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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 26, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you're watching denver 7 at 11:00 a.m. right now police are on the scene of an active shooting if he naval -- at the naval -- san diego. were heard. they haven't said f anyone was hurt. the center posted this on their facebook status. it's advising people to run, hide or fight. the naval base says the
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the base are secured and all children are accounted for and safe. we'll bring you any information as soon as we et. what some are calling a housing nightmare in aurora. people lined up overnight in freezing temperatures for a chance to rent an apartment only to be turned away. denver7 reporter sally mamdooh is live where this all happened. police were even called in at one point. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. you just called it a nightmare and i would agree with you. it was packed with angry people it like that. why would they say it's first come first serve.. they know they were going to have a huge turnout. now this area, it cleared out as you can see. the leasing off is to my left- hand side here. this entire area was completely packed with cars, jam packed with cars with people who camped out since yesterday in
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onn of the meadows town homes, only to be told the event has been canceled and police were out here telling people to leave. take a look at this video. this is a video we shot earlier of those lines f cars filled -`with the angry people. they told me the properties told them these town homes were first come first serve and needed to bring their applications today, tooorrow and yesterday. all of a sudden the event was canceled. the leasing office here wouldn't tell us why. didn't want to comment on camera or off camera why they canceled the event. %- police say they got overwhelmed with the number of people out here and there was a fight and they had to cancel. this upset many people because they are so desperate to find a home. >> there's a lot of people out here who don't have a place to live.
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it's igh. we have kids out here. there are so many people that had their kids out here. we couldn't even -- [inaudible] -- people missed their jobs. >> reporter: the leasing office at 10:00 posted this sign updating people on the situation. this is a fax number they're %- asking people to fax their application. we-- [ audio going out ] >> we lost sally's shot there. we can kind of hear her a little bit. a story e'll keep our eyes on and updated if there's any information information and we'll check back with sally later. heartbreak for the community in parker. within the hour a funeral service will start for a teenager who died after falling through an icy pond. this comes a day after we learned that a second teen who fell through the ice has also died. lindsay watts is live where the funeral service is being held.
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starting to arrive here at st. thomas moore catholic church for theefuneral of 16-year-old patrick lance. i've been seeing a lot of young people come in here. students at legend high school where patrick as a sophomore. such a tough day for them. last night the principal shared patrick's friend and classmate also died after that accident. he had been treated in the hospital since the accident, he had brain trauma and was taken out of life support over the weekend. the principal wrote -- >> reporter: there are grief counselors at the school today. the two boos who died and another friend fell through the ice of a retaining drive near tallman drive and hill top road
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the third teen survived. patrick lance died soon after that fall through the pond. the service will be beginning in a little while at 11:30. lindsay watts, denver 7. this year has barely started and 10 people have already died in avalanches across the western u.s. this is in the past 10 days. this includes one here in colorado. this is a photo of the slide at st. mary's glacier. it claimed the life of a hiker last weekend. according to the colorado avalanche information center, this has been the deadliest january in at least 15 years. this is the current threat. moderate through most of the high country and considerable in the another san juans. -- more than san juans. just yesterday a back country skier was injured at a slide near the eisenhower tunnel. he was alone but called for help. it is something to keep in mind
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good news bad news situation, we waat the snow for our ski resorts, but you et loose snow and gusty spots. at this point a couple of dry days. mountains picked up another 6, 12 inches in the past 24, 48 hours. it will dry out and warm up. we're in the 30s now. we're going to almost double week. winds southwest 13 miles per hour. greeley still a cold pocket of airrthere, 27. castle rock just below freezing. through the mountains teens and 20s. earlier this morning we were in the single digits. so starting to get a little bit warmer. now across the region you can see how dry it is. clear skies expected today. beautiful. little warmer. a few degrees warmer by 3:00.
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upper 30s near fort collins and greeley. starting the warmup process. tomorrow even better and by the end of the week we're promising spring-like temperatures. we'll talk about that coming up thank you. home intruder. they say the homeowner caught one got away. it happened before 5:00 this morning at a home on south depew street. police say the intruders got in using a key taken from a car this past friday. this, call police. a student dies on campus at the university of northern colorado in greeley. according to our partners at the greeley tribune, the 19- year-old died sunday afternoon in a residence hall. police chief says they do not suspect foul play or suicidee cause of death hasn't been released yet. 3 overseas today, an atlanta woman is dead after being attacked by a man with a
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she was walking on the beach with her husband when they were attacked. the husband was able to escape, is behind bars. >> she was just a beautiful soul. she was such a great friend. such a good listener and i could talk to her about anything and feel supported. that's hard to find. >> she worked at childrens health care at atlanta. europe is warning of more terror attacks by isis. a new rrport shows the militant group is planning more large -`scale attacks. the report also outlined the different ways isis is adapting to new security measures. the debris that washed up %- missiig flight 370 after all. a large piece of metal was found by a fisherman last friday. both malaysian and thai officials inspected it and clocked the metal does -- concluded it doesn't belong to
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the flight disappeared in 2014 with 239 on board. president obama will be proposing new legislation that could help more americans save for requirement. officials think is will give an additional 30 million americans access to retirement savings. it will be outlined in the 2017 budget which he'll submit to congress in ffbruary. a texas grand jury has found planned parenthood not guilty of all conduct. the videos appear to suggest planned parenthood illegally sold fetal tissue and organs. but the grand jury decided the videos were edited and charged the anti-abortion group with tamperingg >> we're thrilled, but not `urprised the grand jury has found planned pprenthood did nothing wrong. yes, today we are vindicated by the findings of this grand >> planned parenthood maintains it does not profit from the sale of fetal tissue and only
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after the video surfaceed, the organization announced it would no longer accept reimbursement. apparently not everyone is excited about the upcoming super bowl. after the break, why folks in
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we are all in celebration mode still, but the broncos are
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supee bowl of course. denver7 reporter lionel bienvenu joins us with a look at the big game. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the chase for the championship. the broncos announced a wardrobe change yesterday. they're going to wear ugly sweaters. that's not it. they're going to wear white uniforms. john elway said "we've had super bowl success in our white uniffrms. we're looking forward to wearing them again ." like the super bowl in 1999 all white. `hey're 0-4 in super bowls wearing orange. carolina 0-2 wearing black. so the broncos flipped it around. cam neeton leadssthe highest scoring offense in the league, over 31 points a game. that broncos' top ranked defense which gave tom brady might natures, they know -- nightmares, they know they have a difficult challenge in santa clara.
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the fact we have two weeks, our preparation how we do things as coaches, we're going to stay committed to our routine. >> i'm excited right now. %- but the thing is, you have one more game left, then you can celebrate. then you can do the things that what this game is about. it's still business for me. >> going to see this play over and over. panthers dominateed the cardinals. 49-15 in the title game. team in the regular season. so vegas picks the higg scoring offense to beat the league's number one defense. -`panthers favored by 4 points and that's okay. broncos like to be doubted. >> we feed off of thatt keep us the underdog, whoever wins this game, tell us how bad we are and how we can't cover -`and stop this person. and i bet we win the super bowl. >> we the underdog, we the favorite.
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super bowl sunday, and still got to play that game. all the picking and who you think gonna win, it doesn't really matter. >> broncos' players might have a couple of days off, but not much time. this is it, last game, all business. they're going kicking and screaming. they'll celebrate as you heard after super bowl l. that's it for now. we'll have the latest on the chase for the championship later today on denver 7 sports % eetra. for now, have a great morning. as the broncos prepare for the super bowl, denver police are preparing for what could denver. they're hoping to avoid a repeat of this scene from 1998 when police had to use tear gas over the broncos super bowl victory. denver police say expect to see a lot more officers out as fans % game. the department isn't giving specifics, obviously, but say the plan does include dui patrol.
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to go to the super bowl. you'll pay close to $9,400 for two nose bleed seats, airfare to fly out saturday and back monday about $754,,pretax. rental car, low tell, parking outside the -- hotel, parking outside the stadium, and a grand total of more than $11,000. that doesn't include food. still some fans like scott sanders say they're wwlling to do it anyway. >> found airfare and got a hotel already. now just get the tickets. either way we're prepared to take out a second mortgage to go to the game. >> to save money experts recommend arriving early, say for instance the wednesday before, then leave late monday the 8th. % of the three airports, san jose international is the cheapest to fly in and out of. super bowl l is coming to the san francisco bay area in less than two weeks. the commuters there not too pleased. traffic there is already insane. the game happens february 7th
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but the nfl is setting up the fans. construction is ongoing, which detours. >> i don't like it. it. i'm not a sports fan to begin chaos. >> i'm going on vacation thursday. >> yes. >> really? >> yes. >> it's not forever. just for a week, right? it opens the doors this weekend. the interactive fan experience will have two concert stages, football field. more than a million people are expected to visited. take a look at the work of this fan. a man painted his entire house blue and orange, even adding the broncos' logo to the roof. this is in wisconsin. he did this to honor his wife who died from cancer. her favorite team is the broncos.
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i hear mostly it's all good. packer fans are really, you'd be surprised how many packer fans like the denver broncos. >> packer fans are good people. he also roots for the packers, so in hindsight he wishes he would have painted it half packers colors. >> i'm a colorado native. i have an orange and blue, but i need moree because we're heading out to san jose. i need more. look how accused. i just picked -- cute. i just picked these up at the store, at theestadium. >> it does get chilly there. >> yeah. we'll be up early in the morning and -- >> this is my favorite. >> eric luphhr is coming with i showed him this and he said, i'm not wearing that. >> yes, he will. >> i'm fearful of how long it stays on. >> is it a face tattoo? >> t says easy peel away. we'll see. % tune in next week.
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>> loosen the dead skin cells. a beautiful day. colder this morning and afternoon. temperatures now about 5, 15, even 20 degrees colder than the same time 24 hours ago. denver on track and will be a couple of degrees warmer by this afternoon. denver, 35 right now. greeley, 27. in boulder 32. we're still in the 30s now. windchills putting us in the mid- to upper 20s. really not a bbd start to our afternoon. we promised you a warmup. today will be a few degrees below normall but the winds have shifted, out of the southwest. here's a live look from our wireless camera in peetz. it's a lot calmer than the shot we showed you same spot, almost same time yesterday. 3 wind speeds 5 to 15 miles per hour. -`makes it feel a little bit colder. we're really very quiet for the next couple of days. beautiful across the region. clear skies here in colorado. sunshine will dominate not only on the plains but in the mountains. beautiful if you're heading up to the high country.
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you'll find a few high clouds next 12, 24 hours. that's pretty much it. dry weather. what we could use is a little bit more snow. we've only seen so far this month 3.5 inches and we typically get just over 6.5 for january. really wwen you look at our seven-day forecast, i'll show you that in just a minute, looks like we're not going to see it probably until sunday into monday. highs today near 40. denver 40. greeley 36. we've got low to mid-40s to the south and southeast. you'll likely see mid- to upper 20s in the colorado mountains today. estes park you're just below freezing. -`conifer 35. denver at 40. in castle rock 38 degrees this afternoon. we'll likely see our lies between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. look how warm it gets. this seven-day forecast is 40 today. 52 tomorrow. we're going to see 50s through thursday and then even bigger week.
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neighborhoods warmer. then we cool down, chance for snow suuday into monday. >> i'm going to soak up that sunshine friday. >> you'll likely see patios open, t-shirts. enjoy it while you can. thank you. surprise on live tv. oh, yeah. we'll tell you about that
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here are stories making news hot on the internet today. would you do this if we got another snowstorm? some people in the northeast are doing crazy stunts. this guy dug out a small space for his trampoline. he does his best dive into that fresh powder. he disappears into the snow it's so deep. dusts off and does it again. >> watch as this guy is on the edge of a dock there. he does a jackknife into the water and as soon as he splashes he lets go of that ball, and look how high in the air it goes. one guy explains this phenomenon is the gravity is
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force of the water pushing up creates a whirlwind effect and pushes the ball into a tornado like fashion. i'm going to try that as soon as the pools open this summer. >> commuters in ecuador they were surprised to find this wayward sloth attempting to cross a usy road that got stuck halfway across. sloths being sloths, obviously, tried to get across, but moving %- median, hanging onto the pooe. the transit authority rescued him and returned him to the forest. how do you play ping pong in space? with hide ophobic paddles and a ball of water. that's astronaut, really commander scott kelly there demonstrating in the international space station. he's serving as the station's commander. this is how he's spending some time.
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time been asking me to find a video of a cow rolling a large bale of straw in the snow. kellie, i finally found it. >> that cow looks like he's having a good time. >> he's having a great time. i think she's doing great. >> that's fun. i'm so glad you found that for lisa. >> he or she, whatever. >> finally found it. thank you. a dog's bathroom break turned into her big break as she unknowingly finishes a half marathon. the blood hound turned up at the starting line at a half marathon in alabama. she to theed along ith the -- troted along with the other runners. she went for it and finished in 7th place. they gave her a finisher's medal. she then went home and took a long nap. are you cold? >> no, man. i'm from wisconsin. >> from wisconsin, everybody. back to you in the studio. >> i can't believe what we just saw.
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that was entertaining. >> sight for sore eyes in the morning. a live shot about snow in nashville turned into a different subject, the shirtless guy took a stroll down the cold streets. he's not the first to do it. you might remember this guy here, he's from colorado. rolled up to a tv crew in colorado. apparently this is a thing now, cold outside, don't have to wear a shirt. take a look at this picture from a new jersey man. the winter storm was so intense he and his wife were literally snowed in. the blizzard dumping so much snow it covered the entire door way. they're not going anywhere. straight ahhad why a homeowner might e charged for shooting and killing a home
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you're watching denver 7 at 11:30. we're following breaking news out of california. earlier this morning police responded to a possible active shooter at the naval medical center in san diego. after doing a sweep of the building, police say they have found no evidence of a shooting or shooter. police are still asking personnel to shelter in place just in case. hurt. we learn more. more breaking news this morning, this time in aurora. people lined up overnight in
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chance to rent an apartment at a new affordable housing away. denver7's sally mamdooh was there earlier and we'll try to come back to that story. now. denver city council approves $8.6 million to suppprt a homeless population. the funding will provide permanent supportive housing for 250 chronically housing. now a funeral service is just getting started for a parker teenager. paarick lance had fell through the ice, icy pond nearly two weeks ago. denver7's lindsay watts is live there. devastating day for mourners who know his friend has also died. >> reporter: we just found out last night that patrick's friend and classmate who was with him that day on the pond
11:28 am
many of the students who are here now to honor patrick at st. thomas moore catholic church also know max gantnier. max and patrick were both sophomores at legend high school in parker. the school's principal shared max was taken off life support over the weekend. he suffered severe brain damage after falling through the ice, that happened january 14th at a retention pond near tall man drive and hill top road in parker. patrick died soon after that accident. he was under water more than half an hour. a third teen who fell in did survive and is now out of the hospital. very likely here at the church now for this funeral service. i've been watching folks as they entered the church here today and the majority are youug people. for those in class today, legend high school has grief counselors on hand for anybody who needs support on this very difffcult day. reporting live, lindsay watts, denver 7. thank you for the update. now a man is wanted for questioning in the shooting death of an elberttcounty
11:29 am
see if you recognize the man here. the victim, ed butler, was checking on his cattle saturday when noticed the door was open on the property. he called a friend to see if there. that's when he walked in, surprised an intruder and was shot. if you recognize the man, contact the elbert county sheriff's office. a man is in critical condition after being shot by greeley police. police opened fire because thee suspect came at them with a weapon they say. it happened saturday at a home on 16th avenue where officers had been called out twice about a drunk suspicious man. we're hoping to learn if criminal chaages will be filed against a homeowner deputies say shot at a robbery suspect as the robber stole his car. that robber ended up dying. started with a craigslist ad. deputies say the homeowner shot the suspect outside his home, after the man tied him up and robbed him. under coloradoolaw you can shoot an intruder, but the rule
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>> it does not include the porch, the yard, the driveway, the street outside. the crime must be happening inside the ffur walls of the victim's home. >> police and sheriff's departments across the state are offering up their lobby space to buyers and sellers can meet in a safe place. [ chanting ] protests broke out at last night's city council meeting demanding justice for inmate michael marshall who died after deputies restrained him. the city released the video of that incident last week and the d.a. says he won't pursue charges against the deputies. for a dozen coloradians %- get release. justices ruled it's unconstitutional to sentence juveniles to automatic life as much ass without the --
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possibility of parole for murder. adams county says an old phone scam is making a comeback. we wanted to remind you about it. scammers are calling people threatening to arrest them if they don't pay a summons for missing jury duty. don't give away any personal information. no one will call you to demand payment to avoid arrest. the second time in less than a year a bold and organized escape from behind bars is making headlines. the prison break in new york over the summer revealed a complicated plot. but the one going on in california now has investigators scratching their heads. >> we need the public head. >> reporter: the orange county sheriff laying out the urgency of a manhunt in california, after three inmates broke out of the jail friday. >> these three are exttemely dangerous felons and need to be apprehended and brought back into custody immediately. >> reporter: two of the men are
11:32 am
attempted murder and are thought to have ties to vietnamese gangs. the third in jail for torture. they used bed sheets and toweled to rappel 55 feet to the ground. >> they're in a pod in an orange county jail. there's constantly laundry call, people turning in old laundry, so it's easy to accumulate bed shoots and pillow -- sheett and pill e cases and such. >> several security breaches occured, talking about breaching in some placcs rebar and metal. >> reporter: officials say it's not clear if the inmates had help, but they believe a fight that broke out friday night may have stageed to delay discovery of their escape.
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the suit claims the company tried to cover up the norovirus in california last year. breaking news that we've been following in aurora, people at the top of the show housing development. >> reporter: things have cleared out now. but a couple of hours ago this entire area here just was jam packed with cars, filled with people who camped out in the cold since yesterday in hopes of getting one of the meadows towns home only to be turned away and told the event has been canceled and police were called out here teeling people to live as well. take a look at this, this is video we shot earlier of the lines of cars filled with angry and trusted people. they told me the properties
11:34 am
come first serve and they needed to bring their applications here today, tomorrow and yesterday. 3 all of a sudden the event was canceled. the leasing office wouldn't comment to us on why ttey canceled the event.. but police say they got overwhelmed after a fight broke out between two people and then decided to cancel. this upset many people out here. some of which made time to come out here because they're so desperate to find a home. others came from as far as texas. >> a lot of people have taken off from work. people traveled so many miles away to get here. to apply for low income housing. denver. >> reporter: the leasing office just posted this sign updating people with new information. they left a fax number and asking people to fax their applications. we called the leaaing office. they didn't answer. they hadda voice mail on there. that voice mail said people are more than welcome to either fax
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sally mamdooh, denver 7. thank you. straight ahead, some video surfaces of presidential candidate ted cruz as a teen and some say it's a bit % embarrassing. we'll tell you about his plans for world domination. >> disney is facing accusations of discrimination. what both sides have to say about a new lawsuit. >> we have a really nice afternoon in store. our overnight lows very close to normal today.
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welcome back. two former disney employees are `uing the happiest place on earth. they claim they were illegally replaced by ffreign workers. they were laid off and they claim they were given 90 days to train their replacements. about 250 tech workers lost their jobs to disney last year. the company says it's followed all u.s. regulations regarding visas. the long running political protestor in u.s. history has died. more than 30 years this woman here has held a peaceful protest outside the white house. her cause, the anti-nuclear movement. she's a spanish immigrant believed to be 80 years old. she suffered from a fall recently, but her immediate cause of death is not known. enough to make anyone squirm. imagine having video surface showing you as a teenager outlining all your aspirations.
11:37 am
set the bar higher. jeanne moos reports. >> reporter: what might 45-year- old ted cruz say about 18-year- old ted cruz? >> wow! >> reporter: because 18-year- old ted cruz had funny answers when asked about his aspirations. >> aspirations, is that like sweat on my butt? perspiration? i'm already sweating for ted having to watch his old self talk about his future goals. >> take over the world. world domination, you know, rule everything. rich, powerful, that sort of stuff. >> reporter: but really, who hasn't been embarrassed by their younger self. % i'm sure young hillary cllnton might agree with the cruz defenders, saying thank goodness there were no video cameras when i was a shallow, mouthy teenageed girl. if only we could unearth footage of a young and handsome donald trump, articulating his aspirations.
11:38 am
father. >> crazy thing ted is going to rule the world one day? >> i hope not. >> reporter: thanks, dad. the person who posted the video says it came from a classmate of ted cruz who wants to remain anonymous. it was turned into a mock ad. his first aspiration was a doozy. >> i don't know, being in a show. >> reporter: movie about two guys who inherited a bikini store. >> i think i've found my calling in life. >> really? and i had you figured or a brain surgeon. >> reporter: no, that would be a young ben carson. a spokesman for the cruz campaign told police co, good to see he's always had a great sense of humor. it could have been worse. >> what are your goals in life? >> i don't know.
11:39 am
>> reporter: -- new york. >> so funny to see him so young. >> skinny and young. >> of all the things we do as teenagers, this is not too bad i think. >> i'm glad there weren't camera or digital back in the day. >> i think we all are. >> beautiful day. %- watch what i'm going to do here. ready? >> let's do it. >> what's ttat in the horizon? oh, yeah. >> that thing makes an appearance everywhere. >> i'm putting it all over the graphics all week long. beautiful day. you can see blue skies. you're going to find still snow on the ground. likely any snow you picked up yesterday afternoon or through the evening likely melted at this point on the roads. we're now above freezing. denver 35. fort collins we're at 32. littleton you're just above freezing. pretty chilly at this point. factor in the winds you'll find more windchills in the 20s now. other than that, a nice real start to our afternoon.
11:40 am
denver feels like 26. limon 32. and still teens and single digits. gunnison now a windchill of 6 `egrees below zero. it's tough to catch much of a warm break in gunnnson this time of year. high of 11. eagle at 27. boulder 40. likely upper 30s to near 40 along the front range. we've ggt denver at 40 by about 3:00 this afternoon. pretty nice day. few degrees off from normal. littleton 39. aurora 40. in elizabeth today a high of 35. speaking of snow, so far this month just 3.5 inches. we typically get just over 6.5. we could use more. so far for the season, still just over 26 inches. again, a little bit more would be nice to get us pretty close to normal. just a few inches off. right now showing clear skies across the state. we're not expecting any snow the next few days. today through tomorrow you'll find really a few high thin clouds filtering in. futurecast otherwise overnight
11:41 am
no concerns heading home or getting to work tomorrow. wind speeds a little lighter today. will pick up for the weekend. look what else picks up. our numbers. 52 on wednesday. 55 thursday. and near 60 on friday. i clearly had to put the bright spot on friday. 60 is about 15 degrees above normal. with our next system a cold front swinging into this weekend, winds will pick up, temperatures will drop. we get likely our best chance for snow sunday into monday. we'll keep an eye on it. >> which we need a little more. >> we do. it will be good to see. still january. 60 is so not normal. >> we'll enjoy it while we have it. much more to come after the break, from homes nearly
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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check this out, your eyes are not deceiving you. this california apartment complex are nearly hanging off a cliff. the residents are being ordered to get out. the cliff crumbling partly due to the el nio weather.
11:44 am
for this. >> global warming. the ocean levels are rising, storms are taking, excavating more of the cliffs. >> police say this complex has reached a point where no one can live inside it. some residents say they have no plans to leave. incredible skiing compeeition is about to happen in south dakota. some of the those in the race are blind. %- robert grant slows us how it's all possible. take a look. >> reporter: these two shred powder as one. >> you have to rely on someone with good vision and you have to be able to as i said, have the confidence in them to know they're going to tell you in good time. >> reporter: they've been skiing together for two years now. they get down the slopes with the help of speakers in their ears, allowing for constant communication. >> great, because i've got all this constant feedback coming
11:45 am
the snow in front of me. >> reporter: the honor is all on his guide. >> it's rewarding or me probably more so than ittis for the participants. >> reporter: it's not hard to get the job done with chris's 10 years attending ski for lights. >> i'm following him. >> reporter: nearly 120 heats from across -- athletes from across the country and canada are in the hills, including guides, including randy harvey, whose favorite part is -- >> hearing that scream, whoo and the smiles. >> giving and getting support. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg at age 67.
11:46 am
>> no difference than anybody else. i'm very thankful for that. i'm very thankful. >> reporter: today was just practice on the mountain. skiing on wednesday. great to see them getting the opportunity to have some fun. speaking of skiing, we cannot stop talking about this video. have you seen this yet? the skier loses control and falls a thousand feet. injured.
11:47 am
>> i'm okay. i'm okay. >> can you believe that? the accident happened last spring in alaska. the video was just released. she did end up jamming two fingers, but conssdering that fall that kept going and going and going, and all she did was jam two fingers? >> seriously. you wait and pray for her to talk at theeend, too. >> everyone is holding their breath. this video hurts to watch every time we see it today. bunny hill. not as far as a drop. couple of rolls. >> glad she's okay. 3 >> temperaturessthis morning, 40s. mostly sunny, cool. air quality moderate. tomorrow, good warmup. 52 wednesday. 55 by thursday. then on friday even better. we're near 60 to end the week. wwll above normal. it's going to be good for the
11:48 am
outside. it's nice this time of year, because a lot of times our kids get sick, so when it's warmer you think, okay, maybe it won't happen as much. >> then you get that little bit of a break, get fresh air. >> it's hard when you have the long stretches of cold weather. lisa, thank you. thank you for joining us.
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