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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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driscoll got to ride along as the soliders surprised the seniors. 3 sioux city's meals on wheels organization is giving the term "boots on the ground" a new meaning. the volunteer- based group that delivers hot meals to homebound seniors says they are struggling to find people to help especially during the winter months. "many of our volunteers are seniors. i think the average age is in the seventies, so when the conditions are slick like this for either the vehicles or their feet they don't feel safe out." the need for volunteers required meals on wheels to call in some backup. humvees roared into town, filled with active duty soldiers ready to receive their assignment. "they're having the younger guard members deliver meals throughout the city. the parking lot is full of humvees and they are grabbing right now their hot bags and cold bags to take out to the homebound seniors." dressed in uniform, the national guard
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bringing enough members to complete all 17 routes and issuing a challenge to other community members to get involved."volunteering itself gives you a good personal satisfaction. it could be your mom, your dad, your uncle, eventually you that's snowed in, stuck, so make time an hour a week to help out with something."and while it may not have been their most dangerous mission, these soldiers helped bring nutrition *and smiles* to seniors across sioux city. 3 if you would like to volunteer with meals on wheels, you can contact connections area agency on aging. we have a link in this story on our website at siouxland news dot com. 3 3 city crews continue to work on clearing the streets following tuesday's snowstorm. 3 while most plows are now working on residential streets... some crews are still working to fully clear
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three "snowblaster" machines was at work on 6th street... clearing the windrows left by the plows.that snow is sucked by by the massive machine and blown into the back of trucks to be hauled away. 3 3 missouri river historical development is working to increase the quality of life in sioux city. 3 the organization distributed more than 200- thousand dollars in grants and scholarship awards this afternoon.40- thousand dollars goes to the city of sioux city... making mrhd a sponsor of the n- a- i- a national volleyball, women's basketball and softball tournaments. 3 "these tournaments run during really key times for the business community and a lot of the businesses have come to rely on this extra income during these key periods of time and so we want to keep bringing them back to provide that extra economic generation during those key
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sioux gateway airport... and a total of 150- thousand was distributed to 4 area colleges to support scholarships for siouxland 3 3 bishop heelan held a staff appreciation luncheon as part of the catholic schools week.the school honored 24 teachers at the luncheon... including mary kay augustine who has been a high school english teacher at heelan for 35 years. she says despite the many years she's been at heelan... she still enjoys coming to work each day. 3 "i am a heelan grad and it's like coming back home. you have families that you've gone to school with. you have now their children. you have their children's children. i'm into the third generation."augustine has taught for a total of 40 years and says her passion comes from her students. 3 3 kayla... parts of siouxland saw some more light snow this afternoon... but thankfully it
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adding to our weekly snow pile. do we have any more
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3 iowa congressman steve king says he regrets his role in the controversy over ted cruz's campaign implying that ben carson planned to drop out of the race during monday's caucuses and asking campaign volunteers to pass that rumor on to carson supporters.king put out a series of tweets monday night after c- n- n reported carson's campaign would not travel to new hampshire or south carolina immediately after the caucuses suggesting carson was leaving the race, and expressed hope his supporters would switch to cruz... who king had endorsed... instead.this morning... he spoke with our jacob heller about what went into his decision to send those tweets."so i'm thinking 'what if the results of this caucus are tainted becuase there's information there that indicates carson is likely to suspend his campaign?' all that evidence said that and so
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retweeted that out with a comment that said 'this is what it looks like.' i put that out there because i wanted to get it out of my hands. if i had held that information in me and, lets just say it had been a photo finish between trump and cruz, then the allegation would have been, 'well, steve didn't release information' and the trump campaign would've said if they lost that the carson people would've gone to trump. the cruz people would've said if they lost, then the carson people would've gone to cruz."king says he's spoken to carson about the issue and expressed his can hear more from congressman king throughout the weekend on siouxland news... and we'll also be posting his entire interview online at siouxland news dot com. 3 at the university of iowa tonight- students who wish to pray or meditate now have a place to go.the school has two rooms on campus dedicated to meeting the needs of a growing
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are supposed to pray several times a day, these rooms are very important.reporter dora miller has more. 3 you can find just about any race or religion on the university of iowa campus... lyn redington/university of iowa dean of students"the university global, international institution, but we want all of our students//to feel welcomed." now -- it's starting to feel a little more like home for some...with new private, prayer rooms for students who practice islam.lyn"we've had students who have tried to find empty rooms, i've even heard of a student using a stairwell so we did think this was a very important and necessary thing to respond to." the student praying in the stairwell -- that's mohammed. mohammed ismail/event coordinator, muslim student association"normally when i'm on campus, i try to look for an empty room, which may be hard in the day with all these students or if i can't find a room i'll go to the top of a staircase and just pray there." another muslim student -- arham -- is used to having a sacred area...he came from a university that had prayer rooms.arham pasha/vice president, muslim student association"i really learned the value of having that space//kind of made a sense of home for me, at the same time a sense of community. i'm hoping that this room takes on, both of these rooms, take on that same viewpoint and
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everyone...just like the religion is all-inclusive, students say they want the same for the rooms.arham"islam is represented, not in its true form by many. we would want to kind of show the majority perspective and the only way that perspective comes is when questions are asked and answered without any boundaries." 3 the rooms are open 24 - 7.both students we talked to are part of the muslim student association...they say they accept -- and invite -- everyone to come see what their religion is about. 3 3 3 one person is dead tonight after a large crane collapsed in new york city this morning.crews were working to stablize the crane when high winds blew it landed along a two- block stretch of lower manhattan... blocking an
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several parked cars.the person killed was inside one of those cars at the time.three other people were injured... two of them seriously. 3 3 and a missouri couple on the run from police saw their "bonnie and clyde" story come to a violent end this morning. blake fitzgerald and brittany harper had been on the run for nearly a week... wanted for crimes in missouri, alabama, georgia and florida.police caught up with them in the florida panhandle after they stole a family's car.following a standoff... police opened fire, killing fitzgerald and wounding harper.she's under police guard in a pensacola hospital. 3 today is "wear red for women day"... celebrating women's heart health.coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... why more cardiologists are prescribing cardiac *rehabilitation* to
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attacks.3 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 it's national wear red day to raise awareness for women and heart disease, which affects about 40 million women in the hena daniels reports...
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rehabilitation has big benefits after a heart attack, but many women aren't doing it. 3 (nats)running on treadmill (track)31 year old jessica kennington says it took her days to realize she was having a heart started with nausea and jaw pain, then eventually 3 chest pain.(sot jessica kennington/patient) "it was pretty constant and i had trouble catching my breath." (track)as part of her recovery, her cardiologist referred her for cardiac rehabilitation - which involves exercise training and counseling to get heart patients back on their feet. (sot dr. mary ann mclaughlin//cardiologist, the mount sinai hospital ) "women have not been referred as much as men to go to cardiac rehab. its disappointing. the problem is also women who are prescribed cardiac rehab to go than men who go to cardiac rehab." (track)dr. mary ann mclaughlin of mount sinai hospital says cardiac rehab not only helps patients recover it can also help patients make healthy lifestyle changes and avoid ending up in the hospital again.(bridge hena daniels) "women-only programs can also have even bigger benefits. new research shows women who do their rehab with other women can have less depression and
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mclaughlin/cardiologist, the mount sinai hospital ) "there is a very strong benefit psychologically of people to bond during this rehab phase and learn that they are not alone."(track)jessica has some family history of heart disease but says doctors are not sure why she had a heart attack so young . (hena) were you initially afraid to work out/ (jessica) absolutely! i was afraid of anything where i could feel my heart beat. six months later she says cardiac rehab has helped her conquer her fears and get back to her life.hena daniels for cbs news new york. 3 heart disease is the number one killer of women in the us... taking the life of one woman every *minute*. 3 3 siouxland's two biggest hospitals took part in wear red day events.doctors and staff at mercy medical center hosted sioux city mayor bob scott's announcement of the "wear red day" proclamation this morning... with members of the american heart association on hand.following the mayor's proclamation... attendees heard from a mercy
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importance of heart health awareness. 3 "it very important for woman because most of the times they are the primary care givers. and they tend to put themselves on the back burner as opposed to following up. they will push their husbands, and their children to go get checked. as the same time they may be having some atypically symptoms that maybe representing heart disease they didn't know about. "unity point health st. luke's also held a wear red day event this morning.mayor bob scott made an appearnce here as well... followed by heart- healthy activities, information and refreshments. 3 "wear red day is so very important because we are bringing more awareness and education to our siouxland communities. one and three woman will die from cardiovascular disease this year. and we cannot emphasis that enough ."also in attendance at the st. luke's event was 2016 mrs. iowa rosanne plante of hinton... who is an instructor
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serving as mrs. iowa... plante will be touring the state promoting the health benefits of home and school gardens. 3 there is a blizzard watch for windy conditions for sunday night... i will have more details on that and how it might affect your superbowl
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3 "first alert weather with
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3 kayla and jetske talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3 tonight, tempertures cool to near 15 degrees and clearing skies. for the weekend, temperatures will be warming up into the upper 30s saturday and sunday.despite the warmer weather on sunday, we will again see a chance for light snow to close out the weekend sunday night into monday.there is also a blizzard watch in the northwestern areas of siouxland associated with the strong wind and light snow. for early next week, it appears that the trend will be for more quiet weather to settle into the region.
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3 the settle into 3 the region. 3 iowa head football coach kirk ferentz (fair-rentz) gets emotional talking about seeing his son in the playoffs. you don't want to miss that.and elk point jefferson travels to dakota valley in a rematch of last year's regional matchup. hear how the panthers plan on avenging the
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 33 last year the e k point jefferson girls made it to the state tournament and beat dakota valley in regionals to get there. this year at 13-3 the 5th ranked huskies appear destined to collide with the panthers in the playoffs again. 3 that's because dakota valley got off to the best start in school history and at 13-2 head coach tammy lilly's team has rattled off nine straight wins headed into tonights matchup with epj. thihilone regular season matchup between the two i-29 rivals is the first matchup between the two since last year's regional showdown. but the way they've
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figure to be the last. 3 "yeah it definitely motivates us. we're really excited to play them and hopefully we come out on top this time." "they had a phenomenal season last year. we were able to beatatthem during regular season and then they got us in the region finals. our girls remember what that felt like and they're super excited for another opportunity." 3 we have several great matchups for game night tonight including this clash of northwest iowa ranked teamam number 6 siouc ceceer hosts number 13 moc-floyd valley the dutch and warriors tip off at 6:15. 3 the ladies very much getting us started tonight on the basketball scene. we will also little rock.over in nebraska fremont visits norfolk. and lutheran high northeast hosts omaha nation. the chiefs are 13-3 this year. norfolk is 11-6 on the season they host a fremont team that's 15-4 on the year
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best team in the state regardless of class! should be a good matchup there as well.on the boys side we will see the same set of teams down in nebraska. the 12-5 panthers host a fremont team that's only lost one game all year! they're ranked 4th in the state. 8-8 omaha nation visitsts 10-5 lutheran high the metro area north and sbl tangle in sergeant bluff. and of course elk point jefferson and dakota valley do battle tonight at 8. 3 then west visits heelan and number three boyden hull is at george little rock. 3 moc- floyd valley visits sioux center in a battle of two of northeast iowa's best tetes.and t t muskies are in action as they welcome chicago tonight. it's all on game night tonight on siouxland news at ten! 3 and hey, we've brought you tons of interviews throughout the years from iowa head coach kirk ferentz. he's like most coaches and hey, they do a lot of pressers and say a lot of the same things. but his son james wentntundrafted in 2014,
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exit for most players but in his second season he'll be on the broncos sideline as they play in the super bowl this sunday. when coach talked about that we a saw a different side of him. 3 "you know it's a good story. we're really proud of him. i ow everybody y here is really proud of h h ... 3 it's a good story. you know a guy went from treading water here for a year. practice squad, he got cut again this year, he was hoping to make the roster in houston and he didn't make it. he got put on the roster up in denver. you know it's a good story sticking w wh it and chasing ur dream a little bibi" 3 3 3
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near 15 degrees and cleaeang skieie for the weekend, temperatures will be warming up into the upper 30s saturday and sunday.despite the warmer weather on sunday, we will again see a chance for light snow to close out the weekend sunday night into monday.there is also a blizzard watch in the northwestern areas of siouxland associated with the strong wind and light snow. week, it appears that the trend will be for more quiet weather to settle into 3 the region. 3 3 3
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have a great evening. >> pelley: in a new national poll, sanders pulls even with inton. >> i know what needs to be done, and i will do it. >> pelley: also tonight, new c.d.c. advice for stopping the
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