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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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again. briar cliff calls in an expert to help re-inflate its dome. 3 3 we're learning more tonight about the arrest of a sioux city teen that landed both him and a sioux city police officer in the hospital with gunshot wounds sunday morning.18- year- old isiah mothershed had already been handcuffed inside a northside apartment when the shots were fired. 3 police say despite that... he was able to grab a gun from inside a couch and open fire and hit officer ryan moritz in the leg. 3 siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll joins us now... jaclyn, what charges is mothershed now facing? 3 3 larry, diana... mothershed is being charged with two counts of attempted murder, as well robbery. 3 police were initially called to the valley park apartments, near leif erikson park to investigate a robbery complaint as part of a string of robberies throughout sioux city. that investigation led them to another building in
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entered to search... finding eight people and some firearms while smelling marijuana.the eight people... including mothershed... were all searched and handcuffed. while waiting for more officers to take the arrested suspects... mothershed was allowed to sit on a couch in the apartment while still this point... he pulled a 40 caliber handgun from inside the couch and shot officer moritz on the inner thigh of his left leg. 3 "officer moritz then lunged towards mothershed to secure the weapon and another round was fired off at that time. that round struck mothershed in his own thigh causing some damage to his leg." 3 in addition to the attempted murder charges... mothershed is accused of taking part in a home invasion that took place on south alice street in morningside on december 7th... where a mother and son were tied up and forced to watch mothershed and his alleged accomplice assault a 19 year old man with special needs. mothershed was *also* arrested
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kidnapping two juveniles, but was released and the charges were dismissed. 3 "obviously it's very disturbing to the department and officers that work here. we work hard to put criminals like this in jail. i don't know what the circumstances were that caused the county attorney to dismiss the charges, but i think it's very evident with the information that we had, what he's capable of doing."officer moritz is at home recovering from his injuries, but could return to work as soon as the end of this week. 3 mothershed is still being treated in the hospital. the investigation is on going. 3 along with mothershed... six other people are facing charges as part of the burglary investigation20- year- old robert seaberry...19- year- old justin ferguson...and 18- year- old jordyn delfs are the only 3 other adults arrested sunday.seaberry is charged with 3 counts of first degree robbery... while ferguson is charged with 2 counts of first
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being held on 75- thousand dollars bond.delfs is charged with harboring a runaway... and is being held on 2- thousand dollars bond.17- year- old macayla knight...16- year- old austin (bella-zak) bulizak...and 16- year- old jamaal ferguson are also facing charges.knight is charged with one count of 1st degree robbery... bulizak is charged with four counts of first degree robbery...and ferguson is charged with one count of first degree burglary. 3 3 a north middle school student is recovering tonight after being hit by a car this afternoon.the 13- year- old boy was hit by the car along outer drive outside north middle school.the accident took place just after 2 o'clock this afternoon.sioux city police say the teen wasn't taken to the hospital by ambulance... but might have broken his ankle. 3 3 the wind has temporarily delayed efforts to re-inflate the charger dome in south sioux city.the dome... which is owned by briar cliff university... had to be
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rip was found in the fabric following the big blizzard. this morning... a repair expert was in town to assess the damage. the university hopes to get the dome back up as soon as possible. 3 "i know the coaches are excited about we had to cancel a softball tournament last weekend. she is trying to reschedule that for this weekend, the coaches also where doing great in track this year. so having an indoor facility to get the kids back to practicing here is really important to them. baseball is starting so we got all our outdoor sports starting now so it critical we get it up fast."the owner of the repair company says getting the dome back to a usuable state is "do-able"... but it's a tedious process. 3 "so we have new material arriving later today. we will take the old material and trace it so we match everything back together perfectly. and it's just a slow monotonous process of hand welding it back together and when the wind dies down we
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and put the boards back that hold the dome in place "briar cliff has owned the former golf dome since 2012. 3 3 some sioux citians are paying hefty fines for illegally parked cars. 3 after last week's blizzard, sioux city began tagging vehicles and those that were not moved were towed this morning by meier towing company. each car received a 30 dollar parking ticket on top of the 150 dollar tow and wench fee plus they will have to pay 38 dollars to be released from police impound - - a grand total of 218 dollars. 3 3 snow... blown by winds of up to 60 miles an hour... created near "white out" condition in some portions of siouxland today.this is what it looked like about 9 this morning on highway 10 near granville in sioux county. this is dashcam video from the car of state trooper vince kurtz. most of the viewing area was under some form of weather advisory thanks to those high winds...
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during the morning commute. but it was even worse in parts of eastern siouxland... and especially in central and north central iowa. 3 3 3 meteorologist kayla novak joins us with more on that.kayla... when is it going to calm down out there? 3 blizzard warning in effect for central iowa counties expecting strong winds and blowing snow into monday evening. winter weather advisories are also out in the tri state area for the blowing and drifting snow as well.wind advisories have been issued through monday evening expecting sustained winds between 30 and 40 mph with gusts up to 50 in parts of nebraska.temperatures will stay in the 20s most of the day as winds continue from the nw and remain very gusty. tonight look for lows in the lower to middle teens. tuesday remains chilly with highs in the lower 20s.
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3 central iowa is seeing the brunt of today's winter weather... with blizzard conditions affecting much of north- central parts of the state. 3 travel is not advised on many roads in that area because of blowing and drifting snow. several accidents were reported along highway 20 and i- 35 in hamilton county. i- 35 southbound is actually *closed* between clear lake and ames due to low visibility... while portions of the northbound road in the area are closed due to accidents. towing bans are in effect along i- 35 from the des moines metro to the minnesota border. 3 3 the iowa utilities board has started deciding the fate of a controversial oil pipeline that would cross much of northwest iowa. 3 the public will not have a chance to address the board during the meetings this week. the company that wants to build the pipeline... dakota access of dallas, texas...
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agreements with landowners who represent more than 87 percent of properties affected in north dakota, south dakota, iowa and illinois. that includes 80 percent of the landowners in iowa. 3 3 fans of chipotle in sioux city got an unpleasant surprise this morning... a *closed* sign!sioux city's chipotle store, along with every one of the chain's u- s locations... closed for 4 hours this morning and afternoon to update employees on the company's efforts to clean up its stores and prevent the spread of diseases like e- coli and norovirus.outbreaks of those diseases late last year were linked to chipotle... causing a massive hit to the company's stock price and sales.most locations *did* re-open earlier this afternoon. 3 sioux city firefighters puts themselves in harms way everyday. 3 what most people don't know is how they spend their days inside the firehouse. each shift is 24 hours long and they rarely get a break. 3 "if we do get to sleep, it is
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it's in between calls and that's only late at night if that's even possible."our siouxland news reporter kayla novak shows you the behind the scenes look tonight at 10pm. 3 3 modern medicine has several ways to treat an abnormal heart rhythm. 3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how doctors here in *sioux city* treat some of the worst cases... and get people's hearts beating normally again. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 folks suffering from abnormal heart rhythms have several options to correct their problem.siouxland news reporter kayla novak shows us one of those choices. 3 cardiovascular disease is america's number one cause of death. if you are experiencing fatigue, light headedness or shortness of breath, you should talk to your doctor as soon as possible, as these are signs of adnormal heart rhythms. "we bring in we do the diagnostic electrophysiol ogy studies we pin point the rhythm adnormalities and at the same time we start doing
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ablations are scars created by electrical pulses in the problem areas of the heart. "most of them they can be cured with catheter ablations. after we find out exactly what the cause of that abnormally fast rhythm is." and recovery is quick. "we keep them overnight. the reason is because people are very anxious, they are aprehensive and sometimes the family members just want to make sure, in case there are any problems at home it will be hard for them to the emergency room and from our prespective we just want to make sure there is not any bleeding in the pocket." after patients leave the hospital they might feel weak for a couple days but after that they are able to resume normal activity. kayla novak siouxland news. 3 3 iowa senate democrats are working to pass a bill designed to stop gov. terry branstad's effort to privatize medicaid.the bill directs the department of human services to give 30-days notice of
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three companies involved... and has also gained the support of a prominent northwest iowa senator... david johnson of ocheydan. branstad says senators are playing politics with a plan many states have already adopted. 3 "new hampshire with a democratic governor, gov. hassan, is asking hhs for the same approval that we're asking for managed care for medicaid. i don't see them attacking her. so, that's pretty partisan from how i see it."republican house speaker linda upmeyer says even if the bill passes the democratically controlled senate, it will have no chance to pass the republican-led house. 3 president obama wants congress to open its wallets to help combat the zika virus which is rapidly spreading through the americas. 3 as omar villafranca reports... the president's funding request would pay for treatment *and* prevention efforts.
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1-point-eight billion dollars in emergency funding from congress to battle the zika virus.president obama unveiled his plan in an interview with cbs this morning's gayle king. (sot: president obama)"we're going to be putting up a legislative proposal to congress to resource both the research on vaccines and diagnostics."in addition to vaccine research and diagnistic testing - the money would help try to control the mosquito population in vulnerable areas such as puerto rico, hawaii, florida and texas.(sot: dr. anthony fauci/director, nih)"this is done in close collaboration with the cdc. there are classic ways you control vectors: insecticides, larvicides, cleaning up the environment."the virus has been linked to a rare birth defect known as microcephaly... which causes head and brain abnormalities.the government has issued a travel warning for zika affected areas - but not a travel ban.(sot: dr. anne schuchat/deputy director, cdc)"we're not cancelling spring break, we're telling people who are pregnant, you may not want to go."the white house says it is expecting congress to act quickly to pass the funds.(sot: josh earnest/white house press
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in the category of things that shouldn't break down along party lines, democrats and republicans should reasonably understand that resources to confront a public health challenge like this is something that merits a serious response from the u.s. government."so far there are 50 confirmed cases of zika in the continental u-s.omar villafranca, cbs news. 3 the zika virus outbreak has hit latin america hardest leaving thousands of children with microcephaly. 3 winds are still strong and visibilities are still low... i will have more details for when you should expect conditions to calm down after
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3 "first alert weather with meteorologist kayla novak." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3 blizzard warning in effect for central iowa counties expecting strong winds and blowing snow into monday
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advisories are also out in the tri state area for the blowing and drifting snow as well.wind advisories have been issued through monday evening expecting sustained winds between 30 and 40 mph with gusts up to 50 in parts of nebraska.temperatures will stay in the 20s most of the day as winds continue from the nw and remain very gusty. tonight look for lows in the lower to middle teens. tuesday remains chilly with highs in
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3 3 chris stopped by briar cliff's women's basketball practice today. hear how they plan on breaking through the top of the crowded gpac standings. 3 and the new ncaa men's top 25 rankings are out. both iowa and iowa state move a spot. hear how the cyclones plan to make a push as we get closer to postseason play. chris is
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 3 with the top two ranked teams in oklahoma and north carolina both suffering losses this past week, you knew there was a good chance for the hawkeyes, who won both their games this past week, to move up in the ap top 25 poll. 3 today that happened as iowa improved from 5 to 4. the hawkeyes next play at indiana thursday. meanwhile iowa state dropped from 13 to 14 after a win over oklahoma state this weekend but a loss at west virginia tuesday. the cyclones play at texas tech wednesday. they've won three of their last four road games and head coach steve prohm hopes the trend of success continues. 3 "another chance for us to get
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we've had success of late on the road and we need to continue that. it's going to be a tough game. obviously every game in this league is tough especially when you're going on the road. excited to get in here with these guys today and tomorrow and have a good two days of good prep work.""you know that you have each other. you know you don't have the support we have out here at hilton, we really have to play as a team. we've really taken that mindset into most of our road games this year. we've stuck together and played together. and i think we've played some of our better games this season on the road." 3 the briar cliff women followed up a six game win streak with a pair of losses this past week. it's dropped them into a four way tie for third in the gpac standings, only one back of second place dakota wesleyan. in losses to the college of mary and mount marty the chargers allowed over 80 points for just the second and third times all season. 3 "we need to close the game
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both those situations. and to collapse in both those situations was so uncharacteristic of us. so that was really dissapointing." "you know i think we really need to focus on defense. and i think the last couple games we haven't really come out on top. and i think it's because of our defense. we'll put one good half together and then in the secon half not so much." 3 take a look at this massive pack of teams in the women's gpac standings. you can see the four way tie of teams that are either ranked or have received votes in the rankings. briar cliff wraps up with dordt, hastings, morningside and concordia before the gpag tournament begins february 24th. 3 now that the big game is over it was time to pay up. if you've ever played in a fantasy football league, you know losing among family and friends can be especially brutal. such was the case for john zarse (zar-see) of fort wayne indiana. he ended up last in his fantasy league this year, and the first place finisher got to pick the punishment. so... john had to wear a football onesie and hold a sign that said, "i'm the worst at fantasy football." he was on the busiest corner in town
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3 "you know it was just a tough year for me. i drafted with my heart instead of my brain. i picked up andrew luck and he had a tough year."dont feel too bad for him he won the fantasy football league last year. 3 3 3 3 3 blizzard warning in effect for central iowa counties expecting strong winds and blowing snow into monday evening. winter weather advisories are also out in the tri state area for the blowing and drifting snow as well.wind advisories have been issued through monday evening expecting sustained winds between 30 and 40 mph with gusts up to 50 in parts of nebraska.temperatures will stay in the 20s most of the day as winds continue from the nw and remain very gusty. tonight look for lows in the lower to middle teens. tuesday remains chilly with highs in the lower 20s. 3 3
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