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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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have a great evening. >> pelley: high hopes in new hampshire. >> it's very exciting. >> we feel great. >> i am so happy to be here. >> i think we're going to do very welel >> i feel g gd. >> i'mm feelinggreat. >> pelley: also tonight, cbs news investigates -- can a blood test detect cancer before there are symptoms? the eight-minute mortgage-- is it the wave of the future or a throw-back to an ugly past? and look out, major. here come the minoror >> w w should young voters vote for you, trump? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. pelley: the voting continues at this hour in the first presidential primary of 2016. this is a live picture from nashua, new hampshire. some candidates tonight are looking for their first win,
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we asked republican voters leaving the polls what they are looking for. someone who shares their values, came in first. followed closely by someone who could bring about change. and then someone who tells it like it is. we have a team of correspondents covering the primary. first we'll go to major garrett with the republicans. major. >> reporter: scott, top republicans here believe donald trump will win tonight. after that, they don't have a clue. as the evening goes on, battle for a coveted second-place finish could involve four, possibly five candidates. >> how we doing over there? >> reporter: donald trump leading the polls here by a wide margin sought last-mimite votes ououide a manchester elementary school. but the trump circus blocked voter access and had to move. >> no one can get through to vote, thanks to mr. trump. let's move it along. say you want a revolution >> reporter: trump was under fire for repeating a profane insult from the audience at his campaign rally last night.
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>> reporter: it was dirececd at iowa winner ted c cz for sidestepping a question on waterboarding. >> somebody else said it. i didn't say it. and that was a repeat but a woman said it in the audience. >> well, she's chosen to go down the road of insults. he can do that. >> reporter: as voters lined up across new hampshire, trump's nervous republican challengers trafficked in vague optimism. >> i don't create the expectations but i feel good about where we are. >> repororr: hopeful t tay? >> ofourse. it's election day. you're always hopeful on elecon day. >> i do seem uptight? do i seem nervous? >> reporter: jeb bush is looking for a strong finish here to revive his campaign. >> reporter: what about this notion that it's do or die here in new hampshire for you? >> no, it's not do or die. we have a real organization in south carolina, the best organization in nevada, a natitiwideampaign. >> reporter: marco rubio, after a widely criticized debate performance this weekend, pushed through reporters to meet prospective voters. >> reporter: do you have there's a test you have to cross over tonight after saturday's debate? >> oh, no, no, no. look, that's a media thing. voters are excited about this campaign.
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today is going to be historic so we feel really good about it. >> reporter: a trump victory would stabilize his campaign after iowa and set up a heavyweight battle for conservative loyalty with cruz in south carolina. as for alternatives to vote, the finishers tonight could help some campaign scorktz, and deal a death blow torgs. >> pelley: there's no chance of a death blow to the democratic side, but bernie sanders did have a big lead over hillary clton in the pre-primary polls. when we asked democratic voters today most important quality, honest and trustworthy was number one. nancy cordes is covering the race for us. nancy. >> reporter: scott, hillary clinton and her husband launch aid series of attacks this week aimed at cutting into the sanders advantage on that honesty question. it's a risky strategy that can cut both ways. and there's no sign yet that it paid off. how are you feeling today? >> i'm feeling great. >> reporter: sanders paid a sit to a polling place in
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>> feel the bern! feel the bern! >> reporter: and was mobbed by supporters anticipating a win. >> and it looks like there is going to be a large voter turnout. >> reporter: clinton made four stops, starting at dawn in manchester. ( cheers ) sounding upbeat, but realistic. how are you feeling about a comeback, secretary clinton? >> you know what, i'm just here to thank all of the people who have worked so hard for me. i've got a lot of longtime friends who have been working day and night for me. >> reporter: the clinton camp has tried to write off the sanders lead as nothing more than loving thy neighbor. after all, his home state of vermont is known here as "new hampshire upside down." >> you know, i'm so happypyo be out here. >> reporter: but clinton was leading here until the fall, when sanders caught on, especially with young voters like dan boucher. >> he's the only one who seriously talks about the income gap and wealth quality so it was an easy one for me.
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contender does pose new challenges. >> if youuuys want to walk, we're going to walk a little bit. >> reporter: a senator who was toting his own lawnt laundry just a few weeks ago is now flanked by secret service which, as he learned today, makes an impromptu stroll around the block a lot more complicated. the next couple of contests will be anything but a walk for sanders. south carolina has a large african american population, nevada has lots of hispanics, and right now, scott, clinton does better with both groups. >> pelley: and we'll start getting real vote totals after 8:00 eastern. nancy, thanks so much. for some insight into this, we turn, of course, to john dickerson, our cbs news political director and the anchor of "face the nation." john, what are you seeing in the republican race? >> reporter:r:well on the republblan side, scott, it looks like donald trump's party. voters were asked, "do you support a ban on muslims coming into the united states?"
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there's not good news, necessarily, in the numbers for marco rubio. in new hampshire, they don't value electability as much as they did in iowa. in iowa, they did, a a rubio did well with voters who led that quality. fewer do in new hampshire. also, two-thirds of the voters said that the debates were very important in their vote. and marco rubio didn't do so well in the last debate. that opens the door for a candidate like john kasich or jeb bush. rubio came in to new hampshshe hoping to bebehe alternative to trump p d cruz. now there may be some others joining him. >> pelley: >> pelley: and what about the democrats? >> on the democratic side, 77% said they made up their mind before the last few days. that's good news for bernie sanders because he's been ahead in polls for a very long time. also, as you mentioned, that honest and trustworthy number, very high in newampshire, that's g gd for sanders. also, those who were asked, "does eelect iblght matter as much?" far fewer in new hampshire
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that's good for sanders, too. >> pelley: john, thank you. and now joining us for his 11th new hampshire primama, bob schieffer. >> thank you, scott. un, after hearing those numbers that 82% of the republicans favor a ban on muslims, it's hard to see how donald trump does not win this thing tonight. the big question now, as john was pointing out, who nishes second? and what makes new hampshire so hard to handndap is this is the last place where the voters play a role. after this, it all moves to television, but the voters have a role, and they take it very seriously. that's why you see, like, 40% saying they didn't make up their mind until the very last minute. it's how thse last-minute voters break will determine whwh gets the ticket after finishing second, third,nd fourth out of new hampshire.
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clinton, when voters-- democrats were asked, "what quality they liked most?" 30-something percent said that was the most important thingng honesty and integrity. that same questiti when it was asked to iowa voters, bernie sanders won by eight to one. this could be a long night for hillary clinton. >> pelley: thank you very much, bob. we'll be updating you with the results from new hampshire during prime time tonight right here on cbs. it doesn't look like the weather dampened the turnout. a storm dropped sevenen inches of snowow but that's nothing that hamp can't handle. another storm moving you want east coast made a mess in maryland today, and flooding is the big concern along the coast. high tide brought high water to the jersey shore. there was a terrible crash today in germany. two commuter trains were put on the s se track. automatic b bking s stems failed, and they hit head on.
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dozens were injured. some were airlifted to hospitals, others taken by boat. no word yet on how the trains were switch to the same track. tonight, we have a cbs news vehicles into what is said to be a revevutionary blood test to detect cancnc, even before a patient notices symptoms. several companies are racing to develop this, but are some of them promising more than they can deliver? jaix andjim axelrod and producer emily rand looked into this. >> reporter: at this health care conference in silicon valley a feweeks ago, biotech pioneers pitched the latest and greatest in personalized health care. >> this has the potential to totally change not just cancer but all of medicine. >> reporter: dr. richard klausner is the former head of the national cancer institute and a director of grail, a company dwrepg a blood fest
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liquid biopsy somebody with no symptoms. >> no symptoms. >> reporter: could get their blood drawn. >> exactly. >> reporter:and you could determine they have cancer. >> that's the holy grail. >> reporter: the idea holds great promise, but klausner says proving it works will take time. >> we just don't have the clipical data and the yt and we have to get it. >> reporter: there is a lot of incentive. the liquid biopsy market is expected to be worth $22 billion by 2020. another company after a piece of it is san diego-based pathway genomics. pathway raised $40 million in its last round of fund-raising. >> it's, like, the most amazing thing. >> reporter: and raised its ofile when one of its genetic tests was featured on "keeping up with the kardashians." >> mitch mulinex from pathway genomics. >> nice to see you. >> reporter: what caughture attention was the test pathway launched in september. >> introducing pathway genomics' revolutionary test-- cancer intercept, detect and monitor.
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physicicn orderr r as little as $299, pathway's marketing claimed it could do what others say is years agay. >>0 cancer intercept can detect a growing tumor in the body before the patient may notice symptoms. >> reporter: a few weeks ago, we visited pathway to ask them about their claims. before we sat down with the c.e.o., jim plantete they played us that marketing video. we just watched a video upstairs. >> right. >> reporter: and it says the liquid biopsy will detect cancer before symptoms. >> may, may. >> reporter: that's not what the video says. >> it says may. we don't way "will." we say may. >> reporter: you don't make the claim that you can detect cancer? >> we say the information can bebe used to help guide potential early-- early diagnosis. >> reporter: we also asked plante about this chart showing the advantages of their liquid biopsy over a traditional tissue biopsy. >> we never say it replaces
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>> reporter: this chart looks like an either/or, jim, doesn't it? >> it's not an either/or. >> reporter: tumor biopsy versus election biopsy. >> it's one piece of information that helps guide the physician-patient discussion. . >> while it's good to have extra tools, that doesn't mean we should be using them on our patient outside of research settings. >> reporter: dr. max dean is a cancer researcher at stanford. pathway cites his research as evidence their test can detect cancer in otherwise healthy patients. >> i think we're still years away from that possibility. while we have -- >> reporter: years. >> years. that absolutely requires thousands of patients and long-term trials to prove that. >> reporter: thousands of patients, years of testing, millions of dollars. >> correct. >> reporter: and if a company isn't doing any of those three? >> then i don't think i would order that test. >> reporter: the food and drug
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considers tests like cancer intercept a major health risk. in september, the f.d.a. sent pathway genomics a letter citing concerns e test did not have adequate clinical validation and may harm the public health. pathway now has three clinical trials under way to study its liquid biopsy, but it all began after the test was already on the market. and, scott, after our interview, pathway did pull that promotional data from its web site. >> pelley: jim, thanks very much. great report. you're probably wondering how these companies are able to sell unproven tests. well, jim will have morthat tomorrow on "cbs this morning." today, federal health officials sent hundreds of additional kits to florida to test for the zika virus. 16 cases are confirmed there, the most of any state. there are at least 64 cases i 16 states and the district of columbia. zika is spread by mosquitoes and is suspected of causing a
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will the rocket mortgage take off or is it a fast ride to trouble? the broncos get a parade fit for champions. and this little piggy goes to the polls when the cbs evening news continues on primary night. hi hey you look good.
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years after the housing crisis nearly took down the economy, the ad rang alarmbles. "let's do the financial crisis again, but with apps" dave weigl of the "washington po" tweeted. >> i know a lot of peoplee interpreted the commercials of saying we're going back to the days of easy ney but that's just simply not happening. >> reporter: holden lewis of said the median credit score of a mortgage applicant is now 753 out of 850, the highest since 2001. rocket mortgage is just trying to streamline the application process.s. is this quicken yap aa game changer, do you think? >> i tnk it's a game changer in a sense other mortgage companies are going to have to make it easier to put in your documentation and your paperwork. >> reporter: on the rocket app, you enter income and bank details, which allows quicken toto communicate directly with banks. it estimatans fordable home price and costs anand allows
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says quicken president jay foreigner. >> if you go on to rocket mortgage, you can see the interest rates, you can see the fees, and you can see how changing the interest rate would change your fees. >> reporter: so this is not about changing credit standards. >> no, quicken loans is known for having some of the highest credit standards in thee country. >> reporter:r:ocket, he says, isisrying to take the mystery out of the mortgage process. and that super bowl ad certainly got attention. foreigner says 14,000 people visited their web site in the first minute it aired, scott. >> pelley: anthony mason, anthony, thank you very much. the good times are rolling in new orleans. we'll visit when we come back. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain.
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the divided court has decided to stop enforcement of the president's sweeping plan to address climate change until after all the legal challenges are resolved. downtown denver was painted orange today as hundreds of thousands welcomed home the super bowl champion broncos. fans lined up 30 deep for the parade. m.v.p. von miller and quarterback peyton manning were on the lead fire truck, along with the lombardi trophy held high by annabel bowlen, the wife of team ner pat wlen, who stepped d wn in 2014 with alzhmer's disease. e crowds were just as spirited in new orleans for mardi gras. bands serenaded the french quarter, beads flew, and marchers wore their most outrageous costumes. the celebration ends when fat tuesday becomes ash wednesday, the beginning of the christian
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was areal squeaker at t t polls in new hampshire toy. an escaped pig showed up at one of the voting places. police had no luck corralling it, so eventually the owner came and got it, but there's no telling if the pig was republican, democrat, or independent. and we'll be right back. they call it planning for retirement because getting there requires exactly that. a plan for what you want your future to look like. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been providing solutions to help individuals like you achieve long-term financial security. bring your vision for the future to l le with pacific life.e. talk to a finanaial advisor to help build and protect your retirement income. pacific life.
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which is why it can feel like your opioid pain med is slowing your insides to a crawl. longing for a change? have the conversation with your doctor about oic,, and ask about prescription treatment tions. made on behalf of those living with chronic pain and struggling with oic. >> pelley: as the candidates await the vote count tonight, we size up the competition, not theirs, ours. here's julianna goldman. >> reporter: you might think this is any other shoe leather reporter covering hillary clinton in new hampshire, but kaititn clark is just 11 years olol >> is there a a specific issues
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20 on assignment for ask the scholastic news" providing a kids'-eye view of the political process. >> we're going to get a lot more good job with rising incomes for people. >> thank you, and do you have a plan so you know how tooo that? >> i do, i do. >> repororr: 14-year-old gabe ferris has learnrn sometimes you score interviews. >> why should young voters vote for you, trump? >> because your future is much better with me than anybody else. >> reporter: and like the rest of us, sometimes you don't. >> governor kasich, why should young voters vote for you? that's just the nature of the beast. you're not going to get every interview, i guess, so on to the next candidate. >> reporter: and anyway, gabe's colleague, maxwell surprenant, had already spoken with john kasich, and filed a blog post. >> there are a lot of issues that affect kids it's environment, education, the economy. that's one of the reasons i really like my job is i get to-- i get to tell other kids about that.
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had a volunteer ppress corps since 2000. since then, the j has evolved. they're juggling the multitasking demands of campaign coverage, shooting videos, taking notes on iphones, and, of course, tending to their twitter feeds. as for making political predictions, kaitlyn has seen enough of this cycle not to. >> i think it's just a level playing field right now, and we'll fifi out tuesdaynight. >> repepter: cub r rorters making civics class look like child's play. julianna goldman, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: there's no democracy without journalism. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. we'll be watching the voting in new hampshire and bring you updates throughout the evening. for all of us at cbs nene all around the world, w wll see you again soon. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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