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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 2, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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have a great evening. >> pelley: another deadly mass shooting in america. >> it was rapid boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! >> 14 people are dead. >> pelley: shots rang out at a social servicefacility in san bernadino. >> these giet are still at large. you know that, right? >> pelley: a manhunt is under way. >> this is crazy. there's just too many shootings. >> there are steps we can take to make americans safer. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is a special expanded edition. an intense manhunt is under way. a suspect may have been located tonight. there are three gunmen who are being sought who shot 31 people, killing at least 14, in an assault on a state office building in san bernadino, california. it happened at 2:00 eastern time. witnesses described the men dressed in military-style gear
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ammunition magazines. the target apparently was a holiday party being thrown by the county department of public health. we do not know who the suspects are or why they did it. but we have extensive coverage of this breaking story beginning with carter evans who is at the scene of a police action in which suspects may have been wounded. carter. >> reporter: so that is the very latest, scott, right now. i can tell you just a few moments ago we saw dozens of police cars racing away from the shooting scene here to another shooting scene, just about a mile away. that included police swat vehicles. we also saw armored cars. we saw an armored tractor, and bomb technicians headed in the same direction. in all, dozens of vehicles. they now have a dark-colored s.u.v. surrounded. it appears that some of the windows have either been shot out or broken out, and there are reports that suspects are
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are these the same suspects who were responsible for the shooting here? that is still unknown at this point, but police are treating it as if that is the case. we are hearing one suspect is wounded. we're also hearing that when the suspects approached this building behind me today, they came armed as if they were prepared for action. police say the masked gunmen were wearing body armor when they entered the building just after 11 a.m. and started shooting. >> i turn on and all of a sudden, boom, boom. >> it was rapid, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> and they said they're on the loose. >> i was right behind the building and i heard all the shots. >> multiple shots, shots going off like crazy, just one right after the other. and as i came out, then i-- we had seen a black s.u.v. flying down the street. >> reporter: terry pettit got a text from his daughter inside.
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shot. in the office waiting for cops. pray f us." "i am locked-- i am locked in an office." that's it. >> reporter: what did your wife see? >> the guy outside dressed all in black with a big gun just shooting at the window. >> reporter: luis guttierez spoke with his wife on the phone while e e wasrapped inside. what's'sour take on all this, man? this is your wif >> this is my life, man. itthis is my queen. i'll do anything to protect her. she helps our kids with autism. i don't know why anyone would do anything right there, but -- >> reporter: 14 people injured in the shooting were sent to area hospitals while police set up a triage area in the street. >> most of the people that were wounded, most of the victims were all centrally located in one area of the facility. >> reporter: jarrod burguan is
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>> they came prepared to do what they did, as if they were on a mission. >> reporter: the f.b.i. and a.t.f. were called in, and police are still looking for the suspects who fled the scene in an dark-colored s.u.v. debbie alvarado rushed to find her daughter, michelle, who was shot. >> she told me she was shot in her side and that they were-- they were pretending to be dead because these guys were still out there. she told me not to come. these guys are still at large. you know that, right? >> reporter: hundreds of people were evacuated, a total of 670 work inside. assistant f.b.i. director david bowdich. >> is this a terrorist incident? i will tell you youow we do not know if this is a terrorist incident. >> reporter: they don't know if it's a terrorist incident, but certainly it has terrorized hundreds of individuals in this community tonight. there are stories of very-- stories of heroism, and stories
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out here who just aren't sure if their relatives are safe inside. many are at the hospital now, scott. we saw many of the workers shuttled out here by police officers, and loaded on to buses, perhaps to be interviewed about what they s!w. >> pelley: carter evans reporting at the scene. carter, thank you. we're now back to the live picture of the police surrounding the s.u.v. that was believed to be carrying at least one of the suspects. a number of the windows in the s.u.v., you can see right there, appear to have been shot out. police are telling us that a suspect is down as they put it, that there are no police officers injured. the police officers there around the armored vehicles, appear to be at ease. it is unclear whether there is anyone or a body inside the sue s.u.v. we are also told that police are focusing at a home nearby, but
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mean or how it may relate to the shooting that occurred now about four hours, fouj and a half hoyrs ago. still watching the live shot of the police vehicles surrounding the s.u.v. obviously, quite a bit of gunfire has hit the s.u.v. we're told that a suspect is down. earlier this afternoon, we spoke with one of the witnesses. her name is sale abdelmageed. she worked at the inland regional center. she saw the attackers enter the building, and we spoke with her by phone. >> i heard shots fired and it was, you know, from an automatic weapon. so, you know, very unusual why, you know, why would we hear shots? as we look out the w wdow, a second s s of shots goes off, and it's pop, pop, pop, pop.
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then we just looked, and we saw three men dressed in all plaque, military, military attire with vests on. they were holding assault rifles. and they-- they opened up the doors to buildldg 3, and one of them opened up t door to builng 3. he started to spray, shoot-- you know, shoot all over into the room. that's the room we typically have conferences in. and i just-- we just heard more gunshots go off. i got my phone. i reached for my phone. i called 911. and i just hid under my desk. i didn't see any more.e. i just heard moror gunshot goes off as i was talking to the dispatch. we went into my manager's office, locked the door, barricaded it. we heard running and things happening upstairs.
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came to the door and knocked on the door, but we didn't, obviously, answer. and then another 15 minutes later someone came and took us into a secure room. >> reporter: miss abdelmageed, can you describe to me in as much detail as you can what did the gunman look like? >> i couldn't see his face. he had a plaque hat on and from my view all i could see was a black hat and black long-sleeved shirt, possibly gloves on. he had black cargo pants on, the kinds with the zippers on the side and the big, puffy pockets. he had a huge assault rifle, and he had extra ammo. he was coming ready for-- he was coming ready for something, to reload. i don't know. he had magazines. i couldn't see what else. i saw-- it was-- i just saw three dreresed exaxaly the same.
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you saw threeen. >> yes. it looked like-- they looked like they were athletic build and they appeared to be tall. >> pelley: sally abdelmageed speaking to us. she was there during the shooting. our homeland security correspondent jeff pegues in our washington newsroom, and h hs going to join us as we continue to watch this live picture of the police armored vehicles surrounding this suspect vehicle. jeff, what do we know at this moment? >> reporter: well, scott, as you can see from this video, they are moving in, law enforcement is, but they're still not huddled around that black s.u.v. the concern is that there may be some sort of explosive involved. we heard that earlier. based on what investigators were trying too do at the active shooting scene. so they don't know what's in that vehicle. there was a shoot-out there, and
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we've heard that one suspect is down, or potential suspect is down because investigators still don't know whether this is actually one of the three people that they are looking for. but they are moving in. they are getting closer to this vehicle, but the concern is what may be inside that vehicle. they just don't know for sure right now. >> pelley: we've just seen an armored caterpillar moved in. this is the type of equipment often used by a bomb squad to approach a threatening situation. police officers are assembling around that vehicle. there's been a lot of gunfire here. we see that the rear window, the driver's side window, the passenger'r'side window of the s.u.v. have all beenn shot out. and now the police officers are gathering around this equipment. we have not seen any bodies,
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us that, as jeff just said, a suspect is down. jeff, do they have anything on the motive or who these people might be? >> reporter: well, scott, right now, the motive is still unclear. they're still trying to gather information from witnesses and look at whether there have been any proclamations, perhaps online, for example, and so they're trying to figure out what the motive is. but, clearly, they have not ruled out terrorism. nor have they ruled out that this may have been sort of workplace shooting. so it's still too early. they still have not determined a motive for this shooting. >> pelley: we e e watching a a live picture of the police just about a mile from where this massacre occurred. they stopped this dark-colored s.u.v. that is what witnesses described as the getaway vehicle for three heavily armed gunmen who attacked the inland regional
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that is a state office building. its principal mission is to provide health care services to the mentally stabled, but we're told it had rented out its conference center today to the county department of public health, and the department of public health was throwing a holiday luncheon there. and that is the event that the gunmen attacked. we have no yet w w. have no ideahy. the policichave told us that no officers have been hurt in this shoot-out about a mile from where the main massacre occurred. we also understand the police are focused on a home that is very near this location. we do not know what that means yet. but the police were looking for three suspects, as you just heard sally abdelmageed, the witness who spoke with us, she clearly saw three gunmen.
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that only one suspect is down at this location, or at least that's all they know of at this moment. as we continue to watch this unfold, the police, obviously, being very methodical and careful about how they approach that s.u.v., we want to tell that you our colleague, nonoh o'donnell, the cohost o o "cbs this morning," was sitting with president obama at the white house when these events unfolded, and norah asked the president about this latest shooting, the seventh mass shooting in america in the last five months. >> o'donnell: mr. president, it appears there's been another mass shooting in california. what do you know? >> well, we don't know that much yet. it's still an active situation. f.b.i. is on the ground, offering assistance to local officials as they need it. it does appear that there are going to be some casualties.
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hearts go out to the victims and the families. the one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. and there aree some steps we could take, n to eliminate every one of these mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. commonsense gun safety laws, stronger background checks, and, you know, for those who are concerned about terrorism, you know, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no-flfl list where peoplean't get on planene but those same people who we don't allow to fly could go into a store right now in the united states and buy a firearm, and there's nothing that we can do to stop them. that's a law that needs to be changed.
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we're able to contain this particular shooting and we don't yet know what the motives of the shootersrs are. but what we do know is that there ararsteps we can take to make americans safer, and that we should come together in a bipartisan basis at every level of government to make these rare as opposed to normal. we should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events, because it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries. >> pelley: president obama as these events unfolded, speaking to norah o'donnell at the white house. now, let me update you on what's going on with the suspect vehicle. the armored caterpillar, the type that's used by the bomb squad, has two police officers, it appears, standing behind a shield at the front of that vehicle, and they have just swung the vehicle around and pointed it in the direction of
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the s.u.v. taillights have just come on, and started to flash. there's been a lot of gunfire here. most of the windows in the s.u.v. have been shot out, if not all of them. police have said that one suspect is down, but they also said they were looking for three suspects, and as we were watching, the police approaching, the emergency flashers came on the suspect vehicle. and now the police officers are slowly backing away. do not know whether there's anyone in the vehicle or what all of this means, but there's been a great deal of violence at this location. no police officers wounded, we are told. carter evans is right there at the scene. carter, what do you know? >> reporter: well, you know, early on today, scott, there were reports that these gunmen may havee had explosive devices with them, and that's why the bomb squad was here at this location.
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you're seeing those tactical vehicles and the bomb technicians there at the scene. they're likely concerned that maybe one of those devices is inside the vehicle, if in fact that is the suspect vehicle. as you mentioned, it appears one suspect is down, and we hear that there was just a tremendous amount of gunfire, perhaps hundreds the shots. it could actually be heard over the police scanner while this was all going down. it is a bit of surprise, a surprise how all of this occurred because it's really only about a mile from the scene right here and it's four hours after this massacre occurred this morning. many people have presumed that those suspects who fled in a dark s.u.v. as reported were long gone, so to find them in this area about a mile from this location is a big surprisis f f many. and, o ocourse, a bigoncern because unlike the area where the shooting and massacred occurred this morning, which is more of an industrial area, this
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homes, and civilians. so they are certainly no doubt concerned about the safety of everyone who may be in the line of fire right now. >> pelley: carter evans reporting down there on the ground, watching a live picture from our helicopter. three police armored vehicles surrounding the s.u.v. that was believed to be the suspect vehicle. the windows of the s.u.v. have been shot out. police have said one suspect is down. they were looking for three suspects. this is just a mile or so from the massacre at the state office building which was attacked at 2:00 eastern time. almost five hours ago. police are being very methodical about approaching the vehicle. but they don't seem to have a great deal of concern about whether there's a gunman still in the vehicle.
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standing out in the open. there may be concern. a bornlg as carter just said. as we continue to unfold live, let me bring jeff pegues in, who is in our washington newsroom. jeff, what's the latest that you're hearing? >> reporter: well, scott, as you mentioned, that is exactly the concern, that there may be some sort of explosive here. again, we don't know what the motive is, and as a result of that, investigators don't know what the suspects, or potential suspects, are capable of. and that's why you see them moving in very slowly there. there areoncerns concerns that perhaps, because this was such a-- seemed to be such well-planned, coordinated attack at the original shooting scene, that perhaps the people involved left soe sort of traps along the path of their getaway for investigators.
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enforcrcent teams moving in very slowly here. i mentioned earlier, there is a name of a potential suspect, or person of interest, that has been floating around law enforcement circles, and so that may have helped narrow the focus of investigators as they try to track down that black s.u.v. soon after the shooting, this "be on the lookout for--" law enforcement circles it's called a bolo-- to be on the lookout for that black s.u.v., and that's why we are where we are right@now, at this scene, where investigators are moving in very slowly to try to get a better handle on what may zhong or may not be inside that vehicle. scott. >> pelley: jeff pegues in our washington newsroom, jeff, thanks very much. sticking with the live picture now as the police approach the suspect vehicle. a number of witnenees at the
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2:00 eastern time described three gunmen cssed in military-style gear with assault rifles and extra magazines of ammunition getting into a black s.u.v. there was a long, hours-long search of the building, where the attack occurred, but that search came up empty in terms of the suspects. carter evans has mororon the groundnd there. cacaer, what do you see? >> reporter: scott, w wre getting reports from our affiliate kcbs, that may explain the calm demeanor that you're seeing from police officers on the ground there. we are now hearing that all three suspects are either down or in custody, and perhaps one of the suspects they observed deceased as he fell out of the vehicle, but they do believe now that all three suspects are in custody. >> pelley: it is difficult to tell whether that is one of the suspects o o the stree there between the armored vehicle and the s.u.v.
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difficult to make out from the vantage point of the helicopter. but that is breaking news being reported by kabc, our station in los angeles, that all three suspects have either been killed or apprehended. this scenes unfolding in front of us live about a mile from the state office building where 14 people were killed and another 17 wounded in a military-style assault that has yet to be explained. the san bernadino police chief said thahahe men weree on a mission and had "come with a purpose," but we have not been able to divine what that purpose could be. the attack was, as we understand
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held by the san bernadino county public health department in a building that houses social services for the mentally disabled in san bernadinoo county. it's about 60 miles east of los angeles. it was a couple of hours after the shooting that police acknowledge that they had no descriptions of the suspects, and only a description of a dark s.u.v. obviously, the police developed a lot more detailed infnfmation since that time. because they stopped this vehicle in particular for a reason. there was a shoot-out of some kind. we can tell thatecause the windows of the s.u.v. are all blasted out. and we are now hearing that it may be that all three suspects have either been killed or
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the end of what has been a remarkable, remarkable day of violence in inland california. we don't want to go away from this live picture because this is the news, and it's breaking right now. as we get more information from the police and others, we will bring that to you right away. earlier today, there was an enormous police response to the state social services building where the attack occurred. hundreds of people were led out of the buildings by police officers, and they were assembled in a safe area, and then they were loded up on buses and taken to a place where they could be interviewed by the police. many people, including many people that we talked to, saw a
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and the witnesses all agreed on many aspects of this. one of the aspects being that there were three men who assaulted the building. a wider shot of the neighborhood area carter was describing. we also understand the police are zeroing in on a house nearby, but we do not know what led them there. we're going to take a very brief break. it will just be 30 seconds, and then we will be right back on this scene live with all the
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itchingng >> pelley: returning now to the cbs evening news live coverage of the dramatic events folding in san bernanano, california. earlier today, 14 people were killed and another 17 injured by three gunmen cressed in military-style gear using assault rifles. police said that the gunmen got away in a dark-colored s.u.v. well now we are looking about a mile away from where the massacre occurred. the policeave stopped an s.u.v., most all of the windows of that s.u.v. have been shot out. and you are now looking at three armored police vehicles surrounding the s.u.v.
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middle. something fell out of the-- it appears the rear driver's side seat. it's not clear that it's a body. but the police are telling us now that at least one suspect is "down," and at least one suspect has been arrested. it may be all three of them that have been either killed or arrested. now, this is just a few blocks away here, the police have surrounded a home, also about a mile from where the massacre ococrred. so these are the twowo active scenes right now, the h he that you just saw, and now our helicopter is going to zoom in to that area. we conot have infmation on what's occurred at the home, but there's been a lot of gunfire around the s.u.v. carter evans is on the ground
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carter, what's the latest? >> reporter: so, hearing that those three suspects are now subdued, whether they are deceased or not, we do not know. in some cases, many arere hoping that one of those suspects, or more, is still alive, so that we can find out exactly why the shooting occurred behind me at this center this afternoon or this morning, rather, about four or five hours ago. it happened just after 11 a.m. we hear armed gunmen, armed to the teeth with long rifles and they were wearing body armor, entered d d opened fire on a cocounity meeting that was going on, a luncheon in the morning, and, scott, that is the latest that we know from here. >> pelley: and we're going to pause right now forp just a
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