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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  November 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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one in critical condition after two separate crashes in the valley tonight. thanks for joining us tonight at 11 i'm sharie johnson. one person was seriously hurt near michael way and shelia ave. around 8-30 in a single vehicle accident. then just before nine, 2 people were killed near rainbow and smoke ranch. that's were we find our brittany edney who joins us live with what we are learning about both crashes. brittany? ((brittany edney)) sharie.. tonight metro is looking into two separate fatal incidents. and shiela, i'm told a car crashed into a wall--killing one person. as for this scene here near smoke ranch and rainbow... metro confirms 2 are dead. details are still limited at this time but investigators say the accident involved 2 vehicles, possibly a third. by our count... these fatalities tonight bring the total traffic fatality number to 100 for
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taped off just north, past the smoke ranch and rainbow intersection. and metro says it's going to be several more hours before this area reopens as they look into what happened. ((brittany edney)) police say the driver in this crash is beleieved to be impaired. we'll continue to keep you updated as more information bec. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) protests continue across the country tonight over the outcome of the presidential election. you're in new york where protesters have gathered in front of trump tower for a fourth night. this scene has been reflected in several cities from new york to
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during anti-trump protests today in indianapolis, indiana in portland, witnesses say a demonstrator was shot in the leg during a confrontration with a driver last night. this all comes, as president elect donald trump vets possible cabinet members for his new administration. here on the las vegas strip protests were generally peacful tonight. protesters started at the linq and marched to the trump hotel on the strip. overall.. police orders to stay on the sidewalk and not enter public streets. we also didn't see any violence... just a lot of unified chanting and displaying of posters. protesters we spoke to say their message wasn't directly focused on being anti-trump but rather pro-safety and supportive of the l-g-b-t-q community, women and minorities. (( ...i'm gay.... subject to violence "i think this election proved...make decisions as a
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trump had no public events saying: this will prove to be a great time in the lives of all americans. we will unite and we will win!/// ((sharie johnson)) trump recently gave his first post election interview with 60 minutes. the president-elect touched on many topics including the phone call he received from hillary clinton on election night. and how social media became a key role in his victory.
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there should be nothing we should be ashamed of. it's where it's at. i do believe this, i really believe that-- the fact that i have such power in terms of numbers with facebook, twitter, instagram, et cetera, i think it helped me win all of these races where they're spending much more money than i spent. and i won. )) ((sharie johnson)) >> you can watch the entire trump and the next first family on 60 minutes tomorrow right here on 8 news now after our 6-30 clock newscast./// ((sharie johnson)) and in cincinnati, a large protest got under way following the murder trial of a former police officer today hundreds of people took to the streets after the case against ray tensing ended up in a mistrial. the former university of cincinnati officer was accused
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traffic stop last year. prosecutors say the jurors couldn't agree whether to convict tensing of murder or voluntary manslaughter. the protest later merged with a separate rally against president-elect donald trump. the lead prosecutor says he will decide by november 28-th whether to retry the case./// ((sharie johnson)) new at 11 north las vegas police have made an arrest in the killing of a 47 year old woman. faces one count of murder with a deadly woman. detectives say mccray was the boyfriend for the vicitm, kayota washington on tuesday evening officers responded to a shooting call at a home near centennial parkway and lamb blvd.. washington was was found dead from gunshot wound to the head. anyone with additional information is urged to call crime stoppers./// ((katie boer))
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tuesday with temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees above average. a fast moving weather system is expected to brush southern nevada and surrounding areas late wednesday into thursday bringing gusty winds and much cooler conditions. ................... the extensive band of high clouds currently over the region will be pushed toward the southeast tonight leaving a mostly clear sky as drifts down from the northwest sunday and monday. a ridge will redevelop and nose inland from the eastern pacific and hold over our region through tuesday keeping temperatures 5-10 degrees above normal. we will see some north winds of 10-20 mph developing primarily down the colorado river valley sunday into monday. ((sharie johnson)) and aviation nation kicked off again this weekend...featur ing stunts from the hometown team -- the thunderbirds! coming up on the valley's news leader we'll take you to the show and inside one of the f-16
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valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch.
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. ." ((sharie johnson)) aviation nationis nellis air force base... thousands of people checked out the event on opening day today... so many people that around twelve-thirty, police told 8 news now the base had reached capacity and was no longer letting additional visitors inside. ((katie boer)) >> one of the big attractions of the show is the high-flying, death-defying aeronautical demonstrations by the u-s air force's "ambasadors in blue" -- the thunderbirds! the
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(( nat pop of katie boer screaming inside the f-16 )) ((katie boer)) yea--that's me... i got an unfront look this week at just how tough these advanced pilots job is. besides flying -- there job largely consists of community outreach, trying to recruit the next generation of military men and women. ((major scott petz--advanced pilot/narrator, thunderbird #8 "only 1% of the people that actually serve in the military, raise their hand and volunter so its important that ge public that doesnt know what happens with the military... specifically the air national guard, air force reserves and the active duty air force : " )) ((sharie johnson)) today's airshow at nellis was the last show of the season this year for the thunderbirds. ((katie boer)) >> if you missed the airshow today... it's open again tomorrow. ariel demonstrations begin at ten-thirty and the show officially closes at five p-m. (( )) ((sharie johnson))
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downtown las vegas! coming up on the valley's news leader the weekend event that's transforming the valley into an extreme sports mecca for all seasons!/// "now, live...this is 8
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some of top names in extreme sports defied gravity and mother nature for the las vegas throw down action sports and music festival. today the downtown las vegas events center was transformed into a state of the art action sports playground. the event showcased some of the best snowboarders... skiers and bmx riders under one roof.
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it takes a big army, we're bringing in 40 tons of ice, crushing it and we've got it here on the throwdown, the las vegas throwdown mountain )) >> and the event wasn't just about sports the event also featured some of the most talented lineup of musicians las vegas has to offer... including d-j s-c and the american weather../// toss to katie for weather ((katie boer))
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running 5 to 10 degrees above average. a fast moving weather system is expected to brush southern nevada and surrounding areas late wednesday into thursday bringing gusty winds and much cooler conditions. ................... the extensive band of high clouds currently over the region will be pushed toward the southeast tonight leaving a mostly clear sky as more diffuse highe sunday and monday. a ridge will redevelop and nose inland from the eastern pacific and hold over our region through tuesday keeping temperatures 5-10 degrees above normal.
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developing primarily down the colorado river valley sunday into monday. ((sharie johnson))
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vegas strip as thousands of runners are gearing up for the geico rock n roll marathon' tomorrow. and the action kicked off tonight for the brooks rock 'n' roll 5k at the las vegas festival grounds on sunday... and 45- thousand people are expected to take part. at 2 p-m the strip will be shut down to allow for all the runners... and since it's 26- miles... it will also weave through downtown streets. people from every state are taking part... as well as folks for 83 different countries. participants are encouraged to dress up... there will even be a mass
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route!/// ((sharie johnson)) the rebels gave the fans a show today >> a show like we've never seen before we've got the most action packed unlv football highlights las vegas has ever seen..stick around for sports /// ((jon trs
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throughout this they by-passed being on fire and quickly ignited a full-fledged inferno of touchdowns..hig hlights..and history..sam boyd stadium saw 135 points..the second most ever for division 1 football best wishes to the scoreboard operator..he is recovering from
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fans crunching the numbers..on paper wyoming should blow out unlv.. but there isn't a stat for passion..and program building determination..r ebels are ready for their biggest win of the season.. jericho flowers..a first quarter fix for six..the defensive back turned wide receiver 34 yard touchdown..10-3 unlv wyoming ties the game and then takes the lead because sometimes bad things happen to good people.. fumble.. touchdown..17-10. .unlv won't come back oh yes they will..they fire touchdown machine.. the captain leaves the cowboys in his dust..27 yard touchdown..17-17 after a unlv field goal..the rebels re-ignite the passing game.. kurt palandech to xzavier campbell..can't go around them..must go over them.. 27-17 from catching air to waving them like you just don't care but the 7-2 wyoming cowboys have a pesky flare for the dramatic...josh allen to tanner hand beauty...48
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time..unlv 30- wyoming 24.. 4th quarter..wyoming takes a 45-44 lead but kurt palandech has a 76 yard answer.. 157 yards rushing in his first start of the season...palande ch party for six..52-45 last chance for time left on the clock and josh allen completes the miracle to tanner gentry..52-52..we go to overtime.. wyoming scores first ... but unlv refuses to lose.. kurt palandech lets it rain on jericho flowers..touchd own..59-59 price.. 66-59..wyoming of course, would score as well triple overtime.. defense, now would be a good time to get involved.. torry mctyer.. clutch interception.... it's victory time..nicolai bornand 40 yards for the win.. and he is perfect.. 69-66..the rebels prevail in triple overtime.. exhilerating..ex hausting..exactly what the program needed
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submission mov time ever..ufc 205 brings plenty of bite to the big apple and plenty of bark..after all conor mcgregor has his irish eyes on another belt and the notorious one makes history.. knocking out eddie alvarez in the second round just as he predicted.. conor took advantage of his size and reach and was patient and seized his opportunity and his second title belt..becoming the first fighter to hold both simultaneously kyle busch had 85 victories on the nascar xfinity series entering saturday's race in phoenix..he
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distracting him with wrecks and fires..but it was all smoke and rearview mirrors...busch takes the checkered flag for his 10th on the series this season northwestern's tom hruby is a retired navy seal..he's also on the football team.. after the wildcats win..tom's teammates carried the 31 year old off in honor of veteran's day ..because he is truly a living legend.. and is a great example of courage ((sharie johnson)) an endurance athlete is looking to set a world record
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george hood is aiming to set a guinness world record for the longest held abdominal plank. he began the event friday, in
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of collecting 25-thousand- dollars for a worthy cause. he was happy to share his excitement for the event and the cause.. ((george hood, endurance athelete : "um yeah, we're planking but there's a greater calling here. it's on the midway, this has never been done before. this is probably the most historic event i've ever done. but we're here raising money for the semper fi fund, an organization i'm passionate about and i encourage people to come up here and make the donations." )) >> the semper fi fund provides lifetime support to post-9/11 wounded, critically ill and injured members of all branches of the u.s. armed forces, and their families./// ((sharie johnson)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 11. for news anytime, just go to las
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