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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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it's friday, february 5th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking overnight. police close in on a real-life bonnie and clyde. the missouri couple is accused in a cross-country crime spree. one-on-one. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clash in their most intense debate yet, days before the new hampshire primary. and coldplay gets ready to send a chill down the spine of football fans.
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bowl halftime show. margin. weijia jiang is in manchester, new hampshire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to everybody. this was, by far, the most contentious democratic debate we have seen. hillary clinton and bernie
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wall street and over who is the more progressive candidate. >> if we are going to get into labels, i don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was progressive to vote to give gunmakers and sellers immunity. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. >> reporter: in a sign the democratic race is tighter than ever. the two remaining candidates took the gloves off. sanders attacked clinton for being part of the elite. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplified the establishment. >> reporter: sanders has been critical of clinton's ties to wall street, specifically paid speeches she has given to investment firms like goldman sachs. clinton went on offense saying
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>> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i i er received. i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> rorter: but when pressed about releasing transcripts of those speeches, clinton was noncommittal. meanwhile, sanders campaign moved into unchartered territory last month, for the first time, outraising clinton by $5 million. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here that does not have a super pac, who has not raised a huge amount of money from wall street or -- >> reporter: the debate came just hours after clinton got somewhat of a reprieve on her e-mail controversy. the state department's inspector general released findings that colin powell, a republican secretary of state, also received classified information on his private e-mail account.
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new hampshire, thanks a lot. those questions that you heard about clinton's ties to wall street come as she is trying to gain ground in new hampshire. a state she won in 2008. cbs news political director steve garrett t s more. >> reporter: hillary clinton in last night's debate showing urgency. a fight over who is more progressive, who is a better representative in the democratic party. bernie sanders standing by his argument he is the most progressive in the party and the fight going on right now between sanders and clinton. also she had to answer a lot of questions about her wall street ties and something she has talked about for months. she was asked specifically by the moderatoror if she would release her transcripts of paid speeches she gave to goldman sachs. she said she would look into it. the fact she didn't answer this question yes or no, i think something we will be hearing about the next few days, waiting to see if she is going to release these transcripts. i'm steve chaggaris cbs news, in w hampshire. the republicans hold their last debate before the new
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donald trump remains a solid lead among new hampshire republicans but following his strong showing in iowa, a just released survey finds marco rubio has leap-frogged ted cruz. after his second place finish in iowa, there is pressure on trump to win. at a campaign eventnt last night,t, he used foul language during his speech. >> we are going to have businesses that used to be in new hampshire that are now in mexico come back to new hampshire and you can tell them to go -- themselves. >> trump says he doesn't have to win new hampshire but he characterized tuesday's vote, rather, as crunch time. ahead on "cbs this morning," norah o'donnell sits down with jeb bush and his new weapon on the campaign trail. >> just a few years ago, you said no more bushes in the white house. >> funny. i knew you were going to bring that up! >> the rest of norah's
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first lady barbara bush on "cbs this morning." this morning, a united nations human rights panel ruled in waiver of wiki leaks founder julian assange. he has been held up in ecuador embassy since 2012 avoiding a rape legations. he p plished hundreds of secret u.s. democratic cables and a criminal investigation into this country remains open. it's unclear what the u.n. ruling will mean for assange's future. three new cases of the zika virus have been reported in florida. that makes 12 cases in the states all of the patients had traveled ababad. five days of carnivals start today in hard-hit brazil. millions will celebrate. officials call the celebration
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spreadr found dead. he apparently killed himself. two others are under arrest. in washington, lawmakers are furious, following an appearance by former drug executive martin shkreli. he was called to testify about the severe price hike for a potentially life saving drug. he has been unapologetic. four times he invoked the fifth amendment and, at times, appeared to smirk during his appearance. >> do you think you've done anything wrong? >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and
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>> after the hearings, died. police say a murder/suicide is a possibility. a new jersey man is under arrest after the drone he was flying hit the empire state building. sean riddle was apparently flying his drone to take pictures when he lost control. the drone crashed into the building's 40th floor and then fell to a ledge four floors below. he askededecurity guards for help and they called police. coming up on the "morning news." up in arms. reaction to a controversial program to train teachers how to use guns. and quarterback johnny manziel is accused in a violent
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do you remember the first time in september >> that is earth wind and fire performing their hit "september." founding founding member, maurice white, has died in los angeles. he suffered from parkinson's disease. starting the in the '70s, the band had top 40 singles and sold more than 9 million albums and they were honored with six grammys. maurice white was 74. . the serving allegations against johnny football. a controversial gun training program for teachers. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the new york times" reports on a massive new recall over faulty airbags. honda, fiat, chrysler and other car companies will recall about 5 million vehicles. the airbags may not inflate in the crash or could deploy unexpectedly. their maker has known about the defects since 2008. at least nine injuries are
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the "news and observer of north carolina" remembers x-games star dave mirra. greenville police say he died of an apparent suicide at 41. he was an accomplished x-games rider. he was one of the most decorated athlete in x-games history. he medaled every year from 1995 to 2008 and won a total of 14 gold medals. reports browns quarterback johnny manziel denies he threatened or attacked his ex-girlfriend. >> came out to the balcony and said her boyfriend beat her up. >> reporter: a 911 call shows a neighbor's concern about the couple during an argument last weekend in texas. his ex-girlfriend colleen controlly told ft. worth police that manziel hit her several times. police investigated but didn't charge manziel. the "hartford current," reports on a controversial proposal that could lead to arming teachers at a connecticut
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move forward with the plan. faculty members would get gun training to fight back against an active shooter. connecticut's governor calls the idea outrageous. still ahead, super bowl, super fans. we will show you how more women arargetting into the game. that's ahead in "moneywatch." it's really cool to the touch. at mattress firm,get zero percent apr financing. visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. jane didn't like restrictions. not in life. and not when it came to watching her calories. why settle on tastst jane thought. that's why jane loves light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. bursting with rich creamy awesomeness and 12 grams of protein. all for 80 calories. no settling here. what else does jane love? that you could win a fitbit flex from light & fit. learn more on specially marked packs. light & fit.
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here's a look at the
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the country. luckily, we here at the late, late show, have all kinds of suggestions for doing the super bowl on the cheap, right? we all know jerseys are expensive, right? so this year, just do shirts and skins. a topless cam newton is going to double your ratings, although you do face the risk of a topless peyton manning. on the cbs "moneywatch," a special super bowl edition as we look at the cost of 50 yard line tickets and who is snatching up all of the football merchandise. it might surprise you. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange to "kick" it all off. >> super bowl weekend means big business and big bucks for thehe league. the e am ticket sellers and just about anyone else associated with the game. "forbes" magazine reports super bowl 50 will generate $620
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that is a record for one day-sporting event. if you don't have your ticket, you'll be paying big bucks to watch the big game. the average price for a ticket is just under $5,000. that is according to ticket tracking site. it is a record. the most expensive seats sold so far are a pair on the 50 yard line and they went for $20,500 apiece! something else for fans to look out for, counterfeit super bowl paraphernalia and other merchandise. they confiscated items worth an estimated $39 million and warn fans not to purchase counterfeit material which ultimately will affect the economy. the fastest growing sector for the nfl, women's merchandise. 43% of nfl fans are feale. it's a growing and valuable demographic for the league and
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games, they are buying jerseys and other team-related items. last year, 54 million women watched the super bowl. sunday's show within the game is generating anticipation and excitement. coldplay is one of the acts performing at this year's halftime. "forbes" magazine reports like other performers, the group is playing for free. the nfl typically pays for expenses and other expenses. last year, 118 million people watched the halftime show. more than the game on average. i admit, definitely my favorite part. >> are you one of those people, like the game is the side show but you watch for the halftime show? >> yes. >> i can understand that. you're talking about all of the money, ticket prices for the very first super bowl topped out at $12! >> that must have been nice. >> if that is too rich for your blood, you could have gotten a ticket for $8. many, many moons ago.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the super bowl halftime show is always one of the biggest pop culture events of the year. act. jamie yuccas is in san francisco where you had a close encounter r show. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: i did! i got a hug. you're going to see that in a few minutes, anne-marie green. probably the highlight of my week so far. as i heard you talking with jill about some of us are dedicated to watching the football game, others, the commercials and the halftime show. regardless of why you're
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full of pop culture moments, this year, featuring coldplay. the british band coldplay was confident and funny at their super bowl 50 halftime news conference. >> we don't do press conferences that often, so please forgive us if we aren't that good. >> reporter: front man chris martin has been practicing this week. >> reporter: this is carpool karaoke on the late, late show with james corden. >> reporter: corden's dad showed off his saxophone skills thursday and asked to join the band on stage at the game! at the nfl shop, we caught up with fans who are very excited about the entertainment. >> i think a lot of people don't even watch the game, it's ababt the commercials and the halftime show. >> reporter: the band says beyonce will perform but would not confirm any other surprise guest. lady gaga will sing the national anthem. what do you think she is going to wear? >> who knows!
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what she is going to wear. >> reporter: while everyone knows coldplay's music, no one seems to know the other band members. what do you know about john, will, and guy? >> i don't know who those are. >> reporter: guy, will, and john, how much does it drive you crazy that chris gets all of the attention? and along those lines, chris, could i have a hug? a little stunned, but not shy. martin did, in fact, give this very excited reporter a hug as he walked out! music has been a big part of the festivities this week. here in super bowl city, alicia keys will play for free tomorrow night. >> jamie yuccas working the press credentials in san francisco! you can watch super bowl 50 right here on cbs. kickoff is this sunday at 6:30 p.m. eastern. this is the "cbs morning news." (water filling room)
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rocket man elton john surprising commuters in london with a piano performance. the legendary singer/songwriter played a few tunes at a station yesterday in front of adoring fans. the 68-year-old donated the piano to the railway station for other to plays. john's new album drops today. there was an unusual guest at a restaurant in la jolla, california. a sick sea lion was found in a booth ththsday. the 8-month-old pup was severely malnourished and workers suspect that she got into the restaurant through an open back door. the seaworld rescue team carefully removed her and caring for her. football fans are gearing up for super bowl sunday this sunday. it's a big day also for adadrtisers. teri okita reports. >ho is the genius? >> reporter: it's become sports among advertisers to create the most buzzed-about super bowl ad. >> hello.
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>> reporter: commercials are now splashed across social media weeks before the big game and reposted and retweeted to get more bang for the buck. >> most amazing of all are the avocados from mexico. >> reporter: and it takes a lot of bucks. a 30-second commercial now fetches 4.8 million. at super bowl i, that same half a minute cost less than $38,000. the kia motors coo says it's worth it. >> we saw or heard data from our dealers saying people saw the spot, came in and test drove the vehicle and then ultimately bought the vehicle. >> reporter: car and beer ads targeting men still dominate, but women are increasingly the focus. what a man what a man >> oh, in my face! >> reporter: celebrities push a variety of products while cute and cuddly animals never fail. yes, it shows >> 50% of the people who watch are watching primarily because
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>> want my coke? >> reporter: and in celebration of the super bowl 50th anniversary, stars of this all-time classic commercial, mean joe greene and an all grown-up coke kid reunited after alalst 40 years! >> thanks. >> reporter: teri okita, cbs news, san francisco. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," super bowl mania. we will take you to san francisco where football fever is in full swing. plus, an entertaining look back at the history of the halftime show. and late, late show host james corden takes us behind the scenes of his big post-super bowl show. that is the "c"c morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching.
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have a great day.3 "this is siouxland news at sunrise on kmeg 14" 3 3 3 sioux city brings in reinforcements to help haul away what's left of the blizzard.
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