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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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just before 1:00 today, that man stole a vehicle from a family. before that he stole a pizza delivery truck and that was dumped at the van before taking off with the other vehicle at the farm. the police believe he was on the run after an incident where he's accused of assaulting an officer. on thursday, the police department received information about the card skimming device on york street. today, we spoke with the detectives investigating the case and trying to figure out what installed the device. >> the debit card wasn't reading properly and what ended happening, the company called it to have it serviced it and when the technician went out there, they found it.
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the skimmer was broken north hooked up properly causing it to malfunction. police encourage people to monitor their debit cards. gas pump skimmers are unable to be detected by the consumers. >> so they can't see it themselves. it looks like a computer cable and it reads the credit card that has been obtained and stores the data from that card, such as the numbers and pertinent data and can be made into another credit card and sold on the black market. >> thieves can return to the
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police are trying to figure out how it got in there. they don't suspect the employees. this is one of the first skimmers found in the area. >> this is the first time experienced it here and it's just a matter of time before we start to see more here. >> they are encouraging gas pumps to monitor their pumps daily. notify the gas station if you see anybody getting inside the pump box. a man is accuse of touching a girl over and under her clothes between the age of 7
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and told her said he would "come after her" if she told. >> one person is dead and another hospitalized with serious injuries after an accident on highway 75 this morning. according to sioux sheriff's office, a man was passing a semi when he collided with another vehicle. both drivers were trapped and had been extracted by the hall fire department. they were then taken to the sioux center hospital where one was pronounced dead, the other taken to the hospital for treatment. well, we saw plenty of sunshine around the area and we saw 50 degrees out there. yankton and clarkville, mostly
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into the late evening hours. cloud cover to the east and moving quickly, temperaturesdown to the 30s here. notice generally clear skies across the entire upper midwest. so we'll see a pretty nice weekend, sunny and high 60s, we'll see the cloud cover coming in and a cold front coming in that could bring rain to finish out the weekend. a sioux city man suffering from huntington's disease may soon have a treatment. it would give ter terminally ill people treatment. >> a man is very grateful for a
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that measure will go to the iowa house and hoping to be approved. there's a newfound hope. >> we will be married 20 years in july. >> reporter: they're one step closer for the treatment of huntington's disease. >> he was a veterinarian and he built the clinic in 2000 and had to retire in 09 because of the disease. >> reporter: he can no longer drive and his motor skills are affected. his wife is his primary care giver and says that most days are difficult. the couple has been able to push through it. >> your great,.
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reaction? >> well, very excited. >> reporter: on a 50-0 vote they passed the right no try bill and that would help them get access to medicines that available in pharmacies. now that the measure is going to the house they couldn't be happier. >> we know it may not be in me for us, but we have the opportunity to try it and it's worth it. if it can help others too that are in our situation too. >> reporter: they're part of the nonprofit group and if you want information how to help this family, go to students took part in the dare program today.
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the safety lock in today. the main goal of this program is to teach kids about alternatives to drugs and gangs. they watched movies and had a chance to go swimming and got a free backpack at the end of the day. one of the most popular
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tonight, that's coming up. "first alert 3 weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3
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today'y'weather and the upcoming forecast. absolutely gorgeous today. >> it really was, plenty of sunshine and a little bit of cloud cover and any cloud cover is now gone. >> good. entire midwest. take a look at the sky camera, excite evening. temperaturur are slowly cooling off around the area. a look at the extended forecast, 64 tomorrow and it's hard to believe we're in february and 20 degrees above average. 52 the high for sunday and still a possibility of a shower as the cold front comes through, look at monday, back up 60. next week, wednesday and thursday, we might see a little bit of a wintery mix then and in the 30s. cloud cover from earlier in the day working its way to the
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we have light winds and mostly cleared skies and that will be way it will stay for the rest of the night now. as you can see here, plenty of sunshine here and that won't change for tomorrow afternoon. we'll see a warm front slide to the north and that opens from the southwest and that's typically a warming wind there. as we head toward sunday, here comes this cold front and it will be a fairly weak one but some moisture with it, mostly to the north. we may get a few showers on sunday but then on monday, things quiet down and that's the way they head down next week. right now sioux city, 32 and
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winds are calm and temperatures are 37 at yankton. winds at 5 to 10 and expected to stay in that range or even lighter as we get into the overnight hours. mostly clear skies and 29 for the overnight low, then tomorrow the southwest winds at 15 miles-per-hour. other than that a beautiful day and the temp at 64. really not a lot of change through monday and we'll see the temperatures cool off for the middle part of the week. >> i'll pretend i did not see the temperatures for the middle
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how look to come in like a lyon all the details up on monday at 5:00 .m.. >
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after aggressive attacks from rubio and cruise. this morning he unveiled a big surprise, an endorsement from chris christy. he criticized trump and questioned his leadership as commander in chief. all of the candidates are eager to distance themselves from being called a washington insider. political experience in 2016 is
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>> the hattered -- hatred because i'm taking taking any of the wall street's money. >> they should be worried being the establishment. >> the screaming you hear now, is the washington cartel in full terror. >> reporter: the washing cartel, the party insiders and it's master politicians. >> well i don't think it's anything really. >> how do they explain the rise of carson or trump? neither one has served in office. >> they require connections and
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elite and he's been a path breaking neuro surgion. >> he hasn't been in congress. >> reporter: if a strict definition of outsider is applied just 34 presidents of the united states can be considered that. washington was the first and previously served in the military. russia and we have an update to the terror alert. >> reporter: from the desk here
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goes into effect at midnight. the key is hitting the terror group's finances. >> we have been processing this financeshal war as well as the military one and the goal is to make sure they don't have the money to go after people in iraq or in europe or here. >> reporter: ten terrorist attacks victims can get $10 million from a ruling the appeals court. they include survivors ffm a 1997 terrorist bombing that was supported by iran said a judge.
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van teen noe to replace another executive. he was elected after a strong campaign launched and promising the organization's focus to growing the support. >> your money and it's not the money of the people and the president, it's your money and you are the national association and the fifa must serve that and nothing else. >> they must work together with a committee and at the top of
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the iowa 3 department of public health is confirming two more cases of zika virus in the state.both the new cases are in middle- aged women who've department of public health is confirming two more cases of through sexual activity. iowa is one of the 27 states where the virus has been found.
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women but none of the those are in iowa. a baby is alive after a very delicate procedure performed on him before he was even born. >> reporter: just looking at grayson, you wouldn't know what he has been through until you see the scars on his chest. doctors here at the children's hospital of los angeles discovered he had a heart condition that would leave the heart undeveloped. >> you can imagine that having an undeveloped heart would be heart to survive. >> reporter: his heart was closing up. >> you feel like the cards are stacked against you. >> reporter: they inserted a needle in and put a small stint in to his heart and allowed the blood to flow back into the
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>> it's about 2 millimeters wide. >> reporter: and it worked and they performed open heart surgery ten weeks later. they converted his heart to two chambers. >> the right ven try cal is usually there on the right side. >> it was worth it and worth the wait. >> reporter: his 3 month old heart is now functioning as expected. >> what are the morning smiles? >> reporter: he still faces two procedures but he should have a normal healthy life.
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and east tonight's substate semifinal matchup with north is personal. their last three seasons, all promising sioux city's match up with the north is personal. all of the years they have lost in the tournament, the student sections for both bringing it. vander lou, bringing the point the heard way, he makes the free throw. north comes back out and gets the 3. vander lou with the shot and he misses, but they get the put back, 21-13 early in the second quarter. the raiders went back and extend the east's lead. then it's all east the rest of
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eastwood, 70-67. district five girls basketball, third quarter, warriors up big. after a defensive spot, 45-18 and we just started the third quarter. monica aarons pouring it on and crossing wind across. they're heading back to the state and ranked second. hey coach who will they face? >> well, you don't want to look ahead, we have games that we have to focus on, so you know, we would like to win some games. if we run into them we need to be prepared.
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here comes the blue jays. a foul by mad link and they get the run here. they have a big height advantage. after the missed shot here and not enough, after the put back. 53-40 and what does it mean to head back to play clawson? >> well, just getting a chance to play them makes us a play a lot better and heard, so we're look forward to playing them down the line. there's a lot of good teams besides them, so we'll take one game at a time. omaha nation in the district two finals.
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ashley runs the ball down the court and extends the lead. omaha nation taking the lead, 9- 5 in the second quarter. the warriors spencer herman gets the two points. the warriors win over omaha nation. north central for the 3- district title back at battle creek. emerson with the lay up. they tie it up and emerson gets the steal pass. they're up two in the first. inbound pass and gets it up for the drill. misses the lay up and hanson is there for the put back and
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and the pirates are going state, 52-59 winning it. school here. tying it at 17 at the half. nice move e inside and the lay up, they're up 19-17. still in the third, they're up 24-19. every point mattered and why not? pulling away and up 28-19, the rest of the points would come from three throws and they defeat saint maries. they make it to the tournament for the sixth straight year.
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i have plans to be outdoors all day tomorrow. >> good idea, because we'll see plenty of shine. the weekend forecast looking good even with the possibility of rain on sunday. 64 tomorrow and 52 on sunday. back to 60 on monday. the next couple of days as good as we've seen all year. >> let's just keep the rain away. >> well at least it's not snow. >> well the muskies tonight --. >> well another tough night at water lou. they are a part of a set this week, so the >> jon: stephen colbert!
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