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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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--- witness --- some one did run over a group of people with their car --- police say one assailant was killed by law enforcement.. but the campus remained on lockdown as the search for possible accomplices continued. brook silva-braga, for cbs news, new york./// ((kirsten joyce)) remained on lockdown as the search for possible accomplices continued. brook silva-braga, for cbs news, new york./// ((kirsten joyce)) >> classes for tens of thousands of students were cancelled for the rest of the day./// ((kirsten joyce)) in about one hour metro police are expected to give an update on their investigation of a sexual assl old girl. they need your help finding the person responsible. authorities say it happened on thanksgiving outside of a gated community near buffalo and lake mead. investigators say the man approached an 8 year old girl and her younger brother while they were playing outside. he then separated the two and took the girl around the corner of a building and sexually assaulted her. if you have any information that could help track this person down you're asked to call crime stoppers./// ((kirsten joyce))
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today, just as fidel castro's death raises new questions about american-cuban relations. just days before he was elected, donald trump promised to reverse the nation's diplomatic deal with cuba... the white house and the president-elect were on opposite ends of the spectrum in their comments on fidel castro's death: in his statement, president obama left it up to "history" to "judge the enormous impact of this singular figure..." trump was more blunt, calling castro "...a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people..." rs and if you're planning on buying online... you'll want to do it safely. 8 news now reporter michael stevens is here... with ways to protect your important information. michael? ((michael stevens)) >> kirsten... online sales are expected to hit at least 3-point 3-billion dollars. that's nine percent more than
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one-of-a-kind deals cyber security experts are warning you to be careful. one of the biggest things they stress is to never give out your social security number... also -- while some sites give you the option to store your credit card data... it's safer to skip that option and checkout as a guest if it's a one time purchase. if you surf around facebook or other social media sites... don't be fooled by fake sites that mimic the actual ones: ((shannon wilkinson // president, axiom cyber solutions: the other day i got a fantastic deal on my facebook feed a i and it was a website like nfl shop -- it wasn't really nfl shop, so you just have to be wary that you are going to the site you mean to go to and the deals that are too fantastic to be true, usually are. )) ((michael stevens)) >> a couple other things to keep in mind... stay off public wi-fi when entering imortant info. and don't forget to make sure the website you're buying from is secure... by looking for the lock on the
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it's always recommended to use credit cards when purchasing items... because a credit card will offer far better fraud protection than your debit card. kirsten? ((kirsten joyce)) and while you're doing your christmas shopping we want to encourage you to buy an extra gift for someone in need. 8 news now is partnering with tobin fiat at sahara and jones to collect toys and gift cards for the casa foundation. the dealership is trying to fill up all thier fiats with as many toys as possible. you can stop by to make 30-th./// ((kirsten joyce)) a sharply cooler holiday weekend in the valley capped off with yesterday's strong winds. so sherry what can we expect for the rest of the week? ((sherry swensk)) partly cloudy skies and cool temps through the morning. if we didn't have the clouds, temps would have dropped to chillier 30s for lows.... but neighborhoods settled into the 40s, so it wasn't too cold.
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.............. right now we're just in the 50s at the airport... and a little breeze here or there, but the bigger winds return tomorrow. ................ a little snow has fallen in the mountains.... and just enough to dust the peaks with white. ............... snow levels down to about 6500 feet. we could pick up maybe a couple of inches. ............ highs today in the upper 50s.... then generally cool mid 50s all week. ((kirsten joyce))
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weekend with their special adoption deal. after waving their adoption fees... 154 dogs 27 cats 98 bunnies and one snake, all have new homes. and you have until closing today to grab a new edition to the family free of charge. they still have a few dogs and rabbits available for adoption./// asthma can come on suddenly and it can be a frightening experience. (( "for patients it feels like they're breathing through a straw." )) >> for those with severe asthma that isn't controlled by medication, an innovative surgery is now making a big difference. that story is coming up next on 8 news now, the valley's news leader. /// ((you're watching the valley's news leader with brian loftus, kirsten joyce and sherri swensk.
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((kirsten joyce)) seventeen million american adults struggle with asthma, a narrowing of the airways. for most, medication can help
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those patients, there is very little that really works. as martie salt shows us, for the very first time, there is a surgical procedure that is helping these patients breathe easier. jenn mcbride entire bite covered thirty-eight-year-old jenn mcbride spends a lot of time in the kitchen. for the first time in years, everyday activities don't wear her out. jenn mcbride "i just couldn't get her out. jenn mcbride "i just couldn't get through the day because i couldn't breathe." jenn had asthma since she was 21, but four years ago she got pneumonia. afterh were often inflamed. jenn mcbride "from that point on, around every six weeks i would either come down with bronchitis or another case of pneumonia." (:09) doctor anthony zikos (zee-kohs) offered another option, a new f-d-a-approved treatment called bronchial thermoplasty(therm-o h-plas-tee). during the procedure doctors put a bronchoscope and a flexible catheter through a patient's mouth into the lungs to deliver radio frequency waves to the lining of the tissue. anthony zikos, do, fccp
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network "it's approximately 65 degrees, thermal energy, and the idea is to decrease the muscle mass in the bronchial tree." with less muscle, the airway walls are less likely to contract during an asthma attack. doctors perform three separate procedures, three weeks apart. deborah gentile, md dir. of asthma and allergy clinical research allegheny health network "this isn't for every asthmatic. this is for the worst of the worst that we can't control." the procedure has kept jenn out of the doctor's office and given her more tie jenn mcbride "just to give you a better quality of life. it's just amazing." i'm martie salt, reporting./// ((kirsten joyce)) doctors say once the initial three sessions of thermoplasty (therm-oh-plas -tee) are done, the procedure can't be repeated because it's still not clear what additional thermoplasty (therm-oh-plas -tee) would do to the airway walls. doctor zikos (zee-kohs) says this isn't a cure for asthma as most patients will still require some medication to control symptoms./// ((kirsten joyce))
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little tast of it over the weekend. coming up on the valley's news leader we take a look at what mother nature is serving up for lee canyon this week. and the cooler temps sticking around in sherry's weather now forecast. still ahead on 8 news now, ((you're watching 8 news now at noon.))
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christina gannon sent us this video of snow in mary jane falls. over at lee canyon they got 4 inches of snow over the weekend the slopes december 9th. .//// ((kirsten joyce)) the cooler weather blew in right on scheduler this weekend sherry. ((sherry swensk)) >> as we expected... that cold front picked up some really gusty winds ahead of it...
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were anticipating. ........... sure enough we dropped temps 10 degrees between saturday and sunday and even picked up that nice sampling of snow in the mountains that will lay the groundwork for the eventual opening to lee canyon. .......... a few more good storms and we should get into a hea .............. temps around the valley are now in the 50s and overnight lows will be chilly all week. ..... cool temps and cloudy skies this morning. if we didn't have the clouds, temps would be dropping to chillier 30s.... but neighborhoods have settled into the 40s. .............. there are some breezes and some
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............... snow levels down to about 6500 feet. we could pick up maybe a couple of inches. ............ highs today in the upper 50s.... then generally cool mid 50s all week. ((you're watching 8 news now at noon.))
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great grip on your device. on cam want even more great gift ideas ... check out my online holiday guide on our station website ... pinterest or my facebook page. i'm mm ((kirsten joyce)) up next how rudolph and his gang of reindeer are pulling double duty to make your holiday deliveries./// ((kirsten joyce)) dominoes is getting in
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they are trying it out in northern japan where snowfall is abundant. trainers are exploring different delivery options like mounting a delivery case on reindeer's back, or making them drag a pizza-laden sleds. reindeers are highly cold-resistant and powerful, but ensure their safety and well-being of the mammal by limiting the maximum weight they deliver./// that's all for 8 news now live at noon..
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? >> brooke: that's not mistletoe. >> bill: parsley. it came on my sandwich. ? >> ridge: how does that feel? >> it's okay. >> ridge: it's okay? >> yeah. >> ridge: overall, how does it feel? >> it's weightless. it's like a nightgown. >> ridge: ah. maybe you got to put that sash back. i got to think about it. what about you? you bored yet? >> r.j.: that one keeps smiling at me. >> ridge: maybe she thinks you're cute. >> r.j.: i don't want to be cute. >> ridge: no? what do you want


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