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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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1998. he was scheduled to stand trial then for sexually abusing two young girls in his hometown of correctionvill e.... but never showed up. in may of last year we featured meyer in a special edition of "siouxland's most wanted"... which brought dozens of new tips. one of them put meyer in mexico. and with the help of mexican federal police it led to meyer's arrest and deportatatn. meyer has reached a plea deal with prosecutors that will net him a 20 year prison sentence. he'll also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. 3 3 a deadly train crossing in northeast nebraska is back in the news least two people have been killed in recent years in several train- versus- vehicle accidents at the level crossing between highway 77 and e street in thurston county. today... there was another accident at that crossing. fortunately... the driver of the car managed to get out before the train hit her vehicle.authorities on the scene say they believe the
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the tracks... and was not able to get clear before the train's arrival. 3 the nebraska state patrol has released the name of the man killed in a tuesday morning crash near macy.21- year- old noah parker of macy was driving on highway 75 when his s- u- v rolled and ejected him just before 9- 30 tuesday morning.parker was pronounced dead at the scene.authorities say their investigation into the cause of that crash is still ongoing. 3 3 iowa lawmakers are considering another bill to legalize the sale and use of fireworks in the state. 3 a senate committee has voted 10- 5 to advance a bill to allow the sasa and use of consumer fireworks like firecrackers and roman candles. private use of those fireworks has been banned in iowa since they set off a massive fire that destroyed much of downtown spencer in the 1930s. opponents of the bill say it would create several public safety concerns... and are hoping to once again prevent the bill from becoming law.
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3 some of those massive mounds of snow are starting to shrink a little.we could use a lot more of that chad. 3
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3 two days after the blizzard, the city is still digging itself out... and some residents are losing patience. 3 3 siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll is live downtown. jaclyn? 3 larry, diana... i'm live here on west 5th street... which is one of the 3 streets in sioux city that has yet to even see a plow. 3 it's been two days since a massive winter storm dumped over a foot of snow all across siouxland.and the removal of that snow is causing some problems. "travel has been close to impossible. we have yet to even have a plow come through and we're going on, almost, 48 hours."while residents are trying to return to their normal schedules, some are still stuck... with no clear sign of relief. "we've had our cars off the street ready for the plows to come and, like i said, it's
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plow." city and county officials say the amount of snow is a challenge"with the amount of snow we got, it's been a challenge getting it all off the roads. (white flash) we're a little bit behind on this one compared to where we'd usually be two days after the snow quits."but hundreds of illegally parked cars, are not allowing plows to finish their job. "the snow has stopped. people have had a day to try to get their cars and stuff out. the city is moving into priority of getting all the streets cleared curb to curb."sergeant sassman says officers will be issuing tickets and tagging vehicles... and will begin towing no later than monday. "definitely monday morning we're bringing in additional personnel from the police department. we've made arrangements with the towing contractor for the city and we're going to start towing cars."and for the residents still waiting for their road to be cleared... the city is
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3 if your car is parked illegally on the street, the city is asking you to dig it out and move it to a street that has been cleared curb to curb so the snow can be removed. 3 3 a suspicious house fire in nevada, iowa turned deadly. 3 the local fire chief says a man was found dead in the house.his identity has not been released.a fire investigator on the scene calls the blaze suspicious, but did not elaborate.several fire departments were called to the burning home around 3:00 o'clock 3 3 the u- s navy is asking for help from south dakotans ahead of the launch of the latest vessel named for the rushmore state.the uss south dakota is a virginia- class attack submarine currently under construction in connecticut. now... the ship's crew is touring their vessel's namesake state and launching a contest to design her emblem. there are four classes in the
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elementary, middle and high- school- aged children... as well as an open class.prizes will be awarded to the top three entries in each class. entries are being accepted online until february 29th. we've got a link to the contest page in this story on siouxland news dot com. 3 3 the man who many point to as the face of runaway drug prices arrived on capitol hill thursday for a hearing looking into high-priced drugs. 3 mark albert has more details from washington. 3 former pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli was subpoenaed to testify before congress, but he refused.(sot shrekli) "on the advice of counsel, i will not be giving an opening statement."he's facing federal charges for securities fraud, but he became well known and reviled for hiking the price of the only drug approved for a rare, deadly parasitic infection - by more than 5- thousand percent.he was unapologetic in interviews: (sot: martin shkreli/former ceo, turing pharmaceutical s/september 22, 2015)(tue0152) "with these new profits we can
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these patients who sorely need a new drug, in my opinion." lawmakers didn't let shkrelli off the hook easily.(sot: rep. jason chaffetz/(r) utah)"do you think you've done anything wrong?"(sot: martin shkreli/former ceo, turing pharmaceuticals)"on the advice of counsel, i invoke my 5th amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question."some lawmakers seemed irritated at shkrelli's smirks and laughter during his short appearance.(sot: voice of: rep. elijah cummings/(d) maryland)"are you listening?" (sot: martin shkreli/former ceo, turing pharmaceutical) "yes."shkreli's attorney tried to explain his clients behavior.(nats)"some of what you saw was nervous energy." ben brafman says shkreli has been unjustly (sot: ben brafman/shkreli's attorney) "mr. shkreli is not a villain. he's not the bad boy. i think at the end of this story he's the hero."(gfx)shkreli tweeted: "hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government." - shortly after leaving the hearing.mark albert for cbs news, washington. 3 3 safety is an important part of
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3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how sioux city fire rescue, siouxland papamedics and mercy medical center are teaming up to increase safety in kids and adults. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 3 sioux city fire rescue is hosting two programs to increase safety in siouxland.on saturday, february 13th... firefighters at fire station number 4 on hamilton boulevard will host a safety addition to tours of fire engines and equipment... technicians from mercy medical center will be on hand to provide free car seat checks to parents concerned about the fit of their child's seat. 3 "we're all certified techs, we'll know exactly how to fit that child into the seat, make recommendations on what seats will be best for them and we'll make sure that that seat fits well into your car too because that's really important."that event will run from 10 a- m until 1 p- m on the 13th. 3 3 at the same time... crews from siouxland paramedics will be showing how to perform first aid.paramedics will offer c- p- r demonstrations at the safety expo.trainers will go
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and how and when to use it. they say it could make all the difference for those affected by a heart attack. 3 "we find that people are.. when they first collapse there's enough oxygen stored in the body to last a few minutes. if we just do a hands only c-p-r it can keep that brain alive. if we can keep the brain alive, when e-m-s comes along and does the things they need to do, they may get pulses back and they neurologically intact and be lifestyle. "again... both this demonstration and the free car seat safety checks will take place next saturday, february 13th...from 10 a- m until 1 p- m at fire station 4 on hamilton boulevard. 3 3 iowa's governor says more doctors are signing up for the state's managed medicaid plan that will launch march 1st.terry branstad says the three managed care organizations taking part in the program have eached signed more doctors to provider contracts than the state- run
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agreements with nearly 15- thousand doctors.lack of agreements with care providers is what caused the federal government to delay the implementation of the managed- care transition until march 1st from the state's intial target of january 1st. 3 sioux city coming in tops on a new 'shaming' list from real estate website trulia.the sioux city metro is 'the most gluttonous' city in america... according to a ranking compiled by trulia.the rankings are part of the firm's annual "sinners and saints" rankings ahead of mardi gras.sioux city wins the top spot by virtue of an obesity rate that's higher than the national average... combined with high rates of binge drinking and smoking.on the flip side of the coin... provo, utah came in as the 'least gluttonous' city. 3 3 that ranking shows more siouxlanders might *benefit* from the newly- popular alternative to the traditional hamburger... the "veggie burger".sales at restaurants
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menus have risen 66 percent over the past 3 years... and even traditional chain restaurants are taking notice and adding vegan menu items. one of the most popular is the veggie burger... despite having been a punchline for decades. 3 "(michael whiteman/baum +whiteman restaurant consultants) they were not likeable for a generation or two they were really awful things.// now they're really eating it as a matter of pleasure because it's a different product.// it doesn't taste like it was run over by a bus."tune in tonight on siouxland news at ten... as we look into why "veggie burgers" are growing in popularity at all sorts of restaurants nationwide. 3
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snow to close out the 3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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highs again will be in the lower 30s. for the weekend, temperatures will be warming up into the mid 30s on saturdayaynd near 40 on sunday. despite the warmer weather on sunday, we will again see a chance for light snow to close out the weekend. for early next week, it appears that the trend will be for more quiet weather to
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3 3 the winter storm has forced national signing day to extend to a two day affair here in siouxland. 3 three area football players signed with teams in the big ten today. hear from them as they prepare for the next big step in their playing careers.
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 here in siouxland national signing day extended to a second day thanks to this week's winter storm. and several players who themselves were forces of nature on the football field held ceremonies to sign with their college programs today.the big ten was well represented as sioux center quarterback ko kieft got things started this morning signing with minnesota. the six foot four 235 pounder will play tight end for the golden gophers. over in blackhawk
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is the latest siouxland lineman to join kirk ferentz's hawkeyes as a preferred walk-on. these players have dreamed of opportunities to play on the division one level and today the talked about the process that got them there. 3 "i guess iowa state was recruiting me pretty hard. paul rhoads and his staff were and then with their firing there's not a whole lot you can do about it. it is what it is. minnesota was kind of there with me the whole time too and just finally they offered me and i jumped on it." "i think it just shows all the work i put in and me trying to be the best i can be. i've always been a hawkeye fan so it's really cool to finally be able to sign to be able to play there." 3 another big ten commitment came at bishop heelan today as branden hohenstine and six of his senior classmates signed on the dotted line for their schools. hohenstein will walk on at for mike reillys husker
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commits include jake noel at northwest missouri state. odessa clark for wayne state john oakley at southwest minnesota , will karrer at university of mary as well as jensen fraylich and brooke bleeker to play soccer at augustana and northern iowa respectively. long and hohenstine can't wait to get started. 3 "i'm really pumped. i'm just glad they're giving me a chance to join their program and show them what i can do." "oh it means a lot. you know, like you said just working hard and not being born with the most talent in the world. and hard work pays off and this pays off so.hohenstein: "i thnk they're going to use me as a hybrid tight end so kind of like what cethan carter does. that's what i played this year and that's what i feel like i can accell at." 3 also signing over the past two days is north receiver tavian williams who is headed to iowa western community college, spirt lakes championship qb logan backhus with south dakota state and in norfolk aiden burrow signs with liberty. congrats to everyone on their big day! 3 new usd head coach bob nielson's first recruiting class is in. he brought in 24
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ons. yesterday he talked about some of the recruiting challenges he faced having just been hired. 3 "it's actually a year, year and a half process where you're identifying student athletes as sophomores and juniors and building relationships with them over a longer period of time but in some cases we had to start new relationships with some of these young men in december." 3 and the explorers announced today that the club has re- signed inf tommy mendonca for the 2016 season. last year the third baseman batted 311 and his 26 doubles were good for fifth in the american association. 3 we are just a few days away from super bowl 50. right here on kmeg! will the broncos peyton manning ride off into the sunset as a champion? will cam newton cap off his mvp caliber season with the panthers first super bowl.? its time now for our puppy
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comfort systems in sioux city we've got a very cute and adoptable puppy from the siouxland humane society here to make the pick. here is diana with more. 3 welcome to the super bowl edition of puppy picks!!, joining us now is courtney along with gypsy from the siouxland humane society. gypsy is looking for a loving home.. can you tell us a little bit about gypsy, like how old she is?gypsy is an 8 year old rat terrier blue heeler mix, she is spade and up to date on her vaccinations and rabies.she is abolutely adorable, she is so sweet. could you tell us what the adoption process is.. basically you come down, you visit with gypsy, you are able to decide then if you would to take her home, fill out some paperwork. she is about $75 to adopt and everything is incleded in the adoption feeok
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will win 3 the super bowl. will it be the denver broncos or will it be the carolina panthers? let's 3 set her down.. so there you have it gypsy chose the panthers, i am going with the broncos and you can watch the super bowl on sunday kick off is at 5:30 right here on kmeg 14... guys back to you. 3 3 im going to take the broncos as well to win the super bowl. what about you chad? chad is also going with the broncos and chris is going wih the panthers.c and k comfort system this week is going with the panthers, they are 0 and 4. and the puppy is 3 and 1. the puppy and chris did better than all of us over the last 4 weeks so we will see what happens on super bowl sunday. remember gypsy is up for adoption at the siouxland
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adoption information on our website siouxland news dot com. 3 3 3 3
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settle into >> pelley: a new health emergency has been declared in another big florida county.
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zika virus can now be spread
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