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tv   Siouxland News At Sunrise  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00am-7:00am CST

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"this is siouxland news at sunrise on kmeg 14" 3 3 3 he went from college dropout to billionaire. sioux city's ted waitt is back in town with advice foryoung entrepeneurs. 3 iowa's former governor asks questions about his successor's plans to change the way the state handles medicaid. 3 and a matching... multi - million dollar gift from wells enterprises has le mars "off and running" with a few community improvement projects.good morning, and welcome to siouxland news at sunrise!it's 5 5'clock.i'm jacoco heller.i'm meteorologist cat taylor.thanks for waking up
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3 any rain or snow in the area will move out by early morning. temperatures will stay above freezing for most of us 3 throughout the day with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s.there is a very slight chance that areas in our east could see some flurries a light snow as we drop below freezing tonight. tomorrow will see overcast skies for most of the day with skies by the end of the afternoon into the evening in the mid 30s.lingering clouds will hang tough through moist air from the south bringing a slight chance for showers late thursday the clouds slowly clear by friday midday, look for a big warm up to temperatures. afternoon highs across the southwest could reach the lower 60s. the end of the week looks very good. so get out there and enjoy it. 3 3 3 parts of the south are cleaning up after severe weather and tornadoes moved through. c - b - s news
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innew york... where the same storm system dumped snow and ice. 3 (pkg)-nats- (tue0039) not even this fire station in alabama could escape the wrath of a storm. an apparent tornado plowed through the town of johnsonville monday tossing debris everywhere. (vo dashcam) in florida, dashcam video from the car of a sheriff's deputy shows another twister on the ground.(sot christine black/ fl resident) it sounded like a train was coming and then the wind started blowing across the south monday at least 16 tornadoes were reported. in flomaton (flow-ma-tin),), alabama bo antley rode out the storm in the hallway of his home. (sot tue0038 bo brantley/ flomaton, al resident) "we got in the hall and covered up and our head just swelled ujust the pressure and we heard all the rumble and then just like that it was all gone" (-:51) -nats- in mississippi, the storm damaged the roof of this school-- terrifying students. (sot morgan wesley/ student) we could hear the water coming in through the roof to the hallway(vo) the same massive storm system --covered roads and streets from the carolinas to new york --in snow and ice...making travel tricky. (sot mike jordan/ sc resident) cars off the road everywhere. there's a car wrapped around a telephone pole right up 'der in baltimore, this ambulance flipped responding to a call; everyone inside survived. warm
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for the northeast, raising concerns over possible flooding. don champion cbs news new york. 3 the weather made a mess of air travel across the country. flight aware runs a flight tracking web site... it reported more than one thousand flights delayed or cancelled monday... and ose travel problems could continue today. 3 3 this weekend's death of supreme court justice (an - ton - in) antonin (sca - lee - uh) scalia has already turned washington's expectations for 20 - 16 on its head.pundits and politicians are speculating about how president obama will try to *replace* the outspoken conservative justice... the president is holding off making a nomination until after (sca - lee - uh)'s scalia's funeral. in the meantime... the president has ordered all u - s flags flying over federal buildings
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(sca - lee - uh) scalia is buried. the move was echoed by house speaker paul r rn for the u - s capitol and governor terry branstad for state offices in iowa. 3 3 nebraska senator deb fischer is joining the group of republicans saying obama should *not* nominate (sca - lee - uh)'s scalia's replacement.the idea was first floated by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell just hours after (sca - lee - uh)'s scalia's death wawareported saturday. we caught up with senator fischer yesterday afternoon... she says it was the democrats who've made things difficult. 3 "the precedent is there. the democrats have set that precedent by chuck schumer said when george w. bush was president that in his last 18 months in office he should not have any appointmenen. that precedent was set by the democrats."democrats criticize the idea... saying that the president is within his rights to nominate a replacement until noon... january 20th... 20 - 17... and
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consider the nomination... they're refusing their consnstutional responsibility. 3 so our sister station... w - s - y - x t - v in columbus ohio... is producing a your voice your future national town hall called "millennials and politics." it's a one hour online town hall style event looking into the biggest and most important challenges facing today's generation o o young g americans. it'll talk about which presidential candidate can best solve the challenges young pele face today? that town hall will be tonight from 6 to 7 p - can watch this one hour roundtable discussion live on - line at siouxland news dot com. 3 more politics in town sterday... a *forr* iowa governor stopped in sioux city to criticize planned changes to the state's medicaid program. democrat chet culver served just one term before being defeated by republican terry branstad in
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years later... culver has some strong words for his successor. our own siouxland news reporter nick (pop - hum) popham was at yesterday's town hall meeting at the siouxland center for active generations. 3 "this is about you; this is about your loved ones, this is about your neighbors and friends."former iowa governor chet culver is referring to the potential privatization of medicaid in the hawkeye state. this is part of current governor terry brandstad's medicaid modernization initiative.the plan involves letting private insurance companies determine whether or not th will cover peoplewho are on or want to be on medicaid.brandstad feels that this approach will create a sustainable health care budget if the private sector takes a result-mr. culver is holding town hall meetingng across iowa to hear from people who aren't satisfied with the new initiative."we want to make sure that their voices are heard as this is deliberated, this change from a state managed model to privately managed." people like local resident pinky catron see this change as a problem but meetings like this inspire him to get involved."i can't see myself getting proper, good, medical treatment with this kind of plan. i've got bad lungs, bad heart, i've had strokes. i don't know what i'm going to
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something.""the privatization of medicaid would affect roughly 560-thousand iowansns and of that 560-thousand, about half of them are children."governor culver- however-is hopeful that town halls like this one will persuade the state's decision. "i really commend all of the people that came out here in the siouxland area for their passion and their engagement in, again, what could be one of the biggest policy decisions we make in the last half century." 3 the switch was scheduled to be january first. then the
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first. last week the iowa senate voted to repeal the plan... the vote included some republicans who are against the change. 3 if diamonds are forever... there's a big chunk of eternity in's a 4 - hundred - carat diamond found in the african country of angola. it's about the length of a credit card... and experts say it's virtually flawless. the company that found the diamond says it's entirely transparent... that makes it quite valuable and very rare .it could be worth about 20 million dollars. the discovery is the 27 - th largest diamond ever recorded.3 3 3 3
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ahead of a cold front that will pass later today. details next. 3 coming up on siouxland news at sunrise... in syria... two schools and five hospitals were flattened by airstrikes... most likely russian. we'll show you why the planned ceasefire might not happen now. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at sunrise, with jacob heller and meteorologist cat
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3 "weather on the ones, brought to you by siouxland federal credit union" 3 any rain or snow in the area will move out by early morning. temperatures will stay above freezing for most of us throughout the day with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s.there is a very slight chance that areas in our east could see some flurries and light snow as we drop below freezing tonight.
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tomorrow will see overcast skies for most of the day with a brief look at partly cloudy skies by the end of the afternoon into the evening with temperatures once again in 3 the mid 30s.lingering clouds will hang tough through h thursday night with warm, moist air from the south bringing a slight chance for showers late thursday the clouds slowly clear by friday midday, look for a big warm up to temperatures. afternoon highs across the
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lower 60s. the end d the 3 week looks very good. so get
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3 3 here's what we're talking ubout on facebook this morning... we have a story about a 75-thousand dollar piece of cake. what's your favorite dessert?3 3 one grocery chain store is allowing a drug overdose reversal drug without a prescription... (hen - nuh) hena daniels is in new york with our c - b - s moneywatch. 3 friday was a winning day on
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higher and bank stocks were on the rebound, helping the market chalk up its first gain of the week. the dow close up 313 pointsthe nasdaq climbed 70 points the markets reopen today after the president's day holidaygrocery chain kroger will start offering - narcan - a heroin overdose reversal drug - without a prescription across ohio and northern kentucky. ohio's first responders use the drug thousands of times a year to revive overdose victims. ohio overdose deaths jumped 18 percent in 2014. cvs recently said it will soon offer narcan without a prescription at its ohio pharmacies.several automakers are expanding their recalls when it comes to defective takata airbags. more than half a dozen adding more vehicles to the recall list including 6 foreign and 1 american car maker. for a complete updated list of makes
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dot com ford has announced it will launch 4 new s-u-v's over the next four years citing the global popularity of the vehicles. ford's vice president made the at the chacgo auto show. ford also added there are no plans to eliminate any models.the nation's number 2 automaker already has the nation's best selling suv in the explorer that's your cbs moneywatch report. for more log onto cbs moneywatch dot com. in hena daniels 3 3 in syria... two schools and five hospitals were flattened by what were most likely russian airstrikes. reporter holly williams shows us videos of what's left... and the desperate search for susuivors. 3 (aftermath of airstrike on msf clinic)today, a susuected russian airstrike targeted a hospital in idlib province. these videos appear to show the desperate search for survivors in its twisted ruinsat least seven people are thought to have died. (airstrike aftermath in azaz - destruction, dead body on ground, smashed up hospital, crying little boy etc) *****ebu***** more alleged russian airstrikes reportedly hit a school and a hospital *****afptv*****in the town of
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stronghoho.*****aptn***** injujud children wererferried across the border fofo treatment in turkey. (airstrikes hitting tel rifaat last week - planes zooming in then blast)*****enex***** despite the temporary ceasefire agreement, russia says it'll continue its strikes - which give cover to the forces of syrian president bashar al-assad.(recent fighting on ground near aleppo) *****rurtr via ebu*****and on the ground in syria - it's not clear whetr anyone will stop fightingng(holly with samer alawy, ish al nusr videos - especially firing tow missiles) *****cbs ***** samer alawy is an officer with *****youtube*****a rebel group that's received weapons from the us.*****cbs***** he told us they won't comply with the temporary truce - even if it means losing american support. (soundbite - alawy in arabic) holly: hundreds of thousands of people have died, the regime hashe backing of russian airstrikes now, iran. . u're losing territory. wouldn't it be better to si down with the regime of bashar al-assad?samer alawy: we started this revolution to get rid of him, he told us. mr obama said that bashar al- assad had lost his legitimacy. how can we ignore that and sit down with a terrorist? 3 3 afghan troops
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3 terrorist?3 3 3 afghan troops have finished an operation against pterrorists linked to the islamic state extremist group in nangarhar province... bordering pakistan. the defense ministry said troops killed more than 40 terrorists during the three - day operation in
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ended february 14. military officials say 18 villages were declared free of terrorists. achin district is considered the main area of operations for islamic state fighters trying to get a foothold in afghanistan. 3 3 in australia... police carried out a massive drug bust... seizing one billion australian dollars - worth of methamphetamine. that's approximately 700 - million u - s dollars. federal police say the liquid drug was found hidden inside thousands of silicon bra inserts in a shipment traced to a hong kong storage facility. police also found the drug hidden inside art supplies... they've arrested and charged 3 3 three heavily armed british citizens have been arrested in greece near the turkish border... according to greek police. police think the three men were planning to smuggle the weapons to turkey. the arrests were made in two separate incidents over the weekend. 3 3 after the break... southern
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for an immigration crisis as waves of migrants try to make it to the united states. we'll show you the dangerous journey they face. 3 today is our second day with temperatures warmer than the day before. it will be a bit
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next.3 3 "first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor" 3 any rain or snow in the area will move out by early morning. temperatures will stay above freezing for most of us throughout the day with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s.there is a very slight chance that areas in our east could see some flurries and light snow as we drop below freezing tonight. no accumulations expected. tomorrow will see overcast skies for most of the day with a brief look at partly cloudy skies by the end of the afternoon into the evening with temperatures once again in the mid 30s.lingering clouds will hang tough through
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bringing a slight chance for showers late thursday the clouds slowly clear by friday midday, look for a big warm up to temperatures. afternoon highs across the southwest could reach the lower 60s. the end of the week looks very good. so get out there and enjoy it. 3 chiapas mexico is ground zero for an immigration crisis as waves of migrants try to make it to the united states. the journey has become a dangerous gamble... and now the mexican government is cracking down. reporter manuel bojorquez takes a look... but let me warn you... some of what you see might be disturbing. 3 (migrants walking down hazy road/dissolvlvto manny walking
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have been walking for days......part of their desperate journey north... (sot/migrant walking with manuel) (11 55 56) "hay que hecharle gana" we have to keep going, says this man, because the situation in el salvador is very dangerous. poverty have forced thousands to flee. (sot/manuel & migrants all walking) (11 57 53) "to o north gives you a hope for a better life, una vida mejor " (middle guguchuckles) "yes, correcto." (migra walking in flip flops dissolve to shelter) but it has become a dangerous gamble. emelie viklund runs la72, the only migrant shelter in this corner of mexico: (sot/emelie viklund) (18 03 23)(18 10 29) "a lot of people get robbed, raped, kidnapped abused in some kind of way // many of them say they were not aware of it being this bad." (afp material of young migrants getting onrain) viklund says its a result of mexico's crackdown on its southern border -- a multi-million dollar program partially funded by the united states. but it hasn't stopped the migrants. last year, la72 housed more than 11-thousand. (sot/emelie viklund) (18 24 22) "the flow has changed a lot - whererwe used t tbe a migrgrt house where people used to stay just a few days, and all move on, we're now
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manny and kevin talking at wall with map) 16-year-old kevin flores says gangs threatened to kill him in honduras. he showed us where he crossed into mexico. (pointing at map on wall) (sot/kevin & manuel) (13 56 08) "how long did that take? cuanto tiempo te tardastes?" "como tres dias caminando." "three days s walking." he wants to get to n york to be with his sisters. his fastest option is also the most dangerous -- jumping on a northbound train. (sot/manuel & kevin) (13 50 20) "que hay unos que mueren." some die on the train, he says, others are thrown off, robbed or nats (afp nigth train raid video) (afp *night train video of people getting y yked off ain and cuffed) raids like thth are common as part t the gogornment crackdown, anan train coanies have hired private guards. nats (cell phone video) (cell phone video pov of migrant on top of train/masked guard pops up and shoots - picture goes dark) this cell phone video shows the moment a guard ... on the approaching train - here - shot and killed a migrant. (bang! let the shot sit and breathe) ( highshot men running from the shelter/groro d shot them running out shelter door/traraing shot of crowd at station) ) spite the dangers, migrants ma a run for midnight train anytime they can. (nats: el tren! el tren!) one this night dozens tried -- only two made it. (manny approaching group of migrants on track) the next
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still waiting, willing to risk everything.tag 3 3 still to come... pope francis wrapped up a jam - packed day on mexico's *southern* border. we'll show you where he's headed next. you're watching siouxland news at sunrise.
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sunrise on kmeg 1414143 good morning everyone,thanks for starting your morning with us.i'jacob heller...and i'm meteorologist cat taylor.3 3 any rain or snow in the area will move out t early rning. temperaturur will stay above freezing for most of us throughout the day with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s.there is a very slight chance that areas in our east could see some flurries and light snow as we drop below freezing tonight. no accumulationsnsxpected. tomorrow will see overerst skies for most of the day y th a brbrf look at partly cloy skies the end of the afternoon into the evening
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in the mid 30s.lingering clouds will hang tough through thursday night with warm, moist air from the south bringing a slight chance for showers late thursday the clouds slowly clear by friday midday, look for a big warm up to temperatures. afternoon highs across the southwest could reach the lower 60s. the end of the week looks very good. so get out there and enjoy it. 3 pope francis visits morelia today... a hotspot of drug violence in last few years. reporter adriana dias tells us about the holy father's historic visit. 3 (pkg)pope francis travels to the 3 city of morelia in the gang- infested state of michoacan later this morning.nat - viva papa francisco, que viva!! crowds chanted "long live pope francis" in chiapas, mexico's southern most state. during monday's meeting with families, a teenager told the pope about his strugglelewith
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boy) "i know that god has blessed me with this special capacity. i trust in him" he said.the pope walked over and kissed his (nat pop homily) the pope also gave a homily in three indigenous languages, in front of 100-thousand nats - kids chanting "papa! papa!" (mon0295 at 00:22) his visit to the southern border also highlights the plight of hundreds of thousands of central americans.3 (2 shots of train broll from bojorquez evening news pkg friday)many try to hitch a ride here atop mexico's north- bound freight train, known as "the beast." (back shot of group)along the way, we found a group from guatemala. (back of guys head with red hat, post wide intv shot)this 38-year old has been traveling for a month. he asked us not to show his face, or use his name. (142836) some people lose their feet or hands riding on the train - he said - because it goes so fast. (142934)(ad) its worth the risk to make this journey? vale la pena tomar este riesgo? (answer) for us, yes (para nosotros si) he was deported from houston six years ago. he's trying again. join pope francis at the us border. the pope visits juarez just across from el paso texas wednesday. adriana diaz cbs news mexico city 3 the pope will speak to an
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thousand young people during a stadium event this afternoon. 3 the lawyer for the sioux city teenager accused of shooting a police officer... and some violent robberies... wants the trial moved out of woodbury county.matt metzgar... attorney for isaiah mothershed... has filed motions requesting a change of venue and a gag order in the case. the motions are because of extensive media coverage of the case... as well as what are being called inflammatory comments made by sioux city police chief doug young. metzgar also wants the judge to stop authorities from talking about the case with the media. no date has been set yet for a hearing on those motions. 3 two other sioux city teenagers accused of burglarizing some cars have been arraigned.18 - year - old kelly kuester and 19 - year - old wiley spencer both entered written not - guilty pleas. both are charged with 2 counts of 3rd degree burglary... and spencer is facing another charge of possession of burglary tools. a 3rd person... marcos
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a plea in the case... yet. 3 up in le mars... the ice cream capital of the world is planning another round of community improvement projects. 3 yesterday... community leaders announced wells enterprises... the makers of blue bunny ice cream... will match the two - and - a half million dollars raised by the community for the projects. that gives the city 5 million dollars to spend without having to raise property taxes. 3 "as well as enhance the life style and equality of life for our employees in this community it is really a part of our moral fabric and part of our value set to invest in the communities that we work and we live."city officials plan to spend the money on 10 projects... like a new dog park... a shelter house at a separate park... iimprovements to walking and bike trails... even a movie theater. 3 he went from a college dropout... to billionaire. last night sioux city's ted waitt was back in town to give advice to some young entrepeneurs. 3 waitt was the kickoff speaker for "entrepalooza" at briar
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is a two week celebration of innovation... networking... and collaboration. waitt started the gateway computer company at his family's farm in 1985 with a 10 - thousand dollar loan from his grandma. 3 "but one of the big advantages for us and that's good about when you are young, we were too stupid to know what we weren't supposed to do. there was some beauty in being naive and being young. there was something we didn't have any rules. "waitt has a net worth estimated at more than one billion dollars by forbes magazine. he told the group one of his greatest regrets was moving gateway from north sioux city to the san diego area. he said siouxland is a great place to live... and it has a wonderful workforce. 3 the words are mostly gone now... but members of one u - s - d fraternity woke up to a horrifying message spray - painted on their home sunday.
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were sprayed onto the phi delta theta house early sunday morning. as our own siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll shows us... police say they don't know who's responsible for the vandalism... or *why* the fraternity was targeted. 3 "the fraternity has since removed the paint from the side of their house to the best of their ability."a faint stain of yellow paint can still be seen where the words "we date rape" were spray painted on the side of the phi delta theta frat house. sitting at the corner of dakota and clark street, this is one of eight fraternities on campus."greek life here at usd is a values-based greek life. we speak with our students quite frequently about living their values given to them by their they say they do not know why they were targeted... with having no reports of sexual assault. "it was a little awe-strucking to the fraternity themselves and us as well. there was no inkling this fraternity in this way." "we have no reason to believe that anybody in that fraternity or any other have committed a sex crime. we have anybody there."the vermillion police department is working with campus police, but have
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investigation is 3 still early on. we have received some informion. however, we're waiting t tsee if that information is accurate or of any vae to the investigation."despite the unfortunate incident, usd says they will use this as an opportunity to educate students about the prevention of sexual assault. in vermillion... jaclyn driscoll, siouxland news. 3 representatives from the university of south dakota says they're proud of greek life... and what happened doesn't reflect the u - s - d greek community. 3 if you've driven anywhere lately... you've noticed gas prices are still falling. that has many americans celebrating... but as reporter diane macedo shows us... some industries are
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the recycling business. 3 supers::12 - :18 wayne defeo/defeo associates:43 - :48 tom outerbridge/gm, sims municipal recyclingtrt - 1:11 pkg low oil pricic have led to big savings at the gas pump. (mos)"i'm thrilled" (mos-) "it's nice when i can fill up for 20 bucks." but what's good news for millions of american drivers is bad news for recycling centers. (sot-wayne defeo/defeo associates)"all recycling is impacted by low energy costs, plastic in particular because plastic is made from oil." and with oil prices so low - plastic makers are finding it cheaper to make new plastic from oil instead of recyclables. (sot-tom outerbridge/gm, sims municipal recycling)"we have to sell it for less" tom outerbridge is general manager of sims municipal recycling in brooklyn, new york. which handles 18-thousand tons of recyclables a month.he says it's harder to find plastic buyers especially for lowe grade items.. like plastic bags. (sot)(diane)"and so what happens if you can't find a market for this stuff."(tom outerbridge)"plastic bags will we send to a landfill if we can't find a home." environmental consultant wayne defeo says the price drop is costing recycling centers
5:38 am
dollars. but he says everyone should keep recycling. (sot-wayne defeo/defeo associates)"environmentally it is better, in the long term economically it is better." defeo points out that oil prices will eventually go up and when they do so will the value of recyclables.diane macedo, for cbs news, brooklyn, new york. 3 a virginia man celebrated president's day by saluting his collection of presidents heads. this was in his backyard in williamsburg virginia.howard hankinsnsas a collection of 43 president head sculptures sitting in his backyard. they weigh about 800 - thousand pounds... *each.* 3 hankins said he was hired to crush the sculptures after a theme park closed... but he says he couldn't do it and decided to take them to his concrete recycling business. 3 3
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3 "the normal heart" is an extraordinary show coming to shot in the dark! we'll tell you why you can't miss this one. in "talk of the town."
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meteorologist cat taylor"3 3 3 3 3 the normal heart is starting soon at the shot in the dark theatre. we're talkin' with adam sving and tony garcia about that here on "talk of
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morning!3 3 3 3 3 polar opposites on the bench... justices (an - ton - in) antonin (scuh - lee - uh) scalia and ruth bader (ginns - berg) ginsburg had a long... deep... and unexpected friendship. we'll take a look at the odd couple of the supreme cocot. it (time) this morning. thanks for watching siouxland news at sunrise. 3 our wind chills are about 10 degrees cooler than our temperatures, so it still
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3 good morning, (norfolk)... it's (35 degrees) outside at (time)... as we take a look from our (square tire) camera. 3 they were known as the odd couple on the supreme court. justice (an - ton - in) antonin (scuh - lee - uh) scalia... who passed away over the weekend... was good pals with fellow justice ruth bader (ginns berg) giburg. never mind they were ideologically opposite. as c - n - n reporter (genie) jeanne (mows) moos shows us... they bonded over anything from opera to elephants. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows-- for a conservative, he sure laughed liberally.(natsot)one of the things that made others smile was justice scalia's 3 friendship with justice ginsburg.(scalia/no name font): "why don't you call us the odd couple?"not slob versus clean freak....(music opposite sides of the bench. (scalia/no name fonts): "ruth that is not true."(ginsburg/no name fonts): "i have to disagree."(scalia/no name fonts): "we're not going to agree on this, ruth, you
5:51 am
upon his death, justice ginsburg wrote "we were best buddies."(scalia/no name fonts): "what's not to like...except her views of the law of course (laughter)."they and their 3 spouses spent many a new year's'sve together. they went on vacacions. shared an elephant, something that caused her feminist friends to give them a hard time. (scalia/no name fonts): "because she rode behind me on the elephant."(ginsburg/no name fonts): "the driver explained it was a matter of distribution of weight (laughter)."(jeanne moos, new york): "justice scalia paid homage to his friend for doing something he said he would never do."go parasailingngover the mediterranean.calia/no name fonts): "she's so light you would think she would never come down."and when her head bowed down at the state of the union, they joked about the wine that helped put her to sleep.(ginsburg/no name fonts): "at least i wasn't 100 percent sober because before we went to the state of the union (laughter)."(scalia/no name fonts): "well that's the first intelligent thing you've done."the state of their union was strong. they bonded over
5:52 am
"these two didn't just love opera, they became an opera."a comic opera named after them. (natsot) "we are different. we are one,"tell that to ose fighting over whether president bama gets to appoint justicicscalia's replacement.(donaltrump/no delay!"(hillary clton/no name fonts): "it is outrageous!"just when we could use more odd couples, we've got one less.(natasot: odd new york (hold for :02 of music 3 "weather on the ones brought to you by window world" 3 any rain or snow in the area will move out by early morning. temperatures will stay above freezing for most of us throughout the day with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s.there is a very slight chance that areas in our east could see some flurries and light snow as we drop below freezing tonight. no accumulations expected. tomorrow will see overcast skies for most of the day with a brief look at partly cloudy skies by the end of the afternoon into e evening withthtemperatures once again in the mid 30s.lingering
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thursday night with warm, moist air from the south bringing a slight chance for showers late thursday the clouds slowly clear by friday midday, look for a big warm up to temperatures. afternoon highs across the southwest could reach the lower 60s. the end of the week there and enjoy it. 3 3 3 time for a trip to the sunrise watercooler...folks with some extra money had the chance to splurge on a 75 - thousand
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75 - grand. but it's more than just a chocolate dessert. inside was a five carat solitaire ring. 3 this pricey dessert was offered at a steakhouse in boston. the cake... by the way... is a chocolate and vanilla spongecake encased in a chocolate orb. but with a ring like that... the cake would definitely play second fiddle. 3 3 coming up... some college professors and doctors say we're raising a generation of helpless kids. we'll show trying to turn that your morning news, weather and sports are all coming's now (time) we take a look outside (xxx) on the (xxx) cam.keep it right sunrise.
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3 here's a look at your weather to go ... 3 3 good morning, this is sgt todd sassmann with your siouxland news traffic to goofficers
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transit_ and lewishave a safe drdre to work and school this morning, for siouxland news, this is sgt todd sassmann 3 3 here's a look at your news to go ... 3 3 republican presidential candidates are still stepping up their attacks... days before the south carolina primary. monday former president bush joined his brother.r. jeb... on the campaign trail... taking a veiled swipe e donald trumpmp for what he said was name - calling. trump... who keeps bashing the bush brothers... also took aim at his rival... ted cruz... calling the texas senator of the south are cleaning up after severe weather and tornadoes tore through the area. quite a few homes and other buildings in both florida and mississippi were damaged by spected twisters monday. thsame storm system dumped snow and freezing rain in the northeast... making a mess of travel.and... pop star taylor swift took home her second best album honor at last night's grammy awards. but rapper kendrick lamar really stole the show... winning five awards... the
5:59 am
ronson and bruno mars won for record of the year for their smash hit uptown funk. 3 and be sure to check out siouxland news dot com all day at work and home for the latest news, weather and sports. 3 and here is what the folks in studio 57 are working on that you'll see in an hour on cbs "this morning".i am charlie rose. coming up, full the winners and performers at the 58th annual grammy awards in los angeles. that is coming up, on cbs this morning. 3 "this is siouxland news at sunrise on kmeg 14" 3 good morning everyone and welcome to siouxland news at sunrise.thanks for starting your morning with us.i'm jacob
6:00 am
3 any rain or snow in the area morning. temperatures will stay above freezing for most of us throughout the day with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s.there is a very sesesome flurries and light snow as we drop below freezing tonight. no accumulations expected.tomorrow will see overcast skies for most of the day with a brief look at partly cloudy skies by the end of the afternoon into the evening with temperatures once again in the mid 30s.lingering clouds will hang tough through thursdsd night with warm, moist air fr the south bringing a slight t ance for showers late the clouds slowly clclr by friday midday, look for big warm up to temperatures. afternoon the southwest could reach the lower 60s. the end of the week looks very good. so get out there and enjoy it. 3 3 3 the dropout rate among college freshman is going up... and some education experts have a theory why. they say too many young people d d't
6:01 am
up and experts have a theory why. they say young people don't know how to organize their time. so how can parents avoid raising the next generation of helpless kids? sheila gray has answers in this mornings 411 port. >> reporter: colleges are reporting big increases in students seeking counseling services. the survey shows students feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. >> i see it in a lot of my peers because i think there is such a huge sense competition. there is such pressure to be the best. >> doctor gray recently pointed out declining student resilience as a serious problem for colleges describing young people being less able to manage everyday bumps in the road of life. stephanie has been working with children for more than 20 years and says it's not just a problem at colleges. >> children today are far more anxious, with fewer coping
6:02 am
this is a new phenomenon. >> i think there's a lack of enjoyment of accomplishing failing, and feeling the . >> reporter: he was abused by school and now college is teaching him what his parents didn't. >> sometimes you are going to fail. >> reporter: michael myers says that's one of the most important things kids can learn. >> how kids can overcome and regroup and rethink helping individuals -- helping children understand that failure is not a statement about the person. it's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up. >> kids are now -- not taught the skills they really need to learn in the world.
6:03 am
sunscreens, have families -- meals totother to teach communication skills a a don't discount the importance of -- of chores and scheduling to -- homework. >> homer comes first and then chores and then we go have fun. >> reporter: she says kids need to learn early on that part -- that work comes before fun. >> good job. >eporter: what mom and dad praise is important also and it's not the trophy or the a . >> what's important is that they show up for practice. that they actually have the equipment and things they need, and that they are trying. kids can't win at everything. >> ioa say, stay ready see you don't have to get ready, to be ready. bounce back from struggle. >> reporter: because the kids
6:04 am
experts say will stay on the path to success. i am sheila gray, , suitland news. -- sixouland news . >> pundits and politicians are speculating about how president obama will try to replace the outspoken conservative justice. the president is holding off making a nomination until scalia's funeral. meanwhile he's ordered all us flags lowered to half staff flying over federal buildings until he's buried. a move echoed by house speaker paul ryan for the us capital. nebraska senator jeff fisher is joining a group of republicans that is saying president obama should not nominate scalia's with president -- scalia's position. we caught up th senator
6:05 am
it was the democrats who make things that -- difficult. >> the democrats have set the president -- precedent. when george w. bush was president in his last 18 months in office he should not have any appointments. that precedent was set by the democrats. >> they said the president is within his right until -- to nominate an appointment and ifif the congress refuses to are refusing there responsibility. our national correspondent jeff barnes talked to a political historian to see how things should play out in one of the most contentious election years we have seen. >> republicans in the senate
6:06 am
any replplement that president obama not -- obama nominates. >> politics takes no rest in washington dc, but with the death of a conservatiti champion on the high court, a general election year and a lame-duck presidency, the stakes have just been raised in this bloodsport. >> i suppose president obama could resurrect justice scalia, appointed to the court and mitch mcconnell would say no. >> he says even though they will use -- the gop ands to lose its epic battle of words because they will be seen as the party of no. >> if it comes through, this rejection of any note -- any obama nominee sight unseen is going to add to the barrier. >> reporter: there are many
6:07 am
affirmative action and can control. with a high court of only eight justices and if the vote is split of four -- split for-4, the lower court ruling will stand and no new national precedent will be set. >> it is completely within precedent for a president to nominate a supreme court justice to fill a vacancy during an election year. >> reporter: some pundits worry that the battle over a new supreme court justice nominee will also paralyze other business. it's a very highly charged election year. in washington, i am jeff barnes reporting. >> woodman also says senate republicans are in a high- stakes political match as the gop holds on very tenuously to their majority in the upper chamber. our sister station in columbus ohio is producing a
6:08 am
millennials -- called millennials and politics. it's a one hour online town hall style event looking into the biggest and most important challenges facing today's generation of young americans. doubletalk about which solve the e allenges young people face today. that will be tonight from 6:00 to 7:00 and you can watch it live online at siouxland this is pretty crazy -- they won 30 consecutive stata championships. that's a national record. the girls swimming and diving team won nine of its 12 on saturday at indiana university in nem -- in the annapolis. they now have the longest winning streak of any sport in any state. they broke the e recordd held with a school in hawaii which had 129 straight boys swimming and diving crowns from 1958 eight
6:09 am
that's a lot of wins. >> that's consecutive -- that's crazy. i wonder what years spans. rock valley is coming off a huge upset. see how the rockets would fare in their encore. chris's next
6:10 am
6:11 am
-- chris is next in sports.c 3 cat taylor"meteorologist 3 3 3 3 3 3 good morning suitland, -- siouxland , the wind is really starting to taper off. we do have some breezy conditions, the winds are
6:12 am
this precipitation out of the way, so we might have a little izzle left over andnd maybe a few flfles but other than that really not much going on. 37 right now in sioux city, 33 in spencer and a little warmer county north fork at 35 -- 45. we will see guess of 30 to 35 miles per hour, d the wiwi is dropping tempepetures down pretty far. here's what 're looking at for the next few hours. we are seeing the cold front approach. the good news is it's a week cold front -- weak cold front, but once it passes we will drop a few degrees in the area and as we go through tonight, no accumulation expected. but as we head into tomorrow night, that's when we start to see things stall out and then passed through by the time we head into thursday, allowing us
6:13 am
temperatures for the rest of the week. we are looking at 37 out there for yoyo bus stop forecast, but t rain is pretty much over with. still maybe a little bit of drizzle. overcast skies today and a breezy 37. the temperature drops down just a little bit. gusts of 30 miles per hour possible. tonight mostly cloudy , 21 for the low and as we head into tomorrow just a smidge cooler. we may see a little sun tomorrow, partly sunny conditions which means we will see lots of clouds and just a bit of blue sky. the good news is, temperatures as we head into the weekend, we're thinking son will prevail with a chance of rain in the very early hours but almost 60 by the end of the day on friday. sports with sports director chris nine house. >> they began in suitland -- siouxland yesterday with several win or go home
6:14 am
we start can -- started rock valley. last night they hosted cherokee. the winner will face -- in the next round. brititmoser with the e short jumper in the e ne, they are up 28-19. next time down the court mosher again, rockets now up 30-19. moments later loser again from almost the same -- moments later moser again. and then marquette cuts the lead to 11. later cherokee's trey valentine gets the rebound. coast-t--coast to goes and that's a layup. down 12 at that point. rock valley goes on to win and 71-39. unity christian is 12 and 10 taking on one of the most
6:15 am
quarter night brain ving inside. -- night brain -- university christian from downtown -- i don't think he called it but the bank was open, -- getting the layup and they are up early. band of tha with the nice pass to logan for the layup. knights up seven in the first quarter. pearson is eight and 13 this season. they met in the district 1 a bracket. he finds caleb holt who hits
6:16 am
anderson brings them within 1 but check this out -- at the buzzer, time running down, kobe fisher -- you've got to shoot it. they all sit. -- nails it. he's going to take it himself, they are up 32-21 in the 3rd and they go on to win it. river valley looking for their first win of the season, this is westwood strict action. in the first quarter the rebels were running. off the opening tip -- putting it in with the left hand. he would score without it -- without n assistst and just like that it's 6-0 rebels. river valley would come right back though. trey gets from the high post.
6:17 am
was just a rebel kind of day. westod wins 55-44. trinity christian gets on the board first, the tigers up 3-0. little rock comes right back. with the drive and the layup -- tiger still up one on the last days. they watched 4rinity christian run the ve and go. back for the layup, tigers up 3. withththe drive -- ments later the tigers open up the early five-point lead and later in the 1st, trinity christian -- picks up the loose ball and takes it coast-to-coast with the layup.
6:18 am
pickup action in the 3rd quarter -- kickin carpenter with the layup. the wolves are up. jordan tiled with the layup -- up 40-15. are you trying to keep it somewhat close? levi s smidt with the layup t the lead to 22 harris othe break -- lync pass that leads to a kyle layup. it was all harris and lake park last night, they win 56-39. so here's what's left of the bracket w dash -- bracket now -- woodbury central at trinity christian. and they will all play in class
6:19 am
sheldon -- that's it for your morning sports. be sure to join us for sports and 5:00 and 10:00. have a great morning. back to you comma. the biggest music -- names to the stage last night at the grammys. we will show you the biggest winners.
6:20 am
6:21 am
6:22 am
in the wintry y y 3 "first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor" 3 any rain or first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor . >> that wintry mix is moving right out of the area this morning. with the sky watch camera -- you can see, it looks more hazy out there so a possibility we're seeing drizzle oututthere or a makk as well as a few flakesesn the rtheastern
6:23 am
here's why. 37 degrees and mostly cloudy so a little too warm to get flakes in sioux city at the moment, but you can see on the radar we did have quite a bit of dry air move in. that really disintegrated those snow showers. nothing much really came out of that but we are looking at the entire wind speeds across the area -- gusts above 30 miles per hour in some places. 30 right now in yankton . but the good news is, things will all change once we head into thursday and fridid. but first a chance of flurries in northeastern portions of suitland and we will be cooler tomorrow but by thursday looking at 50s with a chance of rain early friday morning and then 58 degrees. >> the 58th annual grammy awards showcased more than just music with artists using the spototght to make a statement and pay ibute to sic lemon -- legends.
6:24 am
prestigious award. we have the winners and highlights. >> reporter: pop queen taylor swift opened the 58th annual grammy awards and ruled thth show, winning the top prize with 1989 irving the singer perk -- her second grammy for album of the year. she urged women to not let naysayers get in her way. >> focus on the work and don't let those people sidetrack you. >> mark ronson and bring those -- move -- bruno mars won album thth year. and she ran's thinking out loud was the winner and best new artist make entrainment -- making trainer couldn't hold back tears as she thanked her parents. >> reporter: they paid tribute to some of music's biggest
6:25 am
make a statement. kendrick lamar sent a powerful message with his rap that won him five grammys. the audience was brought to its feet by the tribute that honored earth wind and fire's maurice white, glenn frey, and blues legend bb king. and lady gaga brought the late david bowie's work back to life. terry al-qaeda cbs news los angeles. -- terry okida cbs news los angeles. we are asking our viewers, what is your favorite dessert? both say apple pie. the classic dessert. i thinkny dessese with the exception of cheesecake i will
6:26 am
>> no cheesecake? >>right. >> i would have to go with the cheesecake. i think it's usually pretty good. go ahead and weigh in on our facebook pagag ststl to comemedetroit is this coming off of a great 2015. we'll show you what kids like
6:27 am
6:28 am
6:29 am
and yankton -- si this is siouxland news at sunrise on kmeg 14 . >> good morning, thanks for waking up with us. i am jacob heller. we will say -- stay fairly warm today. >> yes pretty much above freezing, but we w wl get cooler than we are nowow dust a little bit. not too bad.
6:30 am
house camera in downtown sioux city you will see things calming down except for the wind so any precipitation that was falling earlier this morning is prettttmuch out of the area but we do have the freezing breezy conditions, that's what really blew everything right onto the south of us, and that's keeping us cooler. you can see we have gotten a little bit warmer as we've gone throughout the warning -- morning because we have a cold front sisiing right on the other side of us and that's what's going to drop in today. at will drop our temperatures s justst few degrees. we wilillook at ose breezy winds, mostly cloudy, dinnertime winds will calm down but we will be 33. >> thank you cat. sse of the most popular toys have been around for generations s t they are being given a facelift. we were at the new york toy fair to find out what kids are
6:31 am
>> reporter: it might seem hard to compete for young eyeballs when they are so locked into screens. but construction toys are seeing double-digit growth these past few years, almost a half $1 bilon in 2015. >> can you believe we had legos when i was a child. that was a long time ago. >> really? >> [laughter] yes really. >> the toys i played with, my kids are now playing with. >> reporter: his version ofof thomas the tank gine is a little different with many getting a digitalupgrade like this one. >> this is in what i picture when i think of the transit. >> -- of a train set. >> what we wanted to do was engaging younger kids who are really into building systete and speed. >> reporter: the technology advaements help shops keep chugging along.
6:32 am
it goes. >> reporter: handheld remotes and mobile apps keep the business on track. >> it's important to appeal to the younger generation to keep the hobby alive and get the mint is -- interested. >> she says the industries of the top of its game, almost -- up almost 7 present in 2015. >> kids are still playing with dogs -- dolls, legos, building sets and construction sets. are kids still play with toys? they are. >> reporter: fund never really goes out of style. mie yuccas cbs news new york. the lawyer for the sioux city teenager accused of shooting a police officer in a series of violent robberies once the trial moved out of woodbury county. met metzgar -- matt metzgar has
6:33 am
motion for extensive media coverage and what he calls inflammatory comments made by sioux city police chief doug young. he also wants the judge to stop authorities from talking about the case with the media. no date has been set yet for a hearing on those motions. two her sioucity teenagers accused of burglarizing cars have been arraigned. 18-year-old kelly coaster and 19-year-old wiley spencer both entered written not guilty pleas. they are charged with two counts of third-degree burglary. a third person, marcus -- marcos guthridge is not entered a plea in the case. . yesterday community leaders announced wells enterprises, the makers of blue bunny ice cream will match the $2.5 million raised by the communityty for those projects. giving the city $5 million to spend without having to raise property taxes. >> this is going to enhance the
6:34 am
for employees in the community. part of our fabric and values set to improve the communities in the -- in which we live. improvements to walking and bike trails, even at the movie theater. he went from college dropout to billionaire. they were in town to give advice to young entrepreneurs. he was the kickoff speaker for entrepalooza. this event is a two-week celebratatn of innovation,n, netwtwking and collaboration. he started the gateway computer company at his family's farm in 1985 with a $10,000 loan from his grandmother. >> one of the big advantages for us -- we were too stupid to know what we werenen supposed to do. there were some pure -- there
6:35 am
young and naove. >> he's estimated to be worth more -- about $1 billion by for -- forbes magazine. he says one of his biggest regrets was movininfrom sioux city to the southern california area. he says it's a great place to live and has a wonderful workforce. we will show you how latest tattoo removal treatment works. right now we are right where we should b bthis time of year for a hhh.
6:36 am
6:37 am
6:38 am
and i have the details next.o 3 any rain or snow in the area
6:39 am
good morning siouxland. we have seen the wintry mix come acrcrs the area this morning. north fork still has wet roads thanks to the rain we saw especially in southern areas but we have had colder air and that has been getting rid of all of that precipitation. looking at 37 right now. 32 in sheldon, 33 in spencer and 35 down in norfork. if you look att current wind speed, they are prftty high. we had seen gusts to 30 miles per hour. out in norfork right now and we will see those breezy winds at least past midday today. but if you look at what we can expect, this cold front will move right on through as we had throughout the next few hours into tonight. as we head into tonight, there is the chance of flurries. no accumulation expected that as we head into tomorrow,
6:40 am
that will keep us a little cooler. as we head into thursday, you can see the stationary front will stall out, allowing us to get a little warmer, but we will see breezy winds there. here is what you can expect this morning on your way to the bus stop. pretty cool out there. 37 doesn't seem coololbut we do have high winds dropping our feels like temperatures down about 10 degrees. 37 is where we are now and we will see that continue to drop throughout the day although not very much. just a few degrees. we will stay on the breeee side with gusts of 30 possible. tonight a chance for flurures in eastern haveveseen land and as we head into to -- into tomorrow, the warm up comes through once we head into thursday with breezy conditions on thursday at 50, chance of rain early morning on friday,
6:41 am
end of the day, 58 for the weekend. researchers found organic milk and meat contain about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional products. omega threes are linked to improved cardiovascular health. people with chronic pain like fibromyalgia might benefit from acupuncncre. that's according to researchers in europe. they said patients with at least nine consecutive weeks of acupuncture sessions reported significantly less pain, even up to a year later. and retirees who belong to book clubs and church groups might live longer. they tracked the average of hundredsf people after they retired and they found that blogging to social and community groups was is good for health and well-being as regular exercise. a new laser technology is helping people get rid of their unwanted tattoos. doctors say it is more powerful and effective than anything
6:42 am
kenneth craig in w jersey to show how it is helping one man turn over a new leaf. >> reporter: he's 38 years old, married and now ready to start a family. for him that means getting rid of this large arm tattoo he got when he was 18. >> at what point did you start thinking -- that was a bad move? >> probably in my 20s. >> reporter: doctor -- dr. mitchell is using the latest fda approved laser technology. in just three visits his 20- year-old panther tattoo is nearly gone. >> i can't wait to see what it looks like this time. >> reporter: it s four different wavelengths and speeds to target specific colors of ink. >> how does this compare to other machines previously on the market? >> this is by far the most powerful machine to date. >> reporter: says for patients that means fewer treatments and a smaller chance of skin damage afterward.
6:43 am
few mission -- a few minutes. the number of treatments needed depends on the size and color of the ttoo. >> reporter: treatments cost several hundred dollars per session. other than redness and tenderness, most patients don't experience major side effects. >> we're just not seeing the scarring in changing color of the skin that we used to see with older technologies. >> reporter: these pictures show his progress. >> i was just blown away at how quick it happened. >> reporter: says he's finally comfortable in his own skin. kenneth craig cbs news martinsville new jersey. >> if you want to get a tattoo, he recommends limiting the designed to dark green or black ink because those are the easiest colors to remove later on. the department of veterans
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
criticism over delays in 3 good morning, (arnold's park)... it's (32) outside at
6:48 am
good morning, arnolds park, 32 degrees outside. getting a live look from our great lakes countertops and kitchens c cera. the department of veterans affairs is still facing criticism over delays in medical care for veterans. despite billions in emergency funds, veterans across the country continue to wait sometimes months for care. one texas congressman says you can't fix the entire va -- if you can't fix the entire va, at least fix his local hospital. drew griffin takes a look. >> reporter: el paso's va clinic had one of the worst wait lists in the entire country with one of the worst with the stories we've ever heard. >> he just turned 45. the head one psychiatry and she wasn't available -- we had one psychiatry and she wasn't available. vet diagnosed with ptsd. he was living in phoenix and getting some care at the
6:49 am
bubuhis illness forced him to come home to el paso and onto the wait list for care and el paso's va clinic. >> they told him one month. >> before he could see another psychiatrist, but he could see a primary doctor. the appointment was canceled and meet for tomorrow. and he got angry. he said six months i am waiting. >> nicholas grew angry, depressed and violent. he finally got an appointment, was given medication and hope to come back in nine months. >> that was the next appointment -- june, , july, november, december -- there are guys who wawaed a year. this is a sin. >> february it turned out just became too long of a wait.
6:50 am
he couldn't wait anymore. >> reporter: and you still were his dog tags. >> yes. he's with me. . this is him. he's my angel. >> reporter: days after his th birthday, he tuckck his wallet, house keys and phone into a desert comb haven't left them on the bed. he drove his jeep to the transmountain highway above our -- el paso and drove over a cliff. >> what would you like to say to these officials who ignored this problem for so long? >>i think some ople need to go to jail. they knew what they were doing. they treated these men and women like they were doing them a favor. to give them an appointment. >> reporter: he serves on the house veterans affairs committee and back home he was hearing about the long wait times
6:51 am
soldiers committing suicide. he thought he would d get straight answers from the va administration in washington. >> they would tell me look you certainly have some disgruntled, ornery veterans and el paso and we have them all over the country but our numbers tell us confidently that we are seeing veterans in your community within two weeks . >> work did with no one else bothered to do -- he did his own survey of that's in his own district -- veterans in his ow district and proved to himself the va was lying. >> i was very frustrated when it became obvious to me how bad the problem was, and how little support we had within the leadership of the va to transform el paso. the secretary'y, in turn -- interim and paul mcdonald all made visits here, but nothing seemed to turn around the problem with access. >> he holds town hall meetings
6:52 am
was hearing more and more va horror stories including this one. he'd heard enough from washington. >> it's absolutely unacceptable . >> reporter: so he came up with his own local plan that if it works could save the va nationwide. el paso is va clinic will focus solely on treating combat and military service related health issueses that could be a traumatic -- amputation, loss of a limb, military sexual trauma, traumatic brain injury or posttraumatic stress disorder. all of the conditions, diabetes, cold, flu, getting teeth fixed -- there are confident an excellent doctors who are able to take care of them. >> it's just getting started but veterans here seem to think the plan is working. congress in part says -- >> we are trying every day to make improvements to increase our collaboration with t mmunity to get the right
6:53 am
facilities. >> it's more than all i can say for the politicians on both sides of the aisle whom he says has mostly -- have mostly moved on from the crisis that haven't gone -- has done away. >> if congrere had been doing s job it would have taken action mucucsooner than nono the sa goes for the president and his predecessors. i don't know from his public comments that he fully appreciates the severity of the crisis, especially in mental health. >> reporter: it comes too late for bonnie to be. -- d'amico. cnn reached out to officials of the department of veterans affairs for a reaction to what is happing in -- in el paso, but they never got a response. all of our wintry mix has come to an end across the area.
6:54 am
countertops and kitchens camera you can see the sun starting to rise. overcast sky out there, 37 degrees here in sioux city right now. satellite radar showing we have pretty much gotten rid of all the wintry mix across the area. still might be a few flakes and drizzle left over, but that will be out of the way very quickly. were looking at higher wind speeds across the area, gusts up to 30 miles per hour. 29 north fork right now . but check this out -- 37 degrees today, seeing a little bit of a cold front coming through that will drop temperatures down just a little bit as we go throughout the day, getting down4to about 21 degrees tonight. there's the chance of flurries as we head into tonight with those areas in the northern and eastern siouxland. slightly cooler today -- tomorrow and by the time we e head into thursdayay temperatures reaching the 50s with a slight chance of rain on friday. in the very wee hours
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
be sunny and 58. it's now (time) as we tata a look outside (ponca state park) on the (hard rock taking a live look outside on the hardware -- hard rock hotel and casino camera. >> here's a look at the weather
6:58 am
a little cold front coming rough today, droppinin temperatates slowly throughout the day with breezy winds sending it out this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies. good morning, i am sergeant todd sasser with your traffic to go. officers will be running radar on traffic avenues and lewis boulevard. have asafe drive to work and school. republican presidential candidates are still stepping up their attacks days before the south carolina primary. monday former president bush joined his brother jeb on the campaign trail, taking a veiled swipe for what he said wasame calling by donald trump. 10 -- trump also called ted cruz unstable.
6:59 am
weather and tornadoes tore through parts of florida and mississippi damaged by susuected twisters on monday. there were snow and freezing rain in the northeast making a mess of travel. and pop star taylor swift to calm her second-best albemarle under -- best album honor but kendrick lamar -- stole the show. mark bronson and uno mars won for the smash hit town folk. -- smash hit uptown funk. today a cold front passes through so the high is pretty much what we're seeing now but it's really not going to drop down that far. we don't have to worry about a major cold snap. but we will goodell to 21 tonight with flurries in the eastern half of siouxland.
7:00 am
>> all right, looks good to me. thank you, and thank you all for watching. have a great tuesday. good morning. it is tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of thanking, shoving, even luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in the classroom. kendrick lamar makes powerful statement and taylor swift makes history with the grammys. but we begin today's "eye opener," your world in 90


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