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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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"this is siouxland news at 10 on kmeg 14." 3 3 the caucuses are over... and a winter storm is moving in.siouxland is now facing down the barrell of what could be a blizzard snow... instead of political commercials. 3 3 3 siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell joins us now.chad, when are we going to see the snow start to fall here in the metro area? 3
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3 turning our attention now to the night's *other* big story... the 2016 iowa caucuses. 3 3 democrats have been choosing between three candidates tonight... but only two of them had major support. as of now... with 87 percent of precincts statewide reporting...hillary clinton looks hillary clinton may win a neck and neck's a breakdown of the results... again, this is with 87 percent of precints statewide reporting. mrs. clinton has 50 percent... bernie sanders has 49 percent...and martin o'malley has 1 percent. and within the hour o'malley has announced he's dropping out of the woodbury county,,, the numbers look like this... mrs. clinton has 43 percent...
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o'malley has 1 percent.up highway 75 in plymouth county... mrs. clinton has 55 percent... berniesanders has 45 percent...and o'malley has 0 percent.and in sioux county... all precincts have reported with clinton garnering 48 percent...sanders has 51 percent... and o'malley has 1 percent. 3 3 statewide... republicans have been voting and choosing between 12 candidates for their party's nomination. with 53 percent of precincts reporting. at this point it looks like ted cruz may become this year's winner.the rest of the top six statewide at this point are as follows...cruz with 28 percent donald trump with 24 percent marco rubio with 23 percentben carson with 9 percentrand paul with 5 percentand jeb bush with 3 woodbury county... wiht 100 percent counted...
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carsonrick santorumand paulin plymouth county... the top 6 aretrumpcruzrubiocarson bushand pauland in sioux county... the top six are cruzrubiocarson trumppauland santorum 3 we've learned now that based on the results out of iowa... democratic candidate martin o'malley has dropped outand on the republican side... 2008 caucus winner mike huckabee is ending his campaign... after finishing in 9th place with 2 percent of the vote. 3 democrats and republicans across the state gathered in schools, churches and homes to make their picks this sioux city... some democrats gathered at bryant elementary school. our jetske wauran was there and has this report. 3 at bryant elementary school in sioux city, hundreds of democratic voters congregated at the campus gym."that's democracy, that's real democracy,"a packed room with over 300 people, "very
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groups and backing their preferred candidates, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley."anytime that you talk about education being more affordable or college for free, that definitely resonates for free. i mean it's a big problem for them as far as trying to further education."first time caucus-goers say they're excited."i think it's a privilege to be born in this type of government and to take part in it."despite being the oldest contender in the race, bernie sanders is drawing much from younger voters here in iowa."i"m really into bernie, he's got it, he's legit." martin o'malley supporters speaking up...really pressing for o'malley?oh you bet! so when he announced he was running i was really excited. once the votes were cast, caucus officials used an app or call in to submit their results.hillary is the one who needs to be in there, i mean she's the one..she's got the
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3 several precincts of sioux city republicans gathered this evening at east high for their caucus.our nick popham was on scene for *their* gathering... and has *this* report. 3 the iowa caucuses act as sort of the beginning to the end of the election process.with all of the country fixated on the midwestern state-caucus precincts like this one at east high school in sioux city-help everyone get a sense of who could be the next president in a different way."it's really the beginning of the whole political process. this is where raw democracy begins. so it's more than just sitting there casting a ballot, going to the polling place, pushing a lever or filling out a form. you actually get to participate in helping run the parties."this specific precinct is for registered republicans deciding which of the dozen candidates will get the majority's support. neighbors within the area have come together to sign in to receive a ballot-or register to vote in order to caucus. while some of the candidates
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first timers have a few main reasons why they are here."i think it's important that young people get involved. every vote matters, so, you have to get informed as you can because we're the future of the united states."the auditorium was filled with people supporting a variety of candidates for specific issues."i just think that the economy and our world situation, people want to have their say and be able to hopefully make things better."what makes the republican caucuses different is that it's done by secret ballot along with representatives spending a short amount of time advocating for their own east high-there were advocates for around half of the people running.this siouxland precinct gives sioux city a glimpse of how the rest of the state is spending caucus east high-nick popham-siouxland news. 3 3 one group of republicans gathered at a home in the southeastern woodbury county town of smithland for their caucus.30 people gathered in the home of charles bromander to cast their ballots.the bromanders have been holding the caucas at their home since
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is good for the community and helps encourage educated voting. 3 "and then when they do come they just feel a little more comfortable and they are more likely to speak their mind than they are in a bigger setting. "he contines to say that it helps to bring out the vote which is esspecially important to their community. 3 turnout is the key for winning the caucuses.democrats saw a record turnout of 240-thousand people in 2008... when barack obama surprised the field... with hillary clinton finishing far tonight we won't have a report from the democrats on their turnout.republicans had a record turnout of 121-thousand in 2012... when rick santorum was the winner. tonight the g- o-p says it's counted a record 170-thousand people voting so far with 90 percent of the vote reported. 3 winning the iowa caucuses in a poor predictor of who's going to win the white house. in fact... only two have done
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3 in 2000 george w. bush finished first with 41 percent of the republican vote... and went on to win his first term. and in 2008 barack obama upset john edwards and hillary clinton... and eventually won his first term as president. 3 3 turning our attention back to the major winter storm heading our way... 3 as you heard chad say earlier in the show... we're expecting blizzard conditions throughout much of siouxland tomorrow.our jaclyn driscoll spoke to the iowa d- o- t earlier today... to find out what they're doing to prepare to clear the roads before, during and after the snow falls. 3 blizzard alerts stretch from north-central kansas to southern minnesota, and the worst of it hitting right here in siouxland. with snow totals that could reach up to a foot paired with sustained winds over 30 mph, the storm will likely bring whiteout conditions. a day before the storm hits, the iowa dot is already preparing. "we're getting trucks ready. we're
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that are coming in today, so we're checking trucks and blades and lights. travel is highly discouraged, but the dot says they will be doing their best to keep the roads safe. "trucks are out as the weather dictates we need to be out, so we're monitoring road conditions often and they're out as the weather is needed." there is a slim chance that parts of i29 could close down due to accidents or snow totals. in this event, on ramps will be closed until the conditions improve. the dot encourages anyone who must travel to check their website for updated road conditions. we have the links to their websites in this story at siouxland news dot com"best thing is to keep an eye on the 511 website and keep and eye on road conditions for yourself. if you can stay home, stay home. give us a little extra room and watch for lights and give us some space." in sioux city... jaclyn driscoll, siouxland news. 3 sioux city public transit is preparing for tomorrow's snowstorm by pre-emptively
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tuesday.they say a decision on wednesday service will be made can find their status... as well as those of area schools and businesses... scrolling along the bottom of your screen and online at siouxland news dot com... where we've also got links to road condition website for iowa, nebraska *and* south dakota. 3 3 sioux city fire 3 department is also preparing for the blizzardthey say the biggest issue during storms are car accidents. so they remind us to slow down or not travel at all if you do not have to. but after the storm they worry about hidden fire hydrants. 3 "so obviously we encourage everyone in sioux city if you have a hydrant in your neighborhood or on your block to help us out and dig those out and otherwise we start driving around and looking for hydrants and shovel those. "digging out those hydrants could make a big difference for responding fire crews. 3
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move into the area with snow accumulations beginning overnight. tomorrow will be very windy with heavy snowfall and accumulations of 10-12" for most of the area, with 15"+ possible in some areas. visibilities will be near zero and travel will be 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell
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3 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the
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3 our capture count is rising again... while marshals search for a man wanted for a parole violation.that's coming up
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edition of siouxland's 3 3 tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for violating his parole on drug charges... but first we have another addition to our capture count.larry starr was featured in november of last year on
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the woodbury county sheriff's office for violating his parole on drug possession charges. he was arrested tuesday in north sioux city by members of the northwest iowa fugitive task force and the north sioux city police department. his arrest makes him capture #423 since most wanted on to tonight's featured fugitive.thomas merchant is wanted by the woodbury county sheriff's office for violating his parole on an original charge of possession of a controlled substance 3rd offense.merchant is 32 years old, 3 5 feet 10 inches tall, 3 and weighs 195 pounds. he has a tattoo on his neck... 3 and his last known address was in the morningside area. if you have *any* information about thomas merchant... please call the u- s marshal service in sioux city at (712) 252-0211... or send marshals an e-mail at "siouxlands dot most wanted at u- s- d- o- j dot gov".you can also use the marshals' text a tip
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the keyword "t- e- n (all in uppercase) 9- 9" and your tip to tip411 (847- 411). remember... the information you provide remains confidential and could put this fugitive behind bars. 3 3 taking a break from politics... to talk about the number one cause of death in regular americans and political staffers: heart diseasecoming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... we'll take a look at one tool doctors use to diagnose difficult cardiac
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3 heart disease is the number one cause of death in america. siouxland news reporter kayla novak shows us how doctors diagnose cardiac problems. 3 february is american heart month to boost awareness for america's number one cause of death... heart disease. at mercy caridology, doctors help patients with all aspects of this disease. one aspect is arrhythmias which can be studied with electrophysiology testing. "the important thing is that we need to know exactly what is causing adnormally fast or abnormally slow rhythms. and may of times we can get soem clue by looking at electrocardio grams or by looking at the halter monitor that the patient undergoes before electrophysiol ogical studies. "the patient will visit the electophyiology lab for an exact diagnosis. most patients are awake during the prodecure or he or she can
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are anxious or uncomfortable. "and then we put three to four catheters inside the patients heart. most of these catheters usually go through the groin veins and sometimes we have to put one or two catheters through the neck veins.''then the heart is stimulated electrically or with medication or a combination of the two. during this period doctors can determine what part of the heart causing the irregular heart be at. ''now those rhythms which are more common usually come from the top chambers of the heart. and the beauty of them... most of them they can be cured with the catheter abliations. after we find an exactly what the cause of the abnormally fast rhythm is." but, if the heart beat is irregularly slow.. "after pinpointing the diagnosis, we can offer them the appropriate treatment options. most of the time it is usually a pace maker." be sure to talk with your doctor about your heart health. kayla
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3 3 3 iowa regional girls basketball brackets were announced today. several siouxland teams have tough paths to a regional title. 3 le mars and heelan might see each other in that playoff. but first they squared off in the ice cream capital of the
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3 3 3 3 with record of 7 and 8 and 7 and 10 respectively it's safe to say the heelan and lemars girls basketball teams haven't had the seasons they would have liked. but there's still regional tournaments ahead.and anything can happen if you heat up in time for the playoffs the two teams squared off in the ice cream capital of the world tonight. 1) first quarter it's 3-zip heelan off the missed three grace hanno
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she's fouled but missed the free throw. it's 3-2. 2) back come the bulldogs sidney baumgartner with the drive! it's good! bulldogs up early. 3) and here they extend it. they go down low to madison dreckman who gets the friendly roll!4) so it was 9-3 le mars. and the crusaders came back. working the ball around it ends with a three from taylor ferguson! 9-6.5) more threes from the crusaders. megan bowl- you! that's good! we are tied at 9!heelan goes on to win 49-36. 3 these two will have a chance to see each other again in the regionals although it'll be tough. the brackets were just announced. here's the 4a region 1 bracket. spencer gets a 5a region 1 west awaits the winner of the north and east matchup.let's swing down to 3a where sioux center, sheldon, moc-floyd valley, sbl, spirit lake and estherville lincoln central meet in region
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cherokee draws estherville lincoln's a look at 2a. where western christian and lawton bronson are among teams to earn a bye in region 1. not pictured undefeated okoboji gets a bye as well in region 2. also in class 1a kingsley pierson and mmc have only three losses between them so they earn byes as well. 3 and on the boys side the new iowa ap rankings are out. we have movement! no siouxland teams ranked in 4a but east receives votes. in 3a spirit lake stay at 6. moc floyd valley up one to 8th. heelan and sbl receive votes. in 2a western christian still number one. ridge view down from 6 to 7. pocahontas area down from 7 to 10. sioux center receives votes. and in 1a boyden hull down from 2 to 3. ikm manning up from 9 to 8. south obrien, ar-we-va, and mvao all receive votes. 3 3 3
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3 finally tonight... we're taking one last look at the results from the 2016 iowa caucuses.starting with the republicans... where it looks like texas senator ted cruz will walk away the winner.the top six statewide at this point are as follows... cruz with 28 percenttrump with 24 percentrubio with 23 percent carson with 9 percentrand paul
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with 3 percent.that's with 91 percent of precincts reporting 3 3 now turning to the hotly- contested democratic race... here's a breakdown of the results... again, this is with 91 percent of precints statewide reporting.clinton has 50 percent...bernie sanders has 49 percent...3 and martin o'malley has 1 percent. 3 3 3
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