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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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right now at 10.....(train slices semi)a train slices through a semi who's driver took a really wrong turn. (killer's confession)he's pleaded guilty to beating his elderly mother to death... and jonathan neunaber tells the judge how and why he did it. (check donation)local police come to the aid of a group that helps abused children. (we're #1)iowa becomes the first state to make a major breakthrough in the use of wind energy.(ironman) and... he's turned a passion into a profession. we'll introduce you to this siouxland triathlete 3 3 it's an amazing sight... and miracle that no one was killed. 3 an accident on lewis boulevard between sioux city and it's an amazing miracle no one was killed. >> leaves a semi trailer cut in half by a train.
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5:00 o'clock north. the semi it herned over. before it get past the tracks, it collided with the trailer, cut it in half and spilling the ground. the truck driver had actually made a wrong turn. neighbor entered into a plea agreement, pleading guilty to a charge of second degree murder in the dect of his mother. >> he explained why and how he brutally killed his elderly mother. >> reporter: he pleaded guilty to two sep vt charnlz. first, murder in the second degree and then willfully offense. he beat his neighbor to the death with a pipe.
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father, he had a sudden realization that became his modem to commit the crime. >> i did not know what to do next when my dad died y. was not prepared to be the man of the house. >> reporter: that realization led to the murder of his mother, ester. after hearing the statement, the judge ruled the plea was fair. >> the court finds the defendant jonathan new neighbor, guilty of the charge in the second degree and guilty in the charge of willful injury. >> reporter: before today, he tried two different onenss to prevent the first murder charges, including defense of insanity and defense of responsibility. he took many pilled to try and submit suicide but failed to do so.
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could all be buried together. obviously that did not work. i'm stel here. >> reporter: he could possibly face up to 60 years in prison. >> his sentencing heres has not been scheduled yet. he has about two weeks to change his mind about entering the guilty plea. after a fabulous weekend, things will change quickly. the hospital, where it has been snowing for the last few hours. seeing a bit of dusting around there right now. we head through the overnight hours, wirnlts weather advisories across eastern portioners of south dakota. going to be seeing most of the snow there. we're looking at the radar itd right now. it appears to be snowing in surr city right now. no reports.
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beforetop hits the ground as the atmosphere becomes more moist, we'll see a few of those snow flakes reaching around. right now, 27 in sue city, 18 in sue falls is snow and 31 in lincoln. take a look rament our planner for tomorrow. plenty of cloud coverer. talk more about the forecast in minutes. tonight the university of south dakota criminal project discussed the popular net fliks documentary, make agmurder. he wautz cleared of murder through dna evidence. there were at gagszs he was framed by local law enforcement. first year law enforcement student says the panel will help give the students different perspectives of the case snoochlt it's going to help us to better understand what goes
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from their mistakes, if you think tharg rr mistakes or how we can do similar practices to what they're doing. >> panel discussed how investigations might be performed differently in local areas and how they handle cases like the ones shone in making a murderer. college hoisted a screening of the documentary rote -- rosen log, highlights the efforts of a jewish businessman to build schools in the south for african american stum >> the importance is to get as many people out and engaged in different subject matter. everything is about enlightening, engaging and getting people aware that, you know, we all need to work together. >> this is the 11th year.
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wednesday and on thursday. fire rescue sell bralted the retirement of one of their own today as the captain retires after 31 years on the job. fire fighters gathered for coffee and cake to reflect on hanson's career. he plans to spend his retirement travelling the country, starting and ending in the black hills. a campaign by mercy's child advocacy center got a boost this afternoon. they presented the center are a check for $5,000. serve victims of child abuse. has plan new facility that would make it easy by adding entering and exam rooms. it will be across the street from the campus. leaders are grateful for the police donation. a recreational runner turned
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endurance competitions on the planet. >> he continues his journey of becoming ironman halfway across the world. we have more on his story. >> reporter: just on the name alone, the ironman triathlon suggests it's wuj of the toughest sports in the world. many that complete have been training their entire life to do so. that recipe recipe not the case for matt hanson. >> when i was scene, i was challenged by a good mentor of mine to make a list of 50 goals in the next ten years. >> reporter: it all started with a bucket list. >> on that list, i put complete an ironman triathlon. >> reporter: for him frauz mere recreation. >> i wrestled and that was my college. i came here to be a wrestler. >> reporter: now he wonders
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>> combr wonder what i could have done if i had more time invest reasonable doubt in to running in college or high school even. >> reporter: shattering ironman course records in 2015 in chattanooga and 2015, texas, he hopes to continue his momentum, travelling half way around the world to new zealand. >> the next race is also the same game plan. it's about executing to the best of my ability. >> reporter: he leads the pack to u.s. a. and eated fifth in the men's division. hanson has set his sights on the top of the podium. >> once the gun goes off, i want to beat them. >> reporter: a former professor, his journey to the pros wasn't necessarily intentional. >> i spent three years, trying tophic out what was going on.
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aspirations of going professional when i first started. >> reporter: it's been a journey of sacrifices >> some days it's really hard. when he's training for month at a time away, you know, trying to keep a long-distance relationship going. >> reporter: but the end result makes it all worth it. >> the feeling you get when you cross the finish line. report report he lecht this past thursday for new zealand. he's race on march 5th. win energy. the state generates a third of his total eninjury used from local wind farms iowa was the only state to create more than 30% of its power from winds. south dakota is second. iowa's wind farms --.
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new facility opening up is good news for people struggling with mental health issues. that's coming up in tonight's health wash. castillo, watch. meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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camera at 5:00 o'clock. we saw grass. thought the case right now as we have seen dusting. you can barely see it way off in the distance there. the visibilities has dropped with the snow in that area. take a look at our extended forecast. 32 tomorrow and 40s wednesday and thursday. possible snow mix. things real awarm up, heading in to the weekend. lower 50s friday. in to the 60s as we head back to work early next week. snow is there on the radar. a little bit not -- not as prevalent as what it lookz like here. this is not quite hitting the ground just yet. evaporating before it get there. they are seeing some snow at this point. the visibilities have been reduced. we can see three quarters of a mile, things are getting better there. a mile and a half there.
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snow that's falling there right now. all of this is going to be moving to the east. may see little bit of snow in sue city but not looking for a great big wide out. as we work our way in to tomorrow morning, sloudz and snow moving out. cloud cover going to hang in toit. high pressure develops and moves in to place late tomorrow in to wednesday. we'll see the cloud cover move in as aurally as 7 o'clock wednesday morning. go from the lower 30s in to the 40s on wednesday and also thursday. but thursday night, little bit of a rain snow mix is going to be paul across north west iowa as temperatures go from the 40s in to afternoon in near the freezing mark late wednesday night. over the next 24 hours, here is what we're looking at in terms of snow fall. maybe as much as a quarter inch. you go back to the great lakes and that's where the potential
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more snow as we see it accumulating this evening. winter weather advisory, eastern south dakot auchlt went were weather advisories toates o'clock tomorrow morning. here is what it looks like in sue city. 20 degrees. winds are out of the north, 20 miles an hour. 21 tonight. tomorrow's high temperature, topping out at 32. take a look at your seven-day forecast in just a little bit. thanks.
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back behind bar and who marxms "siouxland's most wanted." 3 tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for a drug related crime. but first, our capture count is up by one more.mariah leclair was featured last week on "most wanted." she was wanted for violating her parole on drug she was wanteded for violating her parole on drug
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to appear in court. she was arrested thursday. her arrest makes the capture 430 since most wanted began. travis barns and wanted by the sheriff off for meth possession with intent to deliver. if you have any information about travis barns, call the u.s. marshal service. you can also use the text a tim program to text a tip, ten -- the information remains con fidense and could keep this fugitive behind bars. be to blame... and what you
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3 getting a good night's sleep can be hard sometimes... but when does getting a good night sleep can be hard sometime. but when does bad sleep become a sleep disorder. >> news ratherer found out what can cause sleep disorders. >> reporter: many people suffer from sleep dep riization. mercy sleep labs mark ramon says it's not only a cost to a person's health but their work product fblt levels. >> what i have read is lack of product fblt cost kz employers billions of dollars. . >> reporter: he's narrowed the
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including stress -- >> whether tlar financial, involved in a relationship. >> reporter: sacrifice. >> we sacrifice to do more working do more play, do more things at home. >> reporter: sabotage. >> having poor sleep hygiene, staying up late, reading on an i pad which emits blue night which effects the mel tonen. that makes sleep work. >> reporter: shift work. >> it's important employers are monitoring how much they're expecting from employees. >> reporter: suffering. >> pain -- whether it be acute or chronic. >> reporter: spouse. >> you may have a spouse that snores or much more restless than the other person or they have a sleep disorder and the person who they're sleeping with might be affected more by the sleep disorder than the one who has it.
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the national sleep foundation says the most important way to get a good night's rest is to maintain a sleep schedule, with quiet night before bed, even on the weekends. talk to your doctor to find out what you can do to get a better night's sleep. be more productive at work. health watch was brought to bye-bye dune surgical hospital. michlt a new mental --. new meant lt health facility had an open house. they will treat adult said 18 and older who suffer from mental health issues. they plan to open their doors by the end of this month. the program offers a 23-hour observation treatment area for anyone with mild symptoms as well as a more intensive program for those in deed. once open, the center will
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three crisis technicians, a care coordinator and a therapist. it's funded by sue rivers region and mental health. christian, newell fonda, and kingsley pierson all took their first games here in the girls basketball state playoffs. see how they fared
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3 we start with the defendin 3 we start with the defendin 2a state champions unity christian taking on west branch.1) a low scoring affair early. off the missed shot josie blankespoor josy score would a rebound and the put back. unity christian ties the game. ana, 8 to 6 west branch. the bears called out the loekdz.
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she made them pay. with two and a half minutes to play, down low again. we are tied at 13. unity christian gets a crit -- victory. they move on. 11 seniors on to pie near whoodz skr played together since 4th grade. pioneers down. they go down low to one of the pioneer twin. they go down. the other player, molly 3310 at hamp. they come all the way back, less pioneers. she's hit three straight free throws last minute. it noergss this. needs a three to tie. no, they would hit their next 48-44. >> the fist half we came out very slow and weren't ready for what we expected. the second hamp we got our talk
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we got it handled to us and then went out there and did what why could. >> would they play number one christian in the semis? to start the second half, the wolf pack had it. ashton added to it. lays it in. wolf back. take as lead. wolf pack have four players, at least six feet tall. the cardinals had none. it showed. they are on to the semi final >> we have din in ap -- been in a atmosphere like this. we know what itser like. we are more comfortable with other teams who don't get down as much. >> reporter: making a trip to
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it was tough going early. then there is another one. sfwaen-11 now. after a spring vote bucket, mercer from downtown. lead kp back. second hamp, panthers showed grip with a hustle and a hoop. the panthers shot 33% of this. the orrial said, 54. they fall 60-63. mus stans were underdogs, taking on undefeated. this game was back and fort to start the second half. um-one. jordan puts it up three. after a basket, back on. abi submit there to help out a friend. leads back to three. later in the third more magic from submit.
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girl said in blue. beautiful left hit. fondo down one. they pulled away in the foushth and win it 53-44. they have a rematch. >> i mean last year, it was a good competition. they were young and they recovered. it's going to be a lot of pressure. they are going to bring it and want t. we will know we have to come out strong and be ready stooplay. >> i will have to look at the game lay and see how much they adjusted from last year. i know the big girls skwoered a lot of appointments -- scored a lot of points. we will have find ways to score and keep points. >> later on, christian drives it in for the layop.
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they are on to state. they win it 89' 29. they beat lexter city. more state trips on the line. o'neil, pick up action in the fuz quarter, appears down one. pierce, up one. next time down the court, he keepess itiffle hillicism. here another lay up. pierce up 3, 5-2. pierce falls short. o'neil wins it 56-54. looking to defend their title at state, had to get past hardingen cc. jumper. indians up two. moments later, cedric black dear with a strong move inside. up 4-35 to 31. they advance. they win it 60-44. that's the sports.
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the rest of the weekekek3
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44.2 tomorrow night. 3 that's all our time for now. siouxland news at sunrise starts at 5 am with cat taylor


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