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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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after a cool day... temperatures will actually drop to the 30s - and even freezing in some outlying areas. ........... nice sunshine will stay with us today, but so will the breezes.... and highs take a tumble of nearly 20 degrees to just around 60 those low 80s like we've had for most of the month. ........... a look at the weekend coming up in your full weather now forecast./// ((kirsten joyce)) u-n-l-v police have sent out an alert about an attack on a
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happened tuesday evening. michael stevens is on campus with more about the attack and warning... michael? ((michael stevens)) >> kirsten... u-n-l-v police say they're stepping up their presence on-campus... after what they believe was a random attack. earlier, we spoke with some students... who said they didn't know anything about what happened and they're concerned: ((juliet beltran // freshman: shocked, scared. the enviornment it just seems so safe -- you don't know what to expect to hear outside it's kind ((alex // sophomore: i walk with my keys in my hand just to be safe but yeah... it's kind of scary, it's not a great area. even though it's a great school, i just think that it is a little suspicious sometimes. )) ((michael stevens)) >> u-n-l-v police say the female student was attacked tuesday around 8-o'clock at night. they say she was walking down harmon across a campus parking
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backwards. police say the man also hit her before getting away. nothing was stolen. officers say there was a delay in notifying people because the student didn't report anything to police until wednesday... and that's when they released a campus alert: ((asst. chief jeffrey green // unlv police department: our detectives interviewed her, but i applaud her for coming to us when she did. it could have been very easy for her not to say anything... but she took that step forward to us when she did. ((michael stevens)) >> police say they're concerned about this attack... and it's the first time something like this has happened this year on campus. officers say they're looking for surveillance video to get a better description of the suspect. ((michael stevens)) >> at this time... they don't have any leads... and are asking their students to stay vigilant on campus. they say... if you have any information about what happened or see anything suspicious -- call university police.
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going more than double the speed limit when he crashed into a car... killing two people. 25- year- old willie worthams is now behind bars... after the crash near rainbow and smoke ranch last saturday. according to an arrest report released today... witnesses say worthams was racing a pick- up truck when a sedan pulled in front of him. two men in their 20's were both killed in the crash. police say worthams was going more than 70- miles- per- hour in 30- mile- an- hour zone. police say he was impaired at the time of the crash... and faces a charge of d-u-i resulting in death./ japan's prime minister will visit president elect donald trump in new york today. it will be trump's first meeting with a foreign head of state since winning the election. meanwhile work on the transition team continues. mr. trump is meeting today with former secretary of state henry kissinger and south carolina governor nikki haley as he works on policy and key nominations. (( kellyanne conway) he's just loving this role taking accounts of many different people taking many different phone calls paperwork, forming his cabinet and now his senior staff. he's really enjoying it.))
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defense intelligence agency mike flynn is the favorite for national security advisor. but the trump team says not to expect any announcements until around thanksgiving./// ((kirsten joyce)) buzzfeed published a story saying people who got their election news on facebook... have been looking at more fake stories than real ones. jericka duncan has more on the findings.. and what they mean for voters: you might have seen this article on your facebook feed back in september... a headline blaring endorses donald trump for president." you might have even shared the article... or just clicked "like" or "wow" or made a comment. the problem is... the story was false... joining the ranks of other fake, highly-shared or liked articles. "wikileaks confirms hillary sold weapons to isis." or... "hillary is disqualified from holding any federal office." buzzfeed news says during the last three months of the
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election-related articles on facebook... all but three were all anti-clinton or pro-trump. and facebook users "engaged" with them with a "share," a "like" or a comment... more than 8-point-7-million times. but they engaged with the top 20 election-related stories from legitimate news outlets... both pro-and-con for each candidate... fewer than 7-point-4 million times. according to pew research, 66% of facebook users get news from but at a tech conference last week, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg dismissed the issue. (mark zukerberg ) i think the idea that fake news on facebook influenced the election in any way, i think is a pretty crazy idea. but a few days later in a post, he acknowledged facebook has begun to look into ways for the online community to flag hoaxes and fake news.
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filter out fake news in real time. but facebook and google have each announced new plans to prevent fake stories from spreading by restricting advertising with websites that spread fake content. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now wants to help you get a head start on your holiday shopping with our "great days of giving" contest. we are giving away a 500 dollar gift card in the 5 o'clock newscast.. and a 600 dollar gift card in the 6 o'clock newscast. call in the newscast... the 8-th caller will win. you must be 18-years-old to win, and show that you're a valid nevada resident./// ((kirsten joyce)) ranking children's booster seats. the drastic improvement in quality researchers are seeing... and the one's you still want to avoid... next on 8 news now, the valley's news leader. ((you're watching the valley's news leader with
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call unitedhealthcare now and see if an aarp medicarecomplete plan is right for you. ?? swensk. this is 8 news now at noon.)) ((kirsten joyce)) nevadans enthusiasm for travel over the holidays is continuing this year. triple a says that this is the ninth year in a row that the number of people planning a trip over 50 miles for thanksgiving has increased. nevada is in what triple-a calls
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includes surrounding states state like idaho and utah. and 3 and half million people are taking a trip... most of them by car./// ((kirsten joyce)) the insurance institute for highway safety says child booster seats are becoming more effective than ever. 48 out of the 53 boosters seats they tested year got the highest rating. they are made for kids who have outgrown their car seats... but aren't big enough to use a seat belt on their own. ((jessica jermakian//iihs senior research engineer) "things have improved a lot since we first started evaluating boosters back in 2008. back then only a quarter of the seats got the top rating of best bet." )) >> only two seats are "not recommended". they are the the cosco easy elite and the cosco highback 2-in-1 dx. ((kirsten joyce)) the belts fit improperly./// ((kirsten joyce)) it's the time of the year when holiday parades start up! we will tell you about the one at downtown summerlin next... and sherry has a forecast that will make you want to bundle up... that's still ahead on 8 news now.. the valley's news leader. , ((you're watching 8
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downtown summerlin is getting ready for it's annual holiday parade.. which starts tomorrow.
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17 different nights over the next month. it features floats... toy soldiers... snowflake princes and princess.. and host of other characters. the shows will all be free and open to the public... and starts at 6 p-m. their tree lighting will be tomorrow night as well./// ((kirsten joyce)) channel 8 is teaming up with 97-1 "the point".. and our community pride partners.. for a turkey-thon. and this year you have the chance to help a local military family in need. today and tomorrow... you can drop canned food and non-perishable food items off at the smiths grocery stores listed on your screen cards. the information is all on las vegas now dot com as well. our goal is to help 25-hundred local families./// ((sherry swensk)) beautiful shot looking across
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with gorgeous clear skies and those northerly winds that are clearing out the air. ........... that warm haze that we've had for most of november has been swept out with the brisk bumpy winds that changed direction late last night as the cold front charged through the va ........... and that's when the cooler air arrived. it's a noticeable change and a real reality check for the desert after such a warm month so far. ..........
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we're grabbing jackets and sweaters and breaking out the boots and fall warb just reaching a high of 60 or so degrees today... and the winds have started to calm down already... but yesterday and last night the winds were pretty scary when
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west. ......... around 40 or so for many neighborhoods around the valley and our area. still windy down in laughlin today. .............. cooler temps will arrive tonight thanks to the calmer winds and cooler temps today... allowing freezing temps with a freeze warning for areas outside highs rebound for the weekend back to near 70 by sunday and possible showers on monday.///
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((you're watching 8 news now at noon.))
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of the most difficult types to detect. and today is world pancreatic cancer awareness day. joining us to talk about it are rebecca shanahan.. who is the spokesperson for the las vegas affiliate of the pancreatic cancer action network.. and jeana churchill... who is a 6-year survivor of it. --jeanna: tell us about your experience with it.. recommend to someone who thinks they may have it? rebecca: -- how many people get it..
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progress on increasing the survival rate so slow? -- what resources are there in the community?
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>> the crazy record set by
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four... a new program is pushing to make it easier for transgendered men and women find work. how the founder is hoping this first of it's kind program is on will end discrimination in the workplace. ((kirsten joyce)) the trailer for the new beauty and the beast movie is already breaking records before the movie is even out. the internet's first look at the live action fairy tail was viewed more than 127 million times in it's first 24 hours online.
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her facebook page.. which accounted for about 27 million of those views. the movie actually opens in march./// that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. the valley's news remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter.
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? >> bill: [ exhales sharply ] your turn. >> r.j.: [ chuckles ] >> ridge: that is not how i'd want to start my day. >> brooke: that's why bill came to my house and not to yours. but if it makes you feel better, r.j. gave him a hard time. >> ridge: that's my boy. >> brooke: don't encourage him. i want the two very special men in my life to get to know each other. that's why i'm having them spend the day together. >> eric: quinn?


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