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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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legos. 3 3 a northwest iowa community fire department is looking for help from the public to expand its fire station.they're opening the doors *of* that station this weekend... to show people how badly the expansion is needed. 3 firefighters in orange city have only been in their current station since 1973... but say that building is no longer up to code and they need more space. 3 our jetske wauran was in orange city earlier today and joins us now.jetske... what are firefighters there asking from the public? 3 0 they are asking from the public. well, from gas leaks to structure fires, car accidents caused the -- the fire department has protected the city since eight teen 98. the assistant fire chief tells me they are in needs after a rage -- major renovation.
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the top three reasons why the orange sit fire department says they need expand their existing station. we just need more size. built in 1973. the station is due for a much needed upgrade on the building and equipment in order to respond more efficiently -- efficiently for emergency calls. >> we want to put -- clean the gear and put in a clean room with no contaminants. we are rung out of room for five-day forecasts re firefighters. we need to be able to be prepared for that all year-round. >> reporter: it would be funded through a bond issue. city funds of $700,000 and fundraising through the fire department of $160,000.
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>> in 1973 the trucks and vehicles was never designed to do all the different variety of rescues and type of rescue call that's we have now. >> reporter: if approved the remodel would take a little over in 2018. currently sized at over 1100 square feet, the new facility would nearly trim -- triple in size. >> it's important all year round we have great community support. >> reporter: there will be an open house tomorrow at fire station. and friday. voting day will take place on march 1st joochlt thanks. police in sioux city have a man in custody tonight accused of sends p -- spending count are
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he faces eight counts of forgery. he's been spending counterfeit 10, 20, and $50 bills. on three occasions alert clerks found the fake cash. he was making the money in a motel room. he's been -- being held on bond of 25,000. we had high winds today. images here show semi's blown off the road in plymouth county. that road was blocked for nearly five hours this morning. now this video from central shows a semi blown off the road. winds were fichlt, up to 60 miles per hour across the area today. >> we saw sustained winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour.
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effects around the area. we saw whipping flags and street signs and stop signs were shaking. . fortunately tonight those winds have calmed down a by the. temperatures are cooling down a by the. we had 60s earlier. there's a little by the of traffic out there on a quiet friday evening. into the weekend throning -- things get a whole lot better. just a little by the of cloud cover down to the south. just a fantastic evening. the temperatures have cooled off quite a by the. 46 in sioux city. 52 in lincoln and 40s out to the west. take a look at your weekend forecast. 55 in -- and sunshine tomorrow. 48 sunday with a few clouds bopping -- coming back into play. temperatures will be normal coming into next week. the good weather also good
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repair crews since the gins of the year the -- beginning of the year, crews have fixed over 3,000 poet holes. crews are workday and night. they expect to see a higher amount this year because of the above average snowfall. can you -- you can report a pothole in your neighborhood. that is online for the information for you to contact -- contact them. trinity rail has decideded to cancel an already delayed sioux city facility. >> it would have created hundreds of jobs. jaclyn driscoll spoke with city officials today to -- who say they are already trying to tract a new tenant to the yard they built for trinity. >> reporter: originally scheduled to open in the
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the rail car maintenance facility has been canceled. it would have created 250 new credits. >> it's disappointing in that we thought trinity was a good fit, company. it's disappointing they won't be coming to sioux city. >> reporter: back in 2013 when they announced the expansion, theres with with a -- was high demand for transporting oil but now prices are down. >> the oil market has changed a lot. that affected their customers. they were going to rebuild rail cars, specifically oil tanker cars. >> reporter: they were marketing the facility and they are confident the facility will be used by another suitor. >> we never stopped marketing because they never officially entered into the agreement.
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that's picked up in the last few months. it's a fantastic site. it's got rail service. all utilities and streets are all in. we're pretty confident we'll see another industry come along and want to locate on that site. >> not everyone has a drop-in portrayal yard like we do. lots of manufacturing is heavily relying on railroads. they have -- we have something we can market something that not many others can. >> will not move forward for now. and as you can see, marty didn't seem too concerned about the impact this will have on sioux city. it will tract other possible suitors.
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75,000-square foot facility in the bridgeport industrial area. they are remodeling the site. it will be the company's new distribution center. >> reporter: they are growing. they are successful. they could have done nip where in the midwest and they chose to stay here. wee proud of the fact we would -- could work with them and have a development that we're all proud of. >> reporter: the new facility will be more than cabal -- double the size of current warehouse and it will create 50 new jobs. a unique exhibit for the next few months. the art of the brick opens tomorrow. it exhibits large-scale sculptures made out of legos. it's for everyone. kids and adults. >> the exhibition is sxeshl because kids are into -- special because it's special. kids are into it.
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>> it's one of the largest ark -- art exhibits in the warmed. it's on display in many may the eighth. students in south sioux city got some advice on starting a business. 75 students from cardinal elementary who were mentors started a "jumpstart market" at the college center this morning. they learned what's -- what going -- goes into make a successful small business and they made some baked goods to sell. >> we had kids that we've mentored for the past couple weeks and taught them was what goes -- what goes into starting a business. and we thought them -- taught them other things how to take aye out a look -- loan and operate successfully. >> the students sold the
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people with a fear of clowns beware, there's an international convention of clowns this weekend. people are improving their clowning skills. this is in the did area of sioux city. -- downtown area of sioux city. they practiced engaging with theiraence. >> it's a great thing. people are in town. they are from all over north america. we have folks here from all over the united states, canada and mexico. >> tomorrow morning the clowns will hold a exit competition. it's free -- skit competition. it's free and open to the public. it should run in many about noon tomorrow. earlier this month, two women in nebraska were diagnosed with the zika virus. now it's spread into iowa. what you can do to protect
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coming up "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana
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meteorologist chad sandwell 3 3 there is one person who really enjoyed todays temperaturestake a look at 0 there is one person who really enjoyed today -- today's tex -- temperatures. take a look to what chad was up to during the 5:00 forecast. please tell us these temperatures are going to stick around. >> well, it is going to be a -- just a touch cooler over the next couple of days. but the sunshine is going to be out. if you have the reflective year -- gear that i h you should be able to catch some raise with
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we're looking at a quiet night. it's not 40s are -- across most of the area. 55 tomorrow and a little by the cooler for sunday. weak cold front is pushing through. but the temperatures are -- will stay in the 40s. that's above normal for this time of year. the last sixer -- hours, very little to talk about. -- six hours, very little to talk about. from sioux city to siouxity -- falls -- sioux falls things replan -- remain pretty clear. things are very, very quiet. that's good news. as we head throughout the afternoon, we'll see plenty of sunshine on saturday. temperatures are mid 50s. the cold front to the west. that will fizzle out. the cold front will drop down
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it will finally make its way here sunday to sioux city. temperatures on sunday only makes sense to be a little by the cooler. still upper 40s is nothing to complain about for the middle of february. 15 miles per hour for the southwest winds. little cooler to the east. spencer is at 38. 40s three in yank ton. temperatures are -- arching ton. -- winds are generally out of the southwest in many cases. 5 to 15 miles per hour. i think the winds will continue to die off a little by the as we head to the overnight hours. calling for clear skies and a little bit on the chilly side. 55 for the afternoon high. looking for a north wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour and there's an -- a look at your extended forecast.
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normal through the middle of next week. coming up.
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pain -- campaign against isis is new information about some of the isis fighters killed in the past year... shedding *disturbing* light on the 0. new information by some of the isis fighters bill -- killed in the last year is shedding disturbing light on the tactics of the group. >> here's the update. >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington, u.s. air strikes in libya killed at least 40 people. it killed a suspect linked to a -- an attack in asia. isis is sdmroiing -- deploying children as smith -- fighters
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higher -- higher rate than thought before. at least 89 boys died fighting in the name of the isis group and smof -- some of those boys were younger then 12 years old. a leading suspect related to the bus els attack hid for months. a cough could be a system -- symptom after a wide variety of illnesses.
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diagnosis s s it's a familiar sound this time of year --- that hacking cough. colds and congestion 0 it's a familiar sign that time of year, the hacking cough, cold, and congestion that can take over in the winter. >> not all coughs are the same. 0. >> reporter: ms. felix has had it with your -- her knacking cough. >> i haven't gotten any better. >> what does the cough mean? this time of year most patients have a cold and cough from post nasal drip is the doctor says. >> what starts out is something with a cold or nasal congestion
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keep -- deeper in the -- into the chest and cause a drawn-out illness. >> if it ends with a rattle, it may be asthma. with mucus it could be a sign of pneumonia. >> cough that's are more concerning are coughs orientated with -- orb vated with real difficulty breerjing. >> reflux disease and a severe cough followed by whoopn -- whooping could be more serious. >> doctor recommended an asthma medication to open her passage way and honey to ease the throat and cough. >> coughing up blood or
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breathe indicates a need for immediate medical attention. iowa has reported its first confirmed case of the zika virus. the virus has been found in a woman 20 ages of 61 and 80 years old who recently returned from a trip to central america. there is minimal risk to the general public in oars -- iowa because the mosquito that's carry the virus don't live here. people so -- should take care to protect them seisms from the mosquito bites if they travel there. day two of the state
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-- 3 i'm chris neyenhouse here in des moines for state wrestling where daniel bishop of hinton 0
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des moines for state wrestling. danielle has already punched his ticket to the state championship. also in one a rich yard son is undefeated and he punched his ticket in the 220-pound bracket. six wrestlers in both two a and three a trying to do the same thing here tonight. three a's last standing was clayborn. his match came down to the wire. he came up with five huge points to win the decision. he's on to tomorrow's championship round. >> oh. it's great. i mean, i've always dreamed i would be in the state finals but it doesn't hit you into
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>> reporter: in poke hint as and spirit lake park kyle wright. curry will have a chance to avenge last year's loss. he won his semi final match to earn the rematch. he's been thinking that have all jeer a lot of nights i go to sleep dreaming about it and wake up and do something about it. this is a dream come true. i'm very blessed to be in the finals again. i know it will be a great match. >> reporter: van't hof he fell by decision after being tied in the final period. now nebraska's results. >> reporter: thanks. century link center in
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a -- a 9-4 decision. >> it's a big deal. work hard owl -- all year to get here t. paid off. >> reporter: ricard advanced to the class b finals. and clayton zach hayes he advanced to the class a finals. >> i worked my butt off. i know what i got do. i'm going to go out there and do my best. >> reporter: clayton senior zimmer also advanced to the class b on 126 finals and in class c 132, o'neill advanced to the finals with a decisive 13-4 decision.
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with a 7-0 decision. and another state title as he advances to the class a 152 finals with a 4-3 decision. >> all the hard work that's put in the practice room and the hard work put in my i -- by my team meets. i -- teammates. i feel to get my pay day, i guess. and a remourned tonight that tomorrow night's iowa championship matches in all classes will be broadcast live on our -- our sister station fox 44 beginning at 6:00 tomorrow night. it will run until 10:00 or so depending on the allege of all those matches. >> the muskies taking on the force. 1-0.
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to attempt another shot but gornet. he gets the safe -- save. a few minutes later josh wilk. >> reporter: ns. he shoots from the winning. got his own rebound.
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1-1 but they go on to 3 3 3
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you did earlier. >> if you missed the chance earlier, don't worry. it's still looking nice. still the ability to get out and enjoy the sunshine. we'll see a few more clouds. a little cooler weather with the cold front sunday. high temperatures will be 48 degrees. there's a look at your extended forecast. we stay in the 40s through the end of next week. >> that sounds really good. >> hard to believe it's if you remember -- february. >> join us tomorrow night at >> jon: stephen colbert!
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: hey! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show." thanks, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) thanks, everybody. please! welcome to "the late show." hello, jon! i am your host, stephen colbert. what a beautiful crowd we have here tonight. and we've got some very special audience members tonight. they're joining us from the united states coast guard reserve, everybody. please, give them a hand over there. ( applause ) thank you so much for being here. ladies and gentlemen of the


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