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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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your side... with a look at this year's best gifts. > it all starts with the name... and there have been rumors about it for months now. we've got team coverage tont with fans... ((paul joncich)) >> but we start with sports director chris maathuis with a preview of tonight's announcement... from the team's future home... t-mobile arena. ((chris maathuis)) ((jon tritsch))
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we are very close to finding out the name of our new nhl hockey franchise.. anchor christianne klein has
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>> earlier today we talked with the senior vice president and marketing officer for our new nhl team here in las vegas about why potential names are getting so much attention. (( nehme abouzeid/ senior vp and marketing officer hockey is a very unique sport and the name connotes the personality of a team. mr foley has said all along he wants our team to be tough and dependable and fight to the end and that's really what hockey's all about : it's a very fast paced sport you know they don't take time outs every few minutes- it's fast and now we're able to brand a brand new team in vegas that symbolizes the aspirations of the city and this name speaks to that- so i think that everyone's gonna like the name and logo tonight. the long awaited name and logo )) ((christianne klein)) long awaited is right... we've heard that knights will be in the title... chris mentioned a few options... and we wanted to know how you
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desert knights is the top pick... followed by silver knights... and at the bottom.. golden knights. ((christianne klein)) >> we also received a lot of colorful comments about the potential new team name.. a few of you are convinced the name will be silver knights.. some say black knights and others had completely different suggestions.. of course the wait is almost over- and once we have a name and logo, the next part is merchandising- t just in time for the holidays. ((paul joncich)) while it's not exactly hockey weather, it's finally feeling more like the season ted.!
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mostly clouds right now high humidity and dewpoints due to the rain that passed through this morning. winds breezy at times but cool 60's today and not 70's that's for sure. ...................... ............. ............. let's take you through the evening and show you what to expect. temps cooling off bigtime as skies beging to clear tonight. temps in the mid 50's and sunny and chilly by tomorrow a.m. for your morning commute. we'll have your thanksgiving forecast coming up in a few minutes
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this happened in the area hunters know as unit 262... which is popular for deer hunting. game wardens discovered several kill sites along the road. deer hunting is legal... but only after hunters are drawn for a tag. department of wildlife spokesman nick du-ay says poaching gives hunters a black eye. ((nick duhe/public affairs, ndow: "a lot of legal, legit sportsmen go out, they get their tags, and do everything by the book, so these guys have gone out and killed 8 different deer up at wheeler pass and have basically taken that opportunity from 8 people who are, couldh them.")) hunters go through a long process just to be able to hunt. they complete an education course... then get a generic hunting license. then... they apply for hunting tags for specific animals in specific geographic areas -- or units. the number available can change every year. then... it's a lottery process to be selected to hunt there. ((patrick walker)) investigators believe all 8 killings are related. they have not ruled out multiple
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carries 1-4 years in prison and thousands of dollars of fines. if you have any information... you're urged to call the operation game thief hotline. that number is 1-800-992-3030. live in the newsroom... patrick walker... 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) you're last shot at winning 500-bucks is coming up... but first... a local man is stuck with an 86-thousand dollar bill... until michelle mortensen got on his side. more on how she made things right... next./// tonight..
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keep an eye on your bank statements. because if someone finds a way to access your accounts .. it could cost you... big time. consumer advocate michelle mortensen tells us how a cyber security threat almost cost a man his home.
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describes the cyber security fraud that plagued him for more than a year. in july 2015 ... someone gained access to his checking and home equity account numbers ... and created an online profile for both. something bill says he never would have done. ((bill: i like my paper statements )) ((michelle mortensen)) but all of a sudden bill's paper statements stopped... and because he didn't use the accounts .. he didn't think it was odd. that's why bill claims he never knew someone took 86 thousand dollars from his home equity line of credit. he discovered it 91 days after and immediately reported it to his bank expecting to be made whole. but wasn't. ((bill: it was kinda like getting punched in the stomach. )) ((michelle mortensen)) state and federal law says you the consumer must report fraud within 60 days to not be liable for the charges. bill reported it 31 days too late. he was on the hook for it all. ((bill: it makes you feel violated .. id' rather have someone break in through my door at least then you have a fighting chance. )) ((michelle mortensen)) bill did fight back as best he
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f-b-i ... but for months nothing happend and cases were close. so on a wing and a prayer he turned to 8 on your side ((bill:i was praying every day. )) ((michelle mortensen)) i did some digging in the fraud allegations . turns out all 86 thousand dollars were used by a man in california to buy bars of gold. but even with that evidence ... the bank told me repeatedly ... they weren't going to make any refunds. but then out-of-the-blue ... days after my conversations with the bank p-r team ... everything changed. stolen from him. ((bill: i owe nothing -- you owe nothing -- my line of credit is back where it was at -- you own this house again -- yes. )) ((michelle mortensen)) why the change of heart? the bank sent me this explanation ... saying it was a complicated case ... and they just chose to write it off. it wasn't much of an answer ... but it was an answer bill was very satisfied with. ((bill yes i'm thankfull ... thank god./// 41: it took a lot of pressure off )) he has his home. he has his money ... because he had 8 on his side
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((michelle mortensen)) so i bet your wondering ... how did this cyber security fraud even happen in the first place. there are 2 theorys. someone either got a copy of his statement .. and opened an online account.. or a hacker gained access to his computer and retrieved personal information. regardless ((paul joncich)) ((weather toss))
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((( cold air has arrived behind a cold front that passed through last night. these are temps we haven't seen since february as we fily temps today near 60 and unseasonably cooler than the mid 60's we're supposed to be at. winds still remain breezy at times as well but will decrease even more tomorrow and into our weekend. we have plenty of sunshine as well but become milder by the weekend. ................................ ... ................................ ..
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on the east side of town where we're lower in elevation and obviously cooler for the westside near the mountain where wind barreling through. regional temps also stayed chilly this morning and not too much of a warm up as well today as most of the state stayed below average. ................................ ... .................. satellite and radar composite shows clear skies after the clouds we had yesterday. we have cooler weather in the wake of that cold front so temps will take a while to recover. we're anticipating our first freeze of the season for some freeze alerts have been issued but las vegas not under that freeze warming. we stay cold and but not under a freeze warning as we get temps we haven't seen since february 7th. ................................ ... ................. tonight expect a low near 40 and chilly as you'll need the jacket tomorrow a.m. winds become more light breezes tonight and less windy as earlier today. tomorrow expect a high in the mid 60's and milder and finally near average for a change. sunny skies continue as we wrap up the
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... .................. extended forecast shows milder temps into the weekend with more clouds by sunday. slight chance for showers on monday and we clear up again. we turn mild by the weekend and stay cool and more seasonably next week. overnight lows stay chilly in the 40's for much of next ((denise valdez)) alright grab your phone and start dialing! the number to call for your chance to win 500 dollars is right here! 702-792-8801! the 8th person to call wins a 500- dollar gift card in our great days of giving contest! today is you're last chance to win!
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resident. we'll announce the winner on air in just a couple minutes!///
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((denise valdez)) we have a winner of our 8 news now great days of giving contest! robin luff..... just won a 500 dollar gift card! congratulations! if you didn't win.. tune in at 6 for your last shot! /// ((denise valdez)) just a few minutes ago you mortensen saved one man. well she's back again with more information we could all use... holiday gift ideas. this time she's listing off the top toys that teach and inspire creativity. and you can shop while you watch .. by going to our website and clicking on michelle's holiday gift guide for a 2 screen expereince.
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toys for toddlers to tweens. hi, i'm michelle mortensen here at the amazing magical forrest in las vegas nevada... tweens and teens love making their own jewelry... and they can design just about anything with this jewlery making kit from crayola. gelli arts ... awakens your creative side as well. these plates and stamps can be used to fabric and more. and for the girl who loves bling ... there's junior sequin art by geospace. these color sets from calafant unlock imaginations and creativity. better yet -- there's no cutting or gluing .. so they are perfect for little hands. and for the girl who likes to get her hands dirty ... there's my fairy garden ..bringing plants and fairies to life. two of the hottest stem kits for girls are this barbie one from thames and kosmos ... and roominate carnival party. girls will get to design and
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wheel with the carnival party set ... while the barbie set teaches while getting barbie ready for a big party. build her a spinning clostes or make her an origami dress. and don't think we've forgotten about stem toys for boys. there's a bevy of them ... like this gekko bot. also from thames and kosmos .. kids build the robot one of six ways and then let him loose to scales walls all the while teaching them about mechanical physics. and this and this magformers robot ... is made entirely of magnets .. like ... and yes, he walks too. mebo is the robot of your kids dreams. mebo will pick up their clothes .. grab them a snack .. and even spy on their friends. and if you're kids are dying for a pet ... but you're not ready for the real things check out techno newborns. the robot pets can be taught to walk, sit, beg, sing, and even jump into your hand! the imaginext ultra t rex by fischer price brings dinosaurs to life for kids 3 to 8. they'll love his firey eyes and
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code? then fisher price's code a pillar is a must. little hands build the code-a-pillar with interlocking parts .. and then let him go. by playing with this toy toddlers develope coding, sequencing and critical thinking skills. the code and go robot mouse does the same for an older child.... build a maze and let the mouse go so he can find the cheese. got a space lover in the family? then snag my first telescope with 10 times magnification from educational insights. expolration by uncle milton .. it brings galxies to life with these cool goggles. they can learn more about the planets and the milky way. kids can fly high with this design and drill hellicopter kit ...developing fine and gross motor skills while having fun. and who doesn't love bubbles. this finding doryscience kit from wonder forge... gives kids the chance to perform their own lab experiments with bubbles while learning about surface tension, elasticity, soap molecules, diffusion, and more.
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iceberg when it comes to the creative, stem and educational toys we've found. check out my other picks in my online gift guide on your station website .. pinterest and my facebook page. i'm mm and in the next hour ... michelle will be joining us again with her hot toy list ((denise valdez)) >> make sure to stick around for 8 news now at 6.. michelle will be back with her hot toy list./// ((paul joncich)) before we go... one more reminder... our nhl team name will be announced outside the t-mobile arena in less than an hour. emcee the event./// ((paul joncich)) and let's take a look at our team name poll one more time... it's a pretty clear cut vote from our facebook fans. "desert knights" is the name you'd prefer. of course.. these are just rumors.. so you'll have to either head down there now... or tune in to 8 news now at 6 for all the updates tonight./// ((denise valdez)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. ((paul joncich)) the cbs evening news is next.
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now his positions are in transition. the president-elect says he won't prosecute hillary clinton. and denying climate change? well, that's changing, too. also tonight, the driver who wrapped a school bus around a tree killing at least five children, is charged with vehicular homicide. >> and my daughter said, right before the bus flipped, he asked them, "are you all ready to die?" >> pelley: the billionaire who's bringing jobs to america. >> reporter: mr. cho, are you making america great again? >> yes. >> pelley: and the president honors some of america's greatest stars. >> talkin' to me?


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