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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 11, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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powerful winds and possibly tornadoes. the fast-moving storm system unleashed torrential rains along the heartland today. a suspected tornado was spotted this evening in powersville, iowa. another twister was spotted in the southern iowa town of avoca. an 18 wheeler was blown off the road there by 77-mile-per-hour winds. that same severe storm system created blizzard conditions across the rocky mountains and western plains. the blinding snow made driving dangerous near denver. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our cbs station in boston, wbz. eric, how bad is it? >> charlie, we've been watching these damaging storms move across iowa this afternoon and into this evening. several reported tornadoes along the way. there are still more damage reports coming in as we speak and the weather service will be surveying some of the damage tonight and into the day tomorrow. some of those pictures showing certainly several tornadoes have touched down. we still have tornado watches that extend farther off to the east this evening as the whole
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line will be tracking its way into illinois and parts of wisconsin. the thunderstorms moving east. as we head into the overnight and into the day tomorrow. still many showers but the storm becomes more wind, not just from severe weather. a broad area of very strong winds will be blowing across the midwest into the great lakes, many of these locations gusting 35-55 miles per hour. and, charlie, you can expect a lot of travel delays because of the winds the next two days. >> rose: the iowa caucuses are just 82 days away, which explains the sharp elbows thrown during last night's republican presidential debate. 15 candidates in the field, eight on stage, each trying to stand out. major garrett reports a major campaign issue has emerged. >> can you -- >> reporter: the republican rift over illegal immigration widened at the fourth presidential debate, with donald trump demanding mass deporitation of an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> we either have a country or we don't have a country. we are a country of laws that have to go out, and they'll come
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to go out, and hopefully they get back. >> reporter: that drew a sharp rebuke from ohio governor john kasich. >> come on, folks. we all know you can't pick them up and ship them across-- back across the border. it's a silly argument. ( applause ) it's not -- >> reporter: when asked this morning on msnbc if trump would create a "keporitation force" he responded yes. >> we're going to have a deportation force, and you're going to do it humanely. >> reporter: jeb bush called trump's approach impractical. >> his views are he believes you can round up half a million people a month. a half a million people basically, i think, would double the number of people processed through our judicial system. it's not possible. >> reporter: during the debate, bush warned democrats would exploit the issue. >> they're doing high-fives in the clinton campaign right now when they hear this. >> reporter: and in fact, hillary clinton retweeted a message about trump's imagined deportation force, the operative
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clinton factord prominently in both g.o.p. debates. this was chris christie in the undercard version. >> hillary clinton is coming for your wallet. >> reporter: the phrase "deportation force" carries stark imagery, even more stark than mitt romney's self-deportation. republicans long-anxious about the trump effect on the party are fearful of a 2016 sequel. >> rose: major garrett in des moines, iowa, thanks. john dickerson is our cbs news political director and the anchor of "face the nation." john, during that debate, a lot of attacks on hillary clinton. why? >> reporter: well, all the candidates were auditioning. if primary voters vote first on ideology do, they agree with the candidates on the stage on the issues, they also vote on electability. can they imagine those candidates going all the way, going the distance to november? so what they were doing was trying to give voter as glimpse of how tough they'd be on
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against her in the general election. >> rose: and jeb bush said during the debate the republican debate on immigration is creating high-fives in the clinton camp. >> reporter: what bush meant is the democrats benefit with minority voters when republicans boast about deporting undocumented workers. ted cruz said he found that offensive and that he, ted cruz other ands, are just trying to enforce the laws. but bush may have literally been right when he said that during the debate because brian fallon, the clinton press secretary tweeted, "we are actually high-fiving each other right now." thank you. john will moderate the democratic presidential debate saturday night at 9:00 right here on cbs. today, forensic teams began recovering and identifying nine people killed yesterday when a business jet crashed into an ohio. don dahler is there. >> reporter: the charter flight ended in a fireball in
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the hawker 700 had two pilots and seven employees on board from a boca raton, florida, real estate company, pebb enterprises. our hearts are broken this morning read a company statement. "we are shocked and deeply saddened for the families, colleagues and friends of those who perished." as many as four homes were destroyed but no one was injured on the ground. paul raider lives next door and ran to the scene when he heard the impact. >> it was fire, fire and smoke. i didn't even see wreckang or anything. it was so intense. >> reporter: the real estate group was scouting potential investment properties and had made several stops. it's still unclear why the plane crashed here. >> best friend, yeah. >> reporter: jeannie ferraia's 50-year-old sister diane smoot was one of the passengers. >> she was very excited because it was the first trip she had ever made with the executives, and the tragic thing is, the plane had all the executives for the company on it. i don't know if there were any left in the office.
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who the other missing passengers and employees are, but, charlie, they're not going to release those names until the victims have been positively identified by medical records. >> rose: thanks, don. satellites will soon be able to track jetliners anywhere in the world using common radio frequencies. the deal worked out today by the u.n. is in response to the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 last year. 239 were killed. the boeing 777 was out of radar range. searchers have still not located where it went down. on this veterans day, president obama said he's still not satisfied with the department of veterans affairs. the president ordered a massive overhaul last year after reports that many vets were forced to wait months for treatment. margaret brennan reports the v.a. paid millions in bonuses, some of it to doctors under investigation. >> reporter: dr. david houlihan, former chief of staff at the v.a. medical center in tomah, wisconsin, was nicknamed
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he allegedly doled out an alarmingly high amount of narcotic pain medications to patients. yet, the v.a. still paid houlihan a $4,000 performance bonus last year, taxpayer money he kept after being fired earlier this week. the v.a. paid out $143 million in performance bonuses to employees in 2014, even though several of them were under mismanagement. the list was compiled by the house veterans affairs committee and its republican chair jeff miller, who said it's evidence of the v.a.'s disturbing trend of rewarding employees who preside over corruption and incompetence. but in a stairnlgt the v.a. said it needs to pay bonuses to attract and retain top talent and notes it did suspend payouts last year to some senior executives following revelations that employees falsified wait lists to meet targets. v.a. secretary bob mcdonald said the agency has made progress but congress is in the way. >> my vision is being held
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hostage by politics. and what i'm trying to do is to work with the members of the congress to leave politics at the door and focus on veterans. >> reporter: now, charlie, mcdonald needs congress to approve a more than $1 billion funding increase he requested to help overhaul the v.a. to serve the 23 million veterans in this country. >> rose: thanks, margaret. two fantasy sports web sites said today they'll fight to stay in business in new york state. the attorney general there whistled them for illegal gambling exprded them to stop taking bets in the state. vladimir duthiers is following. >> fanduel's one-week fantasy football leagues are paying $75 million a week. >> fanduel and draff kings have become cash cows bringing in $1 billion in entry fees. both companies spent over $200 million on ads that seemed to run nonstop during football games. >> this is the fantasy football season that could change it all.
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>> reporter: the sites were exempt from a 2006 federal law that banned online gambling because, they argued, their contests involved skill not luck. but after investigating the two companies, new york attorney general eric schneiderman is calling a foul. >> it's not some new variation on the traditional fantasy sports. it's just a variation on illegal online gambling, and you can't do that in new york state. >> reporter: fantasy sports players like eric gioseffi believe schneiderman has gone too far. >> i don't think it's going to work out well for him at all. >> reporter: six other states have banned online fantasy sports for money but according to industry research, nurk state has more daily fantasy players than any other. >> the aggressive marketing, the instant payout the fact you can do it on your phone anymore-- this is a very tempting venue for anyone who has gambling addiction problems. >> reporter: today in a conference call with reporters, fan dual's c.e.o. said the
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option >> reporter: draft kings and kings and fanduel have five days to respond to the cease and desist order and both companies said they plan on chemicalling the period until then, they will continue to paid contests to its new york customers. >> rose: we were reminded again this week that cell phones can be dangerous in the hands of young people. there is a new case that involves sexting. the case is on long island in new york, but it could happen anywhere. >> when i got the video i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: 15-year-old a.j. fenton and kieran failin said they were supported from school for opening a sex video on their smartphones sent to them by a group text message. >> ting happens often. >> 20 long island students were
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suspended for up to five days for forwarding the video or simply receiving it. two students were arrested and charged with felonies for distributing child pornography. parents thomas failin and andrew fepton are fighting to overturn their sons' suspensions. >> nobody knows what's coming to their phone. if he's 18, colleges are going to say,, "are, "have you been suspended from school?" he's going to have to say yes. the next question will be why and according to what the administration was telling me on fridays, child porn was on his phone. >> reporter: this month, officials in colorado reported at least 100 students at canyon city high school used a secret yap to exchange nude photos on their smartphones. police in ohio are currently investigating a sexting case involving 14 children ranging from 11 to 17. computer expert and cnet editor dan ackerman said with modern technology there is no way to guarantee your child's safety. >> the one thing we've
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discovered over the years is anything that you put out there on the internet, whether it's something you're posting publicly or something you're sending privately, exists somewhere. it can never truly be deleted. >> reporter: looking back, kieran and a.j. admit there's one thing they could have done differently. >> good chance i'm not opening it at all, just deleting it right away. >> reporter: a lesson they didn't expect to have learned in school. jericka duncan, cbs news, long island, new york. >> rose: coming up, debt from student alones could ruin retirement plans for millions. the out-of-this-world offer for the blue moon diamond. and one small panda takes one
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americans have a combined student loan debt of $1.3 trillion, a financial burden surpassing even credit card debt. for many, paying off college could mean putting off retirement. here's anthony mason with tonight's "eye on money." >> somebody read the title for me. who wants to read title for me? >> reporter: when jess sanchez got his masters in education, the fifth grade teacher finished finished with more than $90,000 in student loan debt. his first thought when he saw the bill? >> crap. what did i do? got it? >> reporter: the 35-year-old southern californiaian was hoping to save for retirement and help pay for his 10-year-old son's college one day. but sanchez says half his $50,000-a-year salary will go toward paying off his loans. >> i have no budget for retirement right now. right now i'm just trying to keep afloat financially, making sure i keep a roof over my son's head. >> reporter: according to a
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loan debt of $35,000 can cost graduates nearly $700,000 in lost retirement savings over a 50-year period. >> your fate is that you're not going to retire until 75, which is pretty sobering. >> reporter: farnoosh torabi is a personal finance expert with nerdwallet. if you're faced with this choice of paying down your college debt or trying to put money aside to save for the future what, do you do? >> don't look at this as an either/or scenario. >> reporter: torabi advises millennials to modify or stretch their loans while cut back on expenses. even a small savings now will pay off hugely down the road. >> albert einstein called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world. and i think he was right. >> reporter: if a 23-year-old earnings the median salary who has $35,000 in student debt saves 6%, they can expect to retire at 75. but increase that to 10%, and the retirement age drops by five years.
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the average student debt is now $5500 higher than it was just three years ago. if that rise isn't somehow slowed the student loan crisis could become a retirement crisis. >> rose: a major retail chain
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>> rose: once in a blue moon someone pays a record price for a gem. it happened today at sotheby's in geneva. the rare 12-carat blue moon diamond was sold to a collector from hong kong for $48.5 million. they threw the ring in for free. well, there was no gem. we have a new entry in the catalog of regrettable ads. bloomingdale's put out a holiday ad that showed a young man looking at a young lady with the
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caption, "spike your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking." after an uproar on social media, bloomingdale's admitted the ad was inappropriate. the panda-cam at the national zoo in washington captured a milestone. bei bei took his first wobbly steps on monday. he is just shy of three months old. his mother may zhong was right there with him. for some veterans, the stresses of war melt away when they catch
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the country. here are just a few. some served during world war ii or korea. others more recently in iraq and afghanistan. for many vets, the wounds of war are invisible, but some are on the road to recovery inspired by fallen hero. here's chip reid. >> reporter: every time former marine jon dansicker hit the treadmill and retired soldier robert fessock pumps iron, they say they feel transformed. >> if you're not physically fit, you're not going to be mentally fit. if you're not mentally fit, you're not going to be spiritually fit. >> reporter: both were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder when they returned from iraq and afghanistan and said working out just might have saved their lives. >> i'm a little sweaty. >> i know! that's good. >> reporter: the men say lynn coffland and her brother, chris, made it possible. >> my brother, he was my best friend. >> reporter: corporal chris
5:56 pm
she was a lifelong fitness buff and every time he went to the gym he said he was going to "catch a lift." >> after he died i felt like i wanted to do something to capture him and his spirit. >> reporter: she was surprised to learn there was little in the way of exercise programs for combat-wounded veterans, so she created "catch a lift" a charity that provides free access to gyms anywhere in the country, even equipment for those who want to work out at home. had you given up hope about life? >> when i got bark yes. >> reporter: fessock and danceicker started their workout a year ago. >> the signs behind exercise and the releasing of endorphins and just the whole health aspect behind physical fitness makes me feel like a brand new person sometimes. >> reporter: since 2010, catch a lift has sponsored 2500 veterans. some have lost more than 40 pounds, and many others have gone from more than 20 medications down to two or three. it also helps them reconnect. >> when you get back, everybody
5:57 pm
from the military separates and goes their own separate way all across the united states. and, you know, it's hard for them to find that couple rawdry again, and catch a lift is built upon camaraderie. >> reporter: he said it also reminds him of coughlin's sacrifice. >> sometimes i feel like he died so we could all live. >> my brother would really be proud to know that he helped do that through his death, that pain to purpose, is what he used to say. >> reporter: veterans pushing through the pain to rediscover purpose in life. chip reid, cbs news, baltimore. >> rose: one more way to honor our veterans for whom we owe so much. that's the cbs evening news. scott will be back tomorrow. i'm charlie rose. i'll see you first thing in the a.m. on "cbs this morning." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
5:58 pm >> rose: severe weather threatens millions. tornado warnings in the midwest. snow in the rockies. also tonight-- >> i don't have to hear from this man, believe me. >> rose: the republicans spar over donald trump's plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants. two fantasy sports web sites argue the call after being flagged for illegal gambling. and these veterans found new purpose thanks to a fallen comrade. >> sometimes i feel like, you know, he died so we could all live. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is on assignment tonight. i'm charlie rose. from the rockies to the great lakes, nearly 40 million americans are under the threat of severe weather tonight. a massive storm system is dumping snow and hail, spawning
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