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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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3 police in vermillion have arrested two people on vandalism charges.they're accucud of spray- paintntg the words s e date rape" on e side of a u- s- d fraternity early s`nday. 3 3 police say twomale students wererrested in connectio with the case... and that both have since confessed... saying they were intoxicated at the time. according to police... the phi delta theta house was targeted because the two men had been kicked out of a party at the house. police are not releasing the names s the two men arrested... but say the se has been referred to the state attorney's office for potential charges. 3 police in sac county are looking for an ida grove man who's wanted for running over a man sunday night.the sac county sheriff's office says 36- year- old jeremy werneburg is wanted for attempted murder charges.he's believed to be the man who hit a glidden, iowa man with his car outside the carnarvon n in carnarvon sunday nighthtthe victim is
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hospital with serious injuries.werneburg is a 6 foot 3 inch tall white man weighing about 205 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to immediately. 3 3 one valentine's day traveler's trip ran into a snag at sioux x gateway airport sund... when security officials discovered a *gun* inheir carryon bag.the transportation security officials discovered a gun in the carry- on bag. the transportation security administration says the incident happened after noon on sunday at the screening checkpoint. police were called and took possession of the loaded 380 caliber pistol. the package was iierviewed and allowed -- the passenger was interviewed and allowed to continue the journey. this is the first gun discovered in a carry-on bag since 2014 at the airport. a sioux city woman is facing charges after wreckless use of a firearm on the north side last night.
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11:00, 30-year-old michelle myers was arguing g with residents of a house in e 800 0 block of 16th stre when she left, vowing to return with a gun. a short time later, she returned to the house, produced the gun, and attempted to enter the home before being stopped by a fren. police say myers then fired the gun, hitting the pavement. she is charged with wreckless use of a firearm and is bbng held in the woodbury county jail on $25,000 bond. it is an annual tradition that no one enjoys. dodging pothole, while behind the wheel, and believe me, this are countless potholes in sioux city. >> we have more, with crews working day and night to try to fix the problem. we have more from the pothole areas. >> reporter: and sioux city works have been working all day on the potholes. they had a morning crew from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 is afternoon and got another one coming up at 11:00 p.m.
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but even then, the field services tell me that they will still need man power to help tackle these potholes. >> it t the cycle of potholes. it is the water that gets down in there and the patches don't last as long. >> reporter: freezing water temperatures cause the cement to expand and contract, and the result, hundreds of potholes around sioux city popping up when moisture penetrates the pavement and freezing and thawing breaks the pavent apart. >> it dends on the amount of traffic beating it up, and the amount of moisture in the hole. >> reporter: now that one of the biggest winter storms are over, sioux city crews are beginning to tackle potholes. >> if it has goods sharp edges to it, sometimes we can get those potholes to last a little bit longer for us. >> reporter: crews have mixed and laid tons of asphalt, mixing gaps like this one along sixth street and fix thousands every year. >> a lot of times, thee don't hold very well.
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and that will help it stick a lot longer. it is kind of like a glue, and put it in the hole and then put the asphalt on top of it. >> the city crews try to patch the problem area, but in the meantime, they ask drivers to please be careful, , and avoioi holes if they caca or drdre carefufuy around them. >> please slow down. be aware that this is -- these guysit their work site and constantly moving and in the heart of where you folks are driving. >> now, if you have a pothole problem, you can report it to the city of sioux city and call them as well. we have all of the information in the story on our web site, at reporting live on sixth stre in sioux city, diana larry, back to you. >> thanks. and power and eld cation, were on the agenda for women in siouxland, and iowa women had the second annual siouxland women's leadership conference at the marina inn in south
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it was attended by 400 women including 150 college students. organizers say the goal is to allow women of all ages and backgrounds to exchange ideas. >> the reason that it is important for women to come to a conference like this, is because they can leave here motivated, and educated, and ready to go out and make changes in their wowod. >> ty hope they can gromore next year, and move to a bigger facility. a middle school in sioux city got a sneak preview of possible new menu i'm force school lunches. nearly 70 students served as taste testers this morning. they were given samples of food that may end up on lunch menus statewide e xt yeye. including pepperoni pizza, ranch flavored potato wedges and turkey meat balls, and orange sticks. >> they are the ones that eat the food. we try really hard to provide them with healthy nutritious
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but kids are kind of finicky eaters so we have a lot of waste and we are trying to eliminate some of that waste, by providing them with things that they really likeketo eat. >> it helps people make a choice on what they would like to eat at school and what is good for them and best for them. >> sounds pretty good to me. now, this is the first time in about 10 years this kind of taste testing has been done at west middle school. it is a problem many in suelanance, restauaunt violations. jetske wauran has more on the sueland district health department and tracking down violations. we will tell you what health officials are doing to keep fool service food operations violation-free. and how some restaurants could have fewer or more violations when noted on the day of their inspection. >> we are not in there, you know, trying to pick on them. we are sometimes tryininto tell them what to do. but we mostly just want them to follow the food code and then
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going to follow that food code. >> we will have the full report, tonight at 9:00. on our sister station, fox 44, and right here, at 10:00, on kmeg14. the sun disappeared today and so did the warmer temperatures. >> when is that rmup going to happen? >> it is going to take a couple of ds. that cloud cover is not going anywhere any time soon. as a matter of fact, take a look at the camera, the view from arnold park, brought to you by great lakes counter tops and kitchens where the overcast skies have kept it in a small temperature range, only a couple of degrees here and. there satellite radar imagery showing a little bit of rain across the northern sections of south dakota. but through siouxland, basically cloud cover and that's what we expect for the rest of the night. 36 right now in sioux city. and 32 in sioux falls and down to the south warmer and 42 at lincoln and 48 for the folks in north platte. the cloud cover will hang around but by morning, the temperatures will be on their way up, with a little bit of fog. when does the warm weather arrive?
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>> iowa's lieutenant governor is making her way around siouxland today. lieutenant governor kim reynolds visited an elementary school, and morningside elementary school, to see how these schools have implemented the governor's stem initiatives. stem, which stands for science, technology, and engineers and math education, gives kids the chance to use computers for many different subjects. ms. reynolds says sioux city is doing a great job with this initiative. >> the sioux land area is rocking it up here. i have been so impressed with what i have seen. the level that they are implementing, stem initiatives, at different schools that they are putting in place, with the after-school program. i mean my gosh, they are doing 3d printing and cradding and coding and lego, and building robots and all of those are such great skills for our students to learn. >> reynolds will continue to go and see school implementation
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iowa's interstates, increasing the speed to 75 miles an hour, it is moving ahead in the state legislature. the house transportation sub committee approved the bill, advancing it to the full committee. a separate bill is being considered and it would raise the speed limit on rural highways. it has been 11 years since the last speed limit increase to 70 miles an hour back in 2005. and they will want to raise it to 80 miles an hour and last year it died in the legislature. a programming note to remind you about tonight, a sister station in columbus, ohio, is hosting the next "your voice, your future" town hall and the subject is millenials and politics and feature a round table discussion featuring political experts and young supporters of various political campaigns. that event will get under way at 6:00 tonight. and it will be streaming live on our web site, the u.s. supreme court is marking the death of justin antonin scalia. following a court tradition, scalia's seat on the bench has
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as has the entry into the supreme court chambers. his body will lie in state at the court building on friday. his funeral takes place saturday morning at the basilica of the national shrine at the immaculate conception. >> a u.s. senator is leaving the door to consider leaving the door open for a replacement of antonin scalia. >> chuck graply says he won't make a final decision until the president makes a nomination. 18 supreme court justices have been nominated and confirmed by the senate in an election year. the most recent being justice anthony kennedy, in 1988. president reagan's final year in office. for some people tattoos are permanent but sometimes you may change your mind about the inked on image. >> and how new technology is helping doctors remove tattoos,
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effects than ever before. larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist ch sandwell and sports director chris neyenhouse."
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3 a new laser technology i i helping g ople get rid of new laser technology is helping people get rid of their unwanted tattoos. doctors say it is powerful and effective and more than anything else on the market. >> kenneth craig, our reporter, shows us how it is helping one man turn over a new leaf. >> good to see you. >> welcome. >> reporter: tommy is 38 years old. married.
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family. and for him, that means getting rid of this large arm tattoo he got when he was 18. >> at what point did you start thinking, man, that was a bad move? i don't want this? >> probably in my 20s. >> dr. mitchell chasen is working to erase it. he is using the latest fda- approved laser technology called peco-4, in just three visits, tommy's 20ear-old tattoo is nearly gone. >> can't wait to see what it looks like this time. >> the laser has four given wave lengths and speeds that targets the specific colors of ink. >> how does this machine compare to other machines that were previously on the market? >> this is by far the most powerful machine to date. >> he says for patients, that means wer treatments, and a smaller chance of skin damage afterwards. >> each session takes just a few minutes. the number of treatments a patient needs depends on the color and size of the tattoo. >> we are all done. >> reporter: treatments cost
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other than some redness and tenderness, most patients don't experience major side effects. >> we are just not seeing the scarring and change in color of the skin that we used to see with older technology. >> these before and after pictures show tommy's progress. >> i was just blown away at how quick it happened. >> reporter: he says he is finally comfortable again in his own skin. kenneth craig, cbs news, martinsville, new jersey. >> if you want to get a tattoo, doctors recommend limiting the design to dark green or black ink. those are the easiest colors to reve later on. >> i will remember that. well, researchers in seattle think they have made a major break through in the fight against cancer. they have announced a potential new treatment based on what is called immuno-therapy, that helps a person's immune system fight off cancer cells in a way that is similar to fighting a virus. doctors take white blood cells
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patients and genetically modify them and put the cells back into the patient to multiply. one study, the therapy eliminated all symptoms in 94% of the participates with acute lympho leukemia and other cancers showing response rates greater than 80%. and a national study is warning pregnant women against eating fish too often. the study says data collected from more than 20,000 women acro 11 countries suggests that women who eat fish more than three times per week increase the risk of obesity in their children. that effect was also seen more in girl children than boys. the fda recommends the u.s. women limit its in take to two or three servings per week while pregnant. let's take a look the at the almanac on this tuesday. of course, the cloud cover is keeping temperatures very close together today. our low temperature this morning, 34. our high, 37.
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to move a whole lot more as we head through the early evening hours. what about that warmup we
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we wililil "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad first alert weather with >> chad? >> pleasastell me the clouds no? another day or two?
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and then we may see a little glimmer of sunshine by thursday. >> okay. >> the good news is, eventually, we will see the temperatures warming up as well. if you like the temperatures in the 30s and gray dreary skies, tell you what, you have enjoyed thisisay, no doubt about it. look a athe sky watch camera, brought to you by the hard rock hotel and casino. gray skies. temperatures have not moved a whole lot today. same story in dakota dunes. looking at the overcast skies. final stop in yankton. to peek through late this afternoon. a look at the extended forecast. one more day for the temperatures in the 30s. then we head to the end of the week, look at the temperatures, 50 thursday, andnd60 on friday. and upper r 50s on saturday. even the upper 40s on sunday. looks like we are going to see plenty of sunshine as well. so overall, the weather over the next several days, looks absolutely fantastic. satellite imagery, we of course saw plenty of cloud cover through the overnight hours. even a little bit of light rain. the snow didn't really materialize as we thought. . but the rain was there early this morning.
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cover, really hanging tough, across really the entire upper midwest. so the temperatures now that we are here in siouxland and the entire area, haven't moved a lot today. the boundary system to the south and we will continue to see the cloud cover hanging around through the overnight hours, and we will see an east to northeast wind early this evening, before turning around to the southeast. and a little bit of snow tonight. 1:30, to the northeast corner of south dakota, and we will southward. a little bit of snow mainly places like spencer, estherville and those areas. for us in sioux city and areas up and down the i-29 core r, it should be mainly just -- corridor, it should be mainly just cloudy. in the early morning hours, we may have to watch for fog. but wednesday into thursday, it looks like things are not too bad. the warm front kicks through. and wednesday, 5:15. and might be looking at a little bit of sunshine. the one thing that we are expecting for sure is, a big warmup in temperatures, that will happen toward the end of the week. right now, in sioux city, 36 degrees with cloud cover. north/northwest winds at 9 miles%an hour.
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sitting at 73%. and the temperature-wise, 36 in yankton. and we are seeing temperatures in the upper 20s, sheldon, spencer, with the winds pretty light for the most part. they are out of the north to the northeast anyyere e from about 5-10 miles an hour. so for tonight, we will see those winds start reaching around to the southeast. and the overcast skies and patchy fog. overnight lows around 23 degrees. for tomorrow, overcast skies. and for this time the year, still pretty mild at 37 degrees. but it is the end of the week where things look fantastic. 50, 60, and near 60 on saturday. >> just in time fort weekend. >> pactly. >> thanks. still ahead, career milestone for the hawkeyes. >> and morningside, jamie sales won 28 of 30 matchups.
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how "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 with just two games left in the regular season the briar cliff with just two relar season games left in the season, briar cliff women find themselves in a four-way tie for second in the gpac and morningside who has wrapped up the outright title. you could argue the chargers have the toughest path of the four teams. and they start tomorrow night against the number two mustangs and they also play against number 14 concordia. and morningside coach, who rarely loses in this series,
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beat the mustangs was back in january of 2012. i think we were talking about mitt romney in the iowa caucuses back then. morningside's only two losses this ceasen are northwestern and mount nardi. and the point guard jessy court says it gives the team confidence. >> we ave talked all year how morningside is a beatable tm. and we are ahead of a couple of teams in the polls, so i don't know, last time i think we got a little away from the way that we play basketball, and so we just have to take it game by game. >> briar cliff will be trying to start a new trend tomorrow evening. rningside head coachchas more than 28 of 30 meetings between them, and won them, including january 26. the chargers fell behind by 14 points at the half, before eventually falling 80-60. the gpac regular season champion the men's side is number six briar cliff. who enters the matchup tomorrow
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of 21 of their last 22 games. morningside has lost three of their last four. but mustangs guard ryan tegmier enters the game 13 points shy of 1,000 for his career. and speaking of milestones, south sioux city native mike gazelle is approaching one of his own as a point guard for the fourth ranked hawkeyes with. 12 assists sunday night. he was the closer to the first iowa player with the record. and his season average is six per game and if he averages five the rest of the way, he will pass the record mark. gazelle reached the 500th assist mark for his career. and game night is back. several quality games, girl's regionals, rolling along. western christian, rank the number one in both the boys and girls polls. on e ladies side, hosting sioux central, 12-9, having won
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here is what else we have. boyden hall heads to lawton. and the comets have won 12 in a row. and the eagles have not lost since january 23. and in class 1-a, harris lake park. and remsen saint mary's are in the in akron, the battle of redson. union and st. mary's, in the second round. on the boy's side, the season still winding down. it is game night. >> all right. it is only tuesday. we have had a big night already. last night was a huge basketball night. >> it keeps coming. >> thanks. and the temperatures, not bad. just the cloud cover. >> yes, we are going to really warm things up, so hang on maybe another 24-48 hours. 23 tonight with overcast skies, patchy fog. and then for tomorrow, overcast skies and 37 in the afternoon. looking for southeast winds 5- 10 miles an hour. there is a look at the extended forecast. jumping from 37 to 50, and then
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>> loving the weekend
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>> have >> pelley: an election prediction from president obama. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> pelley: also tonight, violent weather in the south, including a tornado on an interstate. >> it was, basically, like the "twister" movie. >> pelley: extreme weather is being fueled by el nino, and tonight we'll look at the effects from the u.s. to africa, where millions are threatened with famine. >> people haven't been able to plant the crops they need to survive. >> pelley: and it's show time for america's top dogs. >> it doesn't get any better. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, the president weighed in on the political phenomenon that is donald trump. president obama was answering a


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