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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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university as a student -- abdul razak ali artan. police say the 18-year-old drove his car over a curb and into a crowd of pedestrians monday morning, then jumped out of the car and began stabbing victims with a butcher knife. (sot - monica moll, osu director of public safety) "at 9:52 called on to their audio in dispatch center, a few seconds later the oficer called out to a call that indicated officer in trouble, inda a man with a knife." university police officer alan horujko (ha-rooch-ko) was nearby and immediately took action, shooting and killing artan just one minute after the attack began. (sot - monica moll, osu director of public safety) "16:06:20 officer engaged suspcet and fired shots and used deadly force to stop the threat." one student was on his way to class and was nearby when the car hit the curb. (sot - mos) "i heard it and then i just saw everyone running. i was looking, are people on the ground, did people get hurt, but
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(bridge - brook silva-braga/cbs news/columbus) "11 people were injured -- one of whom is in critical condition. the injured include a faculty member and students." artan is somali-born and was living in the united states as legal permanent resident. it's believed to be his first semester at o-s-u. investigators say they haven't learned what motivated the attack, but authorities are looking into whether it may have been an act of terrorism. brook silva-braga, cbs news, columbus. ((dave courvoisier)) >> despite the scare, the university will reopen tomorrow./// ((denise valdez)) >> back he police are looking for the man who sexually assaulted an 8 year old girl on thanksgiving. and tonight -- detectives are asking for your help. patrick walker has the latest on the investigation from lake mead and buffalo. ((patrick walker)) the sexual assault of a young girl in the condos behind me on thanksgiving day... has residents here on edge -- especially parents of young children. ((cesar munoz/condo resident: "i definitely will be keeping a closer eye, no letting them go out and play on their own anymore, i've gotta be with them every time, i usually let them go off and play with their bikes or
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((patrick walker)) an 8 year old girl and her younger brother were playing outside around 1:30 thursday afternoon... when a stranger approached. police say this man... described only as a thin white man with light-colored or salt and pepper hair... told the little boy to go inside so he could talk to his sister. that's when the man took the girl behind a building and sexually assaulted her. detectives say the girl went home and told her mom... who then called police. investigators say at this time... they believe this is an isolated attack. ((. unit: "fortunately, at this time, we have no other reports that match this mo, but at this time we are also reviewing other cases and looking for any possibility.")) ((patrick walker)) police say the man headed east through the complex... and they want to hear from anyone who might have seen something. the lead investigator on the case tells me it's all hands on deck for officers in the area... who have been looking round the clock for the man responsible for the assault. patrick walker... 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) >> police say they don't know
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was visiting for the holidays... or if he frequents a nearby park. if you have any information... you're urged to call metro police... or crimestoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) a homicide suspect who escaped from a north las vegas police station and was recaptured four days later... has been indicted in a second killing and now... police are identifying him as the suspect in a third slaying. you may remember alonso perez... he was arrested back in september... but was able to break out of his handcuffs, crawl through the ceiling, ad questioned. this video went viral across the country. perez was arrested in the shooting death of a man at a local fast food restaurant.... and police say just after that killing... he shot and killed motorcycle rider. he's now been identified in another deadly shooting a week before those murders./// ((dave courvoisier)) and nevada prison officials say two inmates have been hospitalized... after a brawl involving as many as 70 inmates broke out at a prison camp outside elko. the fight erupted around 9-15 last night...
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officials say several agencies responded to help break up the fight. what exactly sparked it is under investigation. no guards or officers were injured in the brawl./// - ((denise valdez)) videos like this one of a black friday mall brawl -- certainly make the case to shop on cyber monday. and it's looking like a record number of people are doing exactly that. online sales over the extra-long thanksgiving weekend are on track to hit a record $12 point 7 billion dollars. according to estimated tallies from adobe digital insi expected chart-topping performance today for cyber monday. (( joe colangelo: "it's going to be a very strong cyber monday. you are looking at amazon, of course is capturing the lions' share of cyber monday and then walmart is close after, and then macy's, lord & taylor, home depot -- these are three of the other major players.")) ((denise valdez)) >> adobe projects $3 point 36 billion dollars in receipts today. that's a 9 percent increase from last year. if the adobe's figures hold up, this year's thanksgiving weekend
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would log a 14 and a half percent rise from last year./// ((dave courvoisier)) to make sure those packages make it in time for your loved ones to open them on christmas... take a loook at these ship-by dates: for military families... you will need to send your packages by december 9th in order to get them there in time for christmas. as for ground shipping -- those packages must be sent by december 15th at the latest. and for priority mail express... you have until december 23rd to ship./// ((dave courvoisier)) and while you're doing your to encourage you to buy an extra gift for someone in need. ((denise valdez)) >> 8 news now is partnering with towbin fiat alpha romeo -- at sahara and jones to collect toys and gift cards for the casa foundation. meterologist katie boer is live there tonight. katie? alerts: a wind advisory is in place for central nye co until 7pm tonight. winds peak this afternoon. winds: nw 25-35 (gusts up
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across the higher elevations of lincoln co, mohave co and sw utah today ................... 4" of new snow up at mt. charleston overnight -- although it's completely quiet on the radar there now ..................... afternoon. should remain gusty at times through tuesday afternoon. ..................... by tuesday night look for a sharp dip in overnight temps -- first freeze of the season is possible for some portions of the mojave desert and the colder perimeter zones of the lv metro area.
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mid week with temps. remaining 5-8 degrees below normal ((dave courvoisier)) cubans pay tribute to fidel castro as exiles in miami call for ((dave courvoisier)) cubans pay tribute to fidel castro as exiles in miami call for more freedom for people of the island nation... we'll have the latest from little havana, after the break. ((denise valdez)) >> plus, how the former dictator's death may... or may not affect our own president elect's promise to roll back on cuban policies
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leader. news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news
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chris maathuis. this is 8 news now at six." ((denise valdez)) a 9-day period of mourning is underway in havana, in revolution plaza to pay tribute to fidel castro. the former president died on friday at the age of 90. ((dave courvoisier)) >> don champion reports from miami, where cuban exiles are watching the ceremony and hoping for a better future. tens of thousands of cubans lined up to pay their respects... many of them cried and saluted as they passed the memorials for fidel castro. nats cannons a 21-gun salute blasted over the city, launching a two day ceremony in revolution
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painful, but "i know he will always be with us." although the former president has been widely vilified for isolating and oppressing the cuban nation, many in havana admire him as a revolutionary who stood up to the united states. nats cheering but in miami, the reaction has been decidedly different. castro's passing brought celebration - and activism. :44-:52 (don champion/miami) the exile community here in little v to finally allow more freedom for its people, now that castro's shadow is gone. :53-:59 (evelio medina/community organizer) it leaves a lot of hope and aspirations for a free and prosperous cuba with opportunities for everyone castro handed control to his brother raul ten years ago. the new president has been negotiating diplomatic relations with the u-s. but president elect donald trump tweeted monday morning that he'll terminate those arrangements if cuba doesn't offer a better deal.
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on wednesday a procession will carry castro's ashes to santiago. the funeral is planned for sunday - in the birthplace of the revolution. dc, cbs news, miami ((dave courvoisier)) back here at home... today u-s airlines began direct flights to havana. but fidel castro's death is raising new questions about american and cuban relations. during the campaign, president-elect donald trump promised to roll back changes made by president obama... saying he'd cancel the quote "one-sie but yesterday, trump's incoming white house chief of staff signaled the whole deal is up in the air./// (( rnc chairman reince priebus: "president-elect trump is going to be looking for some movement in the right direction in order to have any sort of deal with cuba.")) >> the white house and the president-elect were on opposite ends of the spectrum in their comments on fidel castro's death: in his statement, president obama left it up to "history" to "judge the enormous impact of
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"...a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people." still, nothing set in stone whether he will maintain his position in reversing president obama's diplomatic deal with cuba./// ((denise valdez)) the president elect spent the day interviewing candidates to fill key positions within his administration former c-i-a director david petraeus is the latest high profile potential cabinet pick. he's a contender for secretary of state. the retired general resigned in 2012... after admitting to an extramaa and mishandling classified information. tomorrow, trump is scheduled to meet for the second time with former rival and fierce critic mitt romney. ((denise valdez)) >> trump is also scheduled to meet with tennessee senator bob corker... and representatives mike mccaul and lou barletta tomorrow./// ((dave courvoisier)) and while he may be well into the work of filling his cabinet... trump can't quite seem to kick election drama. the president elect says he doesn't belive hillary clinton won the popular vote... citing unfounded ballot fraud in
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democratic nominee for participating in a recount effort that he calls a scam. the recount was spearheaded by green party candidate jill stein last week... in the three key states of wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. today, michigan finally certified its results, making trump the official winner of the state. stein has until wednesday to request a recount./// ((denise valdez)) it was a chilly weekend here in the valley... but if your hearts are still feeling warm... we've got a great event to tell you about. ((dave courvoisier)) meteorologist katie boer... who is live at towbin fiat alpha romeo trying to fill a fiat car with toys. katie... how are we looking?
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completely quiet on the radar there now ..................... northerly breezes develop this afternoon. should remain gusty at times through tuesday afternoon. ..................... by tuesday night look for a sharp dip in overnight temps -- first freeze of the season is possible for some portions of the mojave desert and the colder perimeter zones of the lv metro area. ..................... cool and dry for the reso mid week with temps. remaining 5-8 degrees below normal ((dave courvoisier)) a disappointing end to
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((denise valdez)) >> coach tony sanchez sat down to talk about this past season and gives us a look into the future. ((chris maathuis)) >> it's tough when the last thing you remember was a blowout loss to your rivals. but sanchez says it's a season of many positives.. he'll tell us why the program is trending in the right direction. plus... getting ready for the national finals rodeo. it's time to giddy up in vegas. more coming up here on channel 8.
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it's tough for unlv football fans to see the glass half full after the team spilled all of
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blow-out loss this past weekend. rebel coach tony sanchez has had two days to reflect on his team getting ripped by reno. but feels greater things are ahead despite the disappointing outcome. - nats unlv's misery on field didn't start with tony sanchez... it's been a program wallowing in mediocrity for years and even decades before sanchez arrived. so when the football team suffers it's most embarressing loss... the tendancy is to jump ship. but clor shows this was a season of many positives... and sanchez is determined to stay the course. tony sanchez/coach; "first time since 2003 that we've had consecutive seasons of progression in winning, it's the first time since 1979 and 1981 that we've had 2 years in a row with over 400 yards offense... it's our best scoring offense in 37 years.. best total defense in 8 years.. best rushing defense i 8 years best total in 7 years.. c hange is happening but not as fast we want it to.. positives to build upon keeping the ship from sinking..
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fans see... but tony's looking below the surface, that's where the work begins fundraising and facilities are up... so is recruiting and wins... and same with academics. sanchez/coach; "it's a great analogy that what it is.. you see what's sitting on top but underneath there's a whole bunch under there that you've got to take care of in order to mve up.. it's weighing us down now.. we're confident in what's going on here.. believe in the planm and in a short amount of time you're going to see this flip, but it's all abut staying power stick to it if sanchez and his stagg keep chipping away. the program will suddenly take root with a stronger foundation. not built on sand but of stone... and he has no doubt the good ship sanchez will no longer be a vessel tossed about by every wind of saturday's sailings. sanchez/coach; "for a long time there has been oh we can't win because of this or we can't to it because.. there aint' no can't here anymore. we can win here. it's going to be hard and a tough task, but it's something we're committed to and going to get it
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that nobody see that eventually are going to allow you to flurish." ((chris maathuis)) = there will be some pressure on sanchez next year... fans will demand more wins. rebels return 15 starters, including 9 on offense... and their schedule is interesting. they'll play at ohio state and then host byu. unlv's conference home games next season are against hawaii, san diego state, san jose state and utah state. the final game of the season will be at reno thanksgiving weekend. because of the national finals... so they've got so. utah on wednesday and at arizona state on saturday. rebs are coming off a win over western kentucky. ((chris maathuis)) rebs are forced to leave the mack because of the national finals rodeo takes over. and they're ready to roll. hundreds of trailers full of livestock has already parked near the campus. the national finals is one of the city's biggest events of the year and this year is no exception. we caught up a pair of tie-down champions who are ready to roll. (( )) ryan jarrett/tie-down champ; 'team roping steer roping
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does a great job of producing it i'ts exciting. caleb smidt/tie down champ; "here at the thomas and mack its small it's loud and the fans are rodeo fans, so that gets ya doing, i sure like it... i don't get nervous.. once in the box if forget about all that." 8 news now at 6:30 starts in about three minutes. ((denise valdez)) >> let's check in with paul to see what they're working on. ((paul joncich)) protestors in north dakota are standing their ground and preparing for the worst.
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removal lies beyond the protest. and... more cone zones popping up across the valley along some major highways. just how long they will last. we're back with more after the break./// ((paul joncich)) up next on 8 news now at
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controversial pipeline. why leaders of an indian tribe.. say the construction could put lives at risk. ((christianne klein)) plus... get ready for more headaches at the spaghetti bowl.. more lane closures... means more time in traffic. ((paul joncich)) >> and the world remembers cuban dictator fidel castro. how his death could lead to a spike in americans.. heading to cuba./////////// demonstrators with the standing rock sioux tribe have been camped at a property near


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