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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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worth it the next time you have a few drinks and think about getting behind the wheel. (("this is closure, the cuban people" )) ((demetria obilor)) >> fidel castro's death has sent polarizing reactions across death has sent polarizing reactions across the cuban community... the change they are hoping to see happen from the cuban revolutionary's death. ((katie boer)) >> plus... the winds have kicked off our weekend... what about rain chances? it's al forecast. /// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((demetria obilor)) thank you for joining us i'm demetria obilor. not only is this thanksgiving weekend heavily traveled, but it's also one of the most dangerous on the roadway mothers against drunk driving says--nationwide-- the time between thanksgiving and new years is the deadliest for drunk driving crashes. reporter brittany edney joins us now live with a message from first responders. ((brittany edney)) >> responders say during the holiday season, it's becoming
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time with loved ones to ending up in a tragic situation due to one bad decision. and it's something that's easily avoidable. ((officer gabriel lebario, metro police)) " more people are out there celebrating, getting together with family and friends, co-workers and you see the drinking and driving, the accidents, the arrests, the fatalities start to go up." there are consequences when you drink and getting behind the wheel.... you can face high fines and jailtime but there's also options. from ride sharing to cabs or just using the designated driver system. ((officer gabriel lebario, metro police)) "also, if you're hosting a party, you know, if you see that someone has had too much too drink, offer them some help and say, 'hey, can i get you home or can i
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bucking up, staying sober and follow the rules of the roads... it's important to always practice defensive driving... stay cautious and alert. ((brittany edney)) >> nevada highway patrol says if you think you spot a drunk driver... then give them a call.. there's no charge.. just dial star n-h-p. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now.// ((demetria obilor)) anpl coast factory was hurt after a car crashes into the building. this happened around 4-30 at the location near tropicana and eastern. police say a 61 year old woman lost control of her car and crashed into the front wall of the store. an employee inside was pinned underneath that wall and was taken to sunrise with non- lifethreatening injuries. police say the driver was cooperative and is not suspect
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((katie boer))
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cuban leader fidel castro. as soon as news broke, they flooded the streets of little after ruling cuba for nearly five decades starting in 1959. cuban president raul castro announced his brother's death on state television late friday. the cuban exile community in miami began celebrating immediately... ("i know we're not supposed to be celebrating death but for us, this is closure, the cuban people." (oscar minoso) " 58 yrs later castro dies on black friday which is the emblematic day for capitalism.
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streets as night fell they cheered, sang, banged on pots and pans and waved the cuban flag . cuba has announced that there will be nine days of national mourning for fidel castro. he will be laid to rest on sunday, december fourth. ((demetria obilor)) investigators are offering a 20-thousand dollar reward after two inmates busted out of the santa clara main jail the night before thanksgiving. police say 33-year old rogelio chavez cut through jail window bars and fashioned a rope out of bedsheets.... rappelling from a 2nd story window. k9 teams caught their scent and followed for nearly six miles when the dogs fatigued. (([[daniel maraval/trail runner]] "there's this big marsh. they could be hanging out there. it's really dense so you can't really see them. it would be a perfect hiding spot. that's definitely making me more cautious now." )) ((demetria obilor))
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businesses could help them find a lead. they say the men are dangerous. today, san jose's mayor tweeted asking for the public's assistance. ((demetria obilor)) and nye county sheriffs are also on the hunt this man who they believed to be connected to a shooting at a bar. they believe jack freeland shot another man in the foot at vince neil's tatuado wild side tavern early this morning. they say say he may have fled in a red chevy dually pick-up truck. if you have any information on where he may be you're asked to contact the nye county sheriff's office./// promoting peace in a time of protest. as thousands stand against the dakota access pipeline a new movement has surfaced that's support the officers... how this group hopes to unify the community coming up on the valley's news leader./// "you're watching the valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon
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. ." ((demetria obilor)) protesters in north dakota have been trying for months to stop the construction of the
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four-hundred people rallied to support police who sometimes clashed with the protesters. a wave of residents in blue swept the liberty memorial bridge this morning... saying they are standing in solidarity with law enforcement that have been involved with the pipeline protests. ((bruce bjelland, law enforcement supporter: "they're put under such strain right now, and the time that they have put in, it's ridiculous." kayla wolf, rally organizer: "pro-community. we want our communities back. we want unity. we don't want division.")) organizers the rally was adding it isn't pro or anti pipeline but instead an effort to unite the bismarck-mandan community some residents have also called for federal and state agencies to intervene with pipeline protests./// ((demetria obilor)) the 2016 presidential election isn't over yet according to green party candidate jill stein. yesterday she announced she had raised enough money to file for a recount in wisconsin. now hillary clinton is saying she's with her.
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it will take part in the recount effort to ensure it's fair to all sides. but president-elect donald trump thinks it's a scam and blasted stein saying she won't spend the funds on a recount. she responded to his statement on c-n-n newsroom. (("he may be creating his own facts here, as he's been known to do sometimes in the past. and i think, you know, he himself said that it was a rigged election, unless he won it." "the point to drive home here is that having a secure elections process benefits us all. )) ((demetria obilor)) presidential recount in wisconsin state history./// ((demetria obilor)) of course this recent request getting a lot of attention on our facebook page. peg says... during the election, the media reported that hilliary would have to win the last 6 states to reach the electorial votes she needed. so why recount only one state? on the flip side... janine writes... maybe it will amount to something.... after all..... the election was rigged..... that's what trump cried about
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well. just head over to our facebook page. that's 8 news now. ((demetria obilor)) a few glasses of wine could be just what the doctor ordered. coming up on the valley's news leader why a new study suggests alcohol could be another weapon in fighting serious health risks. /// "now, live...this is 8
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with small business saturday. the day is dedicated to supporting small, local stores after big retailers got all the attention on black friday.
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participated. all day thousands of people came out to support the outdoor stores. nearly 40 small businesses fill the shopping center. the people at the clothing store "live at your own pace" estimate that more 80 percent of that merchandise was wiped out. ((andre thomas, founder, live at your own pace "a lot of people are coming out for holiday shopping and it's just kind of a big boost to our business which we need since you know we're not a big box store." )) >> live at your own pace just opened a few months ago and says this is the biggest day they've had in sales since opening. /// ((demetria obilor)) you no longer have to feel guitly about having a few glasses of wine over the holidays... but just not too many. that's according to a review of studies published in b-m-c medicine. the review found that people who had one or two alcoholic drinks a day reduced their risk of a stroke by eight percent. but people who had more to drink
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than four drinks a day jumped by 14-percent. what about those that don't drink at all? researchers say that doesn't mean nondrinkers should start to drink as a health measure./// ((katie boer))
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>> one team is celebrating into the night..the other is searching for answers quarterback kurt enough.. plus the nevada high school state semis were a showcase of las vegas teams..see who is playing for a title ///
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gold and more desirable than ever.. it is a master of pride and a mistress of envy.. the fremont cannon is the ultimate prize for unr and unlv football and tonight it will go
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state there she all her glory.. getting better with age.. the wolpack come out hunting..ty gangi..steamroll ing the rebels and into the endzone..unr scored the first 17 points.. 2nd quarter unlv quarterback kurt palandech puts on his pads and gets aggressive..runn ing through the entire city of reno..touchdown. .17-7..'s a that would end quickly... gangi shovel pass to james at half.. it got worse..unr players might not have wanted to win more..but they sure played like it.. butler a man possessed.. las vegas fans..leaving in the 3rd quarter to watch a saturday afternoon episode of mash final play of the season..wolfpack interception by asauni rufus..a former state championship quarterback from bakersfield leading the way victory.. the cannon is feeling blue..and so is unlv
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football final 4..7 time reigning the gatekeeper..but the gaels would have their hands full at arbor view the aggies come out firing..hayden bollinger to andrew wagner..2 of the best players in the state team up for six.. gorman trailing..unchar tered territory.. they responded just fine..tate martell to jalen nailor..can't stop jalen..won't stop
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throw..launches another missile to jailen nailor..and it's nailor 85 yard party for six... gaels igniting...tate martell to brevin jordan..air jordan scoring.. and gorman is soaring back to the state championship game ..56-17 liberty packing their high powered offense and traveling north to take on damonte ranch..and the patriots pummeling early.. kenyon oblad to ethd size..but feeling big in the endzone.. patriots in contro..but damonte ranch would make it interesting time to air it out.. kenyon oblad to the great crishaun lappin... and he seizes the endzone.. 30-27.. patriots back in the state title game to take on gorman while we were covering all things cannon at sam boyd stadium this afternoon..the runnin rebels welcomed western kentucky to town and quickly erased the sour taste from last
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unlv could not make the global classic title game..but washington and tcu did coach jamie dixon of tcu..actually gave his dad a ride home from the arena last night after the team bus left..great guy..we're best friends. tcu's point guard jaylin fisher was once committed to unlv..he's exactly what the rebels are missing.. a decisive and fearless point guard.. frogs jump out to a 24-6 lead.. the couldn't miss from outside..alex robinson pouring in 3 of his 24 points.. and talent.. and moves.. markelle fultz behind the back beauty..he had 27.. but the horned frogs could not be stopped.. 93-80..they remain undefeated top five showdown between ohio state and michigan..jim harbaugh and urban meyer lost years off of their lives because of this.. wilton speight to khalid hill..but michigan would blow the lead and the game would go to over time... in double ot..wolverines settle for a field goal.. buckeyes settle for
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controversial and classic senior day for that running back lawrence erekosima will never forget..his mother was allowed to come back from serving in kuwait to surprise him..she's served 3 tours in iraq and afghanistan..a championship team delivering cheers and chills..thank you all for your service ((jon tritsch)) thats all for sports. more news coming up. /// "now, live...this is 8
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there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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((demetria obilor)) a trip to the everglades turned into a dangerous close encounter. two men were hunting ducks
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of the men. the bite left a 10-inch gash on his thigh. ((roberto gautier, victim's friend: "we loaded our stuff in the kayaks and got in the water and we were probably in hip-deep water and he must have startled the alligator or something. he bit him." )) ((demetria obilor)) >> the victim was airlifted to broward health medical center and is expected to be fine./// ((demetria obilor)) it's been an incredible and historic season for the dallas cowboys. and a family of die-hard fans are team to a whole new level. they decked out their new mexico home with an entire cowboys theme. and on gameday the olivias celebrate every touchdown by blowing their family horn. and get this, they won't even let you in the door without a team jersey and if you root for the other team, you get banished to the porch./// thanks for watching 8
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