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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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prison.that's the decision of the judge presiding over their sentencings this morning. 3 18 year old angelica perez and 19 year old heavenzevenbergen were both seseenced up to five years in prison for theft inin the second degree. 3 3 siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll attended the hearing and has more. jaclyn? 3 diana, larry it was an emotional day for the two families as they had to watch both of these young women escorted out of the courtroom in handcuffs after receiving that prison sentence from judge jeffrey neary. 3 natsafter being arrested in august and chchged with conspiring to rorothe security national bank inside the hy- vee store on hamilton boulevard where zevenbergen was an employee, perez and zevenbergen plead guilty to felony charges of second degree theft. at the sentencing on wednesday, both perez and zevenbergen apologized for their actions and asked the court for a minimal sentence of probation. "i am here today because of the crime i committed. i would like to start out by
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everything i've put it's employees anancustomers s through." "i want to prove to my friends and family, my employer and coworkers, my peers and role models that i am so much more than this horrible, stupid mistake that i wish every day that i could take back." perez's mother testified as a character witness for her daughter saying she committed this crime due to mental health issues. "about a year before this incident occurred, started struggling with severe depression and mood disorder, which her family, her father and i, got her started on antidepressants and seeing a therapist for. zevenbergen's attorney attributes her involvement in the crime to a sexual assault which started a downward spiral of drugs and depression. "things changed for her on october 30th 2014. she was sexually assaulted by three men that held her down and each had intercourse with
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downhill."mandi sievers, a manager at security national bank told the court this was more than just theft it was robbery. "our customers and employees were robbed of their sense of security. employees that were directly affected were traumatized." prosecutor james loomis says both women are responsible and asked for the maximum sentence of up to five years because of the calculated nature of the crime. "the clothes were hidden, the money was hidden, she eventually, miss perez, left the scene, but both miss perez and miss zevenbergen both went back to that perry creek ditch to look for that money. miss zevenbergen indicated that she didn't do all this for nothing and an effort was made to go back and find that money. most of that money was not recovered, has t been found." stand up "judge neary called the crime "senseless" and says he has never seen a case like this in his 13 years on the bench
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with the possibility of such bright futures." perez and zevenbergen were brought to tears as judge neary issued their sentence"i'm comfortable and i'm satisfied that under these circumstances that i am not going to suspend this sentence. i am going to impose a five year prisososentence." without the opportunity to say any goodbyes, the women left tearful friends and family members behind to begin a sentence they desperately hoped to avoid. 3 judge neary says he would have sent the wrong message to the public if he simply issued probation and says it was just as hard for him to issue the sentence as it was for the girls to 3 the sioux city teen charged with shooting a police officer in the leg this weekend... and facing five counts of first degree robbery... is out of the hospital tonight.18- year- old isaiah mothershed had been in custody in the hospital while receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to *his* leg sustained in a scuffle with
5:04 pm he's been discharged into the custody of sioux city police... and booked into the woodbury county jail.his first court appearance is set for tomorrow morning.he's currently being held without bond. 3 3 it's that time of year again...with ty council officials reviewing the annual budgets of all city departments.the sioux city police department is asking the council for enough money to hire two new police officers... whose duties will solely be focused on traffic enforcement.police chief doug young says the new officers are needed... as the city has seen a big increase in traffic with all the construction going on in the area. 3 "we're lacking in the traffic enforcement area so i want to bolster the issue so that we can meet the needs of the community. one of our biggest request of the community as we go out and listen to some of the issues that we have is not only drugs, but traffic is up there with that, so this is my attempt to address that
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council for 269- thousand dollars to hire and pay the two officers.he hopes to have their the end of this month. 3 3 meanwhile, sioux city fire rescue is not planning to make any major changes to its budget..firefighters *are* looking to create a new position for a public education officer.the new officer's job duties aren't set in stone yet... but will include sharing information with the communityfire chief tom everett says they're still determining the job's specifics. 3 "we will be probably requesting somebody who can go out into the community and look at areas where those calls are coming from. whether it's the elderly population or youthful population or whatever, and find the things we could do to provide education, information, resources, to curb that accelerated growth of calls."everett says he hopes the city council will move forward with this next year. 3 3 a familiar face in siouxland and across the nation is
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3 today at its headquarters in the ice cream capitol of the world... wells enterprises unveiled its new blue bunny logo. "blu" the spokesbunny"... is an updated version of the real bunny that in the 1930's inspired a child to suggest the brand's blue bunny name. the "new" blu is part of the company's efforts to keep the "fun" and "excitement" in ice cream. 3 "blu is our brand ambassador, so we have released the bunny if you can call it that. blu is... you will see blu in our advertising, that is coming out and he is all about fun. so when you see blu there is something fun going on i guarantee it." 3 blu looks like your typical pet bunny...except for the blue color. *and*... in a new round of commercials... you'll be able to hear his thoughts. 3 "i think blu is a cute and cuddly little guy. so that will be alright and it will be good that they do have that spokes person for them. it's fun for the kids and family."wells' says shoppers
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for new and returning flavors of ice cream... like bunny tracks and blu's birthday party... as well as new transparent containers. 3 3 3 you wouldn't have to worry about ice cream melting today.yea... just put it outside chad. 3
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like we will be seeing some pleasant weather for early next week with highs pushing back into the 40s.>> 3 3 siouxland's y- m- c- a is celebrating its 130th year of serving the tri- state area.this morning... the norm waitt senior y- m- c- a held its anniversary celebration... with a cake cutting and the unveiling of a historical display.along with celebrating the past... the y is *also* looking to its future... with a challenge for area residents. 3 "well, being a 130 years old is accomplishment itself. i've found out we are one of the oldest and biggest non-profit in the entire area. so we are introducing a 130 day health challenge, introducing a brand new 130 year annual campaign. and just pushing for more member ships to get out impact and out message out so more people understand what we do, why we do it, and how long we have been doing it. "this event was *supposed* to be last we... but was postponed because of the bilzzard. 3 3 we're not quite to the "ides of march" on the calendar...
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city 6th graders from recreating the famous murder of julius part of a lesson on the roman empire... the sixth graders at east middle school put on a sort of "crime scene" display to examine the evidence and determine "who killed caesar." 3 "its important because we're going to be working on some higher order thinking skills. they are going to be looking at idence, understanding kind of political aspect of having a leader. having the pros and cons, who was for and who was against him. why maybe they were upset with change of the republic to more of an empire aspect of rome."the "investigation" will continue tomorrow... before students put their chosen perpetrator on trial friday. 3 3 a much more modern display is going on across town this evening...3rd grade students at clark elementary school on hamilton boulevard are putting on a presidential wax museum. all 55 students were assigned a president to the
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to dress up as their assigned president and present their research. 3 "we thought it would be fun to bring presidents to life. third graders have had a great time learning about the presidents as people and all the trivia. i have learned, i have learned a lot of the last 6 years with it. learn something new every year. "this project has been going on at clark for six years... and aims to teach students early on how to properly research and write a scholarly paper. 3 3 catholics from across sioux city gathered for the start of lent today. 3 honoring ash wednesday, nearly 5-hundred people attended a special noon service led by father brent lingle at the cathedral of the epiphany in sioux city.that service one of six services scheduled throughout the day at the douglas street church. 3 "it's really important to me as a priest to have an opportunity for renewal. so if we look at the history of the church, lent is always a period of preparation for easter, in the early days of the church. easter is when all the members join the church
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baptism."a final service in spanish will take place at 7- 30 tonight. 3 3 3 after just two primary contests... the field of republicans running for the white house is down to seven tonight.mike huckabee, rand paul and rick santorum ended their campaigns after poor showings in iowa last poor performance in new hampshire has claimed two more campaigns.the biggest of those is new jersey governor chris christie... who came in sixth last night after devoting most of his campaign's resources to the granite state. 3 3 christie not the only poorly- performing republican candidate ending their campaign tonight.former hewlett- packard c- e- o carly fiorina has also called it a statement released this afternoon... fiorina said "i will continue to travel this country and fight for those americans who refuse to settle for the way things are and a status quo that no longer works for them." 3 3 over the last few years...
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begun offering products they claim can "grow your brain" 3 coming up in tonight's healthwatch... we look into those claims with the help of a neurologist. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 we all know the importance exercise has on our bodies but what about work outs that target our organs-like our brains? 3 as holly firfer reports... while you can't really grow your brain, you can help keep it as sharp as possible as you age with some simple steps. 3 should we shell out time and money for games that we are told will make our brain work better?"brain dev starts in utero and there is a long period of time in which the brain matures just as the rest of the body matures."and after that it's pretty much a downward slide"after it's fully developed its like the rest of the body nothing works as well ten years down the line."that's where brain games come into the equation with promises of less forgetfulness, sharper and quicker problem solving- basically better thinking power."the question that then pops up is to what degree do these cognitive tasks that
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generalise and help maintain cognitive skills in a variety of real world tasks."we do know there are some things we can all do to make our brains function better. healthy living and a fair amount of exercise will help keep your brain strong"both social interaction that you have and some of the more broad type of activities in which you engage are related to maintaining a level of function at optimum levels."so if you want to play a few brain games now and then, it's probably not the worst thing you can do-but don't forget to get outside, see people and try something new, because those brain boosters are free. 3 3 everyone who has a pet knows that letting fido or fluffy sleep in your bed can cause problems for *your* sleep.except... according to new research from the mayo clinic... that may not be the case.only 20 percent of those surveyed had difficulty after letting a pet into the bed... but before you leave your
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authors say there's some things you need to consider. 3 "dr. lois krahn/sleep specialist at the mayo clinic in arizona"they need to know how well they sleep as a person and how well the pet sleeps, they need to take into account the size of the pet."coming up tonight on siouxland news at ten... we'll share all the details on this study... including what it *doesn't* say about sharing your bed with a pet. 3
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20s.>>3 "first alert weather with meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast.3 3
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afternoon we could be seeing a little bit of light snow. temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid 20s. chances of snow will hang on until early friday morning, but temperatures with mostly cloudy skies will only reach the lower 20s. saturday looks to be our coldest day with morning temps below zero and then snow chances starting late saturday night continuing
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the weekend is over, it looks like we will be seeing some pleasant weather for early next week with highs pushing back into the 40s.>> 3 3 the muskies coach's show rolls along and we bring on one of the assistant coaches for another perspective. 3 the muskies are trying to stop a four game losing streak and will hit the road this weekend to try to do it. hear what the
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3 "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 the musketeers coaches show is back and assistant coach mark abalan is here to fill in for jay varady. coach you handle the coach you 3 handle the defensemen and the
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you grade 3 those two areas of the team so far this season?(ad-lib)the team suffered a pair of losses over the weekend. 3-0 at home to chicago. 3-2 on the road against lincoln. up 2-1 entering the third period. how
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that?(ad-lib)3 coach i'm sure part of your job is to help with line changes. it looks like there is an art to that. how do you know when to make a change because you have to balance how tired the players are with making sure the other team doesn't catch you without
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ice.?3 (ad-lib)the team is at 3 chicago this friday and at waterloo sunday. these are two teams that are actually part the team is trying to shake. what did you learn in those two games and how do you plan (ad-lib)the musketeers are on the road this weekend before returning to the tyson for friday and saturday night. coach best of luck this weekend. larry diana chad back to you. 3 3 3 3 3 3
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