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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  November 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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lamb. authorities arrived on the scene just over an hour ago. right now detials are very limited. we have a reporter talking with police right now and will bring you more details as we get them. ((denise valdez)) southern nevada bracing for a one two punch of rain. pockets of showers earlier today -- andh meterologist katie boer is tracking it. katie? ((katie boer)) >> ((katie boer))
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with exact amounts and placement of precipitation so continued to use a blend of model data. several areas of precipitation were noted this afternoon associated with the incoming trough and weak disturbances out ahead of the main trough. one area of showers which moved through las vegas earlier today was moving through lincoln county this afternoon. ........................... another area was coming up out of mexico and will likely brush southeast mohave county this evening. showers will also likely work into the far western part of the forecast area this evening as well but the area across central and eastern portions of inyo and san bernarn they will be in a break for the evening hours. expect this break to fill in overnight as the upper trough moves into california ((denise valdez)) the first snow of the season is great news for skiiers and snowboarders -- but it can
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in northern california -- blizzard like conditions had drivers slipping and sliding all over the road. and in chicago -- workers at one the nation's busiest airports are ready to go on strike -- as early as tomorrow. all this as we head into the busiest travel season of the year. reporter brittany edney tells us what nevadans can expect if they're heading out:
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with nearly 250-thousand residents in the region expected to fly... that means more foot traffic in and out of vegas. a lyft driver we spoke to says... while we're entering the season of celebrating--- there's no reason to forego safety. ((tony parham, lyft driver )) "there's a lot of people that come in from out of town to celebrate with their families so we want to see increased fares on the las vegas strip and downtown." ((denise valdez)) >> aaa says around 230-thousand people ou transportation options like trains. reporting live brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) driving on our roads and freeways can be dangerous -- even deadly. this year there have been 105 traffic deaths in metro's jurisdiction. so today survivors of those killed -- gathered to encourage drivers not to become part of the problem. family members met to observe a day of remembrance in downtown las vegas to honor their loved ones. tina lovoie, lost her daughter hillary back in september of
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who understand what she's going through. ((tina lavoie, mother of traffic crash victim "for us, it's kind of cathrodic being able to be there for other people, knowing you're not alone going through this.")) ((denise valdez)) this is the first year the palms mortuary participated in the international day of rememberence. organizers hope to continue the tradition every year on the sunday before thanksgiving./// ((denise valdez)) a massive manhunt is underway after a police detective was murdered during a routine police released a picture of a person of interest in the shooting death of a police detective benjamin marconi . witnesses say marconi, was conducting a traffic stop right in front of police headquarters when the suspect got out of another car and opened fire. (((chief william mcmanus, san antonio police): "most families will be celebrating the holidays, sapd will be burying one of its own because of the ultimate act of cowardice by a suspect who will be caught and brought to justice." )) ((denise valdez)) marconi was was rushed to
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he was a 20 year veteran of the force. the suspect got away in a black car. marconi's death follows the ambush killings of police officers in iowa, texas and louisiana earlier this year./// ((denise valdez)) a man is behind bars tonight charged with stabbing his roomate to death. 20 year old jacob driscoll faces one count of murder with use of a deadly weapon. officers responded to a stabbing call at home near decatur and washington. the victim was found with multiple stabs wounds and later e witnesses heard screaming and arguing between the victim and driscoll. officers tracked him down while he was trying to enter a nearby home./// ((denise valdez)) investigators say a deadly plane crash in elko could have killed more people if the pilot had acted differently. the plane crashed friday night in the parking lot of the airport moments after takeoff. all people on board died. investigators say the pilot likely saved lives by crashing into the parking lot and avoiding nearby homes and businesses.
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what caused the crash./// ((denise valdez)) racial name calling is getting out of hand in one major city. the uptick in hate crimes reported -- and how new yorkers are responding by picking up the phone.
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sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now . ." ((denise valdez)) in what's being called an "explosion" in hate crimes since
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the uptick in new york. governor andrew cuomo announced the team as part of his address at a harlem church. president-elect donald trump wasn't specifically mentioned, but cuomo has in the past critizized him and vowed that he would reject hateful attitudes that surfaced during his campaign. cuomo also launched a hotline for new yorkers to report incidents of discrimination. it's received more than 400 calls since friday./// ((denise valdez)) vice president-elect that he wasn't offended when a "hamilton" cast member addressed him from the stage after a performance friday night. ((but at the end, you know, i did hear what was said from the stage, and i can tell you, i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. )) ((denise valdez)) however president-elect donald trump had a different opinion and demanded an apology from the cast. in a tweet -- trump accused the cast members of being rude and harassing pence. a member of the "hamilton" cast
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-- saying he hoped the show inspired pence to "uphold american values and to work on behalf of all of us." ((denise valdez)) the hashtag #boycotthamil ton started trending. users took to twitter to express their displeasure with the exchange and urged people to boycott the show. but it wasn't long before fans of the show realized that if that were to happen, maybe tickets would be easier to get! when a reporter asked trump about the movement to boycott he responded by saying it was ok with him. here's whs had to say: ((denise valdez)) debbie greene posted "he needs to get thicker skin if he's going to be in this game for the next 4 years!" -bob baker wrote "i hope that they sellout every show because of this." -and reann ford has a good idea. "if anyone wants to boycott hamilton, i'll be glad to take those sold-out tickets off your hands."/// ((denise valdez)) hitting the slobes for the holidays! we check in up north with how
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((denise valdez)) a big chunk of 215 remains shut down near the airport, plus several ramps are closed in and around the spaghetti bowl interchange. but some of that should ease up by tomorrow morning. traffic anchor demetria obilor is in studio to show you the areas you'll want to avoid in tonight's look ahead. this past friday, 215 shut down in both directions at the airport connector. the stretch remains closed, but
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the ramps to the airport connector from 215 will remain open, but expect delays leading up to the area. if you live on the east side, you'll want to use alternates like russell road to get to and from the airport. if you're commuting from the west side, use tropicana avenue to get to the airport. this is all for the county's airport connector project, which is scheduled to you'll still be dealing with freeway ramp closures in the spaghetti bowl area as part of project neon. project neon is the state's
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dollar solution to the i-15/us 95 interchange. the southbound i-15 exit to northbound 95 is closed, as well as the northbound i-15, southbound i-15 and northbound 95 exits to mlk. the northbound i-15 ramp to northbound 95 is closed,but is easy to maneuver around. traffic is diverted onto the former mlk ramp, which takes drivers to a temporary northbound 95 on-ramp. e interchange, and i'll be guiding you through them monday on "good day." see you then./// ((denise valdez)) here in the valley we're coming off a chilly weekend --
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jackets. ((katie boer)) that's right at mount rose near reno, ski season has officially begun. it's a later start than last year. the few runs are mostly man-made snow pumped out over the last three days. but they're skiable. and the folks who've been waiting for their winter season to start, say that's all they need. ((denise valdez)) toss to katie for weather ((katie boer))
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bringing locally breezy conditions and good chances of precipitation to much of the area. dry conditions and near-average temperatures are expected tuesday through the upcoming weekend. ........................ models are in pretty good and depth of the upper trough which will move across the area tonight through monday night. still seeing some differences with exact amounts and placement of precipitation so continued to use a blend of model data. several areas of precipitation were noted this afternoon
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ahead of the main trough. one area of showers which moved through las vegas earlier today was moving through lincoln county this afternoon. ........................... another area was coming up out of mexico and will likely brush southeast mohave county this evening. showers will also likely work into the far western part of the forecastr as well but the area across central and eastern portions of inyo and san bernardino, clark and southern nye counties look like they will be in a break for the evening hours. expect this break to fill in overnight as the upper trough moves into california
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jon tritsch is a busy man. ((jon tritsch)) >> and it included a runnin rebel victory we'll hear from coach marvin menzies as unlv continues to take the program to new heights and we go from throw.. to whoa.. the best moments of the local sports week are coming up next..
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e all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show...
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this town is a make you's break you's a bring you down town..but if you lead the runnin rebels to wins..this is your town come fly with me? well marvin menzies and unlv are figuring it out on the fly.. the new coach and completely new roster have won their last 2 games by narrow margins..last night they beat cal state fullerton by 9..and played well in the final 4 minutes..which is a great sign moving forward (( )) every week we take our camera
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for sports..and then on sunday the vegas five counts down the best the valley had to offer..and this wait for it the pound for pound title..a battle of undefeated light heavyweights captivated las vegas on saturday..andre ward became the undefeated champion by beating russian sergey kovalev with a unanimous decision..rev up the rematch talk marvin menzies once owned a los angeles bakery called marvelous marvin' didn't work out.. 30 years later he won his 200th game as a college basketball coach in the beginning of his 10th of the fastest
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m-v-p.. kris bryant is a world series champion.. a rookie of the year..and the best player in baseball in 2016..the bonanza high school grad was honored on thursday with the game's hightest award..kris says his dad mike is his inspiration (( )) desert pines had the single greatest play of the weekend.. leaping touchdown catch..but the bigger story is the jaguars winning their first state title..dp has always been full of talent..with an empty championship shelf.. not anymore..they got their title spring mountain did the unthinkable.. the youth treatment facility won it's first state title..a remarkable accomplishment. .but even more incredible--they beat 8 time reigning state champion pahranagat valley who came in with a national record
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chances..and unforgettable moments (( )) the fox sports production guy usually captures the he made it in aghhhhh!!.. my favorite part is #98 on the back and smiling and can't stop me bro..vikings are savages..we should have learned from history ((jon tritsch)) that's it for sports tonight... lets send it back over to sharie.
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((denise valdez)) an out of this world mystified. nasa camera's picked up a mysterious blue sphere moving in front of the sun. the daily mail reports facebook user pamela jonhson, who lives in mexico, shared the images from a link to nasa's website, claiming the sun reacted to the object. the images, taken from nasa's stereo satellites which orbit the sun, show the large spectacle in clear view - before it goes
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divided as to whether or not is was extraterrestrial. skeptics argue it is a solar discharge, or a rouge planet while other suggest it may be a u-f-o./// ((denise valdez)) it was surfs up for one dog in california as he battles a blistery day in san francisco.. check out this little guy who seems to be unphased by the high surf as he fights with a strip of seaweed. of course the strong winds make the waves extremely dangerous for beach-goes to try to take on./// news now at 11. for news anytime, just go to las
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