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tv   Siouxland News At Sunrise  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00am-7:00am CST

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3 3 we start off the show on this "leap day"... the day before super tuesday... and the *back - and - forth* between republican in the race for the white house is at an all - time high. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are hoping to stop donald trump's momentum. and as c - b - s news correspondent don champion shows us... on the democratic side... hillary clinton is trying to build on *her* lead. 3 (pkg) (split screen sun0150
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marco rubio spent the weekend proving there's rarely any love lost in presidential politics.(sot sun0150 trump 1:06) we don't need a guy who is sweating and scared"(-:09) (white flash)(sot mon0029 rubio :44) "he doesn't sweat cuz his pores are clogged from the spray tan he uses." (-:47) at a rally in virginia sunday, rubio even took a deeper dig. (sot mon0029 sen. marco rubio/r-presidential candidate 1:10) "he's always calling me little marco. and i'll admit he's taller than me. he's like 6'2'' which is why i don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5'2". have you seen his hands? there like this and you know what they say about men with small hands" (-:23)(white flash)(sot mon0029 :28) "you can't trust them. you can't trust them. you can't trust them" (-:30) a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows trump (sun0146 1:23) ahead in georgia and virginia, but he trails ted cruz in texas. cruz now taking aim at trump for failing to condemn supportive comments (sun0072 :17) from former klu klux klan leader david duke. (sot sun0146 donald trump/r- presidential candidate :22) "i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. and i just don't know anything about him" (-:26)(white flash) (sot sun0233 sen. ted cruz/r- presidential candidate :49) there's always been ugly elements of politics and no candidate can control what outside groups do. but in my view racism and bigotry has no place in politics" (-:58)(sot sun0075 :05) "tuesday's a primary" (-:06) on the democratic side, hillary clinton campaigned in the south sunday, hoping to capitalize on her big win among black voters in south carolina. (sun0146 1:03)the cbs poll shows hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders in georgia, virginia and texas.
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3 more than 15 - hundred g - o - p delegates are up for grabs tomorrow. for the democrats... 865 delegates are on the line. 3 a sioux city play is putting a focus on raising awareness about h - i - v... and fighting the stigma behind it.the siouxland community health center and shot in the dark productions held a matinee performance of "the normal heart" play yesterday afternoon. there was also a panel discussion as well. the play gives us a look at the lives of gay americans and what they went through during
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new york city in the early eighties. the autobiographical play about larry kramer was written in 1986. it also talks about how the first community action agency worked to educate people about the aids epidemic. 3 "some of the stuff that happened politically and socially, and health wise really did affect the reason why the epidemic spread as much as it did//and theater other organizations really can go hand in hand to help educate the public.""part of literature is if you can get people to start thinking and asking questions it helps raise awareness. and so i think it makes people think about well does that actually 3 happen here."michael skaff is directing the show. it runs until march 7th. to find out more about the show and find out specific days and times... we've got a link in this story on our website... siouxland news dot com. 3 history buffs had a great afternoon yesterday at the dorothy (pee - coe) pecaut nature center.special guest and dordt
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culpepper talked about the nation's first president... george washington... and he tried to talk about parts of washington's life that aren't as well known. 3 "i think people like washington both inspire us to be better, to be more faithful, to be more responcible citizens. and then also they sort of educate us about what's been done in the past, and hopefully help us to learn, so that as we're doing things now as we're addressing situations that may in some way be similar today, we can apply those lessons more 3 effectively. "culpepper also gave an in - depth look at the president's strengths and weaknesses... and talked about how it all relates to candidates in the 20 - 16 presidential race. 3 3 we talked about super tuesday earlier... tomorrow's also voting day for a multi - million dollar bond to expand the orange city fire department. 3 tuesday march 1st... the public can vote on a bond issue that would pay for updating to the more than 40 -
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officials in orange city say their building isn't up to code anymore... the department needs more space... the building was built in 1973. the project would be paid for by a bond of 2 - million 7 - hundred thousand dollars. the city has 7 - hundred thousand dollars already... and the fire department has raised another 160 thousand dollars. 3 ""we running out of room, specifically for our fire fighters in the fact that we are out of training space and so we fight fires and respond to fire calls all year round, and want to be prepared for 3 that all year round."the fire department is asking the orange city community to help it meet its current and future needs. polls are open from 7 a - m to 8 p - m on tuesday. 3 last week the sioux city police department got information about a card skimming device attached to a gas pump at the cubby's station on york street next to sam's club. siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll talked with detectives
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trying to find out *who* installed the device. 3 "the debit card reader was not working properly and so what ended up happening was the company called to have it serviced and then when the service technician went out there to check it, they discovered that the skimmer was in there." this means that there is a possibility that the skimmer was broken or not hooked up correctly, causing the pump card reader to malfunction. still, police are encouraging everyone to continue to monitor their bank statements if they have used a pay at the pump option. unlike an atm card skimmer that can be seen with the naked eye, gas pump skimmers are unable to be detected by customers. "it's a device that is hooked inside the gas pump itself so the consumer cannot see the skimmer itself. it looks just like a computer cable and it's got a little computer device that's hooked into it and what it does is it reads the credit card that has been obtained. it stores the data from that credit card, such as the numbers and pertinent data. that way it can be made into a different credit card later on or sold to somebody else on the black market."thieves get the information stored in one of two ways: they can physically return to the pump to retrieve the device or some skimmers include a wireless transmitter. police are investigating how the device was put inside the locked gas pump. it does not appear to have been broken into and they do not suspect employees. and while this is one of the first skimmers to be found in the area, police say they expect to see more. "this is the first time i've ever experienced a gas skimmer here in sioux city, but i have
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so, i think it's just a matter of time before we start seeing these more in sioux city." 3 police want gas stations to check pumps every day for the devices. when you buy gas police say you can pay *inside* if you're worried... and tell someone at the gas station if you see *anyone* trying to get inside one of
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3 hold onto your mouse ears... disneyland in california and walt disney world in florida have demand - based pricing now.the resorts will charge *three* different prices depending on the time of year for a single day park ticket. the calendar will be divided into value... regular... and peak periods. a value one - day pass at disneyland... monday through thursday when most schools are in session... will drop to 95 - dollars.a regular pass... for most weekends and summer weeks... goes up to 105 dollars. then the price will then shoot up to 112 dollars on peak days. that includes most of december... spring break weeks... and july weekends. disney hopes its "surge pricing" will... quote... "help spread out visitation."
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3 3 we are about 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday quickly ahead of a cold front. #siouxlandwx 3 3 a partial ceasefire was supposed to start this weekend in syria... but no one is holding out much hope it'll actually last. coming up... we'll take you to one town where there's nobody left to fight. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at sunrise, with jacob
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3 "weather on the ones, brought to you by siouxland federal credit union" 3 clouds will increase throughout the day with temperatures reaching in the mid to upper 40s during midday before a cold front makes its way through the area.look for light snow tonight with temperatures in the low 20s. expect about 1 to 3 inches of accumulation.tuesday will be colder with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark and mostly cloudy. starting wednesday, another warm up will take place. skies will slowly clear throughout the rest of the week and temperatures will slowly rise to near 60 by sunday. 3
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3 3 here's what we're talking about on facebook this morning... the oscars were favorite movie last year?3 3 the i - r - s was hacked... and it's worse than they thought... (hen - nuh) hena
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3 the commerce department says the gross domestic product grew by 1 percent in the fourth quarter - that's better than expected.friday...the dow closed down 57 points.the nasdaq was up 8.(wipe vo)a cyber hack into the i-r-s is worse than initally thought. the federal agency says scammers gained access seven hundred thousand accounts - more than double than previously estimated. the information stolen includes data that could be used to file a false tax return and collect a refund. the i-r-s is mailing notifications to affected tax payers.(wipe vo) mercedes benz is swapping out robots for humans on its in an interview with bloomberg - the german automaker says the robots cant handle the complexity of customized options offered to customers. mercedes - benz processes 15 hundred tons of steel a day and churns out more than 400 thousand vehicles a year. (wipe vo)ben and jerry's is going vegan - with new flavors that include chocolate fudge brownie, peanut butter and cookies, chunky monkey and coffee caramel fudge. the dessrt flavors will be made with ice almond milk instead of cream. that's your cbs moneywatch report. for more log onto cbs moneywatch dot
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3 3 there was supposed to be a partial cease - fire in syria... starting over the weekend. nobody has much hope it'll actually last. but c - b - s news correspondent elizabeth palmer takes us to one town south of damascus that won't see any fighghng... because there's no one left to kill. 3 (cbs)the drive in to sheikh miskeen is a non-stop wreckage (cbs)and when you stopthere's silence. (cbs) before the war thirty thousand people lived here. now no one is left.(cbs)(oncam in the middle of rubble)opposition rebels - several groups working together - were so entrenched here that the syriananrmy couldn't advance. the stalemate lasted a year.until the army called in the russians.(best of youtube airstrike and battle) ch?v=sunhyqcvrbm https://www.yo
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wave of air strikes starting december - followed by a syrian army ground offensive - forced the rebels to retreat (cbs) (soldiers milling about behind rocket launcher - audio boom in the distance)today there are a few soldiers left are guarding the ruinsas the battle has moved on. (boom from rocket launcher)(cbs) (walking shot liz and jafar) upsot: lizyour two friendshow did they die?jafar oleyan is an infantry soldier - (2 cam shoot)liz: how fierce was the fighting?i can't even describe ithe says. the rebels had the advantage because they knew the terrain so well.liz: you must be exhaustedoh yes, he says. we are so tired.(soldiers walking up desolate road)victory has brought a lull... but what if the lull grew into a genuine truce?...... (liz and group of soldiers - show of hands)liz: put your hand up if you think it has a good chance(big show of hands)ya?liz: you are ready for the peace.but - one soldier - adds if we see isis or al nusrawe will kill them all.(cbs)(cu of giant syrian flag pull out to messed up street or flag and busted minaret)like his country syria.hoping for peacebut braced for a lot more war. 3
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3 lot more war.braced for a 3 lot more war. 3 3 thousands of just - released emails show michigan's govevement didn't realize how serious the city of flint's water problem was. after the break on siouxland news at sunrise... we'll show you why officials didn't think the city needed to change water sources. 3 temperatures are warming up rapidly thanks to an incoming cold front. look for a morning
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taylor" 3 clouds will increase throughout the day with temperatures 3 reachingn the mid to upper 40s during midday before a cold front makes its way through the area.look for light snow tonight with temperatures in the low 20s. expect about 1 to 3 inches of accumulation.tuesday will be colder with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark and mostly cloudy. starting wednesday, another warm up will take place. skies will slowly clear throughout the rest of the week and
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to near 60 by sunday.3 3 thousands of just - released emails show michigan governor rick synder's office struggled to get a handle on the (led) lead poisoning water crcris in the city of flint michigan. reporter adriana diaz tells us about the crisis. 3 just weeks before the governor declared flint's corrosive water unsafe to drink, a 3 deputy at the state treasury department tried to discourage a switch back to the old water source.(gfx 1 in - pg 61 in ) in this email released this weekend, treasury deputy thomas saxon told the governor's aides"gentlemen.. in the attached""is a description of what it would cost to reconnect to [detroit- provided water]. i assume/hope no one is still seriously considering that option" (gfx 1 out) (gfx 1, part2 in - pg 62 in ) the estimated cost was $1million dollars. (gfx 1, part 2 out out)the city eventually did reconnect to detroit water in october of 2015, days after the governor
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unsafe. the annoucement was triggered by an independent study that linked lead poisoning in children to the city's drinking water. behind the scenes, a former press secretary discussed a plan to send the governer to flint to quell protests. (gfx 2 in page 1058-1059, )"one thing we keep hearing is that the governor is not involved or is detached ... this would be good to show he's there and cares. and if we don't announce until he's there we can avoid the protests - and still get the optics." protests nats but protests have continued. the fallout was eerily predicted in an email sent more than a year ago, when the governor's special projects manager wrote (gfx 3 in - pg 246, ) "this is a public relations crisis - waitinto explode nationally" friday the governor admitted that he should have been more directly involved back when his aides first emailed about the problem. (11;42;21;05) that's where i'm kicking myself everyday. i wish i would have asked more questions. i wish i wouldn't accepted answers. //so that's the whole point of this thing is. i'm not going g totoave that happen againsnydyd says he is rking to expand health care coverage for flint residents ansubsidize water bills.
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3 the stars got a chance to shine last night at the oscars... and after the show... celebrities flooded into post - oscars celebrations. still to come this morning... we'll take you to *two* of the after - parties. you're watching siouxland news at sunrise.
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sunrise ononon3 3 good morning everyone,thanks for starting your morning with us.i'm jacob heller...and i'm meteorologist cat taylor. 3 clouds will increase throughout the day with temperatures reaching in the mimito upper 40s during dday before a cold front makes its way rough the area.look for light snow tonight with temperatures in the low 20s. expect about 1 to 3 inches of accumulation.tuesd will be colder with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark and mostly cloudy. starting wednesday, another warm up will take place. skies will slowly clear throughout the rest of the week and
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3 across tinseltown oscar after - parties went on well into the night. after his big win... best actor leonardo dicaprio took his gold statue to the governors ball... and other stars t the red carpet at elton john's aids fundraiser. - b - s news correspondent teri okita was in hollywood last night2e 3 (pkg) -nats- the curse was finally broken for leonardo dicaprio last night - who finally took home the best actor oscar for his role in the revenant: (sot dicaprio) it all feels incredibly surreal -nat/sot- brie larson also picked up a golden statue for her performance in 'room': (sot brie e larson) i feel really strong and excited to be holding this gold guy when the curtain fell on the big show... the stars made their way to the governors ball to toast to the night... (sot tom mccarthy/director spotlight) we worked so hard on this film
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this is truly amazing many praised host and comedian chris rock who pushed the envelope in addressing the ososrs-so-white controversy. (sot m mnie dririr) chris rock is an amazing performer and person and it needed to happen superstar elton john used his annual afterparty to raise awareness for hiv and aids: (elton john/oscar party host) (3:43) we've made a lot of progress in the last 30 years but we still haven't made enough progress (teri okita/reporting)standup: (35:52) the parties also give celebrities a chance to meet for the first time, and yes, they, too, get starstruck. (sheryl crow/singer)sot: "oh, i do. listen, if i walked into leonardo dicaprio right now, i don't know what i would do! fashion stylist carson kressley got a big surprise as he looked over the guest list. (carson kressley & gene simmons)sot: (11:16) gene simmons from kiss. (teri) he's right behind you. (carson) oh, my g g, i was just talking about you. (gene) i heard. (cararn) you're one of my faves! (gene) can i touch you? (carson) i wish you would! the glitz and glamour was not lost on tinseltown's biggest celebs showed off their styles and awards into early hours. teri okita, cbs
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3 the vanity fair party always brings in *a* - listers... like leonardo dicaprio a a *hisisoscar... jennifer lawrence... selena gomez... blake shelton... there was even a performance by gwen stefani there. 3 talking about movies... the *siouxland* film festival was showing off documentaries... horror... sci - fi and more at the orpheum theater. 3 the film festival went on for *four* nights this year. it was presented by pepsi of siouxland... all applications were submitted digitally this year and some of the movies weren't even from siouxland... but from far away as new york university and california. after each screening the audience got to vote for their favorites! 3 "i think it's important that they know this isn't just a little fly by night thing. it's been going on tweleve years, and we received about
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"winners will get a (susie) *siouxsie* award and cash prpres... too. support siouxland soldiers built care packages for hometown heroes serving overseas... thanks to the help of volunteers yesterday.the group came together saturday afternoon at the indian hills shopping area to pack dozens of packages to be sent to more than 60 deployed service membmbs from siouxland. the care packages included individually wrapped snacksike energy bars... trail mix... protein bars... and booklets to write letters. 3 "it's to let the troops know how much they're thought of and how much they're, cared about. and that we all love them and we want to take good caca of them. "thirty - one packages will be sent out t@ afghanistan and qatar if you want to find out out more about how you can help military members... we've got a link in this story on our website at siouxland news dot com. 3 lewis and clark ementary school kids teamed up with the south sioux city norm waitt senior y - m - c - a to enjoy an evening of physical
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saturday night. 3 the two - hour family fun night kicked off with a bunch of different exercises... and some healthy eating and d dental health classes. more than 200 people e re there. 3 "we always are teaching our students, you know, it's lifelong learning. and so, one of the big things that we want our students to do is build a community, and be part of the community outside the school. so not only are we bringing our families together in a different settinin but we're telling them that there's ototr community that they have to explore, and we've don that with a partnership with ymca."this is the first event the elementary school has done with the y - m - c - a... hopefully y e first of many! 3 two more cases of the zika virus have been confirmed in the iowa department of public health.both new cases are in middle - aged women who've
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central america. so far... travel or sexual contact with an infected person is the *only* way to get zika if you live in iowa... the mosquito breed that carries the virus isn't *in* the state. iowa is one of *27* u - s states where the virus has been found. nine of the cases have been in pregnant women... but none of those nine are in iowa. 3 a baby in california is alive after a rare and very *delicate* procedure... performed before he was even born. c - b - s news correspondent chris martinez is in los angeles. 3 ((nats - check up with dr @ )) how's grayson doing?... just looking at grayson davi - you wouldn't know what he's been through...until you see the scars on his chest. 22 weeks into his mother samantha's pregnancy, doctors at children's hospital los angeles discovered hehehad hypoplastic left heart syndrome a condition that leaves the left side of the heart underdeveloped. ((marco davila/grayson's dad ))you can imagine, without half your heart it's hard to survive,
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should also have a small hole in the heart to help blood flow, but grayson's was closing up. ((samantha davila/ grayson's mom )) you sort of feel like everything's stacked against you. so the davilas turned to a rare procedure: a etal cardiac intervention". doctors inserted a long - thin needle into samantha's womb - then into the fetu..putting a small stent into grayson's tiny heart... to allow blood to flow back to the right side of his heart. ((nats - dr. showing ultrasound of heart - ))even though this looks big, it's only about 2 to 3 millimeters wide. the procedure worked, strengthening grayson's lungs so surgeons could perform emergency open heart surgery 10 weeks later when he was born.they converted his one heart chamber - to do the job of two. ((dr. vaughn starnes/ chief executive of heart institute at children's hospital los angeles )) normally that chamber the right ventricle, pumps blood to the lungs now we're asking it to pump blood to the entire body! ((samantatadavila/grayson' s mom ))heheas born on the 19th of nomber and we got to hold him on the 27th, so but it was worth it! it was worth the wait!... grayson's 3 month old heart is now functioning as expected... ((nats/home - mom/baby ))where are those morning smiles?... he still faces two more procedures... but doctors say he should live
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martinez, cbs nene, los angeles. 3 doctors say grayson will have to get a second surgery done when he's six months old... and a final surgery when he's three. 3 the price of a first class s stamp will go down's not a sale or a promotion... back in 20 - 14 the u - s postal service was given permission to temporarily increase stamp prices ... the price hike was only good until a planned price drop *this* year. that should happen april 10th. the cost of mailing a one ounce letter will drop from 49 to 47 cents. commercial prices will go down... too. if you want to check out all the new prices... the postal service website is at u - s - p - s dot com. 3 a siouxland teenager's life - long dream is taking to the skies... he hopes to become a pilot! our own siouxland news reporter nick (pop - hum) popham met with the aspiring
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3 14 year old kevin farias has wanted to be one thing more than anything else-a pilot."i remember the first time i got here, it was because my dad wantededto start flying again, and then tom he asked 'hey, , why don't you join ground school?' and i'm like 'yes, yes dad, please put me in ground school i really wa to learn. that was the first time."earlier this month-farias received a four thousand dollar award from the experimental aircraft association.the money would go directly towards his pilot's license and his first lesson in the air.and that first lesson is today."i'm pretty sure it will turn out amazing, great and spectacular.""this is farias' firsrstime in thth pilot's s air and his father wanted to make sure he was ready."once i heard he was going to have his first flight, i wanted to make sure he was prepared. it's not like 'hey, let's take a car and go on a ride, you like that." according to his dad, kevin has always wanted to be in the air."he was just a kid, i remember he was just three years old, we had an opportunity to get a ride in a helicopter. i remember he was very mad because he wanted to be in front, in t t pilot's seat. i said, 'hey, take it easy kevin. be an opportunity in the future.' now, here he is."with all the preparation farias has put in -it was time for it to be put into action. after making sure the plane was safe, and completing his checklist, kevin took to the air for the first time.farias flew over parts of northeast nebraska, practicing turns and getting his first look at the world from the cockpit.after a smooth landing and a short taxi back to his family-farias was feeling on top of the world."it was very exciting, awesome!"martin field owner gene martin says kids like kevin are important to the aviation community."that's our
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business with the young people, you know? younger people do the best job of all because they take your word for it. older people they stop and think a minute, 'wait a minute, you sure i want to do that.' the younger people always take your word for it. they're real easy to teach." kevin wants to become a naval aviator when he gets older-and if you told him when he was younger he'd be flying at 14 "i never knew i was going to be like this. i guess it's fate, you know?"with one pull of the throttle-kevin farias
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3 he won't be able to get his pilot's license until he's 16... but kevin said was more nervous to get in front of a camera than he is to fly a plane. 3 and now... we know that *yes*... you *can* teach an old dog new tricks.four shelter dogs rescued from slums and abandoned lots around sao ulo were trained as "ball
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to get balls that went out of bounds at an exhibition match thursday... then give them back to the players.they didn't like the "giving back" part as much as the "getting the ball" part... though. a local shelter its "ball - dog" initiative. in case you were wondering... the four dogs were named frida... mel... isabelle... and costela... that's the portuguese word for *rib.* 3 3 3 3 3 the battle between apple and the f - b - i is just getting started. we'll take a look next in your c - net tech update. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at sunrisis with jacob heller and meteteologist cat taylor"
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3 clouds will increase throughout the day with mid to upper 40s during midday before a cold front makes its light snow tonight with temperatures in the low 20s. accumulation.tuesday will be colder with temperatures mark and mostly cloudy. starting wednesday, ananher warm up will take place. s ses willlllowly clear throughoho the rest of the week and
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3 silicon valley is coming together to support apple's fight against the f - b - i. here's your c - net tech update. 3 the battle between apple and the fbi is just getting started. i'm bridget carey and this is your cnet update. (source: cbs news: 01;15;13 - 01;21;43) a storic legal fight between apple and law enforcement is heating up. it all started over one iphone -- but the impact of this case goes way beyond one phone, and could shape the future of all computer security, determining if corporations can be ordered to do hacking and computer forensics at the government's request. apple filed a formal legal responseseo the court order that it needed to help the fbi unlock an iphone that belonged to one of the san beradino shooters. the 65-page filing opposed the order, with apple arguging that the court is violating its consitutional rights under the first and the fifth amendment. apple says what the government is asking it to do is too dangerous, unprecedented and is a "boundless interpretation" of the law. apple's lawyers argue that this woudln't be a one-time situation. this isn't about giving the government a secret master passcode. apple was asked to have its own engineers write a new type of software to put on the phone
5:45 am
as protected as free speech, since this code would be destroying the secure product apple originally created. silicon valley is coming together to support apple on officer has said microsoft wholeheartedly backs apple in this fight, and will file a support. facebook, twitter and google also said they would do the same. (source: cbs news: 01;40;37 - 01;46;14)at an annual investor meeting held on apple's campus friday, ceo tim cook told shareholders attendndce that he's not afraid of a fight with the feds, and the 500 or so shareholders in the room were giving standing ovations to tim cook, showing support to what's next? the government can respond to apple's objections by march 10, and apple can have the last word with another statement by march 15. but everyone is coming to court on march 22, so that's the day to watch. a federal magistrate- judge will hear both sidesesnd make a ruling.g. that's it for this tech newswsupdate, but yo can stay up to date on all developments at from
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3 3 a new comic book character is breaking stereotypes. we'll introduce you to the new ms. marvel. it's (time) this morning. thanks for
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3 current conditions in le mars.3 3 good morning, (onawa)... it's (32 degrees) outside at (time)... as we take a look from our (skywatch) camera. 3 marvel's latest susurhero... ms. marvel... is a muslim teenager from jersey city. reporter don dahler has a look at this new superhero. 3 (narr) the universe of superhero comics is populated by outcasts. those who don't fit in, but who protect the world anyway. (comic vo)(narr) but there's never been a comic superhero quite like this. kamala khan is just an average teen from jersey city, who happens to have shape-shifting abilities. she also happens to be muslim.(office b-roll/ social media photos of fans w/ comics)(narr) sana amanat (ah- muh-nut) is the series editor. (01;02;09;24) we didn't want to tell a story about a muslim or a south asian we wanted to tell a story about a young individual coming into their
5:50 am
the obstacles that come with that journey to adulthood. (pics of sana as little girl) (narr) to tell that story, amanat drew on her own childhood as a muslim growing up in new jersey. (donon sana exchange 01;09;00;20) dahler: "did you feel different growing up?"sana: "i had one instance where right after the bombing// this kid came up to me in class// ananwas like 'hey, can can you tell your people to stop attackg us?'// it was the first moment where i realized i was the other and was not included like everyone else."(narr) she found solace in comic books, like the x-men, which features a band of mutants who do good in the face of prejudice. (comic)(narr) in the first issue of ms. marvel, a nod to an earlier series by the same name, kamala khan shape-shifts into a blonde, blue eyed hero before her father convinces her that she's perfect as she really is. it's a story that resonated with readers everywhere. that issue went through an unprecedented seven printings and was a new york times best-seller with over 20,000 copies. it also dealt with kamala's teen angst withth humor and sensitivity. (don & sana exchange- 011443)(coverer partiallw/ kamala at convenience store - "delicious, delicious infidel meat")sana: "the first page of the comic is her smelling a b.l.t. in the local convenience store and her saying i just want to smell it. // bacons forbidden is islam and she's a muslim// it's a moment where you are
5:51 am
not." (083601 gray) "i think diversity has always been really important in comics." (narr) john jay professor jonathan gray writes about comics and pop culture.(085138) "i think that marvel is representing this character at a time where we have some divisive political rhetoric i think that it shows that you know we can sort of embrace our diversity and not sort of be turned off by it."a sign of the character's importance to marvel: the most recent issue of the franchise series, the avengers, features kamala khan front and center.(narr) amanat says their intention was never political. (01;27;26;08 sana:) we went in to try to tell a unique story ut i think with that comes the realization of the impact that ms. marvel can have.// relaying to the rest of the world of who muslims are and who muslims can be but really about who a good person. (narr) in these stories, marvel presents diversity as struggle and strength. their corporate motto could well be, with
5:52 am
cbs news new yoror3 3 "weather on the ones brought to you by window world" 3 clouds will increase throughout the day with temperatures reaching in the mid to upper 40s during midday before a cold front makes its way through the area.look for light snow tonight with temperatures in the low 20s. expect about 1 to 3 inches of accumulation.tuesday will be colder with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark and mostly cloudy. wednesday, another warm up will take place. skies will slowly clear throughout the rest of the week and temperatures will slowly rise
5:53 am
3 3 time for a trip to the sunrise watercooler...nasa released this new picture of pluto's north pole. the space agency's new horizons spacecraft took the photo. the earth's north pole is known for its frozen temperatures... pluto's north pole is covered in frozen can see the canyons on the picture. they're the yellll parts in the image. the long canyon
5:54 am
polar area... and the widest canyon is about 45 miles wide and runs close to the north pole. 3 3 police are trying to figure out why a soldier killed hisis wife and one of the police officers who responded to the call. coming up... we'll show you how colleagues are remembering a rookie cop who died on her first day on your morning news, weather and sports are all coming's now (time) as we take a look outside (xxx) on the (xxx) cam.keep it right
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
3 3 here's a look at your weather to go ... 3 3 3 here's a look at your news to go ... 3 3 presidential candidates make their final pitches to v vers ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday contests. the latest c - b - s news
5:58 am
clinton leading in key states. in all... more than 1,500 delegates are up for grabs in about a dozen states army staff sergeant suspected of killing a rookie virginia cop is expected to be in court today on murder charges. ronald hamilton is accused of shooting at police officers who were responding to a domestic violence call outside washington saturday... and killing ashley (gwin - dun) guindon on her first day on the job. county attornrns are gogog to try get the death penalty in the se. hollywood honoring some of its best and brightest last night during the acadede awards. the movie, mad max fury road six awards. and leonardo dicaprio one for
5:59 am
lot of praise for talking about hollywoooos lack of diversity. and check out siouxland news. here are the folks from studio 57 >>all the single ladies they social history of america through the single lens of single women. coming up this morning. > good morning welcome to siouxland news, a sunrisis thanks for waking up with us. it is leap day today. >> did you know that leap day. statistics show. we have had the highest number of snow that we have had only day is one inches and we are expected to get 1 to 3 inches tonight.
6:00 am
things are calm and quiet and switching over to satellite you can see clouds and we have a cold front this morning but will start moving our direction by midday, but until then we are warming up very quickly. 39 and sioux city and 30 for in storm lake and nathanan430 and temperatures will rise because we have pre-fronl compression. the air is warming up really quickly but the high will happen around midday we will cool off afternoon. the prince william county police department in virginia is morning after officer ashley guindon was killed after first it was robert she was sworn in
6:01 am
domestic disturbance call . ronald hamilton was accused of shooting her from his front >>reporter: prince william county, virginia police department posted this picture of rookie officer ashley guindon about to start her fifit shift. the caption, be safe. before. >>reporter: before becoming a marine reservists, she interned for the department. >> she had a passion to serve others. >>reporter: guindon and two other officers responded to a disturbance on saturday. when they arrived, ronald hamilton opened fire from the front door. a 10 year veteran and an eight year veteran were wounded, but expected to survive. >> offers provided first aid
6:02 am
could get on the scene later in the afternoon. officer guindon sukkot sure it just--injuries. >> hamilton is that off-duty staff sgt. that worked at the pendleton --hamilton was described as a gentle giant. >> he was a good guy. >>reporter: early sunday morning 100 patrol cars lined up outside the hospital where officer gugudon estate -i for taking anything provided an escort to a woman whose first have a job was her last.>> hamilton is being held without
6:03 am
he will seek the death penalty. -i from the prosecuting attorney will seek the death penalty. awareness of hiv in fighting the stigma behind it, shot in the dark productions held a matinee performrmce of the normal heart play yesterday afternoon and there is a discussion as well. the play has us look into lives of gay americans what they went through to the hiv and aids crisis in new york city in the early 80s. the autobiographical play was written and 86 and talks about hothe first community action agency works to educate people on the exact-i for aids epidemic. >> some of what happened politically and socially and healthwise affected the epidemic and widespread like it did. and theater and other organizations go hand-in-hand
6:04 am
>>if you can get people to ask questions, it raises awareness. so it helps people think they y can really happened here. student the show runs@through march 7. find out more about the show and find out days and times for you can see it. we have a link to the story on our website at siouxland history buffs had a great day yesterday afternoon. a special guest scott culpepper was talking about the nations first president, george washington, and he tried to talk about parts of washington's life that are not well known. >> washington inspirir us to be better, to be more faithful, to be more responsible citizens of the educate us aboutwhat has been done in the past and help us learn so as we are doing things now, as we are addressing situations that are
6:05 am
those more effectively. >> culpepper also talked about the president's strengths and weaknesses. and this year's presidential race. tomorrow is voting day for a multimillion dollar bond to expand the orange city fire tuesday, march 1, the public will have a chance to vote on a bond issued it will pay for building. fire officiaia say the building is not up to code anymore. the department needs more space. the building was built in 1973. the project will be paid for. for a bond of $2,700,000. the city has $700,000 already in the fire department has raised $160,000. slackware running out of room for the firefighters and the fact that we are out of training space so we fight
6:06 am
and we need to be prepared for that year round. since the fire department is asking the community to help meet its current and future needs. the polls are open from 7 am until 8 pm on tuesday. almost all the presidential cameraanada's left in the race are trying to avoid being called a washington insider. political experience and 2016 is almost seen as more of a liability than an asset. >>reporter: to 10 or another, everyone in the presidential race is laid claim to the notion of running as an outsider. signaling to voters. they a"e not build a to special interests, lobbyists are wall street. >> the hatred and the establishment. i'm not taking anyone's money. >> i cannot imagine anyone being more of an outsider thdn the first woman president. >> they should be getting
6:07 am
political establishment. >> half of people didn't know who i was. >> the screaming that you hear now across the potomac is the washington cartel in full terror. >>reporter: cartels, estaishment, insiders, hyperbole. >> i don't think any of the candidides on either de can consider theheto be anything other than insiders. >> how does that explain the lives of donald trump or ben carson? none of them fit the definition of insider and neither have served in office. >> trump i ia long-standing developer of real estate. and then carson is part of the fabric of the american elite and that he has been a
6:08 am
closest one to an outsider. to make it hasn't been in congress. selected outsiders are trump and carson. >>reporter: just a few of america's presidents are considered outsiders. -i for dwight eisenhower was the last of george washington was the first. both served in the military. the guinness world record for having a largest toy soldier collection. jonathan waters had judges verifies collection of 120,000 unique soldiers, beating the previous record by for heavy. it toooofive hours to set up the pieces but water said being a world record holder makes the time and effort well worth it. >> waters will have his record verified in two weeks. >> a lot of toy soldiers and
6:09 am
>> very cool. >> everybody has something i suppose. students study hard to pass a difficult advanced placement exam. very few get the highest grade. up next we will meet a few
6:10 am
6:11 am
limit of calculus and life. , why don't we see how mrs. doing this morning? >> good morning, how's it going? >> happy monday to you. >> 15 hours later, after the home show. >> i was listing over the weekend and i heard your updates.
6:12 am
people have been there bere. you're telling them the same things over and over. i had a big fan and i was nice and cool. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> we had the budweiser people right next to us. submitted you watch the academy awards last night? >> i did, i thought that chris rock was very funny.>>leo finally got his oscar. >> i am okay with that. i guess. there was another movie i wanted to see win. that's okay. >> he just got attacked by a bear.>>i was ununppy about star wars. i am not a star wars geek. seriously? >> with the science fiction
6:13 am
lot of love for them at the academy awards. >> it got beaten by a movie thatatwent straigig to dvd. did anyone notice that? >> have you been to disney world in florida? >> yes i have. >> that's where i went on my honeymoon in december and now they have a story about how they are going to change admission rates. it's like on-demand pricing. they say three different prices depending on the time of year. the least busy part of the year is going to cost $95 for a single day pass. >> like weekdays when school is in session. >> that will go to $105 in the summer and $112 on peak days. > why? because orlando universal is
6:14 am
i'm confused. >> they are trying to get visiting spread out. i guess. >> they realize people want to go during the spring, right? before get so insanely hot? >> when i went it was perfect because it was december 7. the weather was beautiful. in the summer. i think you would melt waiting in line and you could ride only a few rides because the line would be so long.>>they had those misting stations that sometimes they would work and sometimes they would i i it was a good time. >> i don't know if you remember we had your picture of the other day. >> they made an artist
6:15 am
>> look at me with that goatee. i like it. >> showing moves love.>>send it to me. that's fantastic. >> that picture is disturbing. >> see you later. happy leap day everybody. our camera giving you a calm look from the norfolk downtown area. we have an influx of clouds moving in very quickly this morning. we have a cold front on its way inand it will bring some cooler tempepetures as we gogo roughout the afternoon. first we have to warm-up. we have to get a pre-frontal compression. we are warming up very quickly
6:16 am
our warm spot 430. wind spee are starting to change. they are coming from the west and southwest. basically, and we will switch to the north and this will pick up as the front gets closer so we will see somemeclouds this morning but by early afternoon and evening we will see this snow mix switch over to snow very quickly and move through. siouxland in the night and look at some more snow popping up in the early morning hours. we are setting up for a partly cloudy day on wednesday as well. this will be colder later in the afternoon. so keep that in mind.
6:17 am
and we will get colder. and tonight light snow,1 to 3 ches. you wake up tomorrow mornqng and decreasing cloud cover, hovering around the freezing mark. we repeat last weekend again. >> calculus might be confusing but a few students not only confident that they stopped college professors. he may seem like an ordinary 15-year-old. he is.
6:18 am
ke math to achievperfection. of the 2000 students around the world took the advanced placement calculus test. perfect score. the rest of e test t takers were juniors and seniors, he was a 13-year-old sophomore. >> it waoverwhelming. lots of interviews. >> and they treat from the president. >> that was pretty cool. >>reporter: his perfect score placed in the top 00 4%. what is that? >> 25,000? >> i got 2500. >> , i see very good.
6:19 am
at math is no big deal but his parents say perfection is a big deal for him. mom and dad, are you surprised? >> i was surprised. >>reporter: not because you don't think highly of him. but you thoughghhe would make a mistake somewhwhe along the way. >> it's natural. >>reporter: event. the professors that right. the exams make mistakes. >> it's unusual. when a high school student who doesn't have a college degree a phd is able to take an exam anonymous a single point. >>reporter: landon also credits his calculus teacher, mr. watson. >>reporter: can calculus be intuitive? >> absolutely. one of my t-shirir says calculus teachers know their limits. >>reporter: this something that
6:20 am
angeles knows well. he was one of 12 students at the perfect score on a calculus exam. >> there is always an answer, but there is not always an answer and upper-level math. sometimes there are unsolved problems. see, i know that makes me want to solve it. >>reporter: sedric's record with the rubik's cube is 15 seconds and he has an obsession with avoiding careless errors in math. >> i don't like any mistakes. >>reporter: sedric's mother is a nurse who was born in the philippines and his father is a maintenance worker from el salvador. >>i am emotional because this country offers a lot of good things. i am thankful. >>we are glad for the opportunity.
6:21 am
whatever he wants. >>reporter: aside from a perfect score. that's another thing that sedric and landon have in common, parents should encourage their children to do their best. >> landon keeps getting better. it's hard to know when he has done his best. the academy awards red carpet turned into a fashion runway as hollywood's biggest name or the biggest design spray we will shave the best
6:22 am
6:23 am
6:24 am
good morning norforkrkrk "first alert weather with meteorologist cat taylor" throughout the day with temperatures reaching in the mid to upper 40s during midday way through the area.look for light snow tonight with good morning siouxland. things are calm and quiet . if you look at satellite we have clouds streaming into the area and that will continue throughout the day. it will be completely overcast by the early afternoon. we are 39 in sioux city another north you can see the cold front heading our direction. it will be here around midday. these are the wind speeds. we will see them switch from the south to the west and
6:25 am
front is getting pretty close. we will see wednesday's jump up to 30 miles an hour. we are looking for a chance of accumulating snow. anywhere from one inches to 3 inches and higher amounts a possible but in general, 1 inch to 3 inches is what we are looking at. when we get past the snow tonight we will have a cold day tomorrow and we will warm up withemperatures this weekend. the academy awards red carpet turned into a fashion runway last night. hollywood's biggest names in the latest designs. danini nottingham has fashion. highlights from the red carpet. >>reporter: brie larson and kate blanchette all the carpet in shades of blue at the academy awards. last year's best supporting
6:26 am
arquette, looked elegant and a simple, maybe down. and rachel mcadams had stunning colors, pledging necklines and the ball of the ball in a custom dress and vintage looks you can see in the grade. cynical we see on the runway is comparable to what we see on the red carpet. >>reporter: lady gaga was standing in a white pantsuit. the academy awards showcase some of the best moments in hollywood but they also bring out fashion fails. critics said heidi klingerman kate winslet failed to impress. velvet jackets were next in and other stars rocked may be
6:27 am
leonardo dicaprio dressed up in black armani that chris wok may have made the boldest statements and a white accident. --tuxedo. the oscars. of course, we were talking about them, so what is your r favorite movie from the last year? if a few responses, including the bridge of spies. i did not have a chance to see it. i would say star wars was my favorite. >> i like the martian. bubui like the avengers over the summer. those are my favorites. usually. >> go ahead in weighing in on our facebook page. the navy is training people to use celestial navigation. we will say why they are
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
for the agent3 "this is siouxland news at sunrise on kmeg 14" 3 good morning everyone,thanks for starting your morning with us.i'm jacob heller...and i'm meteorologist cat taylor. good morning, thanks for waking up with us. it is league today today. this only happens once every 4 years. >> on this leap day in sioux city, we get an inch of snow and i think there's a possibility we will break that record tonight. you can see that things are calm and quiet this morning but if you take a look at satellite,
6:31 am
cloud cover and it will continue throughout the day with overcast skies by the end of the day. look at these temperatures. we hit our low of 29 at 1 am and we have seen an increase in temperatures throughout the morning and when the cold front gets close to get a pre-frontal compression pretty compresses air causing it to warm up and that's what we are seeing this morning. by lunchtime, we will hit our high temperature of 45 and it's overcast and a mixture of snow starts to move in. the navy has stopped using the stars to navigate but now with more threats of cyber attacks, they are bringing back
6:32 am
midshipman are learning something that he never learned when he joined the navy, celestial navigation. >> a blank stare as i am not understanding. >> this was created in the mid- 1700s, named for its scales which extend 600. 1/6 of a circle. they use the stars to determine the navigators location. >>the navy stopped teaching celestial navigation more than a decade ago when gps became widespread. this cannot be tampered with electronically. >> is there a fear of hacking in this age of cyber attacks and cyber warfare?
6:33 am
academy. the navy is bringing back, celestial navigation fleetwide including rotc classes on campuses across the nation. >> you never know what's going to happen. you want to be there for the worst-case scenario. >> is there every day in the future that they will eliminated again? >> i hope not. mark albert cbs news, annapolis, maryland. midshipman get three hours of instruction in the classroom and lab and practice on the water. quality equipment is expensive, it can cost up to $2000. the siouxland film festival showing off
6:34 am
festival went on several nights this year. it was presented by pepsi. all applications were submitted digitally. some of the movies were not from around here. they were front, new york university, california for each screening, the audience got to vote for their favorite. >> it's important that you know that this is not a fly-by- night. this has been going on for 12 years. we received 140 films from across the world this year. support siouxland soldiers for hometown heroes serving overseas, thanks to the help of volunteers. they came together, saturday afternoon in the indian hills shopping area. dozens of packages repacked to be sent to 60 deployed service members from the siouxland.
6:35 am
mix, protein bars and booklets to write letters home. >>just to let them know how much we think of them and care about them and that we want to take good care of them. >> 31 packages sent out to afghanistan. if you want to find out how you can help military members from our area, we have a link in the story on our website at siouxland lewis and clark elementary teamed up with the south siouxland ymca to enjoy an evening of physical activities and healthy living saturday night. family fun night kick off with a bunch of different exercises, healthy eating and dental health classes. more than 200 people were there. >> we are always teaching our students. it is lifelong learning. one of the big things that we
6:36 am
build a community. and be part of the community outside the school. not only are we bringing our families together in different settings that they are telling them there other things in the community to explore so we have done that with a partnership. this is the first event the elementary school has done with the ymca. a few more cases of the zika virus have been confirmed. so far travel of sexual contact with an infected person is the only way to get the virus if you live in iowa. the mosquito carries the virus. i was one of 27 us states with the virus has been found. manage cases have been a pregnant women but none of those nine cases are in iowa.
6:37 am
stamp will go down. in 2014, the postal service was given permission to temporarily increase stamp prices. that price hike was only good until this year. that will happen. april 10. the cost of mailing a 1 ounce letter will drop to $.47 for commercial prices will go down as well. if you want to check out the new prices, the website is when you mentioned gymnastics, most people get this picture in ahead of a graceful olympic athlete performing something that looks like a ballet. but we are introduced to a gymnast stretching the limits. >>reporter: gymnastics is all about grace. power. and hip-hop? it's not just the high notes that the us-i for the ucla
6:38 am
this is a very traditional sport and what you did was very nontraditional. she and her teammates are transforming the image of the sport. now. valerie is it her 26 the year as the head of the gymnastics at ucla. >> it's more entertainment now than the ridges sport of perfection. >>reporter: she is getting high notes from judges and higher marks on social media where her floor exercise this month, the first time she ever performed it, went viral. >> i woke up at my mom called me and said did you realize you had 500 million views on your performance? and i did not know it had been posted anywhere. >> some of my favorite ones have been marriage proposals and prom proposals. >>reporter: a lot of
6:39 am
>> reese witherspoon treated me. and i found out that chris brown posted it on his facebook. oh my gosh, no way. >>reporter: even her teammates have gotten into the groove. along with her coat along with her coat. passes are worth $30 million but a lot of people would not put a consequence of their home because they don't like it. but that doesn't mean it's not excellent art. >>reporter: her future remains and dance. to the millions who have viewed her routine. selecting one performance that i did, that was my olympics. >>reporter: a moment as good as gold.
6:40 am
sleep can be difficult but when does bad sleep become a sleep disorder? we will meet a neurologist find out the cause. good morning. clouds are moving in quickly.
6:41 am
6:42 am
--the wind is picking up. 3 weather with meteorologist cat taylor" 3 clouds will increase throughout theheay with temperatures reaching in the mid to upper 40s during midday before a cold front makes its way through the area.look for light snow tonight with temperatures in the low 20s. expect about 1 to 3 inches of accumulation.tuesday will be colder with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark and mostly cloudy. starting wednesday, another good morning siouxland. we are looking at increasing clouds across the area. you can see that it is becoming overcast this morning with a cold front up in south dakota moving our direction increasing clouds and temperatures this morning. it is this cold front you're getting contacted air, basically expresses itself so you can see temperatures increasing ahead of the front. 39 in sioux city and 30 for lamar and if you look at current wind speeds they are not too bad. you are saying a switch from
6:43 am
you can see bright colors with increasing wins. you can see where increasing cloud cover but as you head into the afternoon he will start to see some rain switching over to snow very quickly tonight and we can see the snow go from 1 to 3 inches and flurries throughout the early morning hours. as we had throughout the day out. we're looking at another cloudy day for wednesday as well. not too bad. temperatures near 40 and colder as you leave for school. keep that in mind. gusts of 30 miles an hour with afternoon and evening snow. 1 to 3 inches possible.
6:44 am
you wake up and it will not gets too much above freezing. increase in cloud cover throughout the day. you may see some left over flurries but there is good news inside. back in the 60s by sunday. the team behind a landmark uterus transplant is expected to share more about the historic operation. the 26 rolled patient is in stable condition. the transplanted uterus came from a deceased organ donor. the operation at the cleveland clinic last wednesday was the first is kind of medical history. dentist at the university of louisville reportedly between gum disease, bacteria and esophagus cancer. researchers have the bacteria
6:45 am
for deadly cancer. stromectol actors in canada say new drug used to target huntington disease has been proven safe and effective in lab mice and animals. it's a rare genetic disease that causes uncontrolled movement. getting a good night sleep can be pretty hard but when did bad sleep become a sleep disorder? we made a neurologist that says what can cause sleep disorders. >>reporter: many people suffer from sleep deprivation, which can cause mood changes, memory loss and an increase in a person's risk for obesity and diabetes. mark ramis that is not only a cost to a person's health, but to their work productivity levels. >> what i read is lack of productivity in the workplace cost employers billions of dollars, estimated by $100
6:46 am
>>reporter: they have narrowed it down to a number of categories including stress. >> financial, relationship. >>reporter: sacrifice. >> sleep to do more work or to do more play or to do more things at home. >>reporter: sabotage. >> staying up late. reading on an ipad , and the blue light affects the melatonin so that makes sleep worse. >>reporter: shift work. >> when you factor that in , employees are monitoring how much they expect. >>reporter: suffering. >> acute or chronic pain can keep people awake. >>reporter: spouse. >> if i have a spouse that stores are they are restless and they have a sleep disorder, and the person they are
6:47 am
more by the sleep disorder than the one that has a. >>reporter: and of course, sleeping disorders. the most important way to get a good's nights sleep--to get a good night sleep is to maintain a schedule, even on the weekend. if you can. if you continue to have trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor to find out what you can do to get a better night's sleep and
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
the battle betwewewe good morning, (ponca)... it's (39) outside at (time)... as we take a look from our . good morning it is 390 outside on monday. getting a live look from our hard rock hotel and casino camera. silicon valley is coming
6:51 am
fight against the fbi. >> the battle between apple the i is just getting started. this is your tran21 update. --this is your tran21 update. a fight between apple and law enforcement is heating up. the started over an iphone. the impact on this case could shape the future of all future security. determining if corporations could be doing forensics at the gov.--government requests. apple is responded to a court order that the fbi data to unlocking iphone level onto one of the san bernardino shooters. apple argued that the court is violating its constitutional rights under the first and fifth amendment. apple said that the government
6:52 am
dangerous, unprecedented and a boundless interpretation of the law. apple lawyers argue this will not be a one-time situation. this is not about giving the government a secret master passcode, they are asked to have new engineers write software to put on t phone to break in and apple argues, writing, computer code is protected as free speech since it will be destroying a product that apple originally created. microsoft's chief legal officer said microsoft went back apple in the fight and will support facebook, twitter and google said they would do the same. at an annual investor meeting held on apple's campus on friday, the ceo told apple shareholders he is not afraid of a fight with the feds. and the shareholders are giving
6:53 am
what is next? the government can respond to apple'e'objections by march 10 and apple could have the last word with another state meant by march 15 that everyone is coming to court on march 22. a federal magistrate judge will hear both sides and make a ruling. you can stay up-to-date on all the developments at our studios in new york. i am bridget carey. happy leap day. we're looking at a gorgeous sunrise through our hard rock hotel and casino camera. we are seeing an influx of cloud cover this morning. you can see on our satellite, we have cloud cover moving in
6:54 am
we go throughout the morning. so overcast skies move into o the afternoon. temperatures increasing by the end of the cold front. this will be headed our direction and we head into the early hours of the day. we're seeing some increases of wind at 15 miles an hour. we will see the breeze really kick in as we get closer to the cold front that we are looking at accumulating snowfall, anywhere from 1 inch to 3 inches possible. as a general rule, this is what we're looking at tonight. we will seeeesome decreasing
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
bybyby as we take a look outside (xxx) on the (xxx) cam. 6:58 am. he beautiful look outside ponca state park courtesy of our hard work--hard rock hotel and casino camera. here is a look at your weather to go. clouds are starting to increase and we will see overcast skies by lunchtime. we will cool down by dininr time and the mix will start to move in. here is a look at your news
6:58 am
make final pitches to voters ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday contest. donald trump and hillary clinton are leading. and all more than 1500 delegates are up for grabs in a dozen states tomorrow. an army staff sgt. accused of killing a rookie virginia cop will be in court on murder charges today. ronald hamilton is accused of shooting. police officers responded to a domestic violence call in washington saturday, killing ashley guindon on her first day on the job. they're going to try to seeee the death penalty in this case. hollywood honored its best and brightest last night. mad max earned six awards. spotlight took home the award for best picture and leonardo dicaprio one fofobest actor. chris rock got a lot of praise for talking about hollywood's
6:59 am
check out siouxland all day . >> after the cold front comes through, around midday we will start to cool down and tonight we are looking for 1 to 3 inches of snow. >> thanks for watching. have a great monday. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. dodold trump and marco rubio
7:00 am
on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i thank you all for this amazing award. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> diversity takes center stage at the oscars. >> it's the 88th academy awards,, which means this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. >> we are going to win so big. you know, we are leading in every single state? >> is he unstoppable? >> there iso doubt that if donald steamrolls through super tuesday and wins everywhere with big margins that he may well be >> have you seen his hands? they are like this. you know what they say about men with small hands? national! in south carolina?


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