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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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out on a major road reconstruction project in sioux city.and tonight homeowners and business people who will be affected by that work gathered with city officials. 3 and tonight that story is new at ten. 3 a three block section of jackson street on the city's near northside will be torn up for months starting this spring. 3 3 our kayla novak was at tonight's meeting... and has more on the story. kayla? 3 3 larry, diana... the city and d- g-r engineering are putting the final touches on the reconstruction of jackson street. 3 the project would stretch from 14th street near the garden cafe and select mart convenience store north to 18th street where the vakulskas (va-kul-skas) law firm is located. they will be repaving the streets while replacing the 100 year old underground utilities, as well as a few light signals. this will impact traffic, residents and business owners and the city asks residents to be patient with them during the process. 3 "we want to make sure that we
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bussinesses in terms of access or if there's issues with customers getting in or being delayed because of construction. we want to know about it as it is happening and we will take steps to correct that or remedy that through the project "the project will be completed in sections that will each take about 2 months. the first between 18th and 17th street, then between 14th and 15th, and the final will be the stretch between 15th and 17th steet. during the phases, residents will not be able to get their vehicle in their driveways and it could delay shipments for the businesses. 3 "2 months is a long time. two months... if you don't have business for two months.. you might as well lock the doors and go vacation to greece, you know."the city is just waiting for the final plans and bids before they can give the offical approval. 3 the engineers hope to begin may and to be finished by 3 3 woodbury county's historic
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some renovations. 3 the woodbury county board of supervisors discussed plans to make some changes to prepare for the courthouse's 100th anniversary.some of the changes include switching light bulbs in the building to l-e-d lighting as well as fixing old globes that are aging and cracking.board chairman jeremy taylor says these renovations will bring the courthouse into the 21st century while still maintaining its historical look. 3 "to me it's the best of both worlds. we're gaining modern efficiencies, but at the same time, making sure that this building reflects the beauty and character of a national landmark which it is."the board brought in a historical architect to survey the building to see what needs to be done to prepare for the anniversary in 2018. 3 friends and coworkers are remembering a former siouxland man who has died in a colorado avalanche. 3 ron brabander (bray-bander) was a former engineering expert at the gateway computer company... and later dakota p- c warehouse. he was killed
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colorado while "snow-biking." snow-bikes are an off-road motorcycles converted into a ski-like vehicle. the 58 year old bray-bander had retired and moved to colorado about a year and a half ago. 3 3 valentines day isn't until sunday. but tonight some local veterans got an early, "heart-felt" gift. 3 they gathered at the siouxland chapter of the american red cross for a free chili and soup dinner... free groceries... along with free haircuts and blood pressure checks. students and staff at morningside college also made blankets for the veterans. 3 "this is a way to let them know that we appreciate everything they did for us. and it also gives them a chance to talk to other vietnam veterans and veterans from other wars. to just discuss what they all went through and it gives them an open door to make new friends. "the group hosting this event... "support siouxland soldiers"... also wants to say "thank you" to wendys for donating the chili... and to pizza ranch for providing the chicken noodle soup. 3
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50 veterans of the vietnam war were honored for their participation in an award- winning series of reports by the sioux city journal called "vietnam: service with honor." for the last three months, photographs of the veteran's and some of their story have been on display at the betty strong encounter center. this event gave the veterans a chance to talk about their service to the country... and to get a "thank you" for all they did. the veterans were also able to catch up with old friends... and visitors learned more about the sacrifices these veterans made. 3
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3 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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work week will hang in the lower 20s. by the time the weekend comes around we will be flirting with overnight lows below zero. look for a little bit of light snow on sunday as temperatures will begin to warm up. highs will eventually climb back into the 40s early next week.>>
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3 3 as the race to choose his replacement sees its second big test in new hampshire tonight... president obama is
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congress. 3 how its proposals were received on capitol hill...
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3 3 eight days after iowa's caucuses... new hampshire has chosen *its* preferred candidates in the democratic and republican presidential races. 3 3 our senior political reporter scott thuman is live now in manchester new hampshire... where it's been a very good night for bernie sanders, donald trump *and* john kasich. scott, what's the latest there? 3 larry, diana, i'm here in manchester where the party is winding down at donald trump's headquarters...but it was joyous a few hours ago when he and bernie sanders were
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the new hampshire 3 3 "kasich, maybe we are turning page on dark part of american politics because tonight the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning (applause) trump, "i love you all, thank you, thank you new hampshire, we're going to win in south carolina." 3 3 one of the 3 3 california."maine, to washington, wall street to will echo from message that have sent a "together we sanders, bernie vote."fight for every national and campaign take this we're going
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clinton, "i still "hillary 3 clinton, "i still love new hampshire. we're going to take this campaign national and fight for every vote."bernie sanders, "together we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington, maine, to california." 3 3 3 3 3 3 one of the biggest issues the next president will have to deal with is a rising national debt and an ever- growing federal budget. president obama just released his budget proposal today... a 4-point-1 trillion dollar spending plan which outlines how he wants to see our tax dollars spent. 3 our national correspondent kristine frazao thought it
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visiting washington d-c how they would slice up the budgetary pie. 3 kf standup"we've kept it simple - 6 jars representing 6 categories and we've asked people visiting our nation's capitol how they think this country's money should be spent.""how many pennies do i have here? you have 15 pennies."how would you spread the wealth?a simple question, with not-so simple-answersclink "for me i think they're all important."kat mcdowell/dela ware"social security because i'm 24, will be 25 next month and i'm not going to have any." we combined healthcare and medicare, as well as the military and veterans, plus jars for education, transportation and security and labor...and paying off the debt."i honestly feel like i'm gonna focus on paying down the debt we're running around like a teenager with credit card." "i'm gonna be pretty even because i think everything needs to be even."in the end
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our experiement came out even and the winner may surprise you."education obviously because i've been teaching for 40 years."kf "do you students agree?" (group) "yesss." (teacher) "thank you for agreeing with me."many others agreed as well."i would put 5 into education.""education is like the foundation of our country."education won hands down...followed by paying off the debt and then the military, with transportation and infrastructure coming in last. here's a look at last year's actual federal budget - with more categories, and distributed much differently. clinkat a time when the way we spend our money is front and center"just put the rest in healthcare and social security."a small glimpse at what those not from washington would do.kf standup close: "alright so it's an unscientific study but we really wanted to talk to everyday americans about what they think about the budget and compare that to reality. in washington i'm kristine 3
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musical experiment began right here in sioux city. 3 now... as sioux city's rockestra prepares for its final show... its creator reminisces about the journey with our own jacob heller...
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3 it was the first of its kind in the entire country. and this april will be your last chance to see this original professional rock and roll orchestra perform live.sioux city's rockestra is calling it quits after 12 years. siouxland news anchor jacob heller met with the group's creator... to find out why it's time to bring this musical experiment to an end. 3 in 2004 john luebke had an idea."my goodness gracious we
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in sioux city, and i started putting it together the next day."a classical sound... paired with the instruments of teenage rebellion."from the beatles to techno."in his basement years later...john's getting ready for *rockestra's* last show."we decided this would be a good time to call it a day." rockestra was the first rock- and-roll orchestra in the country...born in sioux city. "it's an orchestra because we have strings, we have woodwinds, we have brass and then right in the middle we put a rock-and-roll rythm section."and people responded to the sound at the band's first concerts here at the eppley auditorium at morningside college.a band-mate of john's was the first to really notice... during a song...on stage."she said 'turn around.' i said 'what?' she said 'turn
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and everybody was standing and cheering right in the middle of the song."sing-along success doesn't come easy. start with songs almost everyone knows.john puts notes to screen...and you have a rock-and-roll orchestra song ready for the orpheum stage. like the venues...the crowds started small...but got bigger. "from 232 it grew to almost one thousand." "it has to be the word of mouth because our marketing budget is, like, $14."the money was one of the things that never really grew. "the first check that i sent to everybody after the very first concert was $12 and 32 cents. and if i forget that,
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a love for music started this rock-and-roll experiment.kept it goin'...until now.2016 will be the year this experiment comes to an end."nobody wants to go out on a bad note, nobody wants to go out when we're barely breathing, we want to go out on top."but even back then twelve years ago...rockestra's members knew this musical experiment was goinna be tops."is it going to fly? oh yeah it's going fly. you wait, this is nothing. it's going to cook."and it will...up until the last curtain call. 3 rockestra's last concert will be saturday april 9th at the orpheum. it's called "anatomy of rock." 3 3 it's game night! we've got huge matchups on the basketball court coming your way. 3 including a battle of two of northwest iowa's best girls basketball teams. okoboji and
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home of the warriors. chris is
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3 3 welcome back to game night! okoboji finally lost their first game a week ago when they hosted number 13 moc floyd valley. well number six sioux center has beaten the dutch twice this season. so tonight's matchup looked to be amazing on paper.1. pick up action late in the third quarter.. sioux center's shayla post with the drive and the left handed
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thirty-eight to twenty-one.2. okobojit would start to chip away at that lead.. emily wintz with the short jumper.. lead down to seventeen.3. move to the fourth quarter and okoboji's lindsey wittrock with the nice shot inside.. cuts the sioux center lead to six.3. move to one minute left in the game.. game tied at forty-eight and cory hoffman hits the jumper.. okoboji comes back from seventeen to take a two point lead and they would go on to defeat sioux center fifty-four to forty- nine. 3 how about the only team to beat boji. moc hosting west lyon who has won 7 in a row!1. pick up action in the first quarter.. west lyon's maddie meyer gets the rebound and the putback.. west lyon up one.2. moments later.. west lyon's kate groeneweg with the jumper and gets the roll.. west lyon up three.3. later in the first.. west lyon's groeneweg hits the three. west lyon up six.4. still in the first.. m-o-c's shay kamstra hits the three.. dutch trail by eight
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win! 61-47 the final. 3 10 and 7 vermillion visiting 14 and 3 dakota valley tonight! 1) dakota valley is up 2 to 0 after a couple of free throws. vermillion's haleigh melstad misses the 3 but maddie regnerus is there for the rebound and the put back. game tied at 2.2) next dakota valley's peyton wingert from the top of the key... hits the 3. 5-2 panthers.3) later its 5 to 4 dv still up, madisen martinez gets the steal and goes all the way for the layup, the tanagers take the lead.4) next possesion, kasey jensen passes it to melstad and shes has the open shot. 8 to 5 vermillion.5) next play, wingert drives in and as she falls, she makes it! 8 to 7 vermillionand the tanagers win! 51-44 the final! 3 west lyon looking to get back to 500 against an moc team whose won 8 in a row!1. pick up action in the third quarter.. karsten marker with
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up sixteen.2. moments later.. levi jansen with the move inside.. dutch up eighteen.3. later in the third.. marker again inside.. m-o-c rolling in this game.. up twenty.4. levi jansen with the three.. dutch 3 up fifty to twenty-seven at that point and... 3 sioux center received votes in the latest ap poll. hosting a boji team that's on an 8 game skid.1. pick up action in the first quarter.. marcus winterfeld with the nice pass to matt van engen for the layup.. warriors up six.2. moments later off the inbounds play.. tyus arends with the three. warriors up nine.3. okoboji finally gets on the board.. jake dodge with the layup.. pioneers still trail by seven.4. next time down the court.. okoboji's alex heller
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center's lead to five and .... 3 don't go anywhere we're just getting started on game night! the tanagers and panthers get together in a south dakota showdown. see if dakota valley could exploit a height advantage to get back to their winning ways. as game night
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3 dakota valley won their first
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since then they've lost two of three. in both losses they gave up 73 points!they hosted a vermillion squad tonight that came in at 10-5 but who has lost three of their last five games.1) dakota valley gets the party started. off the missed shot the big man john prochello uses all six foot 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 woodbury central has won five of seven. hosting a west team that is looking to end a three game skid.1) ealry on noah mcwell with the steal. look out! *pause for dunk* boom! 2) now mcwell is the quarterback and so is the wildcats ethan schultzen. he scores. wolverines still up though.3) and in transistion james king with the nice rebound. gets it up to avery brun who does the rest. 4) more from the wildcats. tyler walker with the drive. he hits that shot! 10-4 at that point.5) but just too much for the wolverines. brun from downtown! he hits it! it was 15-7 thenwest goes on to win 84-54 3 3 3 welcome back! dakota valley won their first 12 games of the season. but since then they've lost two of three. in
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points!they hosted a vermillion squad tonight that came in at 10-5 but who has lost three of their last five games.1) dakota valley gets the party started. off the missed shot the big man john prochello uses all six foot seven to grab the board and score.2) vermillion coming back on the ensuing posession. jeremiah johnson from downtown! tanagers take the lead!3) and then more from the red birds. paul schwasinger with the nice moves down low! vermillion adds on.4) now check out the stick em on prochello's hands. great catch off the tyler johnson pass. you know jason klice wanted to exploit his height down low. game tied.5) more panthers down low! off the missed shot jayse kittler with the catch and put-back. 10-9 dv in the 1st quarter. vermillion wins in double overtime 69-66! 3 3 river valley looking for their first win visiting 10-7 lawton- bronson tonight.1) picking up action in the middle of the 1st quarter, lawton- bronson is up 6 to 3 on river valley, after a missed 3, austin peters grabs the rebound and puts it back up 8 to 3 eagles. 2) next play, the eagles get the steal and keesten hanks is open for the 3! 11 to 3, lb3) next, river valley's dylan
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to tige redenius his lay up makes it 11 to 5 eagles.4) later, peters 3 13th ranked lawton-bronson has won five in a row. hosting river valley looking to end a six game 3 3 3 3 3 3 13th ranked lawton-bronson has won five in a row. hosting river valley looking to end a six game skid.1) eagles up comfortably in the third. back come the wolverines. this is payton goettch with the basket! 2) lexi binder showing you persistence pays off! gimme that ball! get! off! me! yes! she scores! eagles up 40-23.3) more from binder. off the missed shot she goes high off the glass. that's good!4) river valley goes down low too. allison brown with the layin.5) but just too much from the eagles. sweet pass from binder to ali verzani for two. if it feels like she's done it a thousand times its 39. 3 woodbury central is pretty good but they've lost two in a row. hosting west whos won 7 of 81) and they looked good in this one. 3rd quarter they're breaking the press. amanda
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basket! wolverines up 18!2) back come the wildcats. halle gray gets the ball down low. she scores. wildcats trying to come back.3) then madi jensen from just inside the arc. that's good! it's 57-37 west. 4) and then offthe inbounds brianna more with the steal. she puts it in. west just adding on.5) wildcats not giving up. bailey even. drives and shot from the free throw. it was 57-40 west at that point.west wins 73-49 3 briar cliff had never hosted a mens volleyball game until tonight! its the program opener against dordt.1) on the first serve, briar cliffs jacob ewart hits it a bit too hard and knocks it out. drodt up 1-0 2) next. adreil rivas uses his 3 strangth to rally it back to 1 each. 3) later 3 to 1 chargers, mark tiemersma tips it over, and with the miss communication of briar cliff, dordt gets a point back 3-2 now.4) next, ewart again, powers it down and dordt couldnt control it. 4 to 2 in
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