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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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one man is dead and another is custodyfter an early rning argument escalated. >> tonight the victim's family is speaking out about that attack. we are also learning more about the suspect in this case, a man who has a long history with local law enforcement. >> nick, what do we know at this hour? >> t t incident happenedt around 2:00 this morning. he was stabbed outside of his house. he was then taken to the hospital where he died later in the morning. police have arrested 48-year-old elias wanatee in connection with the crime. wanatee was arguing with him right outside his house when he allegedly stbed the victim. when his daughter heard the
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>> the owner of the house was inside and heard -- my dad and elias outside fighting. when they got to the door my dad was coming in the door and he id elias stabbed him in his lung to call an ambulance. it should have never happened. >> police is not yet releasing where they had found wanatee. this isn't the first time that wanatee has had a run-in with thelaw. earlier backn october of 2015 he was arrested outside of a wal-mart in the parking lot when he was having an argument with some one and pulled out a machete from his car. back to you. south police are looking for a man this evening. the photos shohothe man in question wearing a jacket as well as a hoodie and carrying a large water bottle. he appears to have both a
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police aren't saying what he is wanted for. if you know who he is, you are asked to get in touch with policece formrm denison police chief organized in a protest in front of the city hall this morning after his termination earlier this month. he accused the city of giving the police chief only a slap on the wrist for having inappropriate files in his computer. theyoth investited the issue. they did administer punishment but did not charge the chief with any crimes. students at a local non-profit are teaming up to end bullying in sioux city schools. they hostetemembers of the uncil on sexual assault and dome tick -- domestic violence.
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holds each year at the schools. one every academic quarter. >> they really like it. it is a good reminder. when we do ituarterly it starts tbecome more engrained that they realize that. having it once a year is just not enough. it is important to do it on a regular consistent basis because then they -- they start maintaining that -- that mind set that i need to be a buddy and not a bully. >> the message of each assembly changesetween the grade levels. today younger students learned to use kind words while older students were cautioned about spreading rumors. [ indiscernible ] chris will receive the honor in
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since joining in 1979 he has hosted a variety of studio shows. he has been the host there since 1987. he covered golf's u.s. open for nearly 30 years. south dakota's governor is having a change of heart. now he has agreed to meet with transgender students before deciding the fate of a legislation that will affect them. this morning the governor's office had called an lgbt support group saying he wouldn't be able to meet them. now that meet willing take place tomorrow. the governor will also meet with the sponsors of the bill too before make his decision. iowa's utility's regulator still have not reached a decision. they heard evidence in favor and against that pipeline over the past four days. they now plan to hold another meeting to discuss it all.
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to debate the project which would run through 17 counties between south dakota and illinois borders. iowa is the only state in the project yet to approve that pipeline. well still ahead, we have some very nice weather we hope. >> yes. >> you are not the only one. i have been running into people everywhere saying is it really coming? and yes, it is. we are going to be looking at some nice weather starting tomorrow and continuing right through the end of the week. little bit of sunshine and showing through some high thin cloud cover there. the bulk of the cloud cover still in the north and eastern sections of siouxland. we are not quite done with the cloud cover yet. 37 degrees s sux city right now.
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now as we look at our evening planner we will be looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies throughout the night. watch for a little bit of patchy fog tomorrow morning. we will talk more about your forecast and details including a look at that warm weekend coming up in a bit. the siouxland federal credit yunon jefferson awards. >> each month siouxland news and the siouxland credit union present a local volunteer with a jefferson award. it is a way of recognizing people who are dedicated to publicicervice. >> tonight we get introduced to this month's recipient. he is the president at that business and he has a long time dedication to donating blood for almost 30 years. >> meet steve thomas. you can call him a life saver. >> he has given back so much to the siouxland community.
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>> he has made 127 blood donations. >> i wanted to pay back. >> thomas has been rolling up his sleeves helping the community for 27 years. >> that is just so hard to -- to think of how much blood that is.. at is almlmt 16 gallons of blood. that is enough blood to save theh lives of 381 people. that is more than the population there. >> that is why he is nominated the long time donor. >> i didn't quite understand what it was till i was contacted and she nominated me and -- thth -- made it a-okay. anything to promote the blood bank. >> he first gave blood in 1989
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>> his wife was rushed to sioux city because of her non-stop bleeding. saving his wife's life. >> we need blood all the time. anybody that can give blood, come on in. it doesn't hurt. it is fun. it is a reall social experience. >> back to you. >> if you know someone who is dedicated like steve thomas you can nominate them on our website well surgery carries with it a lot of concerns and pososble complication. especially for operations that may require blood transfusions. >> coming up, how doctors are working to reduce the need for transfusions in all surgeries.
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and sports rector chris
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3 3 bloodless surgery is a technique that was originally developed to accommodate patients with religious concerns. 3 but [ indiscernible ] reports... the medical community is realizing the procedure could benefit a larger group now the medical
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procedure could benefit a l lger group of patients. >> mad sob mason was born with down syndrome and a heart condition that required open heart surgery. >> i was devastated. >> the surgery typically requires a blood transfusion which goes against the mason's belief. >> we want the best treatment ssible for her just without blood. >> they agreed to perform surgery without any transfusion. something they had never done before on someone so young. instead they gave her natural hormonesesnd iron transfusions. >> we were able to bring her levels up. >> because transfusions carry serious risks, more physicians are exploring bloodless medicine for all kinds of surgery.
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can doo make papaents althier and surgeries safer. >> madison made a full recovery and was back home in four days. >> when she came home, her face lit up. >> the masons believe by staying true to their conviction their daughter received the best possible outcome. back to you. >> medical experts say bloodless surgery should be considered for any type of surgery -- [ indiscernible ] even heart surgery. a fear of drills keeps hundreds ofeople away from the dentist office each year but what if there wa no drillsto fear? some dentists are utilizing a new message to treat cavities in nary patient's teeth eliminating
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>> we are treating it like a chronic disease rather than an acute disease which is the old mentality of see a cavity, drill a cavity. this is very disruptive and it has the about to be more affective and lower thth cost for everybody. >> coming up at 10:00 h this no-drill cavi treatment compares to traditional drill and fill methods. sioux city mercy medical center card ol guy unit being recognized. they are presentinghem with a bronze quality achievement award. that award recognizes the steps that mercy has taken over the last three months in improving patient outcomes. >> here they have shown again and again they have a true
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heart failure and our stroke programs. >> mercy says if it's improvement continues over the next year they will receive a silver award and a gold award if the improvement continues during the next two years. we have vegas casino resort is helping a dying man fulfill a last wish. he is suffering from ms. it will take his life within the next six months. before he dies he has expressed a wish too to las vegas . >> the main thing he has talked about is their huge ferris wheel. he wants to see the lights of vegas at nighttime. to see that culture and the excitement and to feel that. >> the cost of his trip will be
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he has already raised $5,000 of that before today's $2,000 donation. we take a look at the radar today. another cloudy day for the most part across the area. temperatures reaching the upper 30s. just a little bit above average for this time of year.
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temperatures go waybove "first alert weather with ouxland's chief meteorologischad sandwell."
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3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. you keep teasing us all week long, is it coming, it is coming. >> i don't think it is a tease, it is a promise. >> okay. there we go. [ laughter ] >> let's take a look outside. sky watch camera showing some of that cloud cover. just like yesterday, it has kept a very narrow range on our temperatures. 37 is the best we could do today. mostly cloudy skies in yankton. our final step takes us to onawa. here is a look at the extended for cost. the numbers haven't changed. 52 tomorrow. 60 friday. we will see those breezes help push those temperatures up a bit. 48 on sunday. still not too bad. even with temperatures in the
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we are in for a nice stretch of weather. cloud cover has been the dominant weather feature over the last few hours. as we head through the night tonight we will see partly to mostly cloudy skies. might even look for a littlebit of patchy fog tomorrow morning. 7:15 tomorrow morning, certainly quite a bit of cloud cover across the area. that boundary starts to come through in the afternoon. that warm stront -- we will look at south to southeast winds. that will be the first ingredient that helps push our teteeratures up into the lower 50s. friday we see a little bit of a boundary sweep through. look at the likes here coming basically straight out of the west. when we get west or southwest winds here, things get very warm. that is exactly what we are expecting to see for the afternoon on friday. you also see here plenty of sunshine going to expected.d. really going to be shapingng up to be a great weekend.
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36 right now wi mostly cloudy skies in sioux city. southeast winds at 8 miles an hour. relative humidity sitting at 82%. temperatures a touch cooler to the east. sheldon and spencer in the lower 30s. storm lake at 3 wayne at 36. norfolk lower 40s this afternoon. winds so you have the southeast 5-15 miles an hour. looking at mostly cloudy skies, a little bit of patchy fog by morning. 32 the overnight low. for tomorrow the south winds help that warmup begin. 52 the aernoon high. certainly the temperatur will be a bit warmer. here is a look at your extended forecast. 60 on friday is the good day for sure. of course over the next seven days can't really complain about any days you see there. >> i feel like giving you round of applause. [ laughter ] all right well hehe coach
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coaches sthoe day. >> hear how he is managing the
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players the break "sports, with sports director chris neyenhouse." 3 we are back here with the muskies coach's show. head coach jay varady joins us now. coach there's no way we are back here with the coach. coach, there is no way to sugar coat a 6-game losing s seak. 7-0 loss in chicago. how is the team handling the slump right now? >> we don't even talk about those numbers to be honest. when we win, we are on winning streaks or on losing streaks. we don't talk about the streak. we talk about our day. anytime you are in athletics, it is today. -- about today. >> one of the things as a coach you must have to manage is some of that talk in the locker room.
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negativity? it is abouttttitude. the one thing thatt we can all control is our attitude. when we get up in the morning our attitude? if our attitudes aren't getting better everyday, there is no such thing as finger pointing. >> good to know. the team remains 5 points out of a play o spot. do you set a goal? or what is the way that you approach a situation like that? >> it is pretty interesting. we are looking up at everybody right now. we don't talk about that. we talk about the game at hand. our next game is fargo. for me i don't look at the standings a whole lot right now. i know we have to win hockey games to win the play offs and
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there the focus- at. >> the focucus wl shift away from hockey tomorrow. proceeds tips go to families in need. what does this mean for you? >> it is one of the most amazing events i have ever been in. the cause -- the boys and girls family seices is just fantastic cause for us to raise money. our players went over there and spent the night and seen what they were raising money for. it is really touching. anytime anybody goes there and understands how much they help people in our community fooa secoco chance. i think they do a good job of providing that. >> all right. they will be weight tables on thursday and then the next friday and saturday they will be home playing. head over to tyson and check
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best of luck these next two weeks. >> thank you very much. > chad and larry back to you. >> all right. >> i just can't contain my excitement -- i am almost going to call this a heat wave for us. >> yeah. we could be 25-30 degrees above normal as far as temperatures go.. 32 tonightht winds wilil still be on the breezy side. those winds turn a little more southerly. that helps warm us up tomorrow. of course over the next several days if you have outdoors plans, or do whatever, wee are looking at 52 on friday. then those temperatures stay very warm and mild all the way through the middle part of next week.
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>> pelley: the battle lines of privacy are drawn. apple refuses a court order to hack the phone of the san bernardino teteorists. also tonight, criminal hackers have seized a hospital's computer system, and they're holding it for ransom. trump talks up torture to fight terror. >> torture works, okay, folks. >> pelley: and a veteran who saw so much death get the gift of life. >> probably the best wake-up cas. >> pelley: so why won't the v.a. pay for the treatment? this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the war on terror and the right to privacy have collided tonight. the f.b.i. got a court order requiring g ple to help investigators hack the iphe of one of the terrorists behind the san bernardino massacre.


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