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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 15, 2016 10:30pm-11:05pm CST

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stop clicking around! book direct at for the lowest price anywhere online. right now at 10.....(ted talks) he went from college dropout... to a billionaire. sioux city's ted waitt returns with advice for budding, young entrepeneurs.(medicaid concerns)iowa's former governor raises questions about his successor's plans to change the way the state handles medicaid.(le mars improvements)a matching, multi million dollar gift from wells enterprises has le mars "off and running" on a number of community improvement projects. (vandals strike)vandals accuse a university of south dakota fraternity of a heinous crime. (seeking gag order)and... a lawyer for the man accused of shooting a sioux city police officer wants a gag order issued in the case. 3 3 a *former* iowa governor stops
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planned changes to the state's medicaid chet culver served just one term before being defeated by republican terry branstad in 2010. and more than 5 years later... culver has some strong words for his successor. 3 3 and tonight that story is new at ten. 3 culver is criticizing branstad's effort to transition iowa's medicaid program to a managed- care plan run by three private insurance companies. 3 our nick popham was at this afternoon's town hall meeting at the siouxland center for active generations. nick... what's got governor culver so riled up about this proposed switch? 3 larry, diana... the proposal would affect more than a half million people and would require them to choose between three private health care providers.... leaving many people wondering whether their doctor visits and prescriptions will still be covered. 3 "this is about you; this is about your loved ones, this is about your neighbors and friends."former iowa governor chet culver is referring to the potential privatization of
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this is part of current governor terry brandstad's medicaid modernization initiative.the plan involves letting private insurance companies determine whether or not they will cover people who are on or want to be on medicaid.brandstad feels that this approach will create a sustainable health care budget if the private sector takes a result-mr. culver is holding town hall meetings across iowa to hear from people who aren't satisfied with the new initiative."we want to make sure that their voices are heard as this is deliberated, this change from a state managed model to privately managed." people like local resident pinky catron see this change as a problem but meetings like this inspire him to get involved."i can't see myself getting proper, good, medical treatment with this kind of plan. i've got bad lungs, bad
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don't know what i'm going to do yet, but i'm going to do something.""the privatization of medicaid would affect roughly 560-thousand iowans. and of that 560-thousand, about half of them are children."governor culver- however-is hopeful that town halls like this one will persuade the state's decision. "i really commenenall of the people that came out here in the siouxland area for their passion and their engagement in, again, what could be one of the biggest policy decisions we make in the last half century." 3 the switch was scheduled to take place january first. then the feds pushed it back to march first. and now last week the iowa senate voted to repeal the plan.. a vote that included a number of republicans who oppose the change. we'll just have to see what transpires from here... diana. 3 back the vote that opposed the change. we'll have to wait and see what
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the ice cream capital of the world is planning another round of community improvement projects. community leaders announced wells enterprises the makers of blue bunny ice cream will match the 2.5 million raised for those projects. that will give the city 5 million without having to spend property taxes. >> it's part of our moral values where we work and live. >> city official plan to spend that money on 10 projects including a dog park and a shelter house. he went from a drop out to millionaire.
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the gateway computer company at his farm home in 1985 with a $10,000 loan from his grandparents. >> we were too stupid to know what we weren't suppose to know. there was some of us being naive and young. there was some thing pure about it. we didn't have any rules. >>reporter: wade's net worth is estimated at more than $1 billion by forbes magazine. he said one of his regrets was moving gateway. he said his old home was a great place to live with a wonderful work force.
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massage on their fraternity home. >> they woke up to we date rain on the side of the house. >> they have removed it from the side of the house. >>reporter: a taint stain are on the side of the fraternity house. this is one of 8 fraternity on campus. >> it's a values based greek life. frequently. >> they say they don't know why the fraternity was targeted with usd and fraternity having no reports of sexual assaults. >> it was a little striking to both of us. there is no reason why they would do this. >> we have no reason to believe anybody in that fraternity or any of the other greek houses have committed a sex crime.
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>>reporter: the police department is working with campus police but have no suspects at this time. >> the investigation is still early on. we have received information is valuable. >>reporter: they will use this as an opportunity to educate students about the prevention of sexual assault. >> usd said they are proud of their greek life and this is not some thing seen in the greek community. >>reporter: we have been watching cloud cover increase tonight. let's look at our sky watch camera by the louis and clark hospital. we have seen a few drops of rain there.
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the forecast as we head through the overnight hours. the question is will it changeover to snow. still 36 and light rain in suix city. let's look at the planner for tuesday. we'll see a bit of snow. temperatures will be in the 30s. we'll talk more about your forecast and details in a few minutes. the weekends death of supreme court justice antonin scalia has turned washington on their heads. politicians speculate how president outbeam ma will replace re -- the president will replace the justice.
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the flags are half staff until >> lines are being drawn between the white house and the senate on president obamas plan to replace antonin scalia. have pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> i don't believe the president should appoint someone. >>reporter: with the death on the high court in a general an election year.
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would resurrect antonin scalia and nominate him the house will say no. >>reporter: the gop will lose their battle of words. they will be seen as it party of no. >> if it comes through this rejection of any obama nominee site unseen they will add to the narrative. >> there are a lot of issues to tackle in this term like a borings. with a high court of 8 justices. if it vote split the lower court ruling will stand and no national precedent will be set. >>reporter: that's why they believe obama has the upper hand. >> it's completely within
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assign a new justice during an election year. >>reporter: with a light congressional calendar and a highly charged election year. >> republicans are in a high takes political match as it gop holds a lead to their 4th seat majority in the upper chamber. there is a growing number of republicans saying that the president shouldn't nominate a replacement we caught up with senator fisher and she said the democrats made thing difficult.
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possession preis a -- was set by the democrats. they told bush he shouldn't have any combination. still to come tonight on this late edition of news. age issing in a natural consequence of living. >> we'll pass a long tips on how to stay healthy as long as possible. meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the >>reporter: early in the day we
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a few flakes out their and the possibility is still their overnight. we need to let the temperatures cool off a bit. anything falling at the time is rain. that's what we are seeing at the airport. if we look downtown things are pretty quite from the sky watch camera. let's look at our extended forecast. any precipitation we see should be gone fairly early tomorrow. look at the temperatures. they start to really warmup. we'll be in the middle to upper 50s on friday and saturday. radar imagery is showing lite to moderate rainfall to the northwest. this area right here that's not seeing much will fill in. we are still expecting rains.
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drop. i believe it will happen but maybe the moisture will be off to the east when the temperatures dip below freezing. the low pressure is sliding through the area. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning cloud will keep things in check. heading into the overnight hours tuesday into wednesday there is snowfall possible around the great lakes. high pressure tries to build in and bring back sunshine. it will be a tough fight. the clouds will probably stay until thursday. it does look like the snow will
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a inch expected in sheldon and spencer. rain is reported at the airport. a east-southeast wind at 32 miles per hour. it will be a close call to see if we get snow here. 34 in sheldon. 32 in spencer. winds are light across the city anywhere from 5 to 10 miles per hour. overcast skies tonight. rain and maybe a bit of snow. tomorrow overcast skies and a bit breezy. our high temperature topping out at 37. northwest wind 15 to 20 miles per hour. the weekend looks great. highs expected to be in the middle to upper 50s.
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we'll let you know how you tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for violating her pre- trial release. bu first... our capture count is on the rise once again.inessa lyons tonight u.s. marshals want your help to find a fugitive who violated her probation. she was wanted for escape from a federal recentury facility. she was arrested tuesday by members of the northwest iowa task force and macy police department. that followed a tip from a most wanted viewer. now onto tonights feature fewtive. she's wanted for violating her probation on a meth charge.
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if 5'5". you can text the tips line. any information is confidential and could put the fugitive back behind bars. >> there aren't many certainties in life along with death and taxes is the fact you
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coming up after >reporter: as we age we are more susceptible to get diseases. >> the metabolism slows down and you are less immunity. >> when you go to the doctor
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>>reporter: there is a link . . >> floss your teeth. there is a link between your teeth and heart disease. if you are shaped like a apple then pear that's a risk. >>reporter: other things like lack of sunshine could lead to low vitamin d. levels and lack of sleep. socializing helpsio stay healthy mentally. >> the first wealth is health. most people value it when they lose it. stay on top of it and be proactive so you can keep your health. you can't buy it
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have basketball action heading your way.
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huge 3 3 boys basketball distritcs began in siouxland today with several teams facing win or go home scenarios. we start in rock valley where the rockets are coming off boys basketball district had several teams facing the win or go home scenarios. we'll start with the rockets. tonight they hosted cherokee. the winner will face henton in the next round. brett had a short jumper. the rockets up 28-19. next time the court mos oh,r inside down theos oh, -- moser
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again. in the third quarter cherokee trying to stay in the game. he cut the lead to 11. tray valentine gets the rebound and goes coast to coast. rock valley wins it 71-39. unity christian took on the warriors. unity gets one and then the warriors counter. unity's colt gets the three. the bank is up three. tanner has a nice pass to noland.
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nice pass to logan. he got the lay-up. nice up 7 in the first quarter. unity christian gets the win. akron westfield met in the district 1 a bracket today. nathan gets the board. ty fisher puts it in. he finds calib who hits the jumper. it was 28-14 when they bring them within one. at the buzzer fisher, you have to shoot it, nates it. it was all panthers. they lead the fast break. they go onto win it 61-44. they will play state on thursday. river valley looking for
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first quarter the rebels were running. they get an opening tip mccullough with the steal. he will score without a assist. impressive. next possession it's ma call -- him again. he steals again. it was a rebel kind of day. zach allen wins 55 to 44. a pair of five a teams. trinity christian gets on the board first. luke with the three. tigers up 3-0 jaden with the drive. tigers still up one. watch trinity christian run.
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back to him for the lay-up. the tigers are up 3-5. moments later they have a drive and lay- up. hi picks up the lose ball and takes it coast to coast. tigers up 9-4 early. little rock wins it. harris lake park looks to improve. in the third quarter off the inbound play carpenter gets the lay-up. moments later harris lake park with the break. kyle with the lay-up. he goes up 40-15. are you trying to keep it close. schmitt with the lay-up. he cuts the lead to 23. lake park on the break. he passed to kyle. goes up 48 to 45.
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here is what's left of the bracket now. thursday night we'll see msc and christian in action. over in district two boyden hall and st. mary's will all play. class 2 a. hinton gets their shot on thursday. western christian and sheldon play. >> wow.


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