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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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making news in america this morning -- armed occupation.amer morningc% america king over a mcorningi government facility. and this morning, the fbi is getting involved as the group lays out its demands. extreme weather, the west coast right now, preparing if the worst, as a storm sweeps in ngabf the pacific. bringing several d d%] plus, a cleap h@thisafter historic flooding from the isisorni swollen mississippi river. breaking overnight, stocks h@c plunging overseas.dadh@g brought to a halt.camer why the massive plunge and what it means for wall street and your money on the first trading day of 2016. and going viral.
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helmet. the embarrassing moment for an nfl player. happy new year, everybody. good monday morning. i'm kayna whitworth. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're going to start on the west coast. with that armed occupation of several buildings at a national wildlife refuge in a remote part of oregon. the fbi is now the lead government agency in the case. >> the bureau says this investigation is being done with state and local authorities. we get details from abc's megan hughes. >> reporter: armed militia members man a guard tower usually used to spot wildfires.@aa@lis wildlife refuge in oron*c has been taken over and become a *^@fabc >> this refuge here is dh@c rightfully owned by the people.
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are based upon the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: ammon bundy says they've come with generators and other supplies, potentially preparing for siege-like coori@a local law enforcement officials have urged people to stay away.ningifbi has taken over. tensions are running high.ic dadh@sort of frighteninwhis_ there's people making threats * and -- people touting guns.*_ >> people are afraid. >> it's the duty of the people to put that government back in its place. >> reporter: bundy, along with his father, cliven, were involved in a standoff with the government over grazing rights two years ago. >> back up here! >> reporter: this latest incident, now occupation, started with a protest over the sentencing of two local ranchers for setting fires on federal land. steve and dwight hammond went to jail for 90 days initially. government officials are calling for them to serve out their ningir sentence.ic `abck that there's this many people -- showing up. hope to see you in five years.
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news, washington. and also in the west right now, millions bracing for what could be a full week of rain. >> the first in a series of these strong storms already moving into california. you're looking live at the radar right now. there will be rain from san francisco to san diego. and the storm's fueled by el nino. >> and there are also worries about landslides, flooding, and other disasters. brush fires have left hillsides ca is_ab unable to soak up the runoff. officials are stock-piling sandbags, clearing culverts and storm drains, and getting the homeless off the streets. >> be epabc this storm is real and it's coming. last el nino, , *@fdam that happened 18 ara ilost about 14 people and had billions of dollars of damage. so we're determined to get out in front of this. >> this year's el nino is expected to be one of the most powerful ones ever. the worst of the storms is @fdad tomorrow. in addition to the rain,
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winds and high in the midwest, last week's orabc historic floodwaters moving down the mississippi, after killing more than two dozen people further up the river. the flooding has left its mark in southern missouri and illinois, turning neighborhoods into islands. some homes can only be reached by boat after a levee breached. the mississippi river is already a half a foot beyond flood stage in memphis. to the midwest now. one person was injured in an accident at chicago's o'hare airport. a mobile stairway collided with a plane near a gate. the driver was taken to the condition. no one else was injured in this accident. sunday marked the final day of and overseas, some breaking news overnight. a powerful earthquake struck parts of india before dawn. the 6.7 quake was centered in a remote area in the country's northeast. it also shook neighboring myanmar and bangladesh. at least five people have died
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most buried under collapsed bubui_eric more than 100 people have been injured. the toll is expected to rise.@ad@i iranian diplomats have a few more hours to leave saudi arabia. the saudis have severed diplomatic relations. the latest in an escalating confrontation that is rocking the middle east. more now from abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: tear gas filled the air in mass protests. outside a saudi arabian consulate in iran, as a mob stormed and torched this saudi embassy in the iranian capital. protests spreading around the world. the angry chants and flag-burning. shiite muslims outraged at the execution by saudi arabia of a prominent shiite cleric, nimr al nimr, who was tried on terrorism related charges in the ultraconservative unforgiving sunni kingdom. the furious response a warning that the deep global divisions between sunnis and shiites could
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@acamerously so. >> this, frankly, is going to make a broken, angry, and dysfunctional middle east even more broken, angry, and dysfunctional. >> reporter: iran, seen as the leader of the world's shiites, warned their arch rival, sound rabe ya saudi arabia, that they will face divine revenge. from the pulpit, the outspoken cleric had railed against the royal family, accused of mistreating saudi shiites. human rights groups criticized the cleric's arrest and trial. he was executed alongside 46 others, most of them accused al qaeda militants. alex marquardt, abc news, london. returning focus to this country right now and to the race for the white house. there will be a new face on the campaign trail starting today. hillary clinton unleashes what she calls her secret weapon, her husband bill. the former president will campaign in massachusetts, just a few miles from a donald trump
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the gloves are coming off between the two front-runners. >> i mean, and, you know, that's one of the reasons why i get so frustrated with some of what i hear the republicans saying. because it's so negative. it's so insulting. you can't make america great again if you insult and demean the people of america. >> trump with some harsh words in the meantime for bill clinton. calling him a degenerate who failed to help his wife win the nomination eight years ago. meantime, trump launches his first tv ad later today. "the washington post" reporting it features an explosive montage of terrorism and shadowy immigrants crossing the border. trump thundering his promise to make the country great. he's promised to spend at least $2 million a week in ads in the runup to the first primaries. president obama back from vacation. ready to announce executive actions that he will take on gun control. today, he's meeting with the
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he's expected to expand background checks for gun buyersrs@a that includes checks for people ica this*a thh@c buying firearms at gun shows.%@ag@ several republicicningis are criticizing the plans. and gun rights advocates say they'll challenge the president's orders. also, 32 days later, part of the site of the deadly terror attack in san bernardino reopens today. nearly 600 employees of the inland regional center are returning to the conference building where the shooters killed 14 people rereorningi indefinitely. the victims of the december 2nd shooting will also be honored today.] breaeai@ag@ht, stock markets suspended overseas after a major selloff. we're going to tell you what it means for wall street. also this story. @fcamoes. the boy scouts credited with saving their leader when a bear attacked. talking about their quick thinking for the first time. plus, costly download. a dad in shock.
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racks up a $6,000 itunes bill. @ah@e mororningiicngi
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is mor`
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h@c i@fdac * a thamerica *corningi breaking oveigerning*` markets taking a hit. and that could impt ] money.ngi@aamorni stocks plunged so o cabcamorni main chinese stock market this morning that all trading was halted. the chinese selloff was triggered by worries about manufacturing and the middle east situation. european markets dropping this morning. should point out that u.s. stock futures are off less than 2% right now.ngi` also, blame being thrown around as "the boston globe" is hit with major delivery issues.
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codes are affected. so a lot of the paper's reporters, editors, photographers, did double duty over the weekend.a th assembling and delivering the sunday "globe" that some people never got.]abcddh@c the paper changed delivery companies last week. among the problems, the new company is still hiring drivers to cover all the delivery routes.%@ak@icngi volkswagen diesel owners can expect a little something in their mailboxes soon. recall notices are set to go out soon. as soon as regulators approve ningich@c@fdad the automaker's plan to make good on the problem. software installed on millions v`rldwide, half a million here in the u.s., reported false emissions i]h@_ since then, volkswagen's image has been tarnished and sales have plummeted. if you're driving a gasoline-powered car this could be another good year. aaa expects prices to remain low. dropping maybe another dime in the next few weeks and then
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the national average to go above $3 a gallon. >> that seems like so long ago. $3 gas. when we come back. jumbo jackpot. powerball fever. ramping up again after no winners picked over the weekend. ugh. an nfl kicker loses his cool, and his helmet hits right back. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. ive you your day back. it is up to you. tylenol
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looking at this morning's ni* driving conditionsns@an@_ are going to stick around in a i california for a few days. with snow in higher elevevningiab snow showers around the great lakes.america otherwise, good driving once you if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in los angeles, san francisco, and phoenix. also this morning, we're hearing for the first time from they bravely helped their leader. he was being attacked by a bear. >> it was a frightening attack. %` andor^%@fda lepore were part of a small group hiking in ew weeks ago. their leader was near a cave when a black bear grabbed him by the leg and pulled him inside. >> at first i thought he was joking. but then, i hrddad bear. and i heard him calling 911. >> t th@cg to do was just to stay calm. >> that, they did.@famerthey called for help a a*@ao@ signal fire to make it easier to
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frankie said he felt like a heroab because he and his brother saved their leader's life. his recovery from that attack does continue. federal investigators might launch another search for a massive cargo ship that sank in october. on sunday, authorities released several images of the "el faro." it sank near the bahamas. the erica thremain m ople on authorities are still hoping to find the data recorder. bill cosby's wife is being forced to testify in a defamation lawsuit this week. camille cosby tried to keep fromomamericying. by arguing that conversations with her husband are protected. but a jauj dismissed her claims.erninghe lawsuit, seven women accused the comedian of drugging morning and sexually assaulting them isisorni decades the cosbys have been married more than 52 years.@aabc r&b singer c cngi@f
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mornings police investigangis@ap@ now an allegation of assault and battery against brown. a woman alleges brbr@fdadcica after she e @ap@]ke a photo of him. he denies the allegation. h@c he was released from felony @fdad probation last year more than @a *] ab six years after he attacked then girlfriend rihanna. the powerball jackpot really getting up there. no one had a winning ticket on saturday. the next jackpot on wednesday will be about $400 million.p@]h@or * that will put it in the top ten of powerball jackpots. saturday night, someone in pennsylvania won a mere $2 million. three other tickets were good for $1 million a piece.c%@f\% >> that's one way to get your finances straight for the new year. >> fantastic. the nfl regular season is in the books. now time for coaching staffs to be replaced. and then there are the playoffs as well. >> yes, they start saturday, with the chiefs facing the texans. and the steelers take on the bengals. then sunday, the seahawks visit t `abkings and packers visit
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well, hhla thm yesterday's games now from espn. > morningng. cabcrning, jay.this mor >> good morng *cwell.`abc jay harris, john anderson. busy sunday in the nfl. playoffs are set.\ >> you knknngi@f t*ch@c peleor * %] not puthethng sleep, right? >> oh, sorry. >> let's show you nfl footbaba@aq@\e chargers and the denver trailing 13-7 in the third quarter. when they say brock osweiler, you go to the sideline. peyton manning, you come in for the first time in six weeks and throw a pass to virgil green. slow start for manning, but it worked. 5 for 9. 69 yards through the air. what he did well, hand-off. ronnie hillman, a hall of fame handoff. goes 23 yards for the deciding score. manning is back and the broncos are the number one seed in the afc with a 27-20 win. ben roethlisberger and the steelers visiting the browns. they want to play in the post season. but they need some help. early second quarter. deangelo williams with the handoff. he's down. he ain't getting up.
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john hughes iii lands right on top of his leg. williams will be carted off. he would not return. right ankle injury. fourth quarter. big ben. rolling left. markus wheaton. touchdown. steelers go on to win, 28-12. and thanks for the help they got from the bills, they advance to the post season. >> that is a good morning, america. >> thanks, fellas. >> i'm glad they woke up finally. >> yeah, finally, wow. up next in "the pulse." the box office. "star wars" on the verge of a new record. and the itunes bill for $6,000 after a boy got a hold of his dad's ipad. for $6,000 after a boy got a hold of his dad's ipad. of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valvlvorningi%` but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of
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give extra. get extra. dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil severe the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. ^amer mdad hey, welcome back, everybody.a this m
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with "star wars" shattering moreamerica more records.c >> yeah, "the force awakens" has rocketed up the all-time box office charts. faster than anybody else. today, it's expected to beat "avatar" as the top-grossing film in history. >> the film from abc's parent company has earned $760 million domestically. and more than twice that worldwide. it will get a shot in the arm next week when it premiers in china. >> the second largest movie market in the world. >> absolutely. >> it will be a lot of fun. there's a dad in england. a bit of a shock thanks to an itunes bill. >> yeah, it seems his 7-year-old son racked up nearly $6,000 in charges. that's after playing the jurassic world video game for just six days. he didn't realize -- >> it's crazy. >> he didn't realize his crafty son knew his pass code. he wasn't aware of the charges until his credit card was denied while shopping. apple, thankfully, agreeing to
4:24 am
and reminding parents about putting parental controls on their devices. and that photo sums up that, hey, kid, you're in trouble. >> i hope he won whatever game this was. >> yeah, exactly. there are plenty of ways nfl players get themselves recognized during a game. the kicker for the buffalo bills came up with a new way yesterday unfortunately for him. >> dan carpenter missed an extra point that would have made it 14-0, buffalo, against the jets. right? so he comes off the field, slams his helmet. >> what did he do? doink. >> it popped right back up and hits him in the face. it's so embarrassing. >> he then hit three field goals to help buffalo beat the jets. buffalo is used to having problems with the kickers. >> yeah, the bills mafia. >> exactly. the kickers? >> that is so embarrassing. kickers are people, too. you're supposed to stick up for them. but not this guy. >> even in buffalo. he handled it well. that parent in england handled it well. all good all around. >> you're just doling out the
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dogs bring out the good in us. pedigree brings out the good in them. feed the good. checking our top stories this morning, the fbi is keeping tabs on a militia group that's taken over buildings at a wild life refuge in oregon. the seizure is linked to a dispute between ranchers and the the government. president obama is back from vacation. today, he's meeting with the attorney general to review proposals. he's expected to expand background checks for gun buyers. california readying themselves for a week's worth of strong storms. high surf, strong winds, mudslides in the work. rain along most of the west coast. snow around the eastern great lakes.
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and finally, one of the most independent mat and revealing royal documentaries is about to hit the air waves. >> it comes from a pair of working class comedians. sara haines has a preview. >> reporter: prince charles as never seen before in angi@a dmentary set toi] premier on ngh@c tv.^ incica "when ant anddh@c metni* the prince" 40 years of the prince's trust, he oppose up about his daily life as a future king and a grandfather. it's quite revealing. >> there's though napty changing? >> in a pinch, i could. it's nice having a granddaughter. >> i bet it is. >> somebody to keep an eye onameric meor * when i'm to thorring ngi^about. >> reporter: princes harry andaberich@c abz@speak out about palace life if the candid documentary.
4:29 am
really runs ken sington palace. little george. saying it's the 2-year-old heir's giant playground. he can always hear the wheels of the there's aic tractors that george loves to play on. william and harry open up about the lessons of family, fatherhood, and friendship. >> it's a credit that he's managed to keep going. it can't be easy to have take son many knox over the years and you keep going and fighting as much as he as. >> reporter: among the many titles, the two princes prefer pa for the man who has always been there for him. >> you can ring him up and say, i'm in a bit of a pickle. or better, you can offload stuff. >> reporter: sara haines, abc news, new york. >> and the documentary airs tonight overseas on itv. >> i love that. i bet it's neat for them to be way. by the way, today on "good morning america," another sort of royalty.
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talking about the controversy.


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