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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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the long running show recently ended after being on the strip for years. it was based on the life story of the band "the four seasons." the widow of one of the bands members says large portions were lifted from his un-published biography... and a las vegas jury agreed. the other band members were initially named in the lawsuit.. but were cleared from liability because they did not know the creators used material from the book. the jury has not yet set the damages the widow will be awarded./// ((kirsten joyce)) severe weather slammed the carolinas overnight. violent storms ripping through the south. heavy wind brought down trees, snapped power lines and closed roads in south carolina. in just over a day, more than a dozen confirmed tornadoes hit louisiana, mississippi, tennessee and alabama. at least five people are dead. dozens more are hurt. mark strassmann is in rosalie (rose-uh-lee), alabama, where residents are learning the extent of the destruction. ( connor hughes) "there is so much that needs to be done that
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hughes - like many here in jackson county- has returned to what's left of his home. he's struggling to scrape up the essentials of life. (connor hughes/storm victim i am just trying to locate some bowls so i can get something to drink hundreds of structures were leveled and thousands of people are without power. jim smith lost his business when the twister hit. (jim smith/storm victim) my business is gone, it's no big deal. i'll uh i'll get it all together and re-start." "it's coming right at us! look at this" (fort walton video) (mark strassmann, cbs news, rosalie, alabama) you can see the path of destruction and the severe weather system began here in northeast alabama blew into tennessee and georgia and then headed for the carolinas. (: south carolina) 100 miles north in tennessee, the town of athens is recovering from extensive property damage. ( sheriff joe guy/mcminn county "we are extremely fortunate that we have not had a fatality at this point. i think that's something that we are very blessed to be able to say, considering the massive amount of damage." the
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who escaped the worst. (john gentry, mcminn county mayor in one of our hardest hit areas // a new child came into this world. // that family's house had been destroyed, and they made it to the hospital and gave birth this morning. we had twenty injured and one brand new life. a tornado watch remains in effect across much of the southeast today, communities that feel sorry for rosalie but want no part of the same misery. mark strassmann, cbs news, rosalie, al. ((kirsten joyce)) the storms tore through just as crews in eastern deadly wildfire that destroyed hundreds of structures in two resort towns. dolly parton.. who has a theme park in the affected areas.... plans to give one-thousand dollars a month to families who lost thier homes./// ((kirsten joyce)) we are seeing the sun mix in with some of our colder weather. but we may also see some wind this evening. sherry swensk is in the weather center ... sherry... ((sherry swensk)) mostly sunny skies at noon and temps moving up into the low to mid 50s right now. .............. light winds today...
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tonight and then last through tomorrow and into saturday. ............... as each system moves into the west coast and across the great basin - we get the wind and reinforces the cold air. ........ 25 or 30 mph and lasting into saturday. ................... these colder storms roll out of the west and across the country mixing with warm air in the south and causing those destructive storms we saw in the south. ..... mostly sunny skies in the desert and the west... and temps will stay below normal until later this weekend. we'll check the winds and bigger cool down coming. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the rodeo is back. over the 10-days... about 1-hundred 70-thousand
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town for the national finals rodeo -- taking place inside the thomas and mack. but before the main event -- the doors will be open for cowboy christmas. at the las vegas convention center... and that's where we find michael stevens in the center of all the action. hey michael? ((michael stevens)) >> kirsten... earlier, we checked out the stables... and animals at the thomas and mack... but now we've moved over to center... where cowboy christmas just opened to the public. for those not familiar... it started back in 19-86... and brings in over 4-hundred vendors from across the country and canada to las vegas. think about it... this entire floor 4-hundred and 40-thousand square feet... packed with western wear... we're talking boots... spurs... furniture... art... and of course hats... hundreds of people will pack this floor for the next
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and mack: ((annie aznarez // cowboy christmas: our goal is to shop all day and rodeo all night. so this is what we want our nfr fans in town or live here to spend their day their afternoon here at cowboy christmas from 9 to 5 and make their way to the rodeo at 6:45 for the next 10 days.)) ((michael stevens)) >> in addition to all the shopping... there's a number of other things for the fans... like the coors rodeo saloon... the wrangler rodeo and the n-f-r soc now let's get you some information... cowboy christmas runs today thru the 10th... at the las vegas convention center from 9 to 5pm. it's open to the public and free for everyone. reporting from the las vegas convention center... michael stevens... 8 news now. ((kirsten joyce))
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and a fan favorite is taking over the strip today. we're talking about the annual parade of drivers.. it starts at 2:45 this afternoon at the miracle mile shops in front of planet hollywood ... 16 drivers will make their way down the strip doing burn outs ... and wrap up the victory lap at the park.//// ((kirsten joyce)) donald trump is delivering on one of his campaign promises... to save manufacturing jobs at a carrier plant in indianapolis. carrier announced it wl state... after the president-elect negotiated a deal with the ceo... promising tax corporate tax rate reductions that would exceed the 65-million dollars the company would have saved through outsourcing. ((sen. dan coats/(r) indiana: "someone who is not yet even president of the united states is able to negotiate something that was a major issue in the campaign.")) >> not all of the jobs will be safe -- another thousand are still expected to be lost.
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the first stop on his "thank you tour"./// ((kirsten joyce)) >> americans do not trust their mechanics. a new survey explaining why... coming up on the valley's news leader. ((you're watching the valley's news leader with
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this is 8 news now at noon.)) ((kirsten joyce)) a new survey from triple a shows most drivers don't trust auto mechanics. chris martinez found out why. nick lam-wagoner spends a lot of time and money upgrading his ride. "there a ford racing that's been recalibrated" he doesn't trust reprs enthusiast) "it's usually by referral and even then when i meet them i gotta see if i like their vibe, we chat a little bit, kind of feel them out and make sure there's not, y'know, something shady going on." for many drivers, finding a trusted mechanic is tricky. a new survey by triple a found two out of three drivers don't trust auto repair shops in general. among those surveyed... 76 percent believe repair shops recommend unnecessary services and 73
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many drivers also worry the work won't be done correctly. (jeffrey spring/ aaa spokesperson) "but on the other hand, the survey also found that a majority of the drivers had found a trusted mechanic so even though in general they don't trust repair services or shops, they did find a trusted mechanic." ( chris martinez/cbs news/los angeles) triple a's survey found age is a factor in whether drivers trust repair shops. older drivers are more trusting than younger drivers. (jeffrey spring/ aaa spokesperson) "older drivers have had more experiences with they've been taking vehicles to repair shops for a much longer time than younger drivers have." triple a suggests doing some research and asking for recommendations from family and friends before committing to a repair shop. (nick lam-wagoner/ car enthusiast) "i do have a lot of friends calling and saying 'is this a good price, or is this necessary..." a quick call like that could save you time and money. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles./// ((kirsten joyce)) most people surveyed also
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trust repair shops./// ((kirsten joyce)) colder weather means those with chimneys will fire them up. next at noon... what you need to make sure you do first... and sherry will tell us what our weekend weather will look like... still ahead on the valley's news leader... ((you're watching 8
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to drop... more people are firing up the chimneys for the first time in nearly a year. several fire departments across the county says they are responding to homes... where people did not clean them out properly first. fire officals say it is necessary to have a qualified technian fire it up. and also remember to get a good solid metal screen to keep the embers from jumping out./// ((sherry swensk))
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bothers you with either allergies or just irritates you... today will be the day to grab your jacket and get out and enjoy the day. .............. winds should start bumping through tomorrow and into saturday. ............... as each system moves into the west coast and across the great
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.............. winds tomorrow should get up to 25 or 30 mph and lasting into saturday.... with wind advisories across much of clark county and down into california and up into utah with high wind watches posted. ................... mostly sunny skies in the and one cool system after another continues to roll in and across the country. ....................... that was responsible for the line of storms that produced
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.............. our temps go up and down as we head into december. next week even colder air invades the desert and we're looking at temps that may not even make it 50 degrees in the afternoon. .... a lot of neighborhoods staying in the 40s for a couple of day and nights below freezing.
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worldwide... two weeks after its release.///
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doing it's annual share the love event... where if you buy or lease a car... some of the money will go back to local charities. one of those recipients is red rock search and rescue. burton hughes.. the gm of subaru of las vegas... and bryan zin mr. hughes: here is a picture of last years check presentation.. and another one that went to safe nest... -- tell us why you do this.. and how much ends up going to local
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-- how do you choose the charities? -- tell us how long this lasts... bryan zink: -- what is redo rescue... and how much does this money help you out? -- can anyone join?
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((kirsten joyce)) and so do the box office numbers. warner brothers says "fantastic beasts and where the find them"... has earned more than 500 million dollars at the worldwide box office. in the u-s alone... the harry potter spin off has made about 161 million dollars./// live at noon.. the valley's news leader. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and
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? >> bill: the jet's waiting, and st. bart's. we'll be married by tomorrow. i have to believe that you want that. look at me. tell me you still want to be my wife. >> r.j.: well, if she wasn't into you before, she is now. >> ridge: i don't know about that, r.j. >> r.j.: you drew a giant heart in the sand, re-created one of her favorite memories, and you showed that you love and care


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