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tv   8 News Now Sunday Morning  CBS  November 13, 2016 6:00am-6:31am PST

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((nia wong)) thanks for waking up with us i'm nia wong....we start off this morning with some breaking news coming out of the southside of the valley. we're told by metro that there is a barricade situation going on near tropican and maryland that's been going on since 2:30 during a foot chase between a man and metro officers. parking lot. we're told that he is armed with a knife. swat has taken over the situation. we have a crew heading to the scene and will give you more information as the story develops./// ((nia wong)) thank you for joining us this morning i'm nia wong...... two people are dead and one person is fighting for their life after two separate crashes in the valley. the first crash happend last night near michael and sheila. that's where nevada highway patrol says a car ran into a wall leaving one person in critical condition.
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apartment complex's wall near rainbow and smoke ranch...killing two one of the vehicles and injuring another in the second vehicle. police believe the driver in this fatal crash was under the influence./// ((nia wong)) protests against president elect donald trump continue to erupt around the country. for a fourth straight day protesters marched in front of trump tower in new york city. and on the west coast...police in riot gear were sent out to vandalizing cities. in portland, police say protests there turned into riots....with at least one person injured. witnesses say a demonstrator was shot in the leg during a confrontration with a driver friday night./// ((nia wong)) the valley saw their own protests...though ours were generally considered peaceful.... last night...hundreds marched on the las vegas strip last night chanting with homemade posters. it started from the linq to trump hotel. overall.. our reporters saw participants obeying police
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not enter public streets. protesters we spoke to say their message wasn't directly focused on being anti-trump but rather pro-safety and supportive of the l-g-b-t-q community, women and minorities. this all comes, as president elect trump vets possible cabinet members for his new administration./// ((nia wong)) president-elect trump will do his first extensive post-election interview today on 60 minutes. trump's family joined him for the interview from his residence in new york city trump's agenda when it comes to the affordable care act: ((lesley stahl: >> let me ask you about-- obamacare-- which you say you're going to repeal and replace. when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with precon-- pre-conditions are still covered-- donald trump: >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. lesley stahl: >> you're gonna keep it? donald trump: >> also, with the children living with their parents for an extended period, we're gonna-- lesley stahl: >> you're gonna keep that-- donald trump: >> --very much try and
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)) >> the interview will be broadcast right here on channel 8 at 7 o'clock tonight. ./// ((nia wong)) it's going to be another sea of neon on the strip. thousands of runners will run the geico rock n roll marathon' this morning for the second day. the action kicked off last night for the brooks rock 'n' roll 5k at the las vegas festival grounds at 2 o-clock... the strip will be shut down for the run. people from across the country, as well as tourists from 83 different countries and a mass wedding ceremony will be on this route! 45- thousand people are expected to take part in today's marathon./// ((nia wong)) whether you're planning to join the marathon or just want to take it easy today. katie boer can tell you what you can expect...with your first check of the weather. katie? ((katie boer)) good sunday morning a pleasant, sunny day for the second half of the weekend... here's a look at your sunday planner as we track what you can expect. we'll start mostly sunny with temperatures in the upper 60s to start. by noon low 70s with a bit more sunshine. we'll see highs tomorrow in the upper 70s, and by 7pm 60 degrees with clear skies./// ((nia wong)) just ahead on 8 news
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((nia wong)) just ahead on 8 news now... the french remember
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wong, katie boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now." ((nia wong)) a large protest formed in cincinnati after the murder trial of a former police
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people took to the streets after the case against ray tensing.. ended up in a mistrial. the former university of cincinnati officer was accused on killing an unarmed black driver, sam dubose, during a traffic stop last year. prosecutors say the jurors couldn't agree whether to convict tensing of murder or voluntary manslaughter. the lead prosecutor says he'll make a decision whether to retry the case or not... by the end of the month./// ((nia wong)) this weekend is a somber one for the french....marking the one yearn more than 130 people in paris last year. french president francois hollande attended a memorial ceremony at the concert hall .....a day after british musician sting, performed at the reopening of the bataclan concert hall. according to an official with the music hall....two members of the eagles of death metal showed up to the memorial concert. the group had been performing when the bataclan was attacked. these two members were allegedly kicked out over controversial remarks made by the lead singer earlier this
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with bars...restauran ts and a sports stadium./// ((nia wong)) just ahead on 8 news now. several wildfires are burning in multiple southern states....but they're getting a little help from firefighters in the pacific northwest. updates...right after this break. (( ((katie boer)) >> good sunday morning! i'm tracking decreasing clouds for the second half of your weekend and some much cooler temperatures on the way... details coming up in my extended forecast./// )) "now, live...this is 8
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((nia wong)) more than 50 wildfires are burning in the southeast... but over 100 oregon firefighters are no region. the eastern area incident management team says forty-seven fires are burning an estimated 80-thousand acres in eight states. most of the activity is being seen in kentucky... tennessee... georgia and north carolina./// ((nia wong)) over here in the valley. more sunshine and cooler temperatures are headed our way. katie boer has more in your weather now forecast. (( )) ((katie boer)) good sunday morning! i'm tracking very nice conditions to wrap up the second half of
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headlines--our clouds continue to exit off to the se with more sunshine expected today and the next several days. for now though...low for temps above average about 5-10 degrees above average. later this week...much cooler with a major drop in temps. on the way. satellite/radar showing those clouds pushign off to our neighbors to the se. look for clearing skies and more sunhine... at least for now. i am watching a weak disturbance tracking east into our neck of
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our temperatures. ............... futurecast lookign dry for now -- with again -- limited cloud cover until mid next week. ............... today and tonight -- we stay above average...surpri se surprise! lookign at more sunshine for our sunday with high m temperatures about 10-degrees cooler. overnight tonight look for lows in the mid 50s--again--we sould be much cooler in te upper 40s. ............. reminder..conne ct with me on social media...facebook, twitter, instagram--i'd love to see how your celebrating the veterans in your life on this
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here's a quick peak at your 7-day forecast... look for upper 70s through wednesday with highs dropping by thursday down to 66-degrees. we'll see a few added clouds tuesday and wednesday as a weak disturbance tracks across the region. /// ((nia wong)) coming up on good day. we get a look at yesterday's finish at sam boyd. rebels giving fans a show that they get toe. overtime! jon tristch gives us a look in his sports recap./// "now, live...this is 8
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((nia wong)) the unlv rebels are back to winning their ways and ufc star connor mcgegor has reached to new heights after his historic win. jon tristch has your morning sports recap. ((jon tristch)) >>
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throughout this they by-passed being on fire and quickly ignited a full-fledged inferno of touchdowns..hig hlights..and history..sam boyd stadium saw 135 points..the second most ever for division 1 football best wishes to the scoreboard operator..he is recovering from exhaustion and listed as day-to-day fans crunching the numbers..on paper wyoming should blow out unlv.. but there isn't a stat for passion..and program building determination..r ebels are ready for their biggest win of the season.. quarter fix for six..the defensive back turned wide receiver 34 yard touchdown..10-3 unlv wyoming ties the game and then takes the lead because sometimes bad things happen to good people.. fumble.. touchdown..17-10. .unlv won't come back oh yes they will..they fire back with david greene the touchdown machine.. the captain leaves the cowboys in his dust..27 yard touchdown..17-17 after a unlv field goal..the rebels re-ignite the passing game.. kurt palandech to xzavier
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27-17 from catching air to waving them like you just don't care but the 7-2 wyoming cowboys have a pesky flare for the dramatic...josh allen to tanner hand beauty...48 yard touchdown catch.... watch again the score at half time..unlv 30- wyoming 24.. 4th quarter..wyoming takes a 45-44 lead but kurt palandech has a 76 yard answer.. 157 yards rushing in his first start of the season...palande ch party for six..52-45 last chance for time left on the clocka completes the miracle to tanner gentry..52-52..we go to overtime.. wyoming scores first ... but unlv refuses to lose.. kurt palandech lets it rain on jericho flowers..touchd own..59-59 double ot..palandech to andrew price.. 66-59..wyoming of course, would score as well triple overtime.. defense, now would be a good time to get involved.. torry mctyer..
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bornand 40 yards for the win.. and he is perfect.. 69-66..the rebels prevail in triple overtime.. exhilerating..ex hausting..exactly what the program needed new york has been put in a submission move for the first time ever..ufc 205 brings plenty of bite to the big apple and plenty of bark..after all conor
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and the notorious one makes history.. knocking out eddie alvarez in the second round just as he predicted.. conor took advantage of his size and reach and was patient and seized his opportunity and his second title belt..becoming the first fighter to hold both simultaneously kyle busch had 85 victories on the nascar xfinity series entering saturday's race in phoenix..he was revving the engines for 86...the rest of the field tried distracting him with wrecks and fires..but it was alm the checkered flag for his 10th on the series this season northwestern's tom hruby is a retired navy seal..he's also on the football team.. after the wildcats win..tom's teammates carried the 31 year old off in honor of veteran's day ..because he is truly a living legend.. and is a great example of courage we all had our favorite hide-and-seek spot growing up.. kansas kick returner laquivionte gonzales tries his out in a college football game..
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and it fools no one..rock chalk but didn't get a block.. back to you ((nia wong)) we'll be back after the break ((nia wong)) this weekend...
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((nia wong)) this weekend... local law enforcement agencies spent their saturday building bridges through a friendly game of flag football. the police athletic league or "pal" teamed up with metro and c-c-s-d to recruit some elementary students who don't
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yesterday's tournament. the police athletic league originally formed in new york 10 years ago. it's since expanded out west to places like las vegas...and it's still growing./// ((nia wong)) also....the aviation nation is back at nellis air force base... thousands of people attended yesterday's opening event... so many showed up that the base reached capacity and couldn't let anyone else in. (( nat pop of katie boer screaming inside the f-16 )) ((nia wong)) >> our katie boer got a sneak peak at some of the stun boer got a sneak peak at some of the stunts you can see this weekend that story and more coming up at 8 this morning..// ((nia wong)) thats it for 8 news now this morning. hope to see you right back here at eight./// tennessee officials have declared a state of emergency in ? ?
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