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((dave courvoisier)) not everyone is feeling the message of unity... this is a live look at demonstrators in front of trump tower in new york city. they're protesting the election... protests have also broken out in cities like los angeles, washington d-c... and chicago./// ((denise valdez)) donald trumps victory was celebrated in grand fashion by local republicans at the south point last night. anchor paul joncich was there for it. paul, how was it? ((paul joncich)) it was so interesting how it played out. many republicans showed up expecting to lose the white energy in the room completely changed. here's the reaction the moment it was announced that trump had taken florida. suddenly, there was a feeling that - he had a chance to win. then, trump proceeded to run the table. picking up all important ohio. and, after being stuck at 254 electoral votes for over an hour - fox news refusing to call the race.
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winner -that the celebration began. and this was the climax of the night. (( mike pence (off camera) "it is my high honor and distinct privilige to introduce to you the president elect of the united states..of america donald trump" sic )) ((paul joncich)) at that point, it didn't matter senate and congressional races. ((paul joncich)) trumps astounding victory was by far the most compelling story of the night. for republicans who watched it happen together - it was a night they'll never forget./// ((denise valdez)) as the u-s went red last night... nevada went blue. that includes in the legislature... where both chambers flipped from republican control... to democratic. ((dave courvoisier))
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now that they're the party in charge. ((patrick walker)) >> this isn't uncharted territory... before the red wave of 2014... governor sandoval... a republican... had a democratic legislature. sandoval had a republican legislature for one session. but now... the balance of power is back to blue. ((patrick walker)) for legislative democrats... it's mission accomplished. back in march... democratic leaders announced they would take back the legislature. ((assemblywoman oliv "republicans will come back with these very obstructionist views, we don't want washington d.c. style politics coming to our state house.")) ((patrick walker)) the minority party is now the majority party. democratic leadership hopes to take advantage of that. state senator kelvin atkinson... the second ranking democrat in the senate... says election reforms... education funding... and economic reforms are all on the agenda. ((st. sen. kelvin atkinson/(d) clark county: "we're not trying to set the world on fire, we're just trying to make sure that our middle class and that our citizens are continuing to see a growing
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seat to take control of the senate. they got it. and they gained 10 seats in the assembly. that exceeds the expectations former- assemblyman -- now assemblyman elect -- jason friarson laid out... on the day he filed to run for office this spring. ((jason frierson/(d) ad-8 assemblyman-elect: "the math is on our side, there are 9 assembly seats here in clark county alone that have a democratic advantage.")) ((patrick walker)) with the help of democrats... republicans got the required 2/3 majority to pass the largest tax hike in state history... to fund along with an incentive packages for faraday future... and public funding for a potential nfl stadium and expansion of the convention center. atkinson hopes to see that kind of cooperation for items on the democratic agenda as well. (( st. sen. kelvin atkinson/(d) clark county: "there were a lot of things we were able to work with the opposing party on, we just hope they show us the same respect as we try to move some of the things that we care about this session.)) ((patrick walker)) >> with the change in power.... republicans have one program still in limbo -- education savings accounts.
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unconstitu tional... but left the door open for lawmakers to fund the program. will that happen now? we'll look into that at 6:30. ((dave courvoisier)) >> you mentioned democrats wanting to work across the aisle with republican colleagues. but how has the relationship been between the governor and democrats? ((patrick walker)) >> democrats tell me it's been rather good. they've worked with the governor on those major bills that we mentioned in the story. and they believe they'll be able to work with him on some of democrats want to pass this session./// ((denise valdez)) thanks patrick... now let's check in with meteorologist katie boer -- she's in for tedd tonight. ((katie boer)) how about our beautiful fall november day here in southern nevada?! certainly not feeling like november... more like september as of late. our sky cameras showing clear skies across the region. ..............
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are in the low 80s and some upper 70s -- so very mild into the early evening. .............. today we climbed to 80-degrees...that's 10 degress above seasonal normal! normal temps. for this time of the year is usually 70 degrees. ............ we'll continue to see our sunny skies for the next couple of days.... strong high pressure will bring persistent mild and dry weather dead after being shot inside a home in north las vegas. centennial parkway and lamb. police say two other people were in the home when the 47- year- old woman was shot. police say this was domestic- related.. and the other two people that were there have been interviewed... but no arrests have been made. if you know anything, call police or crimestoppers./// ((denise valdez)) another pedestrian has been killed on valley roads. this latest one happened last night near jones and lake mead boulevard. police tell us a driver in a mercedes hit two pedestrians who
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to be arguing when they were hit. a man and a woman were both taken to the hospital... the woman was pronounced dead and is still in the hospital. this marks the 96-th traffic related death in metro's jurisdicition this year./// ((dave courvoisier)) one group says nevada is at the bottom of the list... when it comes to funding for mental illnesses. what that means for local officers who respond to mental health calls around the valley./// news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news leader with dave courvoisier,
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((denise valdez)) we've all heard about the lack of funding and attention when it comes to mental health problems in this country. but it turns out... mental health calls actually keep our local officers pretty busy. the i-team's vanessa murphy found out how metro is responding the volume o ((officer manuel papazian/metro police: what's that? conditioner or shampoo? is that vidal sassoon? head and shoulders?)) ((vanessa murphy)) for manuel papazian - ((manuel: is there anything we could do to help you out today?)) ((vanessa murphy)) being a police officer also involves some expertise in mental health. ((manuel: are you on any medication or anything or no?)) ((manuel: we can't sit there and babysit 'em. we can't force 'em to a shelter.)) ((vanessa murphy)) papazian patrols downtown las vegas - the area with the highest number of mental health related calls for metro police. ((manuel: you just don't have no idea once you get there what you're
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murphy)) a group called mental health america says nevada is the worst state for treating mental illness..... ((dr. dale carrison/umc: so we have a lot of what we call frequent flyers throughout the community.)) ((vanessa murphy)) doctor dale carrison is a leader at university medical center. he says one of the biggest problems is lack of communication between hospitals to help track patients making visits valleywide. ((carrison: i mean a lot of these folks travel about the valley going from hospital to hospital.)) ((vanessa murphy)) he says some must be treated for mental illness... temporary shelter.... and resources are wasted since health care professionals may not be able to decipher between the two. ((carrison: it detracts from the other folks who really need the help.)) ((vanessa murphy)) and there are many who need the help.... a spokesman for american medical response and medic west in southern nevada - reports more than 15-thousand calls for psychiatric issues or suicide attempts in 2015. ((lt. ted glaude/metro police: the code that we use is 421a.)) ((vanessa murphy)) ted glaude is a metro police lieutenant.
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program....involv ing legal 2000....when a person can be held for 72 hours if they're deemed a danger to themselves or others.... the department is flagging anyone with four or more legal 2000s a month...and then trying to track them down to help get them longer term treatment. ((glaude: if there is a propensity for violence, we ensure that we're proactive, trying to locate these individuals and give them the services that they're in dire need of.)) ((vanessa murphy)) on a recent monthly report, tracked 69 people in clark county with four or more legal 2000s. for now, he says he's waiting to find out whether funding will be available for the program to expand. ((papazian: what are you diagnosed with man?)) ((vanessa murphy)) for officer papazian on the front lines.... ((papazian: so do you have names for your personalities? )) ((vanessa murphy)) he often has to make a decision... ((papazian: am i dealing with roy now or what?)) ((vanessa murphy)) jail, medical treatment, or just one on one interaction to help difuse a situation. ((glaude: yes, crime fighting strategies are one of our most important job functions
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the 21st century, i think from agency to agency across the country, we can't arrest our way out of a problem anymore.)) ((vanessa murphy)) that's why glaude says about 70-percent of metro officers across the valley are certified in crisis intervention... ((papazian: were you guys diagnosed with anything? )) ((vanessa murphy)) a skill papazian uses nearly every day. vanessa murphy, 8 news now.// ((denise valdez)) >> you can check out the on mental health on our website at las vegas now dot com./// ((weather toss))
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some upper 70s -- so very mild into the early evening. .............. today we climbed to 80-degrees...that's 10 degress above seasonal normal! normal temps. for this time of the year is usually 70 degrees. ............ we'll continue to see our sunny skies for the next couple of days.... strong high pressure will bring persistent mild and dry weather through the period. temperatures will average slightly cooler conditions with periods of high clouds can be expected over the weekend and into early next week. ............ tonight look for lows in the upper a little cooler--but still trending warmer than normal for thid time of the year. tomorrow look for temps. in the upper 70s more sunshine. ............. your extended forecast shows temps finally dropping out of the low 80s into the upper 70s through friday.
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week. ((weather toss)) ((dave courvoisier)) the runnin' rebels have
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counts. ((denise valdez)) >> the rebels open their season for real this week. ((chris maathuis)) >> we'll have a preview of what's ahead for the rebels. jon tritsch caught up with unlv's marvin menzies and now it's time to set the roster and get serious. no more experimenting with the roster. plus.. coaches, players and kids will all be interested in what's going on at mesquite. it's a one of a kind deal... i'll explain coming up here on channel 8.
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i wanted the same plan that my mother had. senior dimensions. i've had senior dimensions for over 20 years. and i love it! if you're eligible for medicare, you need to take a look at the plan that offers you more than original medicare. senior dimensions members pay a zero dollar monthly premium. for primary care doctor visits. and, our members pay a zero dollar copay for specialist visits and a zero dollar copay for hospital stays as well. i wanted a plan that's been here as long as we have. senior dimensions is one of the longest-standing local medicare advantage plans in nevada, and our plan offers many tier one preferred generic drugs for a zero dollar copay at most local neighborhood pharmacies. i like that i have plenty of doctors and specialists to choose from.
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and fastest growing multi- specialty groups in nevada. it's what i want. and she gets what she wants! don't wait! call now! with nearly everybody in the program new, it'll be a season full of question marks.
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coaches and players are all hoping it won't take long for those stumbling blocks to become stepping stones into a brighter future. (jon tritsch/8 sports: "in two days, las vegas will pack the thomas and mack and see a brand of basketball unknown to unlv. so, you nervous?") (marvin menziez/coach: "thanks for reminding me of that. i was pretty good until you asked. you know what, i'm good. i'm a little different. it's more of a feel good than it is a nervousness. it's calming but yet it's exciting more from the kids the kids are trying to grow up together fast green/unlv sr.: "that's what we all want do good for the city, do good for the fans, prove a lot of people wrong as well. a lot of people don't have us doing that great. but i feel like we are going to shock a lot of people this year.") game one will be basically a meet and greet for the new roster..but the players know..performing will be an invitation to the public to come back (uche ofoegbu/unlv sr. "you know having the fans in las vegas behind us is very important. we look forward to drawing more
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the off-season was full of pain..the pre-season was full of it's time to play (jon tritsch/8 sports: "the runnin rebels look to make big steps this season reviving the program's prominence. first step: beat south alabama. jon tritsch 8 sports now.") ((chris maathuis)) rising star is one of a kind in nevada... it's a casino that was complete with everything for a team or tourney that wants a complete experience. it's a one of a kind facility located in mesquite and it's brand new. the rising star ranch can host all sorts of fun tourney and camps or even coaches clinics. the days when parents had to transport their kids all over town for a tourney are over. everything from food to games, to practice and even winding down after a big day, are all located at the ranch. (( )) andre carrier/coo rising star;"we said how to we improve on that experience by building a hotel that speaks to
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that traveler is a parent, player, coach so what do we need to do at a resort destination t meet their needs in an exceptional way and that's what the star does." ((chris maathuis)) we forget to mention the robots that roam the halls to make sure everybody's needs are takin' care of. these robots can even deliver pizza to your room. the facility at the ranch includes, soccer, o and soon a 30-thousand square foot field house will host basketball and other sports. ((chris maathuis)) the unlv football team is gearing for its final three games of the season. if they pull off the miracle and win all three, they're bowl eiligable. the task begins saturday against the wyoming cowboys... they're the surprise of the league and will be seven point favorites heading into this weekend's big battle. the cowboys have won three in a row over unlv, including in 2012 here in vegas. wyoming is now 7-2 and 5-0 in league play... what's their secret?
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play hard, they're solid and they've developed that mindset and it takes a minute for that mindset to click in so if you're going to be a physcial team we've got to prepare for that.. .that's where they're at now." ((chris maathuis)) kickoff on saturday is scheduled for 12:30... that's the earliest kickoff for unlv in 4 years. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now at 6:30 starts in about three minutes. >> let's check in with christianne klein to see what they're working on. ((christianne klein)) we're keeping an eye on those anti-trump protests breaking out around the country.. also- while republicans won the white house... senate... and the house last night... nevada went a different direction. what the democrat's sweep here means for the school choice program. plus... child protective services makes a decision. find out if brad pitt will have to face child abuse charges... those stories and more are coming up next on 8 news now at 6:30.///
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the politicians already pledging to work together... once he takes office in january. ((christianne klein)) and while much of the nation went for republicans... nevada favored democrats. we look into what that means for several different policies affecting locals. ((paul joncich)) a mostly clean sweep for states looking to legalize recreational marijuana... including our own. what tuesday's decision means for legalization on the federal level.///


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