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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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comes to politics... is a flip flop different than a lie. 3 (homework debate)and... when is homework too much homework... especially for younger children?"every day she had to do reading, phonics, writing word math." 3 .3 counterfeit bills continue to circulate around siouxland.many of the bills ranging from a dollar all the way to a hundred. 3 3 counterfeit bills continue to circulate around counterfeit bills continue to circulate around siouxland. >> from a dollars to one hundred dollars. sioux city police captured this photo from saturday. this man used several counterfeit bills. if you recognize this person contact crimestoppers at this number. 258-tips.
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paid for information leading to his arrest and convention. 36-year-old jeremy was arrested and charged last week with attempted murder. court documents show he drove to the inn looking for the victim identified as kyle freeze. he got out of his vehicle and threatened a group of people with a car hammer. he drove his car toward freeze a building. he attempted to hit him again with his vehicle but freeze was able to move out of the way. jeremy is faced with armed with a dangerous weapon. causing serious injury, attempt to commit murder, and second degree criminal mischief.
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terminally i'll iowans iowan -- drugs. senate. after a friend that suffered from huntington disease said the idea has been approved in other states. >> it closes a loophole for terminally ill patients to find another option. it's a legislation we started 2 years ago and it's been adapted in 24 other states we were happen it went through. >> also devices that were tested for incurrable disease.
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this isn't a democratic or republican issue it's just a good thing for iowa. people volunteering at the fire department are getting the chance to get behind the wheel of it's truck. they laid out an an obstacle course. they learned what the course looked like in a classroom. bill said certain changes make this training necessary. >> trucks are bigger and heavier. we want to make sure they are safe. >> the course will last roughly 20 minutes and features several different obstacle.
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recalling nuts that may be contained with salmonella. they were in all hy-vee stores in illinois, wisconsin, iow , and kansas. if you have this product throw it away or return it to your local store for a refund. still seeing light snow across the area this evening as we look at our sky watch camera. i stepped out a few moments ago where there was blowing snow. it looks like it's tapperred off. the snow is pretty light out there. heavier snow is south of wayne. all of this is slowly moving towards the south. 35 degrees in sioux city. 33 in sioux falls.
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everybody on the map reporting mostly cloudy skies at this hour. our planner for thursday calls for mostly cloudy skies and 36 by noontime. temperatures don't get warmer than that. more details on your thursday, friday, and weekend forecast coming up. >> thanks, chad. they are building care mak -- packaging for home town heroes. they are asking people to donate items. >> they requested donations with expenses for mailing. we'll do that and continue to do that.
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>> you can drop off items this saturday from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. the boys club in sioux city will know become the boys and girls club. 4,000 boys and girls club. sioux city was one of the only clubs to have boys. the move more closely reflects the idea of the national organize the boys and girls club of america. >> the need is greater than they arable a to sever. we want to make sure we do our part to sever all of the kids in sioux city. >> they are excited to see more
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club events. the home made cardboard sled race won't take place as scheduled on february 28th at the park. while san south dakota wait to see if they pass the bill about which bathroom trance transgendered students will use. a local school has a transgender bathroom. >>reporter: these bathrooms can be used by anyone in the building. >> i was meeting with my young femme nannies group. >>reporter: there is a
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restauranted are located in the library. staff can monitor if students that use it. >> this isn't if you are transgender you have to use it. it's a second option. >>reporter: not everyone is onboard with this just yet. >> a lot of people don't agree with transgender so to say. i feel like it's different. >>reporter: the principal said if it change can make a impact on one person it's worth it. >> we have a responsibility to make sure our students feel accepted. and i'm a shamed we haven't thought about this before. >> a poll estimated that 3% as iowa's population identify themself as transgender. a woman is in custody after she threatened the president
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terrorism alert update. castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3
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3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. i really feel like rolling my eyes at you. every since you walked out and said oh, it's snowing. >> that eats been every day this winter. >> that's true. i get so mad. >>reporter: a bit of light snow out there. it won't last much longer. see aing bit of grassy accumulation. sky watch camera from downtown brought tow you by j.c. roofing and installation. extended forecast 37 tomorrow. it will be the coolest it's been in a while. it will only last a day. friday and saturday we'll see plenty of sunshine. 62 on saturday. they should put a star on that one. temperatures sunday and monday will be in the 50s. watch out early next week on tuesday.
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bring us another chance of snow. here is where the snow sits this evening. we are seeing a break in the sioux city area. moderate snow. this whole brand is moving towards the south. it won't be around too much longer. take a look on the satellite and radar imagery. i expect by about midnight this will be a memory for us. as we work into thursday cloud cover hanging around. that will keep temperatures in the 30s. we'll see breezy wind throughout the day tomorrow. we'll have a chill to keep temperatures in the 30s. as we go into thursday and friday we'll see how pressure to the eat. that will bring suit winds.
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that will republic -- really open the door for much warmer weather. north-northwest wind 15 miles per hour. relative humidity at 85%. 29 in spencer at this hour. 34 for lamar. 32 at wayne. we are checking in at 34 degrees. breezy at 5 to 15 miles per hour. might get stronger as we head through the overnight hours. light snow continues. 30 degrees is what we are looking at as an overnight low. for storm north winds from 10 to 20 miles per hour. keeps our temperatures in the upper 30s. as we look at the next several days plenty of sunshine friday and saturday. a little bit of cloud cover comes back on sunday mild weather is expected. >> a taste of your california.
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flip-flopping in the 2016 warm day this weekend. i'll tell you when and how warm we'll get tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. accusations of lying have been part of political campaigns almost since the beginning of time..and 2016 seems to be no different.but how much does it play a role for voters?and what accusation of lying has been part of campaigns since the beginning of time. >> how much does this play a role for voters and candidates that change sides on major issues. kristine takes a look. >>reporter: on the campaign trail it appears the truth may sometimes be hard to come by. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapist.
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mexican people. >> for most of his life he described himself as very pro- choice. >>reporter: it is a lie or flip- flop and does it matter? >> voters that are loyal and steadfast for their cab date most of this will go right over their head. it won't matter whatsoever. >>reporter: political analyst laura brown said for those undecided voters it could have an impact especially in the primary. >> the differences in issues are very small. they try to make a lot of these candidate differences and personality differences. >>reporter: on gay marriage hilary likes to say her position has evolved from -- >> a sacred bond between a man and woman. >>reporter: to this. >> i accept everyone love.
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opinion to evolve. >>reporter: voters may question the other reason for a candidates change of heart. are you changing your position from convenance or party and political purposes. >> there is one truth in this age of moble video cameras. everything a candidate says can be played back for weeks and years to come. israel's defense accused of iran of building a terror network. >> this is in tonights terrorism alert desk update. >>reporter: from the alert disk in washington dc. isis briefly took over the head quarters in libya.
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bodies to block roads leading to the head quarters. federal investigators say this woman is in custody after he threatened the president and fbi investigators on twitter. she posted their information on twitter. she's an isis sympathizer and posted information on several different counties. sweeper cells are be stockpiled in europe and in the united states.
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how much homework is too many parents and educators are resigned to the idea that homework is just part of learning and succeeding at school.but when does it become too educators are resigned to the idea that homework is part of learning and succeeding at school. >> when does it become too much. we explore the great homework debate. actually, we don't have that. >> jamie disappeared. we'll tell you more. many parents and educators are resigned that it's part of learning and succeeding at school. when does it become too much.
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get more than 20 minutes of homework a day. >> now, according to the rest of the story. well, now we'll go to sports right now. no mait has scored more
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>> morning side womomom 3 number four briar cliff's game notes read like a whos who of great naia basketball accomplishments. no team has scored more points this season, averages more number four brie your cliff game notes.
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this season or averages more per game than these chargers. i have the number one seed. they hosted northwestern tonight in the tournament. they are second in the g pack. former comet was part of that state team. 7 points of the game. point for the chargers speciality. shane from downtown the grad makes it 7-3 check out this sweet playground move from him behind the back. later in the first he was open from downtown again. with chargers coming all the way back. he scores. the chargers are up 12-10. they go onto advance in this
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morning side regained their number one ranking hosting college st. mary's the mustangs were down 18-0 in the first quarter. 3 pointers were needed. taylor got one from downtown. it's 18-13. madison scored the 8 point deficit. she was 5 will have 11 from downtown. this is how they retake the lead with the lay in. she had 13 points. the mustangs weren't just scoring from the 3 when they were behind. they took the lead and kept is lead going. alison got it there. the 8 point deficit became an 3 point lead. they win 82 to 72. the chargers were six
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they became an 32 member. with 3 minute left they are tied up. they need one more to reach the thousand mark. they were tied at 16. they make the 3. 19-16 chargers. the second quarter it's 20-18 chargers. they are up 23-18. she gets two at the line. keep it 1,000. she grabs it and puts it in. it's 28-25. the chargers up by 3. they win it 76-69. on the other side of the bracket the only two teams to defeat it. they host northwestern. pick up action in the second
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it goes to marty. she missed the foul shot. later in the second quarter northwestern up 2 and renee, there we go. that wasn't marty but kathy has a nice move. the panthers take an 2 point lead. now marty is up by 5. then alex finds kelly underneath. she misses the first shot. 65-64. over a minute alex hits the big three. lancers up 71-67. they win it over northwestern. that sets up brior chief.
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dakota gets west land. dakota will face west land after that. unity christian had members that will be part of the first team. on the boys side paul and damon are joined by coal lin, porter, both jordans. iowa is hosting wisconsin. jordan goes up against brown. later in the first half the game tied. he kicked it. during the three from the wing.
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less than 2 minutes remaining.
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iowa falls 3 3 3
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mostly cloudy skies. we will dry out after that for a few days with temperatures quickly warming into the upper 40s by friday and then over 60 for saturday. another cold front comes in on sunday to close out the weekend with another chance for a little rain with highs in the 50s. keep an eye on tuesday when we could see a little snow.>> 3 finally tonight check this out! >>reporter: things get better very quickly. we look for plenty of sunshine friday and saturday. highs back in the lower 60s. >> that's great to here. check this out. move over like button. you have competition on facebook. facebook announced they are expanding their new abilities on their news feed. they used to only have a thumbs up button. >> if you hoover your finger over the like button you will get other options. they tested it last year.
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