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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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awesome biker nights... but we already know a few things about this year's festival.for starters... the festival is moving *away* from its longtime home on historic fourth street to new digs at and around the hard rock hotel and casino... and now we know the *bands* taking part in this year's event. 3 festival organizers announced the four headliners for the event's concerts this evening at the hard rock... including one that's being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in april. 3 our nick popham was there and he joins us now. nick, who do we have to look forward to hearing this june? 3 3 diana, larry-summer is right around the corner and for siouxland that means one thing-awesome biker nights!this year however will be slightly different because the performances will be held at the battery park outdoor concert venue at the hard rock hotel and casino.the hard rock hosted the announcement party inside its indoor venue--the anthem--to get people excited for the concerts in june. 3 "it's a great siouxland tradition and we really believe that awesome biker
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we believe in all some biker night and the fans will love it. >> some of the headliners include a band like a puppy go. cheap trick will be performing pickup fororhe last 16 years, are some biker night took place on fourth street. even with the change of location chairman thinks this summer will top them all. >> this will be one of our best years. it will be awesome. we are ready. we had a lot of hurdles to get everything done. it is a hard push. i am ready for june. >> the annual rally has brought in more than 200,000 guests over the past 16 years and is expected to bring an additional 25,000 issue. if you would like more information head to our website
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police and sac county are looking for a man wanted for running over a man sunday night. sac county sheriff's office says 36-year-old jeremy warner burke is wanted for attempted murder charges. he is believed to be the man o hit a man outside the canavan n d. the victim is in des moines with serious injuries. the suspect is 6'3" weighing 225 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. one travelers valentine's day trip ran into a snag at the airport yesterday when a traveler had a gun in their back. this happened just after noon sunday at the security screening checkpoint.
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loaded .380 caliber pistol. this was a thehefirst gun discovered since 2014. sioux city woman is facing charges of reckless was of a firearm after incident on the north side. according to sioux city police just after 11 pm michelle myers was arguing with sidents at a home in the 800 block of 16 to street when she turned with h a gun.n. she returned to the house, produced a gun and attempted to enter the help before being stopped. police say she fired the gun hitting the pavement. she is charged with reckless we use -- use of a firearm. police in vermillion have arrested two peoeoe on charges related to the vandalism of the fraternity house this weekend. police say two male students were arrested and both confessed saying they were intoxicated.
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targeted because the two men had been kicked out of a party. police are not releasing the names of the men but the case as an refer to the clay county states attorney for potential charges. a blizzard two weeks ago left more than big piles of snow. it left behind scores of potholes in sioux city. crews have laid asphalt to fill the holes. the city has addedean overnight crew to catctcup with thth patches needed. to report a pothole, we've got the contact information in the story at it's a cloudy night in sioux city how low will temperatures go and when can we expect that the big warm-up? details coming up after the eak. and sports director chris
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33 we were overcast most of the day. now i am getting used to these temperatures. >> temperatures are in the 30s. wait until the end of the week en we talk about s. kansas will be looking at temperatures in the 70s and 80s. we will enjoy the weather while it lasts. downtown sioux city taking a look through our camera. mostly cloudy skies as we have seen ththughout the day and into the evening.
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50, thursday. 60, friday. near 60 on saturday. temperatures are fantastic and almost 30 degrees above normal for this time of year. satellite e ows dry ai showing of from sioux falls down to sioux city. a little bit of snow north of the i 90 court or working its way southeast. might see a few snowflakes the near i would great lakes -- iowa great lakes. cloud cover will be present when we wake up on wednesday. that will keep temperatures into the 30s. upper 30s with southeast winds back in the area. warm front ages through with
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we wl warm up 13 degrees from wednesday into thursday and another 10 degrees headed into friday. right now, 32 and mostly cloudy with winds at 5 miles per hour. 23, shoulder. when, 33. 44, 33. winds are lig out of the east northeast. about 5-10gauge miles per hour. tonight down to about 26 degrees with overcast skies. watch for patchy fog by morning and tomorrow 37 degrees. things warm up looking atthe extended forecast with sunshine friday and saturday.
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we are going behind t t t 3 it's a problem eateries in siouxland face violations. tonight we bring you have the health department tracks down violators. >> check out how some restaurants could have fewer or more violations than noted on the day of their inspection. >> reporter: when it comes to food, you want delicious grub, a nice diner and a good experience but you've probably heard it before. restaurants shutting down across the country. >> chipotle subpoenaed under the norovirus. >> the bad news is the chain with the motto is food with integrity. >> reporter: outbreaks f e.
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hureds nning said. here in siouxland there is a group of health officials preventing from this happening. >> we are aiming for this active managerial control. >> reporter: they are committed to food safety procedures including restaurants, farmers market, gas stations, hotels, hospitals and cafeterias. where there is food, there will be inspections. what makes a good inspection? i spoke with environmental services directory to find out. >> we follow up on critical violations. sometimes we can get them corrected on sight during the inspection. sometimes it might be more of an issue corrected long-term. >> reporter: violations include chefs or cooks not wearing gloves or washing their hands fire to handling food. violations during food establishment inspections are divided into two main categories. there is a risk factor violation
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and the good retail practices. risk factor viations have more potential to get a person said. retail practices aren't necessarily going to be a threat to somebody's health. in the event of bacteria is ever discovered laboratory director take samples. >> we stain it and make sure we can see it but depending on the type of stain, it allows us to identify that bacteria. >> safety is our first concern. >> reporter: here in sioux city health guidelines is not only a top priority, it's the reason to keep consumers safe. >> we don't want anybody getting illness from,the food we make. we label and date everything. >> reporter: she says their family business appreciates the help and feedback they receive
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>> they keep you on your toes which is good. as the day goes, somethings may not be in the front overhead. they do a good job and they have helped us and we help them. >> we can get things corrected more easily if there is good cooperation with the management of the restaurant. >> reporter: overall, good sanitation and health practices are important priorities in running a restaurant. >> we are not trying to pick on them. we are sometimes trying to tell them what to do, but we want them to follow the food code. >> you want to make sure you are one step ahead of what needs to be done to make sure everything is adequately served to consumers the >> reporter: if you would like to see a little -- full list of restaurants in siouxland and the last time they were
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a link and on our website at the death of juztice by antonin scalia has thrown washingtonnd justice into
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3 the u- s supreme court is marking the death of justice
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us supreme court is marking the death of justice antonin scalia following a court tradition. schooley is bench has been draped with black cloth as well is the in into supreme court chamber. his body will lie in state on friday and funeral will tilt place saturday morning. schooley is -- scalia's death could lead to issues and meaning lower court's ruling will be upheld. >> that is not true for one important case where justices are designing. jeff barnd explains. >> reporter: fisher first texas challenges in the affirmative action of that school's admissions policy. lower court upheld the program. when it came to the high court judge scalia angered with affirmative action. with another recused, that
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judges. antony kennedy rendered unpredictable decisions in the past. >> kennedy wil likely vote in the majority for this which will be a 4-3 majority. >> the us supreme court ruling could only effect the university of texas, or outright ban affirmative action as unconstitutional. >> that is probably less likely to have been because it would be a big change but it could happen. decision on affirmative action expected this comes -- term, he says respect to the drop or. >> very few come out of the court. this changes everything about what they are doing. >> reporter: in washington, jeff barnd.
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the door open for a nomination by president obama pick chuck grassley who chairs the subcommittee that will first screen nominees says he won't make a final decision until the present submission nomination. >> i think it should way to the next election. i believe that is the right thing to do because it is a very important position and it would be in line with what democratic leaders said in the tail end of the bush administration. they said that bush should not appoint anybody in the supreme court because they have to be concerned about balance. >> 18 supreme court justices have been nominated and confirmed by the senate in an election-year the most recent being antony kennedy in 1980 a. president reagan's final year
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this game tonight and we have a special show featuring girls regional basketball.
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severararay welcome back. basketball continues throughout siouxland. we started western christian where teams are ranked number one. it's been a special get to be a member of the wolfpack. boys went to state title.
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title winning volleyball. western christiaia erika is quick. down the court. patent with the pass inside to carron moss. central gets on the board. rebels trail by 2. she does it again with a jumper. rebels tied the game. nice passing. easy layup by ashton. wolfpack up 4. moments later there is an easy layup. western christian up 10 days-4. wolfpack, 68-30. number 13 posted winning three
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she gets the ball and they come back. young scores and they take the lead. there is a tough rebound. tied up 4. kaylee anderson nice to throw through. she comes from downtown and george 50 poinin. anderson with a jumper. she comes back with another jumper. vehicles adjusted to the inside play. they win it 72-38. perhaps the most balance match of the night. woodberry central visiting 17 in 4 west ne. late in the third quarter. haley great his the three puts
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my it misses the layup. jessica meyer put it back misses free-throw. moving to the fourth quarter. nice left-hand s st. ldcats leading west wildcats 32-31. strand with the layup that central up 34-31. later in the fourth, game tied at 36. west line of 42-40. they defeat central 46-42. let's switch it up to boys basketball.
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rebounds, put back. robinson hits it. we are full of great basketball. van rees is there. joshua from downtown takes the lead. post to post and he scores.
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we have a complete recap p p 13 and 4s a pretty great record by any account. but when you consider dakota valley pretty great record. the best in school history makes you wonder what is behind the recent slump. wolverines always look bbter than that whei see them play. west up 13-12. back from the panthers, austin carter with 3. tied and 50.
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ananher time johnson will recover. he scores eight points. eight point lead for the panthers. luke schmidt with the jumper. decoda valley on an 18-7 digit run. that run for lley 75, 56 win. hosting question in their region one bracket. rachel mercer is open and makes it.
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addison hurst passes it to add before the layup. panthers up. xt possession hahashman. daily takes it again. look at the teamwork. 18-4. shania drives and makes it. 18-6.. battle for wrecks and so cute they had to take her to akron. union comes to an early lead impart. sydney short grabs a shovel.
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kayla grabs the board and puts it back. remsen state finds an answer for that. remsen union takes it 47-32. harris lake park is 11 in 10. mmc is ahead. 39-40 ratio be hand passes back to sarah. 42-14, eagles. would all sees record down the court for an easy layup. death play taylor myers open for 3. eagles up 44-70. myers opening for 3. brackman drive slow and hits the jumper. two points.
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aaliyah jackson for 3. nmc went, 64-33 here is a look at class xxxi. -- class tranxxxi. river valley 78-41. westwood over charter oak 46-30. they host on friday. wolfpack get them funderberk region to hear is help number five passes looking. they defeated west hancock to advance.e. they will host board union in
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okoboji has one was all year. thatatat >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: you deserve it! you deserve it! thank you. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: jon, how are you? good to see you.


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