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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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"this is siouxland news at 10 on kmeg 14." 3 3 it opened last fall. the first park in siouxland dedicated for people with special needs.and now the folks behind the miracle league baseball field in riverside park plan to expand. 3 3 and tonight that story is new at 10. 3 the board's president went before the city council tonight to lay out that idea... and ask for help. 3 siouxland news reporter nick popham was there... nick, what do they hope to add to the park? 3 3 larry, diana... kevin negaard (knee-guard) says he wants to add more facilities that can be used by people with disabilities.a siouxland nonprofit organization is moving on to the next step of their project.negaard (knee-guard) said the non- profit group raised more than a million dollars to build its baseball field in riverside park last year... and now he's looking to raise money for phase 2 of the project.that includes building a baseball field- shaped splash pad next to the existing ballfield and playground.that project is expected to cost nearly 200-
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negaard says it'll make the space even better than it already is. 3 "when we see how phase one came together and how the community and the city really came together to support it and what its offered for kids with disabilities and their families, now, you can't be more excited about what phase two will do because, again, it'll just create more integration and add another really nice piece out to the complex."the city supported the miracle league's first phase with a 330-thousand dollar donation.negaard (knee- guard) hopes the council can donate 50- thousand dollars to the project every other year moving forward.negaard (knee-guard) hopes to have the splash pad done by june so they can begin preparations of adding a mini golf course that's accessible for people in wheel chairs, guys? 3 we're learning more about the struggle for a gun that led to the shooting of a sioux city police officer and a man he was trying to arrest early yesterday.chief doug young
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the valley park apartments near leif erikson park to investigate a robbery complaint. they smelled marijuana and that led them to an apartment where they found eight people and firearms. they 8 were all handcuffed. young says while waiting for more officers to take the suspects to jail... 18 year old isaiah mothershed was allowed to sit on a couch while still handcuffed behind his back. the chief says mothershed pulled a 40 caliber handgun from inside the couch and shot officer ryan moritz (more-its") on the inner thigh of his left leg. 3 "officer moritz then lunged towards mothershed to secure the weapon and another round was fired off at that time. that round struck mothershed in his own thigh causing some damage to his leg." 3 police are charging mothershed with 2 counts of attempted murder... and 5 counts of first degree robbery. they believe he was involved in a december 7th home invasion on south alice street where a 19 year old man with special
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july mothershed was also charged with two counts of kidnapping... but those charges were later dropped. 3 "obviously it's very disturbing to the department and officers that work here. we work hard to put criminals like this in jail. i don't know what the circumstances were that caused the county attorney to dismiss the charges, but i think it's very evident with the information that we had, what he's capable of doing."officer moritz... seen here in 2014... is at home recovering from his injuries, but could return to work as soon as the end of this week. mothershed is still being treated in the hospital. 3 along with mothershed... six other people are facing charges as well.20- year- old robert seaberry... 19- year- old justin ferguson... and 18- year- old jordyn delfs. seaberry is charged with 3 counts of first degree robbery. ferguson...2 counts of first degree robbery. and delfs is charged with harboring a runaway.17- year- old macayla knight...16- year- old austin
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bulizak...and 16- year- old jamaal ferguson are also facing charges. knight is charged with 1st degree robbery. bulizak (bella-zak) is charged with four counts of first degree robbery. and ferguson is charged with one count of first degree burglary. 3
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3 3 sioux city's school board is taking steps to modernize its school bus fleet... *and* cut down on the amount of diesel fuel used by the district.the board tonight debated buying three new buses for the district's fleet.the catch: these new buses would be fueled by *propane*.one possible hangup would be the need to install a propane tank at the district's transportation hub to fuel the new buses... which when combined with the cost of the buses themselves could push the total cost of the project to more than half a million dollars. 3 3 is your car still stuck in the street by snow from the blizzard? you'd better move it *now*... or face a hefty bill. 3 this morning sioux city started towing vehicles that were tagged. the city wants those vehicles out of the way so they can finished plowing the streets. here's the fines you'll face for not moving: each car gets a 30 dollar parking ticket. that's on top of a 150 dollar towing fee.
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dollars to get your vehicle released from the police impound. that amounts to a grand total of 218 dollars. 3 3 the wind has temporarily delayed efforts to re-inflate the charger dome in south sioux city.the dome... which is owned by briar cliff university... was *deflated* last week after a rip was found in the fabric following the big blizzard. this morning... a repair expert was in town to assess the damage. the university hopes to get the dome back up as soon as possible.... possibly by the end of this week. 3 "i know the coaches are excited about we had to cancel a softball tournament last weekend. she is trying to reschedule that for this weekend, the coaches also where doing great in track this year. so having an indoor facility to get the kids back to practicing here is really important to them. baseball is starting so we got all our outdoor sports starting now so it critical we get it up fast."the owner of the repair company says getting the dome
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"do-able"... but it's a tedious process. 3 sioux city firefighters puts themselves in harms way everyday. 3 our siouxland news reporter kayla novak takes you behind the scenes to show you how the firefighters spend their days inside the fire house. 3 a fire house is a simple building to most.... but a home to those who put themselves in harm's way. "it's your second home. we are here every third day we spend the entire time, so a third of our life is with this family." and with the family atmosphere.. obviously there is some friendly teasing about who does the real work."that's an age old question to every fire department is engine versus truck. // i like being on the truck cause they get to go to every fire but as soon as i'm on the engine then i will jump ship and have the rivalry against the truck." jokes aside... days are filled with trainings and inspections. it starts at 8am for breakfast and a meeting... then its straight to work....every emergency
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crevice is checked for the right equipment, if its working and on the right settings.... then of course it's logged. "every job comes with paperwork, the time that it is the worst is at 2 or 3 in the morning when you just want to crawl back in bed. but you have to do the report " mondays are saved for extra checks that save their lives... air tanks are checked for this (sot bell) goes off at the right air pressure level... and the pass devices to activate (beeps) if its stationary or the air tank is low.. each year.. masks require a fit test... to make sure it continues to keep the bad air out... fire suits are looked over each shift and if its worn down or torn it will go in for a wash, a fix or a replacement.. the station is also swept and hosed down... but if they hear a beep.... and a call... they drop everything and head out to help someone in need... as soon as they are back..they pick up where they left off... on the first of the month...
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also taken out the garage to make sure they are running properly.... ladders are pulled out and manuvered... all pumps are inspected and they even clean under the hood...after all the house work, its time for some specialty training.. "we do a lot of classes and a lot of training. some of it is computer based for some knowledge, also a lot of hands on, today we are going to be doing some rope resuce and working on our extracation skills and things like that...if you don't get to use them all the time you will lose them so we are always training with them. so we are ready for any situation." breaks are only saved for a bite to eat... working out... and some times even sleep....but when this sounds... (sot of alarm) ..... its right back to saving lives. in sioux city...kayla novak... siouxland news. 3 3 it's a lot easier for doctors to help people with abnormal age. 3 coming up in tonight's healthwatch... what options doctors here in *siouxland* have to get patients' hearts
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3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell
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3 3 3 3 kayla, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast.3 3 winter 3 weather advisories issued through midnight for low visibility and strong winds in eastern siouxland. breezy conditions continue through the morning in all of siouxland with temperatures in the teens. temperatures will stay in the low 20s tomorrow with partly sunny skies. the week ahead is looking fairly chilly as temperatures stay in the 20s, with a chance of
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thursday night. 3 3 coming up after the break... it's a banner day for siouxland's most wanted.we'll let you know which *five* fugitives are back off the street... plus introduce you to this week's
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3 "siouxland's most wanted."
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your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for escape from a residential facility.but *first*... we have a massive increase in our capture count to share with you, with *five* fugitives back behind bars... including a man who has been on the run since *1999*.francisco cuevas was featured in january of 2010 on "most wanted." he was wanted for failing to appear for his trial on meth delivery charges back in 1999.. he turned himself in to marshals in san diego friday. his surrender makes him capture #424 since most wanted began.gumaro cuevas- avalas was featured in october of 2011 on "most wanted." he was wanted for conspiracy to deliver meth. he also turned himself in to marshals in san diego on friday. his surrender makes him capture #425 since most wanted began.traci fournier was featured last november. she was wanted for escaping from a residential treatment facility while serving a sentence for
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arrested tuesday by sioux city police. she's capture #426 since most wanted began.waylon blackbird was featured last month on "most wanted" he was wanted by the marshals for violating his supervised release on an assault charge. he was arrested saturday by members of the northwest iowa fugitive task force and sioux city police. he's capture #427 since most wanted began.finally tonight... jaleel williams was featured in june of 2014 on "most wanted" he was wanted by the woodbury county sheriff's office for 2nd degree robbery, theft and assault charges. he was arrested in atlanta, georgia by members of the marshals' southeast fugitive task force after an anonymous tip. he was previously capture #214... so his arrest does not increase our capture on to new business! inessa lyons is wanted by the marshals for escape from a federal re-entry center. she was serving a sentence for voluntary a deadly
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3 5 feet tall, 3 and weighs 150 pounds. she has ties to the macy, nebraska area. if you have *any* information about inessa lyons... please call the u- s marshal service in sioux city at (712) 252-0211... or send marshals an e-mail at "siouxlands dot most wanted at u- s- d- o- j dot gov".you can also use the marshals' text a tip program. to text a tip, text the keyword "t- e- n (all in uppercase) 9- 9" and your tip to tip411 (847- 411). the information you provide remains confidential and could put this fugitive behind bars. 3 modern medicine has several ways to treat an abnormal heart rhythm.coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... how doctors here in *sioux city* treat some of the worst cases... and
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ablations are scars created by electrical pulses in the problem areas of the heart. "most of them they can be cured with catheter ablations. after we find out exactly what the cause of that abnormally fast rhythm is." and recovery is quick. "we keep them overnight. the reason is because people are very anxious, they are aprehensive and sometimes the family members just want to make sure, in case there are any problems at home it will be hard for them to the emergency room and from our prespective we just want to make sure there is not any bleeding in the pocket." after patients leave the hospital they might feel weak for a couple days but after that they are able to resume normal activity. kayla novak siouxland news. 3
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3 and south sioux city puts their near-perfect record on the line at the pit. we span three states tonight for hoops action. chris is next with
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3 3 the lady cardinals of south sioux city are making a strong push for a state title this year with a record of 16-1. tonight they visited a heelan team looking to get back to 500the crusaders coming off a loss to west here in the pit thursday.1) 1st quarter now cardinals with a slight lead. haley fritza drives and shoots! makes it 6-2 cardinals. 2) and then fritza finds augusta traymer who gets the friendly pit roll! south sioux out to a 10-2 lead.3) heelan needed points and they'll take all three of these. lexie stolen from downtown!4) now check out this pretty play from carissa powell. mckenna sims finds her underneath and she goes up and under for the basket! 5) heelan coming back.
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her own. but south sioux would go on to win 68-45. 3 let's dab over to north sioux. north is winners of two of their last three including a one point loss to number 15 sbl. dakota valley is 13-3.1) late first half now panthers by 8. haley hoffman goes high off the glass for two.2) then just before the end of the half off the steal by anna rasmussen it's hoffman again. dv up by 12 at halftime.3) north comes out hot in the second half. breonna farris feeds lilly yebra for the basket. cuts the lead to ten. 4) off the inbounds mercy oh-ya-dare with the move near the rim. lead down to 6.5) just too much dakota valley though. sarah bohan to claire johnson who does the rest. dakota valley goes on to win 57-46. 3 number two emerson hubbard battling number 6 wynot in the lewis and clark conference title game in nebraska.1. pick up action at the end of the first quarter.. wynot's olivia wieseler with the drive and the layup.. lady blue devils
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the second quarter.. emerson- hubbard's abby drieling with the bank shot.. game tied at seventeen.3. still in the second quarter.. wynot's danielle wieseler with the drive and splits the defenders for the layup.. wynot up one.. twenty-one to twenty.4. move to the fourth quarter.. game tied at forty-one and payton blanke puts the lady pirates up for good forty-three to forty one.5. later in the fourth.. abby drieling with the nice spin move and layup..lady up fifty to forty three and they go on to to win the lewis and clark championship 54-51 the final. 3 to the boys side winnebago hasn't lost in 13 months. taking on d-1's number five randolph1. pick up action in the first quarter.. randolph comes out hot.. connor bloomquist with the three.. cardinals up three.2. winnebago comes right back.. aspen lapointe with the very long three.. game tied.3. moment's later.. randolph's landyn anderson with the
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three.4. later in the first.. aspen lapointe misses the three but david wingett (win-jet) gets the rebound and powers his way for the basket.. randolph still up two..5. move to the second quarter and off the inbounds play.. d'von lapointe with the three.. the indians now up six.. twenty-six to twenty and...this one was close! winnebago wins 58-55! 3 the briar cliff women followed up a six game win streak with a pair of losses this past week. it's dropped them into a four way tie for third in the gpac standings, only one back of second place dakota wesleyan. in losses to the college of mary and mount marty the chargers allowed over 80 points for just the second and third times all season. 3 "we need to close the game out. we had leads going into both those situations. and to collapse in both those situations was so uncharacteristic of us. so that was really dissapointing." "you know i think we really need to focus on defense. and i think the last couple games we haven't really come out on
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of our defense. we'll put one good half together and then in the secon half not so much." 3 take a look at this massive pack of teams in the women's gpac standings. you can see the four way tie of teams that are either ranked or have received votes in the rankings. briar cliff wraps up with dordt, hastings, morningside and concordia before the gpag tournament begins february 24th. 3 cyclones starting center jameel mckay won't play wednesday at texas tech. head coach steve prohm announced that today at his weekly press conference. mckay is suspended indefintely because of something that happend on practice thursday. and the 6-9 center did not accompany the team to osu on saturday. here's what else coach had to say on the suspension. 3 "you know, it's really between me and him and he understands. basically doing all the right things and what i expect each and every day. and you know from a whole perspective. it's not just from today. i love jameel, we need jameel to be
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knows that. me and him are continuing to communicate and hopefully he can have a good week this week and right now he's suspended indefinitely until i really say more on the matter." 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 winter weather advisories issued through midnight for low visibility and strong winds in eastern siouxland. breezy conditions continue through the morning in all of siouxland with temperatures in the teens. temperatures will stay in the low 20s tomorrow with partly sunny skies. the week ahead is looking fairly chilly as temperatures stay in the 20s, with a chance of flurries on wednesday and
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