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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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future of iowa's medicaid program... the fight appears over for now.federal regulators say governor branstad's plan to *privatize* the program *can* go ahead. 3 3 and tonight that story is new at ten. 3 3 the governor's office announced this afternoon that the centers for medicare and medicaid services have approved the transition to a "managed care" system. iowa will join 39 other states and the district of columbia by allowing private insurance providers to manage the medicaid program... with state oversight. the original target date for the switch was january 1st... but that was pushed back to march 1st... and now april 1st. the governor argues the change will pushed back to march 1 and now to april 1. the governor argued that the change will provide more efficient and effective care. democrats vow to insure strict
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the woodbury county super visors board is setting the budget for the year. they foes cussed on revenue for the county's emergency reserve fund. in addition, the county will borrow five and a half million dollars to fund the coming years capital improvement program. >> we accomplished property taxes going down for the second year in woodbury county,. >> reporter: the super visors are expected to finalize the budget at a special hearing on march 15th. they are also looking to restore the woodbury county courthouse, that includes replacing lights inside of the
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the lights need to be entirely replace. and the fixtures will have to meet historic changes. >> major changes are underway for the diocese in iowa, the changes will effect all 108 parishes. the priests will be at the announcement thursday and we will have the latest on our thursday news cast and online at our website, a plymouth county judge has ordered a new trial for the
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the suspect was arrested later and charged with his mothers murder. >> a north east nebraska man has been arrested for murdering his wife. around 9:00 saturday night, he and his wife were arguing when he stabbed her multiple times before injuring himself. he was taken to the hospital in o'neill where he was later arrested. he's being held on a $2 million cash bond. >> we have an update about some west side neighbors this sue sioux city who said that the dirt roads were impassable.
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work on west seventh street overnight to make the road passible. this dirt rode has been out of commission since the blizzard earlier this month with ruts more than a foot deep. >> it's a muddy rough mess to climb. i have a four wheel drive and most of the people have trucks but it's still hard. >> reporter: for as long as residence can remember, this has been a dirt rode and the city has no plans to change that. >> some people ro okay with living on a dirt rode, others really want pavement of some sort. >> reporter: sioux city has a
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which are a difficulty to maintain. the city tries too keep up. they said that some people make the mistake of hiring private contractors to put salt on the dirt roads, the city will not do that because it turns the dirt into a wet muddy mess. >> cars not get up here to pick me up and take me to the hospital. i cannot walk down and get to the grocery store. >> reporter: the field services mrg said the city works with local managers to keep the streets open. they would like to see the streets paved but it's an
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>> we are clear skies today. partly cloudy skies tomorrow temperatures on the chilly skies, lows in the mid 20s. what does that mean for your forecast for the rest of the week? we have your forecast coming up and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief 3 3 chad and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. up. chad is telling me if we hang on it could look like last
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>> hang on until the weekend. look at our sky lands camera, mostly clear skies, temperatures have been slowly falling around the area. 40 tomorrow, 37 on thursday. in between, maybe a few snow flakes tomorrow night. then as we head towards the weekend, 47 friday and 60 saturday. back to the 40s as we close out the weekend with another cold front pushing through the area. cloud cover over the earn half of the state. but in iowa and north east nebraska clear skies have been the rule of thumb throughout the night and that will continue to be the case in the overnight hours. by wednesday morning we have
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in the evening hours, you see a bit of a ribbon of snow fall that will continue to move through the air tomorrow night. when we wakeup thursday morning we will continue to see some cloud cover and north winds through the first part of thursday which will help keep the temperatures in the 30s. eventually the winds will turn back to the south, and that will help us warm up as we head towards the weekend. north west winds at 5 miles per hour. relative humidity at 82%. it's 31 in north fork. the temperatures are slower to fall with the cloud cover, 33 in spencer and 34 in storm lake. you see a bit of a breeze in storm lake as we push into the
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>> 26 is the overnight low under partly cloudy skies. north windsa at five to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow increasing clouds. watch for a few snow flakes late into the afternoon and early evening. as we look towards the weekend, plenty of sunshine with highs pushing up towards 60. >> we are six weeks away from the april 1 deadline to file
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tax season is in full swing as millions of americans are filling out that tax season is in full swing and millions of americans are filling out the paper work hoping for a return and not a balance due.
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one of those dreaded ought id notices. >> -- audit noticed. >> the odds of getting audited are pretty low. >> reporter: the odds are less than 1% for middle income filers. they go up with income levels. they are not as difficult as you might think. >> a lot of the time you just get a letter from the irs. >> reporter: here's something to keep in mind. just because the irs sends you an audit letter does not mean you owe more money.
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>> reporter: some things that cause an audit, taking an early pay out from a retirement account or a lot of deductions. >> the time too do good tax planning is not in march but in the 12 months receding march.
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attend a nationally eighteen years ago... connor henze (hen-zee) lost his ability to hear when he got sick as a newborn baby. now as our 18 years ago connor henze lost his ability to hear when he got sick as a baby. now he says, if anyone wans to tell him he cannot do something, he is not listening. >> reporter: senior connor henze is an an imposing figure on the basketball court. the people cheer, but he cannot hear them, he's deaf. >> we were told he would be deaf.
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i this that disease, from that point on i was deaf. >> reporter: at the age of three conner met his interpreter, she does more than just sign the plays to conner on game day. >> she's just watching him. she will come to me saying, you are telling him to do this and he's not doing it. she tattles on him all of the time. >> conner remembers the first day that the coach came to recruit him. >> i was so happy, i had to work my butt off. >> if he was not deaf, any high school in our area would be
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he's the biggest athlete i have ever had. >> reporter: in a sport where trash talk is big, conner is in a good place. >> if they say bad things, i cannot hear them. >> reporter: what is next for conner is college. he will be going to galudet university in washington, dc. it's the only higher education institution where all programs and service are specifically designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students. >> it's the opposite of what you are used to. >> i want to be in a education career with a major and education and a minor in sports
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play basketball for them for the next four years. >> will you miss him. >> yes very much. >> wherever he goes he will have a cheering section in siouxland, whether or not he can hear them. game night is back and we
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coming up, it's game night, sponsored by absolute screen art and iowa lakes community college,
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game night, presented by iowa lakes community college. >> welcome back to game night. the top ranked boys team is two wins away from going to the playoffs. the game was being played at west lion high school. they got some relief from wagner. next, western christian responded. the basket was good. they make a run, he nails it
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first half, he gets the contact and the basket. jessee nails the three. the score was 80 -- 40. >> the warriors picking up action with less than three minutes left in the first quarter. he passes and lays it in for two. next possession, he gets the four, 12 to 11 sioux city, then el lshes ishes ot is open for the three. this tbaim was back and fourth -- this game was back and fourth.
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western christian. >> now boyd hall. saint maries gets an early start. next possession, he comes back with a three pointer. this senior puts it up one, he's back on, gets the layup. saint maries could not find an answer, he makes the inside basket. >> in the other half of the bracket, hms taking on central lion. they take no time at all to get
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they get a quick two-point lead. later in the first quarter, the hawks retaliate. he drives to the hole and gets the layup in the basket. central ties it back up. hms staying strong. the big man jumps over everyone, hawks take a one point lead. he gets the long ball, it's good. central lion moves on to face boyden hall. regional play beginning in
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dakota valley up by eight. more offense for the panthers with the running jumper. just a seven-point lead with five to go. he's going down to the stretch. here's mckaid again with another basket. valley moves on, they will host lennox in the semi semifinals. nice finish. later, wykof gets the three. he means business.
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>> do not the folks over at nebraska preps recently bestowed the ranking of number one upon the south sioux city girls basketball team. something many folks never would have thought
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bestowed the ranking of number one to their opponents. it's a step towards what they hope is a grand championship run. trainer leads the break. she's going to be a key player assuming that the cardinals go against some stronger teams down the road. she hits the three, seven to five cardinals, still tied in the first quarter. the islanders are keeping it close but the cardinals win. too the boys side, in the first
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line, plu jays up seven -- six. he comes back. layup, they are back up on top. now w ashes ldner with the -- waldner with the layup. they win 60 62 to 48. then norfolk catholic, they hustle. knights up one, he finds the
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madison hangs on to win it. >> battle creek. that's lindsey. check them out in the second quarter. he hits the three. 15 -- 11. later in the second quarter, he hits with the jumper and battle creek is up by two. he falls to the ground, gets the loose ball. and battle creek moves on 55 50 -- 55 -- 44.
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he scores with the long three. stanton to within two. with less than seconds left, luth eshes -- lutheran high wins. >> now randolph. there was work to do thanks to guys like the cardinal's senior scorer. then carter was working it, it was 19 -- 18 in the first quarter.
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have a great night. we w w w >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: thank you so much, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome to can the to "the late show,"" everybody. thank you, that's lovely. thank you so much for joining us. a little out of whack there. thank you so much. welcome to "the late show."


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