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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  January 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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and a cause of death, duck? yeah, a fractured neck. sharp left-to-right twist. same as major newton. who do i notify about her remains? she had no family except the husband that killed her. i'll call her father's lawyer. do we know who the imposter really is? rita applegate. she was a waitress at a bar not far from lejeune. that's where they met. discovered they had a lot in common. she and captain hudson shared similar, um, desires that his wife didn't. she wants to cut a deal and is willing to testify. says that hudson killed his wife and transferred the body, all along with their personal possessions. after hudson retired, they were gonna dispose of the body, move to the caribbean and live off of lauren's money. greed-- the root of much evil. morning, my lord. hey, ducky. those are awfully nice-looking flowers. i take it that you and jake made up. those aren't from jake. they're from mcgee. tony: aw.
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so, you-you guys are good again? bishop: yeah. actually, mcgee saved me. i canceled my trip, got my deposit back, and, uh, it was a good thing. jake has to go out of town that weekend. a summit somewhere in asia. somewhere? asia's big. yep. need-to-know. couldn't tell me where. we'll take our little trip another time. yeah. so i got this, uh, leave request of yours. you still going to england? no, i think i'll take that trip another time. uh, thank you. um, you know, that heritage stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be. what happened? well... my cousin, crispian, called back.
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archibald drummond. (chuckles) it turns out archie... was quite a character. he was a... he was a scoundrel, and a-a thief, a con man. died in newgate prison. crispian says that some historians suspect that, uh, he may have been... jack the ripper. captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota captioned by media access group at wgbh real cheese, yes please. introducing new melty mozzarella sticks at mcdonald's.
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dip 'em in zesty marinara deliciousness.
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3 right now on siouxland news(in memory of ray nacke)he was the legendary briar cliff university basketball coach..and today, family, friends gathered to commemorate him.(beatles' cartoonist)we'll introduce you to the animator director behind the beatles cartoon art show..and, how you can meet him in person.(winter storms) and record snowfall this weekend cause monumental dig-outs...from the gulf coast to new england.(ragbrai 2016) and let the countdown to ragbrai 2016 begin...we'll tell you all about the more
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across iowa.3 3 his legacy transcended basketball...good evening i'm jetske wauran, thank you for joining us tonight. ray nacke was briar cliff university's head coach and today, many remembered him. 3 former players, colleagues, family and friends gathered to reminisce about the beloved coach at b-c-u. nacke was a loving father and devoted husband, but on the courts, he was known for his fiery demeanor, making him one of the winningest coaches in n-a- i-a history. he was a member of the briar cliff athletic hall of fame, the greater siouxland hall of fame and the westmar college hall of fame. in 2012, briar cliff named its home basketball court "ray nacke court" in the beloved coach's honor. he passed away at his home in september. he was 79-years-old. 3 "everybody who ever played with will just tell you what a big impact he had on their life as far as making them a better man and preparing them
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college."nacke led an overall record of 507 wins and 254 losses in 26 seasons as bcu's head coach. 3 3 one person is dead after a snowmobile accident late last night. 3 monona county sheriff's office say the accident happened shortly before 10-30 last night,in the 13-thousand block of k-42.officials say, they found the snowmobile had collided with an irrigation pivot....the victim was identified as 46-year-old david daigle of baton rouge, louisiana..he was taken to mercy medical center in sioux city, where he was later pronounced dead. 3 celebrating the release of his new book today.well-known and long-time photographer george lindblade held that book signing at sioux city fire rescue's station four. the book is called "fully involved" which
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interworkings of firefighting in our community over the last 150 years. lindblade worked on his book last summer, and tells us, it's been widely received and enjoyed especially by retired firefighters. been widely received, enjoyed especially by retired firefighters. 3 "the fire department is an integral part of the community, and sometimes people look at it as just that, they put out fires and play pinochle, well, they don't do that anymore. firefighter had a dedicated way of life, and we the best fire departments. i'd put these guys up against any fire department in the country."the lindblades aren't the only ones who aren't the only the lindblades 3 the lindblades aren't the only ones who contributed to the book. you can pick up a copy of *fully involved* at their store... "sioux cy gifts"... on pierce street. 3 3 from scooby doo, to the beatles..a famous cartoonist is holding one of the biggest art events right here in siouxland.animator and director ron campbell is known for his work on the beatles yellow submarine, his work on ren and stimpy, and many more. campbell began his career
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number one in ratings for his tv cartoon series, the beatles. campbell has also done notable work on the rugrats, smurfs, george of the jungle, and krazy kat. we caught up with the talented artist this afternoon, take a listen. 3 "you mean i can do a drawing and it can become a mouse running away from a cat and hitting the cat on the foot with a malete and the cat will jump up in e air and scream? from drawings? from that moment on i was hooked."you can meet campbell and check out his artwork at vangarde arts on jackson street.campbell will be live tomorrow from 4 to 8 pm, and this tuesday and wednesda from 11 to 7 pm.the event is free and open to the public. 3 3 and let the bike fever begin!!! we are 181 days away from the registered annual great bike ride across iowa...last year we kicked off
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than 30-thousand people. this year, the 44th annual event will take us through the scenic parts of southern iowa. the more than 4-hundred-mile ride will start in glenwood, then through shenandoah, creston, leon, centerville, ottumwa, washington..before ending in muscatine. for more details, we've got a link in this story, on our website siouxland news dot com. 3 3 3 really enjoyed the warm weather this weekend, but it looks like more snow is on its way, kayla. 3 winter weather advisories go into effect tonight through tomorrow evening for southern parts of siouxland expecting freezing drizzle in the mornrng and 2-3" of snow through tomorrow evening. expect patchy fog tonight with temperatures in the mid 20s. snow will move in early monday morning and showers will
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clouds persist through tuesday evening with high temperatures in the low 30s. the rest of the week calls for partly sunny 3 skies with temperatures near 40. 3 just about every mode of transpsptation in new yoyo city except the unrground subway was shut down yesterday and overnight, thanks to a blizzard that's already ranked as the second largest snowstorm in the city's history. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette reports from new york city. 3 pedestrians take a pity on a driver who defied the travel babain new york city.saturday afternoon all non-emergency vehicles were ordered off the
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down. (mayor bill de blasio/new york city) "it's very important that people clear the roads so sanitation can do its work and get this city back on its feet in the next day or two."nats driving roads were also closed on long island. on the cross island parkway, new york governor andrew cuomo helped a stranded motorist.(gov. andrew cuomo/d-ny) "between the snowfall and the wind, it is really a treacherous, treacherous situation."the more than two feet of snow took a heavy toll- three people who were shoveling in new york city died of apparent heart mount vernon in westchester county.workers cleared the top of a sports dome, to prevent a collapse. (wendydy gigiette/new york) "even the great white way is dark! all saturday matinee and evening performances on broadway were cancelled."twins emily and kayla gilligan were supposed to see the show "school of rock" to celebrate their 18th birthdays.(emily and kayla gilligan/visiting from long island) "are you disappointed that it's canceled. yeah, yeah. how long had you planned it? couple months probably. yeah."but other new yorkers relished the weather- lulu got a chance to go sledding.(stefanie gammill/dog owner) "she loves
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knock little kids overo get back to the p of the hill." it's time for snow selfies and lots of other pictures to remember a storm for the ages. this morninggovernor cuomo lifted the travel banas life without a white blanket resumes.wendy gillette, for cbs news, new york. 3 3 hilly clinton and marco rubio reacted to their endorsements from the des moines register. reporter rose heaphy caught up with the rubio campaign this weekend in indianola. 3 supporters congratulated marco rubio at a campaign stop in indianola on his latest endorsement.the des moines register editorial board says it believes rubio is the best hope for the republican party and move them in a new direction.the board says his greatest challenge will be his experience -- his resume isn't as long as other candidates. but rubio disagrees.on the democrat side... the r rister
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----heir pick in 2008.theyey point to her leadership as her strength.but they say clinton clinton campaigning in clinton welcomed the endorsement. to caucus night... the board hopes people will keep their endorsement in mind. the board is made up of six editorial staff. they interviewed the candidates throughout the year to make their decision.make their the yeye to throughout the candidatesesnterviewed they staff.editororl the register's people from made up of six the board is in mind. endorsement keep their board hopes night... the to caucus when it comes to caucus night... the board hopes people will keep their endorsement in mind. the board is made up of six people from the register's editorial staff.
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candidates throughout the year to make their decision. 3 3 democratic prpridential candidatebernie sanders appeared on face t nation today, focusing on his views on gun control.sanders says the federal government has a very important role to play..and that he supports president obama's newly announced gun control executive actions. 3 "look, when we have ththe horrrric mass killings, whwh peoplelealk into a church and start shooting people or walk into a school, thiss an ise that we have got tdeal with. and i support what president obama is trying to do and deal with this gun show loophole."sanders says our government needs to strengthen the instant background checks and have criminal backgrounds, for those who are mentally ill. 3 still to come on siouxland news tonight, , a san antonio native could be running for democratic vice presidential candidate.he's been campaigning alongside hillary clinton, earning an endorsement from the us
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3 3 3 3 jetske and kayla talk about the weather. 3 winter weather advisories go into effect tonight through tomorrow evening for southernrn parts of siouxland expecting freezing drizzle in the morning and 2-3" of snow through tomorrow evening. expect patchy fog tonight with temperatures in the mid 20s. snow will move in early monday
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continue through the evening. clouds persist through tuesday evening with high temperatures
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the 3 week calls for partly sunny skies with temperatures near 40. 3 and still ahead on siouxland news, across the country...charities and non-
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good..but with that...comes trillions of dollars in assets, some paying their executives very high salaries. full measure sharyl
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s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s 3 3 america's charities and nonprofits do a lot of good. they also have $3 trillion in assets-but some of them arar paying theieiexecutives uncharitably high salaries.a couple examples:the ceo of planned parenthood was paid over a half million dollars.. including all compensation.. the former head of goodwill pulled in over 3-million dollars. full measure host sharyl attkisson asked the head of the house
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3 (sot-rep. jason chaffetz, r- utah, house oversight committee chairman)sharyl: why do you think these groups that want to payexecutives so much, or feel that they need to, structure themselvesas non- profits?//chaffetz: oh, it can save them millions. untold millions ofdollars are saved and not paid into the federal treasury bystructuring as a not for profit organization. i think a lot of people would be sfull urprised by how much money theexecutives are bringing home putting in their own pocket.chaffetz has a suggestiti.. that non--profits should cap their ceo salaries so they don't exceed that of the chief executive of the united states.. the president makes $400,000 per year. more on the high flying salaries after our newscast tonight, right here on kmeg-14. 3 3 speculation will continue to grow when it comes to julian castro, who's possibib running asas vice presidenti candidate.the san antonio, texas native, who has en campaigning alongside hillary clinton earned an endorsement from the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. saturday's
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message, affirming castro as a gatekeeper of sorts to the latino vote. it also adds to already growing speculation n nsidering castro has been a fixture on the clinton campaign trail. 3 "julion is a lusterative of everything our hispanic community is all about.t's about inspiration and hardworking and dedication and moving forward."saturday's announcement from the head of the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce was delivered in castro's hometown, and the site of the country's first local hispanic chamber of commerce.julian castro himself wasn't there. he was campaigning on behalf of hillary clinton in iowa, whom he endorsed for president. 3 3 and coming up tonight on our health watch...a miracle baby! we'll show you how baby harper overcame some serious survival oddsand how she continues to thrive, despitethe obstacles. the inspiring story that's touched many, coming up right after the break. 3 hello. i'm mark hyman.just
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3 3 3 little harper james has conquered more obstacles in her first four months on this earth, than many of us will in a lifetime. harper was delivered by emergency c- section on september 9. reporter lauren tostenson reports, this little girl, born almost four months early, finally got to go home this weekend. 3 "ok, can i take you out munch?" little harper has conquered
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= months on this earth, than many of us will in a lifetime..."alright, you ready?"harper was due december 31st, but after a complicated pregnancy, harper was instead delivered by emergency c- section on september 9 nearly 4 months early.ajshay james - harper's mom"the doctor came in and said, 'ajshay if we need to take the baby today, can we do it?' i probably turned as pale as these walls, it was not anything i had expected."harper weighed only 13 ounces when she was born she was severely underdevelope d and she was facing some serious survival odds.dr. david simchowitz - neonatologist"babies born less than 500 grams at this gestational age, 23-24 weeks, only 25% of those babies survive."but harper has not only survived, she's thrived now close to 10 times her birth weight. also no surgeries and no infections so saturday she gets to go home."just thinking about what she's been through, from blood
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