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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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department has been negotiating with someone inside the home now for several hours and we were a little bit closer to the home earlier today but police pushed us back a couple of blocks just for safety. this has been going on again for more than eight hours. the sheriff's department hasn't given us much information but they say it all started when they got a call this morning that a man had been shot and he said his girlfriend was being held hostage inside a home on 140th street right off it's not clear how many people were inside the home and earlier today a woman did get out of that home safely.chief deputy tom wheeler tells me she was not injured, she was not hurt but she was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. he says it's not clear at the moment who's left inside the home or if anyone has been hurt. and right now as i said they are still
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the man who lives inside the home that's being surrounded has been living there for about 20 years and they tell me it is usually a quiet neighborhood. but they say that they hope the standoff ends west omaha shannon smith, siouxland news. larry diana 3 police say a sioux city man is facing burglary charges after getting caught trying to steal a car this morning.25- year- old sesar martinez was arrested around 3 this morning... after police received a call from a man shopping at the floyd boulevard walmart. the man told them there was an unknown person in his car.when confronted... and ordered out of the car... the man was attempting to shove a piece of metal into the ignition.he ran before police arrived... but was tracked down by a k- 9 officer to trinity heights and arrested.martinez is charged with two counts of third- degree burglary and one count of criminal trespass.he's being held in the woodbury county jail on 10- thousand dollars bond. 3 a year to the day after a deadly shooting at a lennox,
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victims and survivors are remembered. 3 siouxland news reporter jetske wauran was at the event this morning. 3 365 days after the devastating shooting.sioux steel company employees are still trying to heal"and it really feels like it was yesterday."on the one year anniversary.employees gathered friday morning, to honor and remember jon richter, giving him a special send off...releasing balloons in his memory."this moment when you watch that fly away, and it was like things were kind of like leaving you. you can feel that effect. i can watch something go away, i don't have to hold on to it." it all happened on the morning of february 12th, 2015..when jeffrey dezeeuw. a pro-tec truck driver, shot and killed richter, after an argument at the sioux steel office. dezeeuw shot two other victims, including 46-year-old kathy steever who survived.but richter, died from the shooting...he was 45-years-old. "you know there's a lot of
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mind at that time. every emotion imaginable. if i'd been there, would i be here today. if i'd been there, could i have helped?"just two hours before the incident, johnny kirschner was with richter."i ran the gamut of emotion. you just can't fathom what people go through."later that day, authorities found dezeeuw's in his truck nearby the site..where they believed the gunman burned set his vehicle on fire, before killing himself.immediately in the aftermath, owner and ceo scott rysdon provided grief counselors from avera's employee assistance program. "who really did a great job in getting right on. people were right here after the event. they'd been with us the entire time. so i really thank them. the company has taken pro- active steps to ensure the safety of the employees..incl uding new security systems at each entrance."we also put locks on all of our doors and we've made that all electronic
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important addition to any business, i would recommend people do co-workers try and put the past behind them, they will always remember and honor richter. "but i really mean this when i say this about jon. you could walk up and down the street and you will not find a person that will have a bad thing to say about that guy."reporting in lennox, south dakota. i'm 3 3 a downtown sioux city business had a brief fire scare this afternoon.*select parts* at 5th and floyd called firefighters after one of their machines caught fire just after noon today. when fire crews arrived... they found some metal shavings inside a parts- cleaning machine smoldering and they used a special fire extinguisher to put them out. there were no injuries or damage to the building... just some minor damage to the machine.the exact cause of that fire is still unknown...but it is believed some dust was ignited accidentally in that machine. 3 there have been 52 cases of the zika virus in the united states. two in nebraska. none
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dakota.still, local health officials say there's reason to be we hear from siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll. 3 (nats)it's a virus thats been around for over 50 years... yet, a disease health professionals seem to have little answers for. "we don't know what makes these things just kind of take off."thought to be a mosquito-borne virus, scientists are now learning that zika virus could be passed through bodily fluids. "this virus can actually be in other types of body fluids in humans and therefore potentially transmissable through other humans that we didn't know right away."most of the time, symptoms are mild... a fever, maybe a rash... and most people don't even know they are affected. but zika poses the biggest threat to the unborn... linking the virus to a birth defect called microcephaly, where infants are born with a shrunken head and incomplete brain development.more than 30 countries are battling
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and while there are no known cases in the area, health professionals say we should be concerned. (nats)should we be concerned in siouxland? "yes. yes, this is a concern for people everywhere."for now, protecting yourself is simple: no traveling to places with outbreaks, wear long sleeves and pants, and of course, lots of bug spray. in sioux city... jaclyn driscoll, siouxland news. 3 there is no cure or vaccine for the disease yet. and testing is limited. however, if you feel you may have contracted the virus... you're encouraged to contact your local health department. 3
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back into the upper 30s and lower 40s. watch for another chance of snow on tuesday.>> 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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wind chills are possible, especially in northwestern iowa. afternoon highs will only rebound into the upper teens after the frigid start. snow chances starting late saturday night continuing through sunday afternoon. it isn't out of the question to see 1-3" to close out the weekend with higher amounts in our northern counties.once the weekend is over, it looks like we will be seeing some pleasant weather for early next week with highs pushing back into the upper 30s and lower 40s. watch for another chance of snow on tuesday.>> 3 3 3 tuesday.>>snow on chance of
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3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten... how some young local *artists* are being recognized for their work... 3 but first... we'll look at how the food bank of siouxland is getting help in its mission to feed the hungry from corporate america. that's coming up after the break.
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3 the foodbank of siouxland received a big donation today. 3 at&t donated 2500 dollars to the organzation. 30 percent of food distributed by the foodbank is purchased themselves, so all donations
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at&t employees attended the presentation and were excited to see their company benefiting their community. nearly 400 thousand iowans are food insecure and one in five are children, but the foodbank of siouxland works hard to lower that statistic. 3 3 another program helping hungry *students* in sioux city got a boost today... from their fellow classmates and a local church.more than three dozen students from east middle... and east high school... teamed up with volunteers from sunnybrook community church to put together food packages for kids who don't have anything to eat during the weekend. the program began at east middle 5 years ago... with help from a teacher who noticed some of her students were more tired and hungry on it serves nearly 150 students at the two schools. 3 3 it's about to get a little easier to borrow a book in sioux city. 3 the sioux city mayor's youth commission is opening a group of "little free libraries" across town with the help of the sioux city art center, siouxland cares and the sioux city journal. the students
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newspaper racks from the journal... the kind you see on the occassional street corner... and refurbished them to hold donated can borrow and exchange books from any of them at any time... without worrying about late fees. 3 3 art from sioux city high schoolers is going on display this weekend as part of a special exhibition at the sioux city art center. 3 the art center's 27th annual juried youth art exhibition begins tomorrow and runs through april 10th. 61 works of art were selected for the exhibit from 440 entries part of the exhibition's opening... the art center is hosting a reception sunday afternoon from 1:30 to 3. awards for the best artwork will be presented to the teenage artists at that event. 3 3 they say "diamonds are forever"... and for the price you pay, you certainly hope so! 3 coming up after the break... how *scientists* are making *actual diamonds* in a lab... that provide 100% of the glamour for a fraction of the
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3 people will get engaged on valentine's day... and most of those proposals will include a diamond guys... listen up! as kenneth craig reports... there is a new type of diamond on the market that's 100 - percent real... but costs a lot less. 3 when jordan hill proposed to his girlfriend kim pavlacka (pahv-lah-kuh)... he popped the question with this diamond ring. (sot-kim pavlacka/engag ed)"oh, i love it!" it looks just like a diamond mined from the ground but it's actually man made. (sot-jordan hill/engaged)"i knew they were creating diamonds in a lab, i just didn't know they were making them gem quality." the stone came from the company pure grown diamonds.(pure grown handout video)instead of mining diamonds from the earth pure grown has its gems developed in a singapore lab. the process uses carbon and other gasses to create diamonds in a high pressure chamber in about 12 weeks.pure grown diamonds ceo lisa bissell says the gems are eco- friendly, conflict free and 30 to 40 percent cheaper. (sot-)
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about man made diamonds, i'm thinking cubic zarconias costume jewelry but that's what we have here." (lisa:) "these are diamonds they're physically, optically and chemically identical to mined diamonds." an increasing number of companies are getting into the man made startup, diamond foundry, even has the backing of actor and activist leonardo dicaprio. (sot-tom moses/exec vp, gia laboratory)"i would not be able to tell the difference between these two diamonds." tom moses at the gemological institute of america says you can't tell the difference under magnification. the only way to be certain is to put it under infrared light.. (sot- tom and kenneth)"both the size and the quality of diamonds being produced in the labratory today are really quite good." some may hesitate to buy a non- traditional stone for their bride to be. but kim loves hers. (sot - kim pavlacka/engag ed)"he couldn't have picked out a better diamond for me." the couple is now making plans for their wedding this fall. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. 3 "pure grown" says if a typical, mined diamond engagement ring costs 5-
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grown version would cost around 35- hundred. 3 3 game night is back and we've got several great matchups to bring you from around siouxland! 3 big city teams like dakota valley, south sioux city, and norfolk sent their teams to the court. and of course you don't want to miss the east and north matchup. chris is
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3 3 welcome back 3 to game night! sioux city north and east met tonight in a deep seeded rivalry. and
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record, that was the situation last season when east fell to north in the substate semifinals. in fact north has gotten the last laugh the past three seasons en route to state trips.tonight the gym at east was packed for pink out night. both teams sporting the pink shirts to raise awarness in the fight against cancer.1) in the middle of the first quarter, east is up 11 to 6. ty bensen drives it in for the and one! he would make that a 3 point play putting east up 14 to 6. 2) next play trenton frerichs passes it to trent wilson and the 6'6 center makes it. 14 to 8. east3) few minutes go by, its 16 to 8 now, wilson agian, open down low for the jump shot. east is only up by 6. 4) with 2 minutes left in the first, east's jaylen rees is open at the corner of the paint. 18 to 10 now. 5) next play east, grabs the rebound aidan vanderloo is down court, he gets fouled and makes it. 20 to 10 at that point, east goes
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3 dakota valley has lost 3 of 4 since starting 12-0. trying to get back to their winning ways against dell rapids whose on an 11 game win streak!1) first quarter we are tied at 2. jack mccabe from downtwon! that's good!2) we are tied at 5 and then check out this sequence from luke schmitt. he hits the jumper to make it 7-5. and then the quarriers are going to inbound. 3)that's gonna be a problem! tyler johnson ends up with the ball off the steal and then it's schmidt again! this time from the corner and that's good!4) later its' d-v by 2. john prochello just doin' work down low! panthers up 12-8!5) still first quarter now prochello is going to end up with the ball again. and he scores again. dell rapids can shoot but the panthers kept pace early.6) on the next quarrier posession johnson with another steal. finds bubba rosenquist down court for the layin. dakota valley up 16-12 in the first.they go on to fall in a close one though 70-67. 3 another pink out night in
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looked for win number 4 hosting 10-10 gross catholic. . 1) early on the cardinals work it around to kalvin warner who gets the scoring going. 2) that's followed up by denton porter continues the scoring for south sioux. here he drives and puts the fancy move on for the bucket. ssc up 7-3. 3) and then porter off the inbounds drives to his left and scores. cardinals up 9-6. 4) it was 9-8 in the second quarter when tanner christianson was open for three! he hits it! cardinals up 4!. 5) south sioux city had it going then. this is brad hartnett with the and one! he hits the free throw! south sioux goes on to win it 47-43! 3 dakota valley girls had lost 2 of 3 and were in trouble late against dell rapids tonight.1) 4th quarter lady quarriers up nine. sarah bohan to hayley hoffman who goes with the left hand. and one! she would miss the free throw.2) dell rapids comes right backt though. on their next posession they work it around to the freshman emma paul who scores. dv down 10.3)
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underneath the quarrier basket mikaela stofferahn scores. 4) and with just over fime minutes to go its stofferahn again with the layin. the inside game was working for dell rapids.5) under five minutes to go its a 13 point lead for dell rapids! anne mccabe picks off the pass and goes coast to coast! cuts the lead back to 11. lady quarriers win it 58-46. 3 spencer has been in and out of the 4a rankings this season. visiting 5a squad north who's played better as the year has gone on.1) in the first minute of the game, north's mercy oyadare, gets the ball down low, spins and makes the shot. stars up 2- nothing.2) later, spencer on the inbound, passes it to ally schlaeger and she makes the jumper. all tied at 2.3) next possesion jayda graham-peterson steals it and drives it all the way for the layup and.. rolls it in for 2. stars up 4 to 2.4) minutes later, anna glover passes it to keeley petzenhauser and she makes it. its 5 to 4 north
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wire and spencer wins 62-58. 3 don't go anywhere as central lyon and moc-floyd valley battle in a matchup of 2 of northeast iowa's best boys teams. also, how would norfolk fare against kearney. these two class "a" teams have the
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3 kearney beat fourth ranked fremont by fourth ranked kearney beat fourth ranked fremont by thirty last friday. but then they lost at number 6 millard west the next day by 8. the panthers wanted to bring last friday's performance again tonight against kearney at homr. 3 both teams came into tonight's matchup with a record of 13-6. 1) 1st half panthers take a big lead early-check out sophomore matthew hagedorn! drives indside...the spin move... and one! puts the panthers up 26-19.2) still in the 1st half-travis larson is only six foot two but that's not stopping him from getting the block! solid defense from the junior.3) into the second half-panthers have a commanding lead and lane mccallum wants to add to that with style. look at the moves on this kid! guarded in the post and still makes the basket. that would put norfolk up 36-21.4) as if that weren't enough-next possesion- larson can do it on both sides
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around the defending bearcat and nails the easy layup!5) kearny just couldn't find an answer for this panther offense-logan strom at the top of the key, dishes it inside to a wide open larson who makes the easy basket... norfolk takes 3 it to the bearcats 74-49 3 17 and 3 moc-floyd valley hosting 14-6 central lyon. and moc win and a boyden hull loss gives the dutch the siouxland conference crown.1. great passing leads to a layup for m-o-c's #42.. dutch up sixty to forty-two.2. moments later.. #32 finds #42 for the layup.. the dutch starting to pull away sixty-two to forty-two.3. next time down the court.. m-o-c's #3 with the three. dutch up sixty-five to forty-two.4. central lyon trying to keep it close.. #5 with the three..cuts the lead to twenty and....moc does their part winning 94-63! 3 but see boyden hull has been
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and they were playing rock valley who's just 11-9.1. pick up action in the first quarter.. rock valley's jason taylor with the layup.. rock valley up by two.2. later in the first.. boyden hull's kyle bakker with the jumper.. comets up fifteen to eight.3. still in the first.. rock valley's kendrick van kekerix with the three.. cuts the comets lead to four.4. later in the first.. boyden's hull's dalton moser with the three.. comets up twenty to eleven and ....rock valley pulls off the upset! gonna make things a little awkward in the nighthawk football lockerroom this summer. so the dutch win the siouxland conference title! 3 unity christian and trinity christian meeting up in hull tonight! 1. pick up action in the first quarter.. unity's adam viet with the turn around.. game tied.2. still in
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matt kooima with the drive and the layup..he's fouled.. he'd make the free throw.. tigers up one.3. later in the first.. trinity's collin heynen cuts to the basket and gets the dunk.. game tied at nine.4. move to the second period and unity has opened up a twelve point lead when cole vande vegte on the break for the layup.. knights up by fourteen. 5. towards the end of the first half.. collin heynen with the steal and the dunk.. unity would still lead thirty-seven to twenty-five at the half and....unity wins 78- 48! 3 norfolk lady panthers have won four of their last six looking to make it five of their last seven against kearny high.1) 1st quarter-lady bearcats jumped to an early seven point lead until kyla moore dishes it out to jenna jochum for the three ball... it's good! lady panthers cut the lead to four. 2) 2nd quarter-lady panthers making their way back...down by one until leah buss, number 12 breaks through two defenders, gets
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to put norfolk up one! it would end up being tied 20-20 at the half.3) 3rd quarter- norfolk starts to take some control. dishing around the 3 point line until number 23 allison temple squares up and nails the jumper! lady panthers up four!4) final quarter, clock winding down game tied at 26. allison temple again! and one! she would make the free throw and the lady panthers would end up taking the game 43-35. 3 big congrats to south obrien's damon struve who scored his thousandth point tonight. he's only the 4th wolverine in school history to do it!that's all our time for now.siouxland news at sunrnrnr >> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing
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