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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  November 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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being sworn into office. the strides his team is making in creating a new administration
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bruno mars is going all out... with a new world tour. how las vegas is playing a big role in the massive tour that's spanning the globe. ((paul joncich)) plus take a look at all the beautiful bright lights! we take you live to ethel m chocolates for a tour of the cactus garden!/// and i'm paul joncich. craig boswell is at the white house with the push to finalize some key positions in trump's cabinet. vice president-elect mike pence arrived at trump tower tuesday for meetings with president-elect donald trump. the two men are reviewing candidates to fill major cabinet positions. (sot: sen. jeff sessions/(r) alabama) "i'll be meeting with a lot of different people." alabama senator jeff sessions has been a trump supporter from day one and is being considered
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(gfx) president-elect trump is looking at rudy giuliani and john bolton for secretary of statesteve mnuchin, mr. trump's finance campaign chairman during the election is said to be the frontrunner for treasury secretary. (sot: steven mnuchin/trump campaign finance chairman) "we're working on the economic plan and the transition, making sure we get his tax bill passed, the biggest tax changes since reagan. so a lot of exciting days in the first 100 days of the trump presidency." (standup: craig boswell/cbs news/the white house) mr. trump received his first presidential daily briefing today. the briefings allow the soon as he takes the oath of office. in congress - president-elect trump will rely on congressman paul ryan to push his legislative agenda. (sot: rep. paul ryan/(r-wi) speaker of the house) "let's take all of this uncertainty out of the economy and get people back to work. this is something we share. this is something we're excited about working with donald trump." republicans unanimously voted tuesday to approve ryan as their choice for speaker of the house. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. ((paul joncich)) >> and we just found out today some las vegans will be
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las vegas sands c-e-o sheldon adelson, treasure island owner phil ruffin, and wynn c-e-o steve wynn all made the list. the committee helps plan all the events surrounding the january inauguration./// ((christianne klein)) after the years... the capitol dome in washington d-c is free of all the scaffolding that was put up during renovations. now it's as beautiful as the day it was built! crews spent the past few years repairing 13- hundred cracks in the cast iron structure. removed during the repairs. it all cost about 60- million- dollars... and was completed just in time for the president- elect's inauguration in january./// ((paul joncich)) president obama is in greece on the first stop of his final overseas trip as president. he says part of his mission is to reassure allies about president- elect donald trump. at issue is whether america will keep its commitments to defend europe... despite trump's assurance that he will stand by nato. any suggestion that america will retreat from global leadership
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like brexit, unemployment, a refugee crisis, and the rise of nationalist groups in greece, france, u-k, and germany: ((time will now tell whether the prescriptions that are being offered whether brexit or with respect to the us election ends up actually satisfying those people who have been fearful or angry or concerned. )) ((paul joncich)) >> later this week, president obama will fly to germany to meet with leaders in berlin - then onto peru for an asian economic ((christianne klein)) >>another beautiful night.. perhaps to enjoy some holiday lights.. ((paul joncich)) tedd florendo is out at ethel m chocolates for the 23 annual holiday cactus lighting.. ((tedd florendo)) ((( another warm and tranquil november day with temps near 80 in some locales this afternoon. winds remaiined light, but we did see an increase in cloud cover coming in from the west. no sign of precip yet as we should remain dry as the system
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winds stay light for now, but expect big gusts to return tomorrow. ...................... ............. ........... hour by hour tonight showing mild weather with temps in the 60's and partly cloudy skies through the night. mid 60's also by 8 a.m. tomorrow for your commute weather. more clouds tomorrow with winds on the increase especially by afternoon where gusts to reach 40 or more. locally higher in the mountains.
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night. it started when officers tried pulling over the driver of a car without any plates.. near bonanza and nellis. the car was eventually located near stewart and sandhill... but when officers walked up to it.. the driver tried crashing into officers. one of the officers was forced to shoot. another metro unit tracked down the 18-year-old driver and took him into custody. no officer was injured, the shot fired by the officer did not st /// ((paul joncich)) turning man's best friend... into a hardened criminal. ((christianne klein)) >> the group that's working to rehabilitate dogs... who were forced into a life of crime by their previous owners... that's next on the valley's news leader.///
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we don't have a lot of grocery stores here in our neighborhood and we want our neighbors to have access to good things at affordable prices. the only thing easy in our community is fast food. ?? well hello! wow! we're here to offer some help. welcome! retirement, huh? (laughs) i mean, look at the size of this thing! who doesn't need a sweet potato that size? they took the time to care what our project was about. here you go.
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this is 8 news now at six-thirty. ch some criminals are turning to dogs to help them commit crimes, training innocent animals to act as vicious weapons. ((paul joncich)) >> many of those dogs end up neglected and abandoned and as chris martinez shows us - one man is on a mission to rescue the animals and give them a second chance. dog trainer cornelius austin scours the streets of los angeles - six days a week - looking for stray or neglected
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dogs and seeing dogs in a comfortable place." more and more - he says he's finding abandoned dogs - that were trained by criminals to become vicious weapons. (cornelius austin/dog trainer) "i've seen dogs that come to the shelter, they come to my class that got scars and stuff all over their face and you know they've been in a battle!" authorities say they've seen a surge of dogs used to help commit crimes... (ken phillips/ attorney) "they've been used in cases of robbery, rape, assaul exclusively on cases involving dog bites. he says some felons are using dogs like these instead of guns - to avoid being sent back to jail. (ken phillips attorney) "felon is not allowed to have weapons anywhere, they know a vicious dog can be used as successfully to commit a crime as a gun or a knife." (nats) "about turn to the left!" in his classes - austin works to reverse the training some of the animals received.
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like this pit bull named ali. (sot-shyann swisher/ ali's owner) "he had severe dog aggression he's done a 180 degree turn around." (nats) "about turn to the right!" while he admits not every animal can be saved, he says he owes it to the dogs to try. (sot-cornelius austin/ saving animals) "if a dog could talk, he'd have a lot to tell you... like i always tell everybody, it's not the dog it's the people.. it's the people." (nats) chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles ((christianne klein)) people in the southeast are dealing with something pretty uncommon there... wildfires! >> the multiple states effected by the flames right now... and what's making things worse for firefighters... that's next on the valley's news leader./// announcer: you're watching 8 news now at
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hate off its popular platform. the company says over the next few days... the company will add harassment. twitter says it's expanding its mute feature to let people filter out words and phrases they don't want to see in their mentions. the company is also revamping its abuse reporting system so that people can report harassment and hate speech directly./// ((christianne klein)) and google wants to help you figure out what's real and what's fake. the tech giant says it will now ban fake news sites from using its online advertising service. facebook also recently updated its policies to ban those sites
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stopping them from posting fake stories to their own facebook pages./// ((paul joncich)) this is something we're use to seeing here in the west... wildfires scorching thousands of acres of land. but now they're dealing with it in the southeast u-s. because of dry weather and drought conditions... there's been an explosion of wildfire activity. all that heavy smoke is also causing air quality problems for people. tonight... more than 70 fires are burning across eight southern states. the worst is io where flames are threatening at least 17- hundred different structures. firefighters from colorado, arizona, and california are helping control the flames./// ((christianne klein)) let's check in one last time with tedd florendo who is out at the beautiful cactus in one last time with tedd florendo who is out at the beautiful cactus garden at ethel m chocolates.
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((( nice day today with temps still above average in the 70's again and unseasonably mild coming off a warm weekend. still no 80's this time around to bring us to tie the record of 80 degree temps set back in 1950. but we will remain warm to mild for at least a few more days before it begins to get colder ........ ........................... ............ neighborhood by neighborhood temps shot up to the high 70's for the east part of the valley where we're lower in elevation. cooler mid to low 70's for the west side in the foothills from centennial hills through summerlin as we cooled off there. colder up in the kyle canyon with a morning start in the high 30's again. ................................ ... ............. regional temps also staying warm from laughlin to death valley especially.
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river valley from mesquite through boulder city as well. colder temps in the central great basin and mild over the hump in pahrump again today. changes in the forecast for late week however where jackets will be needed. .. ... ................ still above average temps remian for the souther portions of the u.s with highs in the 80's in dallas and of course in new orleans. staying cool for new york in the 60's even boston getting in on some of that
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states keeping things mild for november. while rain returns to seattle as they cool off to the mid 50's. ................................ ... ................. satellite and radar shows dry conditions and high pressure still righ on top of us. but we're keeping our eye on a strong area of low pressure and it's trailing cold front that will bring in colder air by thursday. we'll see some of the coldest air of the season so far and see temps we haven't seen in march and may. overnight lows will get downright chilly by thursday and especially friday morning. ................................ ... .............. tonight expect lows to drop down to the mid 50's under clear skies for the supermoon. winds stay light and tranquil overnight as well. tomorrow expect highs around 79 and if we reach 80 we'll beat the record for most 80's for the month of november. winds still remain light for
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extended forecast calls for mild days through wednesday and southwest winds kick in and bring windy weather with possible advisories needed for wednesday. still breezy by thursday but colder with highs only in the low 60's and turning unseasonably cooler. chilly morning lows will stick around for a several days with friday being our coldest in the high 30's only. being
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forbes 2016 list of highest paid actors... with 64- million- dollars in the past year./// ((christianne klein)) bruno mars will be a busy man over the next year... in addition to his new year's gigs at the park theater at monte carlo... he's also launching a world tour. (( 24 karat magic in the air )) ((christianne klein)) >> it kicks off march 28-th in belgium... and stretches all the way until november 2017... angeles. he's going to kick off the north american leg of the "24 karat magic tour" right here in las vegas. he'll play at t-mobile arena on july 15-th. tickets go on sale on monday./// ((paul joncich)) apple's newest product... isn't high tech at all! ((christianne klein)) >> but it's still going to cost you a lot of money... how much this book featuring photos of its designs will set
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i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings.
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motor trend is out with its 2016 car of the year... and this year a brand new car took the top spot. the chevrolet bolt received the honor today... it's g-m's newest all- electric compact car. motor trend says the bolt is a good small hatchback and is on a full charge.. the bolt will go an estimated 238 miles. it should go on sale by the end of the year for around 37- thousand- dollars./// ((paul joncich)) united passengers better pack light if you want to take advantage of cheaper airfares. today the airline introduced basic economy fares. the tickets are cheaper because they come with fewer perks. for instance.. you will not get a seat assignment until check- in... and you'll only be able to take one personal item that fits under the seat...
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options should help smooth out the boarding process as well. the new fares will go on sale next year./// ((paul joncich)) if you've been wanting to get your hands on those cool self- lacing shoes from nike... be prepared to shell out a pretty penny! the "hyper adapt one- point- oh" shoes will go on sale next month... for a whopping 720- dollars. these were inspired by the 'back to the future' shoes. your best bet at getting a pair without waiting in line... download the 'nike plus app' ((christianne klein)) if you don't want to spend 800 dollars on the new iphone... maybe you'll be willing to pay 300- dollars to look at pictures of one. the new book is called "designed by apple in california"... and starts with the 19-98 i-mac... all the way through to the 2015 apple pencil... which is a stylus for the i-pad pro. it showcases 450 images... and is dedicated to the memory of steve jobs. there are two versions debuting tomorrow...
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while the bigger one is 300 dollars./// ((christianne klein)) plenty of you chimed in about this story on facebook... jeremy says "unless this book comes with a 3-d printer to make any product from the book... i'm out!" lynn says "you can also look at pictures of their products on the internet using google for free!" and bryan posted this 'futurama" meme which says "shut up and take my money!!" you can sound off at six every night... just go to our 8 news now facebook page./// (( now at 6:30. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((paul joncich)) >> be sure to watch 8 news now at 11...
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come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort. from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy! teen tournament. please welcome today's contestants -- an eighth-grader from cuyahoga falls, ohio... a sophomore from madison, alabama... and a junior from darien, connecticut... and now from dar constitution hall,
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alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, the enthusiasm and your applause indicates that you all know how important this game is. it's the last game of our quarter-finals. at the end of this half-hour, we will know the names of the nine kids who get to come back as semi-finalists. i can assure you, one of those names will be jasmine, sharath, or michael. let's go to work. now here are the categories. first off... oh, we all know about that. next... followed by... uh-oh. oh, dear. michael, you get to start us.


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