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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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counterfeit bills are continuing to circulate around siouxland. the sioux city police have released this surveillance video which captured the man saturday using several caliphate bills, and you can see the tattoos on both arms, and behind his ear, and you're asked to call the crimestoppers hotline if you recognize this person. a cash reward may be paid for information leading to his arrest and conviction. a man is accused of striking another man with his vehicle, and facing additional charges. jeremy was arrested and charged last week with attempted murder. he drove to the car barn, looking for the victim, and he got out of the vehicle and threatened a group of people with a hammer.
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put it in reverse, and pinned the man against the side of the building with the car. he attempted to hit him again with the vehicle, but the man was able to get out of the way. he is facing six charges, armed with intent, assault with a dangerous weapon, causing serious injury, attempt to commit murder, bodily injury and second great criminal mischief. able be in court march be in court march 15. and giving terminally ill patients, a 50 do nothing vote, they have approved a bill that would help those in iowa get access to access medications tested in a federally approved trial. they brought the bill to the senate, after a friend suffering from a hunting disability and said that this has been approved in other states.
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the terminally ill patients that have exhausted all the current treatment options. it is one of those pieces of legislation we started on about two years ago, and it has been adapted in 24 states, and we are happy that it went through the iowa senate, 50-0. >> that is also being tested as a treatment for some incurable diseases, and they will will hopeful it will pass, it saying it is not a democratic or iowa. packages being recalled mack and damien nuts, -- macadamia nuts, distributed to 240 grocery stores in iowa, nebraska and south dakota, illinois, kansas, minnesota and
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color to ounce plastic bag, sold last year to february 3 of this year, and if you have the product, throw it away or return ito a local store for a full refund. the sunshine coming in and out, adding a bit of a chill. >> counting the days until we see the 60s.>> not until the weekend, and between now and then, clouds and maybe a little bit of snow, as early as this evening. and we are seeing overcast skies, and a little bit of moisture showing up on the satellite radar, mainly southeastern south dakota, continuing to the southeast through the evening hours. 39 in sioux city, 36 in sioux falls, and lincoln looking at temperatures in the 40s. as far as the planner goes, looking for some snow until the 9:00 hour, and then things will dry out a little bit, and looking for a cloudy start to the thursday.
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weather coming up. the support suitland soldiers -- siouxland soldiers, serving overseas, local groups sending care packages to 65 of the servicemembers from the siouxland area, asking members to help collect items for the care packages. they are asking for >> reporter: in bars, trail mix, beef jerky and batteries. >> many have requested donations, and we need for the expenses, and we will continue to do this because it is a super organization. >> you can drop off the items that the indian hills shopping area this saturday, deborah 27, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. after 30 years of planning activities for the school's programs, the boys club in
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boys and girls club of siouxland. sioux city is one of four left in the nation that only serves the boys, and starting june 6 they will accept girls into the summer program, and this more closely represents the idea of the national organization, the boys and girls club of america. >> the needs are getting greater, and although there are some great agencies that serve the girls, the need is greater, so we want to make sure we do our part to help do what we can to serve all of the kids in sioux city.>> they will be excited to see more siblings participating together and club events. locally grown produce soon returning to sioux city, the farmers market will hold its first meeting tonight at 6 pm for the vendors that are interested in participating. it will take place at the event center parking lot, and they
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arts, crafts, fresh and flowers. the farmers market will begin may 4 and continued through october 29 on wednesday through saturday from 8 am to 1 pm. we have a cancellation about this festival event, due to the lack of snow, the 14th annual homemade cardboard sled race will not take place as scheduled on february 28. the roosevelt high school is now the first goal in des moines with bathrooms for the transgender students.>> we went to roosevelt to see why the school made the change. >> reporter: with faculty restrooms that can now be used by anyone in the building. >> i was meeting with a young friend. >> reporter: this is spark from
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says that students come from all walks of life. >> there is a transgender population, and students that don't relate to a gender one way or another.>> reporter: it is privately located in the library. >> this definitely, as a transgender, you have to use this if any way possible, a second option. >> reporter: but not everyone is on board with this yet, saying it will take some time to get used to it. >> a lot of people don't really agree with the transgender services, so i feel like it is just different. >> reporter: the principal says that if the change can make an impact on even one person, it is worth it. >> we have a responsibility as an adult in the building to make sure that students feel included, safe and accepted, and i feel somewhat ashamed we did not think of this before. >> the university of nebraska is part of the study showing
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affecting the sea levels far more than they previously thought, affecting the world's layers of ice, and making coastlines more vulnerable to rapid increase in sea level. the project which included in antarctica is shielding the best understanding of sea levels and how it changes with the concentration of carbon dioxide. they call these findings alarming. a big win in nevada, and adding to the victories. >> challengers say that the race is just heating up, and they will stop the businessmen. web the latest on the 2015 race from washington. >> reporter: with a very exciting evening last night. a dominating win in nevada, a competent donald trump on wednesday started speculating about his pick for vice president. >> i want somebody that is political because i want to get lots of great legislation.
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>> reporter: donald trump received his first endorsement from congress, chris collins in new york has said he wants to shake up the washington status quo. marco rubio came in seventh place, brushing off the victory. >> the republican nomination is decided by delegates, over 1200 delegates. >> reporter: donald trump is 181 delegates, and rubio and cruz -- cruz have 17 each. >> reporter: ted cruz is hoping to carry his home state of texas on tuesday after a disappointing third-place finish in nevada, and he has lost -- has the support of the governor of texas. >> i'm asking my fellow delegates to join me in supporting a true fighter for liberties. >> we have six days to lead in
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let's get to work.>> reporter: the next gop debate is set for thursday night in houston. >> president obama may be looking at a republican to replace the supreme court justice antonin scalia, and the nevada governor is being vetted by the white house for the open place on the supreme court. a spokesperson for sandoval says that neither the governor or his staff have talked with the white house about the high court vacancy, and the nevada senator harry reid says that he was told that the president would make the decision. still to come, how many hours of homework or your children assigned each night? >> taking a look at the great homework debate, and what the experts are recommending for the national average on
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3 3 basketball players have the highest rates of sudden cardiac death in the us basketball players have the highest rate of sudden cardiac
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>> the current study could help doctors determine what is normal and abnormal when it comes to the heart of an athlete. >> reporter: at seven at 7 foot -- 7'1", isaiah was built for basketball. after two standout years on the court for baylor university, he was heading for the nba draft. >> i was playing some the best basketball of my life. >> reporter: doctors ran test, including imaging of his heart, it is a genetic condition that leads part of the aorta abnormally large, and putting patients at risk of sudden cardiac death appears back accepting that, help is more important. >> reporter: the researchers at the columbia university medical center in collaboration with the nba have released a new study that examines the hearts of the nba players. >> we have provided a frame of reference that all doctors can use to help to decide what is
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reporter: researchers and lies the echocardiograms of more than 500 nba players, and they found that while the heart increased proportionately with their size, the aorta was not proportional. >> the aorta reaches a plateau, so matter how big you get, there was a limit. >> reporter: and isaiah will not be able to play in the nba. >> basketball is my first love. i am golfing. i'm actually pretty good. >> reporter: he is using his foundation to educate other athletes. >> imagine how long those clubs are. many parents and educators are resigned to the idea that homework is part of learning. but when is it too much? clinical psychologist are saying that younger children should have no more than 20
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>> their attention span is short, and they need to be doing other things. they need to be mastering test, task like being with their friends and family. >> the great homework debate, and we will tell you what the national recommendation is. despite the cloud cover, we managed to see the temperatures pushing into the lower 40s, and i believe things will get
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could see some snow "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming it is one of those days that when the sun is out it was not too bad, but chilly when it wasn't. >> those winds are picking up across the area, and believe it or not, seeing some snow across the area, and taking a look at downtown sioux city, mostly cloudy skies.
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day, and we did see the temperatures pushing the lower 40s, with overcast skies, as you head home from work. and a little bit of rain in some areas, and seeing a changeover to a little bit of snow. if you're out and about, be careful because you could encounter some slick spots. temperatures in the upper 30s tomorrow, and then we look forward to some great weather on friday and saturday with 47 on friday, 62 on saturday, and sunday and monday look pretty good even though we may see some rain. on tuesday, another front coming through, bringing us another chance for snow. we will turn the page from february to march, and still talking about snow. most of this snow is across the southeastern south dakota, rain mixing in, and that from
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happening until 10 pm this evening, and things will move out quickly. cloud cover working this way toward the southeast. this area of low pressure, continuing to slowly pushed out of the region, snow will be a distant memory, looking for cloudy start for thursday. the high pressure will settle in, and that will quiet things down a little bit across the area, looking for mostly sunny skies on friday. the winds turning to the south will help to warm us up friday afternoon, and certainly into the weekend. snowfall potential is less than i half-inch across most of the area, so if we see snow, be careful on your evening commute. taking a look at your forecast for tonight, looking for the overnight low around 30 degrees, a little bit of light snow possible with the northwest wind at 15 to 20. on thursday, mostly cloudy skies and a little bit of sunshine with highs at 37.
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everybody is watching for saturday, and we keep bumping the temperature up. >> please, we do not want to hear the word "no" -- snow anymore.
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to talk about "sports, with sports director
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3 welcome back to the muskies coaches show. head coach jay varady is here. and welcome back to the muskies show, hour head coaches here, news breaking over the last few hours, the captain is heading to the duke, top team points wise and let's talk about what made you make this move, a very difficult one to make. >> any move that we make, we are trying to make our team better and make it better in the future. >> what are your emotions like in a situation like this, having to say goodbye to your captain? you had to do that, and what was that like for you. >> it was a hard day.
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is a great player, and he was ai4=lxjrthe team that was so good, made the playoffs, and i was able to coach him, and my relationship with ryan is fantastic and it was a tough day for everybody. >> and you get another player thth was drafted in the nhl just like ryan, and his name is pat holdaway. the numbers might not look like they mess, but explain to the fans why this was a trade that made sense for the team.>> for us, we are going through a lot of injuries, and because of that, we are trying to build a team that can win, and we have the nhl draft pick coming back our way, it is 6 foot win, and we have the nhl draft pick
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6'4", and a tough player.>> and getting to town, do expect them to be in the lineup this weekend ? >> he will be in the lineup with us this weekend, and be part of the team. >> a lot of games in this two- week period, and you started off the big win on friday, and what will it take you, another three-day weekend coming up, what will it take to make up ground? >> we have to get back to our complete game, and able to play in all situations, and we have to be disciplined and good on our specialty teams. if you combine all that, you have a tight team. >> and you like the street gang stretches? >> it is exciting this time of year, and playing a lot of hockey, and we want to play
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we are doing right now.>> the best of luck to you going forward, and thank you for explaining the big news today. i don't think my legs would like a three-game set. if you are heading out this evening be careful. we are seeing some snow across the area, and 30 degrees is the overnight low, winds at 15 to 20, and the snow will be out of here before you go to sleep tonight, 37 for tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are only going up from there, looking at a high of 47 on friday, and 62 on saturday with lots of sunshine. we have this week cold front coming through on sunday, but temperatures will not drop until the early part of next week.
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of snow.>> i cannot wait until & >> pelley: tornadoes bring death and destruction to the east after a string of deadly twisters in the deep south. >> i saw something coming at my face, and i said, oh, my god, i'm going to die. >> pelley: also tonight, trump with the victory of the night and the quote of the week. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> pelley: a jury awards millions for a cancer death linked to talcum powder. and driving down racial barriers. >> for me as an african american from a diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that legacy. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this could be a dangerous night in the east. a tornado is blamed for at least three deaths in virginia today. twisters were also reported in north carolina and florida.


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