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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  November 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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living right in the middle of a working class neighborhood? the incredible discovery.. found in pahrump... ------------ ((denise valdez)) >> plus.. two brothers... out getting their mom a birthday present... killed in an instant.. tonight.. their friends and family.. come together to mourn... ((dave courvoisier)) >> and new information about president elect trump's a-team... a frontrunner has emerged for secretary of state.. and it's a household name. ((tedd florendo)) ((( and we asked and you delivered. pictures of the fabulous supermoon all over our social media. we'll sht up in your teddsaid forecast right here on 8 newsnow.
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denise, that discovery was made last week. police were serving a search warrant to her residence when they found three tigers loose in her backyard, feeding on raw chicken, contained only by a 4 foot field fence. ((shakala alvaranga)) it started in houston, texas. (("having wildlife inside your home or even in your dangerous.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) houston police say trisha myers -- seen here -- was housing exotic, wild animals in her own home. there, they found 3 tiger cubs, full grown adult tiger, a skunk and a fox, roaming freely. her 14 year old daughter also there. police say myers had a permit for the tigers, but did not have one for the skunk or the fox. animal control officers called what she was doing -- putting the animals in the same space as her very own child -- extremely dangerous.
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house, especially if it isn't restrained.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) myers allegedly told officers that the tigers were dangerous and could kill. she fled her texas home soon afterwards ...and came here to pahrump with her animals. nye county officials were tipped off by a neighbor. on her manse road home, police found the three tigers and eight monkeys. police say no one was attacked by the t of any instance where the tigers were aggressive towards anyone. the tigers have since been taken into protective custody. myers is being held on 2-thousand dollars bail. ((shakala alvaranga)) police say the investigation is ongoing. myers will be extradited to harris county texas. reporting from pahrump shakala alvaranga 8 news now. /// ((dave courvoisier)) so what has everyone talking tonight... the supermoon...
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((denise valdez)) >> it's such a super story.. we have team coverage.. starting with tedd at the touch screen with your pictures.. ((tedd florendo)) right now.. you can still get a good look at the supermoon... let's toss it to britanyy edney.. live outside with your viewer's
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((brittany edney)) we had a lot of great viewer photos and what's crazy about the supermoon is that it's about 7-percent larger than normal... and about 15-percent brighter. it came up from the east earlier but now to findt thing.... look up. 8 news now photographer brian toreson is going to give you a close up view of how it's looking right now over the strip. guys, great view right? we'll send it back to you in the studio. /// ((dave courvoisier))
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donald trump's cabinet.. it appears rudy guiliani is the frontrunner for secretary of state.. that's according to the a-p.. trump is expected to fill one seat on the high court soon - to replace the late conservative justice antonin scalia. but with three supreme court justices over the age of 75, trump could potentially fill even more seats over the course of his presidency. there is a short list of potential high court nominees circulating among republicans -- pulled from the 21 names trump released during his campaign -- inu of alabama - who once said roe v wade was the quote "worst abomination in the history of constitutional law." (("if donald trump gets one, two, three, four appointments to the supreme court, this could be a very seriously conservative supreme court across the board for a generation or longer.")) ((dave courvoisier)) >> three of the current supreme court justices are in their late 70s and early 80's including liberals stephen bryer and ruth
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in a seven-to-two court decision.//// ((dave courvoisier)) a republican state senator says she is switching sides. republican patricia farley.. whose district is in summerlin... says she is switching to party affiliation to non-partisan... and now will caucus with the democrats during the next legislative session. farley released a statement saying she wants her constituents to come before any labels. new democratic majority leader aaron ford also sent a statement welcoming her into the fold. e 10 majority in the state senate before farley's switch./// ((denise valdez)) 25-year-old willie wortham is due in court tomorrow--- police say he was behind the wheel when he crashed into a silver sedan-- killing the two occupants. he's charged with two counts of driving under the influence involvind death and two counts of reckless driving involving death. reporter brittany edney was first on the scene saturday night and brings us the latest with the story.
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saturday night. friends say two young men--brothers--- are gone too soon. loved ones light candles in rememberance of brothers jermaine asher & robert sean roberts-- saying they were killed by a drunk driver. police say it's a problem that's plaguing the streets. ((sgt.paul mccullough, metro police)) "as far impaired drivers on the roadway, it's an epidemic. people need to take advantage of the resources that are available whether it be uber, or lyft or taxicab or call a friend. do not drive impaired." ((brittany edney)) and one that's too common during "you've got christmas parties, you've got work events that are going on, for whatever the reason, this time of year is busier for this type of thing." ((brittany edney)) a crash which now leaves one mother mourning the loss of two sons. ((brittany edney)) wortham is expected in court this week... brittany edney 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) a woman died after being hit by a car on convention center drive. metro was called to the scene between las vegas boulevard and paradise at about 1 p-m...
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she died at sunrise hospital. it's not clear who was at fault.. convention center drive was closed for seveal hours during the investigation. ((denise valdez)) police have made one arrest in a murder case.. but are looking for a second suspect. 18-year-old cody sullivan is facing charges of murder.. burglary... robbery.. and cocaine possession. he was arrested saturday during a larceny call. police say this video shows sullivan and another man, outside a home invasion near torrey pines and twain on november f into a home.. shot another man over a drug related dispute.. then left. if you have any information about the second suspect.. call crimestoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) >> thousands and thousands of rape kits dating back decades are now being tested.. (( we've made 9 arrests.. we've conducted 20 search warrants in this juridiction and others )) ((denise valdez)) >> coming up... we'll look at how time has both helped and hindered these investigations..
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doesn't face a backlog again.
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((denise valdez)) thousands and thousands of rape kits dating back decades are now being tested.. ((dave courvoisier)) >> and already metro is making inroads identifying serial rapists and getting them off the streets. christianne klein has the story.. for decades- traces of bodily fluid, fingernails, swabs, clothing, and otherna shelves waiting to be tested as rapists roamed free.. southern nevada alone has a backlog of 6500 rape kits dating back to the 1990's.. but a lack of resources made it impossible to test it all.. an influx of millions of dollars has changed that... and the first 15 hundred kits have been sent out for testing.. sot (( sgt. shon comiskey/las vegas metro- sexual assault division 26:53 i've reviewed 352
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dna reports specifically :03)) ((christianne klein)) >> sargeant shon comiskey is with metro's sexual assault division.. sot ((sgt. shon comiskey/las vegas metro- sexual assault division 29:40 thus far we've made 9 arrests.. we've conducted 20 search warrants in this juridiction and others :47 )) ((christianne klein)) >> they've also found more than 40 suspect matches in the national combined dna index system or codis.. metro has also identified six serial rapists, murderers, and a possible serial killer... sot (( sgt. shon comiskey/las vegas metro- sexual assault division 30:35 one suspect is... he's already in prison for committing multiple sexual assaults and homicides we've identified 2 additional sexual assaults he's committed and possibly an additional homicide as well :50 )) butt to: sot ((sgt. shon comiskey/las vegas metro- sexual assault division 41:10 have these untested rape kits put other people in danger? i would say yes.. absolutely.. considering that we've already seen and identified other serial offenders with the lab reports that have been returned already and we're just really beginning :32 )) ((christianne klein)) >> kimberly murga is the director of forensic labratory services for metro.. she says they expect to have up to 650 of the tests
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year.. sot ((kimberly murga/director forensic laboratory services 54:38 next year we expect to test about 4000 test kits.. and we expect to complete the dna testing all 6500 sexual assault kits by december of 2018.. :48)) ((christianne klein)) >>standup it could take another 7 or 8 years for investigators to sift through that new dna evidence.. time has both helped and hindered these investigations- less than 10 percent of the victims and 20 percent of suspects still reside in nevada- and finding them after decades is a daunting task.. but time has also technology... sot ((kimberly murga/director forensic laboratory services 56:52 it's really been in the last 5 years that dna technology has advanced far enough to not only identify the sources of dna associated with biological fluids like blood, seminal fluid and saliva, but also provide answers to non biological fluid or touch dna.. touch dna is non blood, non seminal fluid :12)) ((christianne klein)) >> the advent of new technology allows law
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but as sexual assaults continue to happen, evidence continues to pour in.. the real test is if law enforcement can catch up... and then keep up.. sot (( kimberly murga/director forensic laboratory services 00:21 it's a very labor intensive process and we have to make sure we have enough forensic scientists to keep pace in dna.. we have to make sure we have enough investigators on task to handle the investigative side of the house, we have to make sure we have enough victim's advocates to really be there to help create that liason for the victim's as they move through that judicial process, and we have to make sure we have enough with the influx of cases coming :48)) christianne klein 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) time for news you can use.. the food you buy -- and throw away -- can impact your bank account in a big way. according to the e-p-a -- just in 2013-- -- americans wasted 37 million tons of food. buying in bulk can help you save
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you buy. before produce goes bad -- freeze it. before you clean out your pantry -- think about donating untouched non-perishable food. that can help a food pantry keep it's shelves stocked. and instead of tossing your food in a trash bin -- start a compost pile. those scraps -- skins -- peels -- and grounds can decompose into rich soil -- which is great for your garden./// ((tedd florendo)) still above average in the
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still no 80's this time around to bring us to tie the record of 80 degree temps set back in 1950. but we will remain warm to mild for at least a few more days before it begins to get colder ................................ ... ............ neighborhood by neighborhood temps shot up to the high 70's for the east part of the valley where we're typically warmer since we're lower in elevation. cooler mid to low 70's for the west side in the foothills from centennial hills through summerlin as we cooled off there. colder up in the kyle canyon with a morning start in the high 30's again. ........ ........................... ............. regional temps also staying warm from laughlin to death valley p down the colorado river valley from mesquite through boulder city as well. colder temps in the central great basin and mild over the hump in pahrump again today. changes in the forecast for late week however where jackets will be needed. ..................... .............. ................ still above average temps remian for the souther portions of the u.s with highs in the 80's in dallas and of course in new orleans. staying cool for new york in the 60's even boston getting in on some of that warmth as a strong ridge of high pressure over the lower 48 states keeping things mild for november. while rain returns to seattle as they cool off to the mid 50's. ................................
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conditions and high pressure still righ on top of us. but we're keeping our eye on a strong area of low pressure and it's trailing cold front that will bring in colder air by thursday. not before brining wind midweek. we'll see some of the coldest air of the season so far and see temps we haven't seen in march and may. overnight lows will get downright chilly by thursday and especially friday morning. ..... .............................. .............. tonight expect lows to drop down to the mid 50's under clear skies for the supermoon. winds stay light and tranquil overnight as well. tomorrow expect highs around 79 and if we reach 80 we'll beat the record for most 80's for the month of november. winds still remain light for tuesday. ...................... extended forecast calls for mild days through wednesday and southwest winds kick in and bring windy weather with possible advisories needed for wednesday. still breezy by thursday but colder with highs only in the low 60's and turning unseasonably cooler. chilly morning lows will stick around for a several days with friday being our coldest in the high 30's only.
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returns to the late show tonight. ((denise valdez)) >> the senator discusses what he thinks the future holds for the democratic party in the wake of the 2016 presidential
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we will not be denied.. cheering )) ((denise valdez)) >> you have to see the rest of the one-on-one tonight on the late show with stephen colbert.. right after 8 news now at 11./// ((dave courvoisier)) unlv's tony sanchez will have to do his best coaching this week ((denise valdez)) nationally ranked boise state ((chris maathuis)) >> they'll meet the broncos with momentum and two players of the week. also... former gorman star zack collins playing for gonzaga... getting lots of minutes. plus... a title fight in vegas you might be sorry you missed. more coming up here on channel 8. ((chris maathuis))
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car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. but a bow on the weekend, had some decent games and even
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giants and bengals. cincinnati strikes first... dalton to a-j green, that's a touchdown and we like to see who has the best post t-d dance. manning one of his 3 t-d tosses... this one to odell beckham... keep your eye on the dance... grade it in your mind. every player seems to have a dance... didn't it all start with the icky shuffle? here's another jeremy hill... scores... dances. in the end, the giants dance off with a one point win 21-20 the final. ((chris maathuis)) went out and beat the favored wyoming cowboys on saturday. it was a good ol' fashioned shootout, both teams had guns blazin'. the two teams combined for 135 points, 1 point shy of an ncaa record. quarterback kurt palandech was on a mission and converted a lot of fans. for all his efforts, the junior was named mountain west conference offensive player of the week. he wasn't the only rebel to be honored. on the defensive side... unlv has a player of the week. defensive back torry mctyer gets
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interceptions, his second was the biggest. nats: "allen has got a man it is intercepted... intercepted it is mctyer again" ((chris maathuis)) his pick in the 3rd overtime allowed the rebels to beat the cowboys on a field goal. the biggest setback coming from the win was unlv's best receiver devonte boyd getting hurt... he broke his arm and is done for the season. that really hurts with unlv heading to boise for a big friday night game. soccer program was hanging by a thread a few years ago, almost went away. now here they are upset winners in the wac tourney waiting for their name to be called in the ncaa tournament for the 2nd time in the last 3 years. they waited for this. unlv and they will ((cheering)) the rebels will get san diego state. the aztecs play soccer in the pac 12. but the rebs have a bunch of players from the san diego area... so they can't wait for
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musovski/tourney mvp: " we're familiar with this team we played them last year and got the result when we played, it's good playing a team we actually know a lot of their players and how they play and their tactics." rich ryerson/coach: "i think it will be a great game, they try to play physical and very technical so i think we'll matchup extremely well." daniel musovski/mvp: "a lot of people doubted us at the beginning of the year when we started with a bad record, we proved a lot of people wrong and now we get to make a run in the tournament." ((chris maathuis)) when sergay kovalev meets andr could be in for the fight of the year. you've got two fighters who are unbeaten at 30-0 and looking to win all the belts in the light heavyweight division. tomorrow is fighter arrivals... you may not have all the hype from a pacquiao, mayweather or canelo fight... but you've got two really skilled fights who haven't lost. some are saying either one is in the conversation for pound for pound best. fighter arrivals at the mgm lobby at 1 p.m.
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underway and tonight lets check in on gonzaga and san diego state. the bulldogs have some las vegas ties. gonzaga has findlay prep star and unlv committ.. nigel williams goss. remember him... when lon left so did he. former gorman gael zack collins is a freshman with the dogs and making the most of it. collins with 9 1st half points.... gonzaga led 36-21 at the break. 2nd half.. more collins, he led the bulldogs with 16 points -- they win it 69-48. ((chris maathuis)) tomorrow bill foley will finally announce the name of his team and reveal it's logo. it's been months of anticipation, but that day finally arrives in less then 7 days. make plans to be at this historic event. be at toshiba plaza at 5:30. commissioner gary bettman is also going to be in attendance and he'll speak. ((denise valdez)) our strange story for
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((tedd florendo))
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a police officer in plainview, texas who is the talk of the town, after a video of him dancing at the station was shared on social media. (( cop dancing )) av >> the video-- taken by a coworker-- shows officer chris abalos-- dancing to "juju on that beat." the dance started as a challenge from his 13 year old daughter... that video has been viewed by more than a quarter of a million people... already in just a few days./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((denise valdez)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: president-elect donald trump, thank you for sitting down with me. >> thank you. >> stephen: really nice place you got here. it looks like caligula's man-cave. >> a li-- a little bit, a little bit. victory, i'm sure you've been getting a lot of congratulatory phone calls. have you talked to putin? >> he actually called last night. >> stephen: i also understand he sent you a large wooden horse as a victory gift, correct? >> it is so big, it is so-- it's so enormous, it's so amazing. >> stephen: have you looked inside it to see if there's anything before you open the gates and bring it into america? >> no.


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