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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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mandate all students use the bathroom and locker room of the gender they were assigned at birth. in his veto message daugaard told lawmakers... quoting now:"this bill... removes the ability of local school districts to determine the most appropriate accommodation s for their individual students and replaces that flexibility with a state mandate. this don't miss the ability of local school districts to determine the most appropriate accommodations for the individual students and replaces that flexibility with a state mandate. if and when these rare situations arrive i believe local school officials are best at encouraging local solutions . this bill broadly regulate in constant litigation. the governor is a getting a measure he sure to sign. to raise the states are notoriously low teacher pay . the south the courthouse and the senate would approve a half an increase for state still tax. to better find teacher pay and actually.
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the start of the year. the county clerk of courts office could be back in one building. >> the clerk's office is split between the courthouse and the law-enforcement center. also known as the lec. county supervisors want to change that. live in studio with more on that. next what sort of time and are we looking after this move. >> the woodberry county clerk of courts offices are looking to be under one roof as soon as possible. >> this potential move would bring employees from the county's law enforcement center across the street to the historic courthouse. earlier today members of the woodberry county board of supervisors met with other county staff to discuss some of the logistics that would go with the move. at that meeting 30 district court administrator lisa mcneil told the supervisors this move would be best for the county. >> the word today is collaboration for
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trying to collaborate for the best possible outcome so we can have all of our clerk operations in the courthouse. >> clerk office and plays with and move toward the current treasurer's office is on the first floor of the courthouse. that department staff within moved to their other office located in of the department of motor vehicles. it's estimated that the move will cost roughly $100,000 but county board of supervisors chairman jeremy taylor is barely any of that would come to the taxpayers. >> it would come from the state judicial system and i think that that's an added benefit. it's really minimal taxpayer costs but great a taxpayer benefit. >> the potential vacant space back of the law enforcement center could be used by the woodberry county sheriff's office. sheriff david drew says there are many potential ideas for the space. >> we are short on attorney visitation. we don't have enough rooms for the attorneys for all limits we
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upstairs and administration building and build some more rooms available for attorneys. there's a lot of positives that could come from this editing very low cost. >> those positives have made taylor very confident that this move will happen. >> i think it will go forward and it will take approval by the board of confident because of kept the communication lines open and i think at the end of the day it's going to be great for woodberry county taxpayers. >> the board of supervisors is expected to vote on whether to approve the move next tuesday. stop if approved the clerk of courts office could head across the street around the end of june. 15 more graduates have the community emergency response team this evening. sioux city police captain williams and county emergent that's emergency manager presented the certificates to the 15 graduates. the program helps to train first responders in the community. >> the cpr training how much it's changed over the years and the different things that you
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have to do now versus what you didn't have to do before. >> this is the 13th year sioux city and woodberry county have offered this training to police volunteers and graduates of the citizens academy. just after 9:00 a.m. the clay central everly high school building an elderly was evacuated after bomb threat was found in the bathroom stall. stop the building was secured and cornered off allowing the police department to clear the building. the search was completed without any explosives being found. to people in custody after a high-speed high-speed police chase this afternoon just north of sioux city. around 12:30 a sheriff's deputy attempted to pull over the driver near sloan . the resulting chase reached speeds of more than 90 miles per hour. a deputy rammed at the vehicle at the junction of highway 75 and county road c 80.
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the car were arrested. donald king is facing a long list of charges including possession of a math with intent to deliver. alluding and being a felon in possession of a firearm. he's being held in the woodberry county jail on $118,000 bond. stop his passenger 30 when a woman is also charged with possession of math with intent to deliver. she's being held in the woodberry county jail on $502,000 bond. the sheriff explained the circumstances that led to jonathan at new neighbor appeared at his plea hearing in a wheelchair. new neighbor has been receiving treatment for injuries received in two separate falls. 's the first and september 27th which resulted in an unspecified minor injury the second happened when he lost his balance in his cell and fell. that injury required hospitalization and follow-up . yesterday he pled guilty to
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his elderly mother. we ended the day with plenty of sunshine . the temperature is not nearly as warm as you would expect . temperatures reached the upper 20s today . as we worked our way to the evening with seeing temperatures and dip it in some places into the single digits. take a look at the satellite radar imagery . a little bit of cloud cover only the day it's pushed well off to the east. right now generally clear skies from sioux falls all the way down i 29 core door. temperatures 18 and sioux city sioux falls is cool down to 3 degrees. thirty-three in rapid city. look at our plan for wednesday will start off with temperatures in the teens working our way up to the mid- 40s by late tomorrow afternoon. will talk more about your forecast and details coming up in just a few minutes. voters and orange have decided the fate of a proposed expansion to the city's fire station. the fire department was asking
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two-point up and million dollar bond issue to help pay for the expansion. the total cost would be just over three and half million. the department says the current station is too small . that measure has easily passed . unofficial results show 976 of the 1,167 people taking part in the election voted yes. well over the 60% threshold needed to pass. cbs news projected winners and some of the 12 delegate rich states participating in super tuesday tonight. >> trump and clinton are racking up victories. we have more from washington. >> donald trump had a super tuesday. cbs news projects when the winds in georgia alabama massachusetts virginia and tennessee. >> i think honestly we've done something that almost no one thought could do.
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conservative candidate. cbs news also projects he one oklahoma kick our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten that can beat and that will beat donald trump. >> the third of republican voters said of the most important quality in their candidate is thahahe shares their values and can bring change. for democrats is that they have the right experience. hillary clinton is projected to win arkansas along with georgia virginia alabama texas and tennessee. >> this country belongs to all of us. not to just those at the top. >> bernie sanders is celebrating a victory in his home state of vermont. cbs news also projects he picked up, . >> this campaign is not just about electing a president is about making a political revolution. >> half the delegates needed for the republican nomination are
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more than a third needed to this the the fate of congress also hangs in >> jeff barnes looks into if there would be a shift in power on catherine -- capitol hill. the gop super tuesday candidate watch . but one political expert says if the new york billionaire tops the republican presidential ticket this november the republican controlled senate could lose its razor thin majority. >> there's an offer a lot of honorable republicans . i think if someone like donald trump were to talk to ticket it would make life even more difficult for these incumbents. >> a political expert say many of the 24 gop senators who rode
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in 2010 won't find it easy this time around. >> this year they're not going to have the same underlying numbers that help them get into office and they're going to be facing tremendously higher democratic turnout. >> as unpredictable as the trump campaign can be summer strategist can't deny that a trump ticket in november could actually help senate incumbents win over the blue-collar swing vote better known as the reagan democrats. especially in the state of pennsylvania illinois and ohio. most political experts agreed gop should easily retain it's majority in the u.s. house and no matter which party controls the u.s. senate john hudak says it will be a slim majority and the next president needs to be agile enough to deal with both sides of the aisle if anything is to get done on capitol hill. >> it's not clear that trump is that person it's not necessarily clear that clinton is that person. so it's going to make moving forward all that much more difficult.
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still to come. >> how students from nebraska and wisconsin are helping students in suitland learn about human body. meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 chad, diana and larry talk it was great to see the sun but it didn't help much. >> highs in the 20s today well below average for this time of year . don't worry we do have some warmer weather heading our way. today just the first day of march so we deftly have warmer weather heading our way . take a look at our skylights
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city. a very quiet night with mostly clear skies . temperatures have been slowly falling throughout the evening. temperatures over the next couple of days actually will be quite a bit warmer from than they were today. stop upper 40s tomorrow lower 40s on thursday. on cloud cover both days. even perhaps a little late mix tomorrow night and early thursday. as we look toward the end of the week a check out friday saturday and sunday. only up to 64 on sunday before may be a chance for some showers and thunderstorms early next week. satellite showing cloud cover moving out from sioux city is to omaha. places like sioux falls and i'll great lakes saw snow last night and temperatures have dropped. high pressure in control sliding off toward the east a little bit of a warm front comes through tomorrow morning still plenty of cloud cover so we will see --
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then as we head toward wednesday evening a little bit moisture hanging around between the stationary boundary in the area of low pressure down to the south. just enough to worry may see a few sprinkles and as temperatures drop you might see a bit of life is now as you can see here at 7:00 a.m. thursday morning. from rochester to mason city may be down to des moines might be the best area for snow . they'll be moving off quickly even though we are still going to see plenty of cloud cover for thursday afternoon. and again as we head into thursday night into friday eventually things will be even warmer still . look for a pretty nice weekend all in all. 80 degrees right now with an east wind at 5 miles per hour relative humidity 65%. really cold where the snow fell last night. 's the -- shelton and spender at 14 degrees wayne checking in at 20 degrees wind is fairly like this evening anywhere from about three to 5 miles per hour with the wind dancing around a little bit. and even without light wind at temperatures cooling off as they have we have a wind chill values that -- of that are certainly cold out there. at the center is to could -- 2 degrees below zero with the
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a late errands tonight. here in sioux city windchill currently at 11 degrees. temperature expected to a -- two drop a few more degrees to be around 60 degrees tonight. things warm up quickly tomorrow afternoon 47 degrees under mostly cloudy skies . a little bit of moisture could create a late makes tomorrow afternoon. extended forecast is as temperatures will get warmer where he quickly. >> that's what i love to hear. thank you.
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and the dream of a popular the "dream" may be over for the owners of a popular plymouth county recreation facility.cououy officials sasa numerous *complaints* led them to deny a new permit to the owners of pipe dream camping the dream may be over for the owners of a popular plymouth county recreation facility. >> county officials say that numerous complaints led them to
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pipe dream camping and two -- tubing. >> sitting just outside the city limits of hampton pipe dream -- dream camping and tubing has been serving up summer fun for years. another facing closure after their permit was unanimously decide. >> they said it was a public safety issue and that was there grounds. >> the adjustment board says they made this decision after a series of safety into zoning violations. >> in the e st year may be year and a half with had complaints of noise and the sheriff had said there's going -- has been complaints about underage drinking and intoxication. >> but bradshaw says he takes the proper precautions of any small business owner. >> i offer free camping i encourage them to say so there's
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i don't sell alcohol here so there's no reason why i should be held accountable for people drinking and driving . i can't take their keys that's's not legaga >> many citizens have itten letters in opposition ofthe closure also a petition has been started and is being shared to social media for the adjustment board is says they would only revisit their decision of bradshaw designs a safety plan for the facility. >> nancy anderson chairman of the adjustment board also noted that bradshaw could appeal this decision implement county district cou. and well pipe dream facebook page says there looking for a book -- good pro bono lawyer or
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city downtown is shining cubby's says it's adding safety measures to protect customers from card skimmers.last week a skimming device was found at the cubbies is adding safety
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from card skimmers. the head of the cubbies chain says they were very concererd for the customers when they y found that device. now they have a safety tape as their main source of protection each piece of the tape is a serial number that bogged the company also has a mystery stores precautions as well. native american students from reservation schools and northeast nebraska and south dakota took part in a user signs event. the event called molecules and you took place at the marina and conference center . the students are taught about the building blocks of life with help from students of the university of nebraska medical center at the milwaukee school of engineering . the 150 students who attended also built a dna model and learned how our body responds to a flu shot. the hard rock coat -- hotel and casino in sioux city officially far -- four diamond facility
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from aaa visited the hard rock to formally present the award. the ford diamond designation means the hard rock boasts upscale physical attributes amenities and high degree of service. >> it's a very rigorous inspection process they had to go through and they have high expectations being able to talk to our aaa members to have that 100% confidence to say this is a four diamond rated hotel. it's a great. they will come here and get the best service. the hard rock is the only hotel in the tri-state region with a four diamond destination and one of only four in the state of iowa. the girls state basketbaba tournament continue tonight in des moines with the three
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>> i'm chris yenhouse here at the wells fargo yesterday we had four or five sue landed teams in the first rounds of the girl the state high school tournament. today three more took their crack sunday to kick three a quarterfinals began to that the sioux center drawing the tough matchup against the defending state championships. tied at 22 at the half and the a ends up with this number. thirty-two and 26 and is lexi touring driving to lead for two. press delete down to six for the cubs as she led the warriors with 13. later hannah feeds harold for another jumper but no data was pulling away after this three by sure it was time to some of the girls out one last time to a standing ovation. sue center falls to the beta. >> they t inside game that
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proud of the way we played and never quit believing in us. we fell short but we played with that we had. >> it was exciting. the girls we talk about energy our girls came out with a lot of energy in the first half . i could have asked for more the first quarter. maybe a quarter r d half. just toward the end ofofhe second quarter they came o o and hit a couple big threes on us and took the momentum and have time. >> the cherokee girls are making their first state appearance since they were to a back in 2005 taking on och. it was gut check time turkey had a just off of a nine-point lead. with three minutes to play peyton slaughter with a off-balance shot we're tied the freshman had 19. just over two to play cherokee fending off a green double come back there up i want to slaughter puts them up by three a little over a minute and a half kelly humble would not be denied three-point lead for the braves she led everyone and 29 at less than 30 seconds to go och turkey by one saunter up ahead by humble braised by ththe
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the next possession but peyton had with a clutch still free throw line steps up and ices it hits both three throws best free throws. pommel slider and had bird combined for 64 ppnts this game isiset a new class three-day record for combined point the undefeated team in a three a is pocahontas hosting amount -- mount vernon. early on the indians had a comfortable lead. she wears number three and she hits three. faith meyer had 22-point than off the miss saw identical twin sister puts it back pixie added 13 she's 1 inch taller than faith and after mount vernon cut the lead down meyer with another dry but she did me that into their. back up 16 and look at the ququkness with offense o oboard
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she led the scores with 24 . . the indians were runners-up last year but playing like champs today. here's one more three-pointer by reference. she averages a state best 28 and half points per game. the junior is on track to become the state's all-time leading scorer. indians when 83 and 43 and in boys high school basketball east took on see bal who have lost to twice the season. a trip to the state tournament was on the line in the fourth quarter he's down eight, morale misses the three but van reese is there for the put back. east within 65347 final minute east down for tie benson hits the three to pull east within one last minute to play but then east that's the close they would get. they go on to defeat sioux city
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title action number four brad cliff hosting. austin holtman goes down low for the first two points of the game. later more from austin. austin for three that puts the charges up seven to do this s game came down to the wire charges pull away late. 103-97 and. on the lady side number one morningside number ten dakota wesley for the women's g pack tournament care around. in a second half it's 3936 with jordan wallenberg getting the ball on the inbound. madison drives the lane mustangs of the ten-point lead than taylor gets the layup 36 and 40 at that point. they take the title they win it for 80-59. from wells fargo arena i'm chris nine. the elk appointed jefferson girls basketball am they punched their titiet for the south dakota stateournament
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lenox this evening. boys won their way into the
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tonight beating
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our friends to the north >> jon: stephen colbert! yeah! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! thanks, everybody! thanks so much! welcome to "the late show." nice to see you. what's going on? ( cheers and applause ) thanks, everybody.


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