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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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siouxland.(candidate cuts)and then there were nine... as two more republicans drop out of the race for president.(mosque visit)it's a first for the current president ... a visit to a mosque. (no show) and... despite a subpoena... a key player in the flint, michigan water disaster refuses to testify before congress. 3 after months of delays... we now know when the akron man accused of murdering his mother will stand trial. thanks for joining us. i'm larry wentz, diana castillo has the night off. the date is set for opening statements in the trial of 43- year- old jonathan neunaber. 3 plymouth county district judge steven andreasen has set may 10th as the first day of the trial. this comes after the judge ruled neunaber competent to stand trial last month.he's charged with 1st degree murder in the death of his mother... whose body was discovered along with that of neunaber's
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autopsy determined esther neunaber died of blunt- force trauma to the head... while donald neunaber had died of natural causes.jonathan neunaber was arrested in wisconsin two days after the bodies were found... and later charged with murder. 3 one day and more than a foot of snow later... siouxland is trying to get back to normal after the biggest snowstorm we've seen in a couple years.our nick popham joins us now after a day observing the cleanup...nick... is there anything particularly special about this dig out process? 3 larry... the blizzard has come and gone which means the real work for local residents is just beginning. 3 that work involves clearing their driveways and yards of the massive amounts of snow. but some people like fernado claren have found a positive outlook on the task."been out here for a good hour and half shoveling about 14 inches of snow. it's a lot of fun we get a good workout of it hence the
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good workout. ." siouxland experienced snow in some places that reached over a foot causing people to come out with snow blowers and shovels earlier this morning. schools in turn were closed in the area causing some students to put down the books and pick up the shovel.".i think we should just do it because of the amount of this snow.// it was pretty good because we had no school and it was good break i got to sleep in. ""i hope we don't get to much more (laughs) we get a break.// i guess the kids will like it on that hill over their they go sliding down."another problem in the area is fire hydrants covered in snow.sioux city's fire department wants anyone with hydrants on their lawns to dig them out and give enough space around them so officials can use them if necessary."because time is essential during those fire emergencies so we want to make sure that we can get the water
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possible to prevent further damages."the hydrants are just one of a number of things that need to be dug out as a result of this storm. 3 now after speaking with lieutenant rodriguez-he told me that if you can't move the snow away from a hydrant on your lawn... you can call the fire prevention office and they will send a truck to help as soon as possible. larry? 3 3 yesterday's storm closed i- 29 in south dakota between north sioux city and sioux falls... and it also created havoc on i- 80 in nebraska. 3 this is video taken by a nebraska state patrol airplane flying over i-80 near grand island this morning.that road was closed between lincoln and north platte for nearly an entire day... re- opening gradually between 1 and 2 o'clock this afternoon.several roads in nebraska remain impassable due to drifting snow tonight...though none of those are located here in siouxland. 3 the city of sioux city is making plans to deal with the disruption the storm caused to garbage collection
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unable to collect garbage and recycling yesterday *or* today.the city's asking anyone with scheduled pickup yesterday or today to put your bins out *tonight*... and they'll be collected starting tomorrow.thursday collection will take place friday... and friday collection will move to dakota city... the storm is forcing garbage collection to be moved back as well.the city says garbage regularly collected on thursday 3 will instead be picked up on friday. 3 a buena vista county family is lucky to be alive after their furnace vent was blocked by snow.the fire chief in newell says the family of 8 went to bed last night feeling slightly sick... and woke up vomiting early this morning.the father called 9- 1- 1... and crews took the family to the hospital... suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.the home's furnace vent had been covered by snow... forcing the fumes back into the home.high levels of carbon monoxide were found. the family remains hospitalized...
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3 "one of the hard parts is that carbon monoxide is an oderless, colorless, tasteless gas and the only way you really detect it is through a carbon monoxide alarm so it's important if you do have one you put it near your bedroom 3 comes to the snow!this afternoon we shot this video in dakota dunes. a group of kids enjoying their second day off from school this week... playing and climbing on massive piles of snow left behind. we still have a few siouxland area schools either closed or opening late tomorrow. those announcements are scrolling along the bottom of your screen and are also posted online at siouxland news dot com. 3
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will stay pretty mild but we may see the slightest chance for light snow as a weak wave will move mainly north of the area. highs again will be in the lower 30s. for the weekend, temperatures will be warming up into the mid 30s on friday and near 40 on sunday. despite the warmer weather on sunday, we will again see a slight chance for light snow to close out the weekend. for early next week, it appears that the trend will be for colder air to move into the area.>> 3
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3 and rand paul, jeb bush, carly fiorina, john kasich and mike huckabee all receive one delegate each.huckabee withdrew from the race monday night after a poor performance in iowa. 3 3 speaking of rand paul... he has bowed out of the race as well... suspending his run for the white house today citing a low vote count in iowa.paul says he believes he ran a great campaign and plans to continue the fight on key issues like protecting privacy, having a reasonable foreign policy and balancing the budget senator paul declined to say if he will endorse any of the remaining g-o-p candidates. 3 3 paul is joined in leaving the republican race tonight by former pennsylvania senator rick santorum.santorum won the iowa caucuses in 2012... and nearly beat mitt romney for the republican nomination.this time around... he managed to obtain support from just 2 percent of caucusgoers monday an interview this evening on the fox news channel... santorum endorsed florida senator marco rubio... who placed third on monday.he says rubio's values are the
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and the florida senator real posed by isis. at ten... those affected by and responsible for the flint water crisis testify before congress. which major figure was missing and why, coming up. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the
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the lower 30s. for friday, it will stay pretty mild but we may see the slightest chance for light snow as a weak wave will move mainly north of the area. highs again will be in the lower 30s. for the weekend, temperatures will be warming up into the mid 30s on friday and near 40 on sunday. despite the warmer weather on sunday, we will again see a slight chance for light snow to close out the weekend. for
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that the trend will be for colder air to move into the area.>> 3 president obama is catching criticism for visiting a mosque in baltimore to deliver a speech promoting religious tolerance. 3 why critics are upset with the
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after the break.3 for the first time in his presidency, barack obama visits an american mosque. he criticized polilicians for what he considers anti-muslim rhetoric. but, as jeff abell tells us, the president's choice of mosques comes with
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3 (neighbor) "he's on the way here in the motorcade"(track) when the presidents motorcade rolled into west baltimore. neighbors watched and wondered...(neighbor) "most of us don't really know the history of the muslim community"(track) for the first time since becoming president, president barack obama visited a mosque...the islam society of baltimore, one of the largest in the country and one whose members today listened to the president as he delivered a message of tolerance for all faiths.(president comments)
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without 3 protest. 10 yrs 3 ago it's former imam was quoted saying he condoned suicide bombings in certain cases." (resident speaks) (gaffney). "the muslim brotherhood is not the kind of company the president should be keeping"frank gaffney is with the center for security policy.(gaffney). there are plenty of law-abiding muslims in this country it's just that the president never seems to reach out to them."(mosque okeswoman)after 2 hours at the mosque, 3 the president returned to washington.while some members question why his visit took so
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3 3 officials and residents of flint michigan appeared before congress this morning to testify about the city's water crisis. but one major player was missing.the attorney for former emergency manager darnell earley refused to take a subpoena last ght ordering earley to testify this morning. he said his client couldn't make it to washington in time. that excuse not sitting well with committee chair... who asked u- s marshals to track earley down. meanwhile in michigan... governor rick snyder proposing additional relief to flint water customers. 3 coming up after the break on siouxland news at 10... tonights healthwatch.. there's growing concern about the spread of the zika virus in the united states and how it is spreading.. 3 hello. i'm mark 2007, the angora wildfire destroyed more than n 0 homes and busisisses near california's lake of the 240 homes destroyed sat for 30
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boulevard. it was in a residentially-zoned area. it was nestled among homes on a paved street with concrete curbs. the property had electricity, . . . water, . . . sewage . . . and telephone hook-ups.the location was perfect for ray and theresa burns. in 2009, they bought the lot in a foreclosure auction. they planned to build a dream home for the family. and their two elderly, . . . disabled mothers.the burns worked with the tahoe regional planning agency before the purchase. of course, you can rebuild a home on the lot, the t-r-p-a told them.the couple consulted d with the agencycynd other local authorities on the building plans. they spent 1400-dollars to buy a lot allocation. as required by local ordinance. they were going to build an environmentally-conscious green home on the previous home's footprint.but shortly before construction began, t-r-p-a had a change of heart. vegetation that grew where a
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nearby stream . . . convinced these bureaucrats this was protected lot. it was`placed off-limits for development.the t-r-p-a's actions don't pass the common-sense test.more than that. their prohibition runs counter to supreme court precedence and is in violation of the constitution's fifth amendment.the burns are suing the tahoe regional planning comment go to behind
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3 the governor of florida has declared a health emergency in four counties because of the zika virus. officials believed all the cases contracted the virus while traveling... but as chris martinez reports, concerns are also growing after health officials confirmed it has been spread through sexual contact. 3 health officials around the world are paying close attention to a dallas case of zika virus transmitted through sexual contact. the patienen was infected by y person who picked up the virus in
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emergency meeting of health officials in latin america , the director of the pan american health organization said this brings new questions on how to handle the zika outbreak.(sot carissa etienne/director, pan american health organization) "obviously it would bring a new dimension to the zika problem and that will be studied further."the mosquito- borne virus is rapidly spreading through latin america and the caribbean. health officials here in the us say they are not surprised to hear of transmission through sex but emphasize the disease is generally spread through mosquito bites(sot dr. tom frieden/cdc director) "the bottom-line for the public in the continental l remains the same. if you are pregnant and thinking of travelling to a place with zika spreading.. don't."the virus has been linked to several thousands of cases of a serious birth defect called microcephaly which causes babies to be born with small heads.the world health organization has declared a global health emergency . researchers around the world are working haha on a vaccine. brazil scientists
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the vaccine for dengue. chris martinez cbs news los angeles. 3 3 it's national signing day and we span siouxland to see who's going where. 3 morningside, briar cliff, usd and several high school had announcements to make today. see which big time siouxland high schoolers will continue their careers at siouxland colleges. chris is next in sports.
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3 school may have been out but even a blizzard couldn't stop national signing day from happening. sioux city east was one of the few schools to still hold their signing celebrations today.headed to nebraska is star soccer player elise huber. all-state defensive back ross godphrey is headed to north dakota state, bruising running back terrell hills will play football at briar cliff and morningside gets mrac's champion golfer tyler danke. today they all
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long-awaited day was for them. 3 "i went to their id camp and they started talking to me and right then i realized this is the place i wanted to go." "it's very exciting. i think that they'll give me the opportunity to become the best football player that i can be and i just want to get up there and win.""i just like their school. they've got a great campus and a great coaching staff. they nted to get betterernd they said they wanted me to be a part of that.""i love the campus and i think it's a great opportunity and i really look forward to continuing to play there and looking forward to winning a conference championship there." 3 morningside welcomed 37 new football recruits today, many of om attendededtonight's welcoming signing ceremony at clyde's pub and grill in sioux city. players like north's deion claiborne, k-p linebacker jacob harvey, west sioux linebacker justin negaard, and spencer lineman nathan nissen are all in that
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that head caoch steve ryan has going. a a they give the mustangs a very siouxland feel on defense. 3 "right now he's not sure what i'm going to play. he wants to try me at running back. just see what i can do with my athleticism and stuff. he said on defense he sees me as a linebacker.""i'll be able to adapt to the changes and try to fit in to at morningsgse has to bring and take it from there.""i'm pretty pumped. i can't wait to have my family all come out and watch and to come to a very good program at morningside they're very well coached. and they're good every single year.""the challenge is every year you've got to get a very good recruiting class if you want to keep it going. and the guys who are sitting in this room someday we're going to count on them to sit in this room and count on them to be excellents football players, excellent student, and excellent athletes." 3 briar cliff announced a record-setting signing day today. 38 new chargers are set to join the football team. it's the most they've ever added. head coach tom rethmen
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backs including the aformentioned hills and top spencer rusher dylan ellis. 3 news usd head football coach bob nielson announced the signing of 24 student-athletes to a national letter of intent. seven other high school standouts have acacpted an offer of admissions to the university of south dakota and plan to join the coyote football program in the fall. 3 3 3 rivals dot com says iowa has the 42nd ranked recruiting class which is 8th in the big ten with 21 three star recruits out of 24 total. 3 3 3 nebraska's class is 5th in the big ten and 25th overall according to rivals. norfolk's david ingal-hop is there. heelan's branden hohenstein and west point beemer's tanner hass will be walking on. all in all 21 recruits announced. 3 3 3 and iowa state's class is rankededth in the big 12 and 53rd overall according to rivals. they got 1 four star, 14 3-star and 28 recruits total.
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ryan "coach ryan :my only regret tonight is i'm not out to see the morningside mustangs win a double headad against northwestern! "coach we got you covered!1. pick up action in the first quarter.. morningside's jessica tietz with the layup.. mustangs up four to two remember the red raiders beat them earlier this year. 2. later in the first quarter. northwestern's paige danner hits the three.. red raiders trail by three.. ten to seven. 3. move to the second quarter and morningside's madison braun with the long pass to lexi ackerman for the layup.. mustangs up one.. eighteen to seventeen.4. later in the second quarter.. northwestern' s renee maneman on the break.. she turns lexi ackerman around and scores the layup and she's fouled.. she'd make the free throw to put northwestern up twenty-one to twenty and mustangs win 80-65. lexi ackerman with her thousandth point as well! mens team though los 82-65.
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teams to bebe morningsgse. they played at number nine briar cliff tonight.1) late first half lancers up. jessi corrick with the steal and finds lexi henschke! she's good! it's 24-16 lancers.2) then lancers coming back with the 3-ball. this is raquel sutera. that's her specialty! 3) chargers coming back. corrick on the break finds kaylee blake who scores and gets foulul. she hits game winners. but not tonight.t. mount marty wins 88-81. 3 number 6 briar cliff hosting mount marty tonight. the lancers looking for their first non-forfeit victory.1. in the first half.. briar cliff's clay harreld with the three.. chargers up one.2. moments later.. shane graves with the nice move and the layup.. briar cliff up five in the first quarter.3. later in the first half.. austin homan with the nice reverse layup.. chargers still up five.4. moment's later.. graves with the nice pass to ricky wiwiiams for e layup.. chargers up eight at that point and ...briar cliff wins
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3 iowa and penn state tonight. this one was no contest. east grad adam woodbury had 15 rebounds in this one! iowa wins 73-59. nebraska also played a close game against number four maryland but they fell 70-65 at home. 3 3 3
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