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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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issue." apple refuses to help the government look for hidden information on two terrorists. (las vegas bound)a local casino helps a dying siouxland man with a last wish. *seeing* the bright lights of las vegas..(no drill fill)it's a pain free way to treat cavities.(jefferson award) and... he's donated enough blood to save dozens of lives. we'll introduce you to this month's jefferson award winner. 3 3 one man is dead and another in custody after an early- morning argument escalated on sioux city's west side.tonight... the victim's the attack. 3 3 we're also learning more about the *suspect* in this case... a man who has a long history with local law enforcement.just after 2 this morning... 51- year- old vernon mace was stabbed after during a fight outside his home on west 1st street. 48- year- old elias just after 2:00 this morning vernon was stabbed
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this man was arrested a few hours later and charged with the crime. mesa's daughter can't believe what happened. >> the owner of the house was inside and heard my dad and eli outside fighting. when they got to the door my dad was coming in the door and said eli stabbed him in his lung and call the ambulance. >> this is not the first time they had a problem with the law. he was probed after a 1990 conviction of murder. last year he brandished a dangerous weapon in a fight in a wal-mart parking lot. they organized protest.
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slap on the wrist for having inappropriate files on his computer. the department of criminal investigation investigated the issue. they didn't charge the chief with any crime. both agencies have sent the case to attorney general and want a unbiased opinion. a nonprofit group is teaming up to stop bullying. they counseled the students on sexual assault and violence. the spartan program held a bullying convention this morning. they hold one every academic quarter. the massage changes between the grade levels. today the younger students
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older students learned about stopping the spread of rue mono. espn anchor will receive an award. he's hosted a variety of studio shows. he's the host of espn's nfl draft coverage. he covered the golf u.s. hope for 30 years. >>reporter: a cloudy day today kept our temperatures in the upper 30s as expected. we'll see the cloud cover through the night tonight. late sunshine. here is a look at our skylight camera. of course as we work through the evening the cloud cover has been there throughout and we'll continue to see it throughout the area. the one thing we'll see south winds coming back into play and that will push our temperatures up. 34 in souix city.
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temperatures in the 50s. we'll talk about the big warmup and how long it will last in a few minutes. apple said they will defy a court order to help investigators break into the iphone of a san san bernardino shooter. they said complying with the order would build a back door to the iphone. the letter said such a move would potentially render tens of millions of devices vulnerable. >> what does this mean for the millions of iphone users in the u.s.
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investigates the cause. >>reporter: one security expect said the this court order is a slippery slope and not just for iphone users. >> in pursuit of information. they are willing to roll the dice with the digit 258 security of every american. >>reporter: apple said using this back door on one phone. apple said that's not true. this sec unique could -- technique could be used on any devices. among the users opinions differ. >> i believe security should trump that. >> i don't believe the fbi
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>>reporter: any flaw that's introduced into encryption. >> they will figure it out and everybody is open. >>reporter: nothing has changed among i pope discuss -- iphone customers. >> it's a complicated issue. >>reporter: in washington i'm jeff barns reporting. turkey is among the new essay talked. this is in the terror update. >>reporter: from the terrorism update. 20 people are dead and 60 injured after a car bomb
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the vehicles were carrying armed forces personnel. no one has taken responsibility for the attack. new york city officials are calling on the white house to not cut funding on big city initiative. new york gets $180 million to help fight terror. the right house proposed budget would cut that number in half. >> a $90 million cut is not right. >>reporter: the cut would affect large scale drills. from the terrorism alert desk in washington. still to come tonight at 10:00. >> we'll show you how a sergeant will see his dying wish come true thanks to a casino.
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3 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. please tell me i get to see the sun tomorrow. >>reporter: not a lot of it. we might see a little bit. >> it's been so overcast this week. >>reporter: friday is the day to play hooky. the sunshine for friday and saturday. for mid february we'll see those
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as we head to the early part of next week still temperatures are right above avenue ambulance -- average for this time of year. right squeeze-out patchy fog. the cloud cover is lining up along the stationery. it will inch it's way southward. it will move back to the north on thursday. that will push a warm front just through the souix city area. the boundary kicks off to the east. it may be a wind shift. we'll see west to northwest winds throughout the day on friday. that will push temperatures up- close to 60 and in some cases back towards rapid city closer to 70 degrees.
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along the way. 34 and mostly clear skies. the clouds in the upper level in the upper level. take a look at current temperatures. 34 at yankton. ducane also at 35 degrees. the winds are picking up a bit. those winds will stay breezy throughout the night. mostly cloudy night and patchy fog on thursday. 32 is what we'll look for in the overnight low. after that the south winds will keep the temperatures up nicely. over the next few days we'll look for diana's sunshine on friday. it's there with a high of 60 and will stick around for the rest of the weekend.
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coming up "siouxland federal credit union presents the jefferson award." 3 each month siouxland news and the siouxland federal credit union present a local volunteer with a " jefferson award." it's a way of recognizing each month sioux land news and the federal credit union present a local volunteer with a jefferson award. it's a way of recognizing those in public service. >> this is a long time businessman and he has a long time dedication for donating blood. almost 30 years. >>reporter: meet steve thomas. you can call him a lifesaver. >> he's given back so much more in the community. we could never thank him. >>reporter: he made 127 blood
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>> i want to pay back. >> thomas has been rolling up his sleeves in the community for 27 years. >> that's so hard to think about how much blood that is. that's almost 16 gallons of blood. that's enough blood to save the lives of 381 people. that's more than the population of iowa. >>reporter: that's why they nominated the lifelong doener. >> -- donor. >> i didn't know what it was until claire nominated me. it was a-ok. >>reporter: thomas first gave blood in 1989 when hit wife started having contractions. >> there were complications and it involved a lot of blood donations through the blood bank. >>reporter: thomas drove her to the hospital and his wife was rushed because of her nonstop
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he jumped in to save his wife's life. >> it's such a righteous cause. anybody that can give blood it doesn't hurt. it's fun. it's a social experience. >>reporter: this is what makes thomas our award resip pian -- recipient. >> if you know someone like thomas you can nominate them today. go to our website and go to the form under the jefferson award tab. a new drill that could treat cavities. >> how much it cost coming up in tonights health watch. but soon it will. in our nation's capital.i'd like to take those of you who live in reality on a little trip >> it's been said crime doesn't pay but soon will in our nations capital. i would like to take those who
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washington city council. dc is one of the most violent cities in the nation. according to neighborhood scout 90% of neighborhoods are safer than dc. it's important they pick programs to reduce crime. they will identify 200 people each year that may be prone to activity. the group will take part in behavior therapy. the idea is to keep them away from a life of crime and they get paid $9,000. what could possibly go wrong? the cost to implement the program is $25 million over 4 years. it could began this summer. in the bit of irony the city will seek volunteers to run the program.
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the criminals
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>> there is a new drill that could replace it. >>reporter: it's a sound that makes us all scared of the dentist. you won't here that sound at this practice. this is how the pediatric dentist is treating tooth decay with floss and fluoride. >>reporter: this method is quickly becoming available across the country. >> we treat it like a chronic disease rather then an acute disease. >>reporter: the university of sidney said this reduced the need for fillings by 30%. he began using the product in april. he tested it on 60 patients. no surgery or sedation. >> it worked for us. >>reporter: two of those patientes 6-year-old emlay and
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>>: noing that shots and antes i can't had toe be done. they aren't traumatized about coming. >>reporter: the no drill method is a fraction of the cost. drilling and anesthesia can cost 3 to $5,000. >> this is very disruptive in that it has the ability to be more effective and lower the cost for everybody. >> that cost difference is the root of the problem for the dental community. the fluoride method doesn't cost as much as drilling. some dentist have been over drilling. they hope the procedure will catch on and cut down on drilling for profit. >> things will change. they have to change for patients. >> malissa howl reporting.
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dental association created an insurance code for the procedure. you need to check with your own insurance company to see if they cover it. the american heart association presented murphy with a breaking news quality achievement awardation part of the heart association guidelines improvement program. that reward recognizes the step murphy took to improve the out come of the patients. murphy said if i am provements -- improve they will receive a siller and -- silver and gold award. tony is suffering from muscular dystrophy. it will take his life within the next 6 months.
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that will cost $7,000 due to his condition. he already raise $5,000. girls regional basketball
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several 3 moc-floyd valley may not be ranked but they've sure been giant killers this season. their resume includes wins over then-18-0 okoboji and most recently 11th ranked sergeant bluff luton. but number 7 sioux center has already beaten them twice this season.and the two floyd valley may not be ranked anymore. they have been beaten twice this season.
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moments later sioux center gets on the board. jordan with the three. warrior's take an one point lead next time down the court. jessica herold with the steel. warrior's up three. center starting to pull away early. sheala post misses the 3. they get the rebound and push back. warrior's now up 7. they will play lake for the region title. warrior's win 73-45. 7-13 visit monarch. jacki with the rebound and a nice move for the foot back. he came back with sweet moves
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long goes off the glass. they had some thing going. engrams follows her own and scores. megan with the rebound and put back. he made the free throw. she was up 9-5. they win it 66- 40. they play harland saturday even. lamar is hosting storm lake looking for their first play. lamar is with katrina. she missed the foul. jen snyder with the lay-up. bulldogs up 47-13. katrina gets the lay-up 49 to 13 bulldogs. lamar is pouring itn.
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it's 54-13. rachel gets the jumper. the tornado still down big 54- 15. 5-4 north hosting 4-17 east. north is up 6. it's 22-14. they'd to the stars lead. the raiders started to come on strong. riley with the lay in. it's 24-18 north. north answered with the corner three with haley. the raiders would counter with a little more. that's a fearless left hand with for the lay in. they come all the way back. they will visit west in the semi saturday at 7:00 p.m. morning side visiting bryor cliff.
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he came off a career high. he gets the 3 point play. kicks it out to madison who hits the 3. lead backup to 12. jumper. that was a career high. told us morning side was good and brought it tonight. the defending national mustangs head coach improves to 29-2 in the rivalry. bryer chief is hosting south. they score down low. this is the top scoring team in the country. guys like clay get 18 points alone.
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someone told me a joke in my ear tonight. bryan had 9 points and 3 3 -- 3 three pointers. ryan is one point a way from 1,000 points in his career. number four iowa in big trouble at penn state. they have a losing record. they don't lose these gameless. peter gets the lay-up. had a game high 28. hawk eye is down 44. penn state upsets iowa 79-75. >> they had a great season so
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i want to mention too the e e 3 3 3 3 3 reporter: we'll have a bit of fog by morning. during the afternoon south winds take hold. we'll see sunshine in the
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